Feel those flutters burn

When: 11/26/16

QIC: Babyface & Crack

PAX (): Plug, Roadshow, Hot Sauce, Babyface, Crack

Chatt-Town launch part 3 once again got started in the wee hours of The Alpha. While 5 were committed to come, one fartsacked so strongly his alarm was nonexistent within his dreams – after Tuesday, YHC knows precisely the feeling – one had a foot boo-boo and could only come to say farewell at 4am, and that left 3. Fortunately when you have a Hot Sauce birthday, 3 is 2 more than you really need. While I know you wish to learn more about that car ride, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and that is good enough for me. Let’s just say we made it. So did Roadshow, returning home from Knoxville and Chatt’s own Plug. With a couple minutes to go, I was caught in awe of the #SF and a thing of beauty it was. Plug asked me to review the depth to which that beauty was plugged into the #bigball. Someone advise Plug to request more appropriate counsel in the future.

Babyface starts with a brief mosey around the ballfields looking for the biggest hill of the AO. Somehow, Dreadmill is located on the lone flat section of this town. Not to be deterred, Baby locks in adjacent to a small mound for warm-ups. These were definitely not Baby’s best warm-up calls, but in his defense, he was not originally scheduled to handle warm-ups. 15 SSHs, 10 copperhead squats, 10 merkins for a total of 35, which coincidentally is the very new age of the birthday Hot Sauce.

What went down:

Over to said small mound for a type of 11’s, but call them 35’s. Start with 10 merkins at the path, run to the top of the mound for 25 squats, work until the numbers are inverted. Stop ever 2 minutes on Babyface’s call for 35 LBCs. By the time this was done, so was half of the workout, so let’s move on to Crack.

Mosey to the Champion’s Club for 4 corners. Face the ball fields during every run with 10 LBCRs, 20 dying cockroaches, 30 American hammers, 40 flutters. Flutters were selected with the largest number as they are also the easiest to execute. Not today. The Alphas played football on Thursday and were all sore in the same pelvic/hip region. These were easily the worst flutters I have done in my entire life. Roadshow heard those midwife noises coming from 3 grown men during a simple flutter and may never come visit our AO. Justifiably so. It sucked just enough to rinse and repeat.

Over to the boulder pile lining the river for Genuines, shoulder presses, low curls, high curls, and skull crushers.

Finally, back to the flag parking lot for suicide 40s. Start with 10 J-Los and 30 hip slappers invert them as we run median to median. Back to the flag and knock out 13 burpees.


  • Prayers for Chatt-town, the children and their families from earlier in the week, this AO and the men around here for F3 to have a positive impact.
  • Prayers and praise for a glorious Hot Sauce birthday and many more still yet to come.
  • Thanksgiving time of year with so much to be thankful for.


  • We men of Alpha, both last week, this week along with those that could not come have truly enjoyed being a part of this launch. Many of us have heard about what a wonderful community Chattanooga is and we take pride in helping F3 strengthen the community even greater. With men like Plug leading the charge, there is no doubt this is a great place for F3. This dude even tried to convince his 70-something YO pops to come join. Maybe next time!
  • Roadshow lived up to his name and put on a show on the road. We may not have caused him to even break a sweat, but at least he can go home and show his buddies the Genuine. Hopefully he can tap into his local sad clown buddies and eventually some of them to partake in a local F3 workout.
  • Party hats were distributed prior to the workout with the 10 burpees on the line for any hats that fall. I think Hot Sauce shoved his inside his sweater just to ensure that would never happen. Thanks for signing his Hello Kitty card. #memories

Bon voyage, Crack!

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