Is it winter or not?

When: 01/14/17

QIC: Dosido

PAX (): millertime, gizmo, C4, crack, babyface, norm, cookie, swiper, haha, dc2, mufasa

January 14th. 50 degrees. 13 pax. The widow maker supplied the terrain, YHC supplied the beatdown.
Here’s what happened.

Warmup: jog 1 lap around soccer field, circle up for all the traditional moves we’ve come to know and love.
Mtn Clmbrsx10
Plnk Jcksx10
Imp Wlkrsx10
One otherx10

Gather on sideline for suicide/sprints with exercises:
1/4field 15merkins, 1/2field 10 merkins, 3/4field 5merkins full field 0 merkins.
Each touch at home line is 3burpees

rinse repeat minus the burpees…
rinse repeat minus the merkins…
10 count was needed – heart rates were soaring

Mosey to King’s Court (rename proposed) this is a mufasa discovery located at bottom of hill off to the left, over a bridge…then in all it’s splendor – it reveals itself.

King’s Court: “form a half-circle” were the instructions – Most figured it out, but some refused to conform and we ended up in some strange geometrical configuration.
Negative merkins x5 with hover off the ground roughly 5 seconds each rep followed by 15 copperhead squats
repeat 5 neg hover merkins followed by 15 reg squats
repeat 5 neg hover merkins followed by 15 copperhead squats

Next up…Jack Webb (i think that’s right)
1:4 ratio merkin to air press, a real crowd favorite.

Mosey to base of the hill. What goes down the hill must go up, so to put a spin on it we went up strictly running backwards. If legs fail ya, drop for 5 down hill merkins, then resume backwards to the summit of everest. there we gathered for some planking.

Mosey to rock pile, grab a beauty and work the bi’s in cadence:
Full curl x10
Lower curl x10
Upper curl x10 – then zamperini
Overhead pressx10 – then zamperini
Skull crushersx10 – then zamperini

mosey to soccer field for 1 1/2 lap indian run, enough for all PAX to sprint? to front.
Next we setup for a partner-carry race switching at mid-field; millertime’s favorite! I called this specifically for him, for no other reason did i call this exercise, if he wasn’t there i would not have called it out…so, we all grab a partner and next thing i know millertime is the only man left without one! such irony.
I believe YHC and C4 won this event but i can’t quite remember if we were edged out by nacho and his breathing backpack – it was over in a blur. next, i was trying to get the PAX to circle up for Mary, but nacho suggested wheelbarrow races – so we did that too. Race broken wheelbarrows to 1/4 fld line, switch roles, return to start. i don’t remember any results of this, sorry

Lastly, we managed a few minutes of Mary.

COT: swiper lost a long time friend to cancer, she was a mother of two. The family needs much prayers and

Gizmo opens up about all of us needing to be part of something like F3 – it really will benefit mind and

Moleskin: tight group today. Leaders and six not separated by much. I was honored to lead, you all are great men


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