5 on 2

When: 01/19/17

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Baby Face, Norm, Blue Steel, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Fondue, Moonshine, Def Con II, Murdoch, TO

Thursday morning…no better place than to show up than the Rubicon ready for a beat-down. 10 pax fought off the fart sack ready to go. A few notables that were missing…Norm was looking for Uncle Nate??? But hats off the Norm for killing the workout as the WarBaby. A workout named for Hot Sauce and he is a no show??? Quote from him today “I think we need a social to motivate me to go, I would like that” Foghorn???

Warm up

Pulled the head fake this morning. Started running toward the children of the corn and last minute made the change and headed behind the community pool for a quick warm up.

11 Side Straddle Hops, 11 Squats, 11 Merkins, 11 Mountain Climbers.

The Thang

Short mosey to the start of the upper parking lot. Everyone gets in groups of three. Starting on one end of the parking lot, 1st partner Fireman’s carries partner 2 to the end. The partner 3 runs to the end does 10 Merkins and waits. Partner that was being carried now carries while the free partner runs and does 10 merkins. Rotate through the group then repeat with buddy carries until all pax reach the end of the parking lot.

Next up a set of Merkin suicides. 2 Burpees at the base of the parking lot and 5 merkins at every grass divider.

The Pax were going strong and out nowhere comes the Moonshiner! Barreling down the parking lot like he was running from the cops. Moonshine joins the pax and doesn’t skip a beat.

Now with even numbers the pax partners up and does some tag team merkins around the parking lot.

Short mosey over to the field of dreams for a little 5 on 2. Anyone that wants to know more about a 5 on 2 make sure you ask Hot Sauce. All 10 pax circle around the pitcher’s mound and get in plank position. 1st man does 2 Burpees and runs around the pax while they do 5 merkins. 2nd man follows 1st until all pax have completed 2 burpees. Following the 5 on 2 the pax did a quick backwards Indian run around the FOD. (Back man peels off and runs opposite way to the front)

Back to the flag for a few minutes of ring around the merry.


Great work today from the Pax! Always an honor to lead this group of men! Hot Sauce has a valid point…social??? The last social was in December and Hickory Stick wouldn’t even talk to the F3 Guys!

Prayers for our country as we change leadership.

Prayers for YHC and the M as we were asked to lead a mission trip to Nicaragua.

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