1 Beatdown, 0 Giant, Killer Hill

When: 11/19/16

QIC: dosido

PAX (): Tom Jones, Crack, Kisses, Moonshine

Due to a Chattanooga launch partly funded by a handful of our finest, the widowmaker found herself short staffed this morning. 4 PAX led by YHC toughed through the following events:


SSH x15
Slow cotton pickers x10
Imperial walkers x15
SSH x200 (this was roughly the count performed by PAX while waiting for crack as he broke-off mid-warmup to plant forgotten shovel flag)


5 merkins performed, suspended motion at bottom hovering just off the ground a few seconds each rep, followed by 20 copperhead squats
5 merkins performed as described above, followed by 15 copperhead squats
5 merkins performed as above, followed by 10 copperhead squats
5 merkins as above, followed by 5 copperhead squats

the thang:

Partner-up for dora 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 50 shuttle burpees, 100 broad jumps, 150 4-count mountain climbers
Shuttle burpees= perform burpee then high knees sideways 10yrds, perform burpee, then high knee back, etc…
Round 1 – PAX 1 exercises, PAX 2 bear crawl to center line of soccer field and back to tag in…
Round 2 & 3 – PAX 1 exercises, PAX 2 run to center line and back to tag in.
The lesson? broad jumps are a nasty, nasty exercise
10 count was needed. ‘nuf said

Mosey to the rock pile, pick a winner, then we used the short but steep hill next to the pile for some 11’s.
Bottom of hill was squat thrusters w/rock, run up hill w/rock, top of hill for genuine’s w/rock. Love. Your. Rock.
10 count was needed, ‘nuf said

Mosey back to flag for 3.5mins of Mary:
First set was the dolly x15, keep ’em up for rosalita x15, keep ’em up for 6″, go to 45degrees, keep ’em up for box cutters x15 (there’s a
possibility YHC was tricked into only 10reps by some false counting, not naming names, (crack). Rest ’em a moment. Next was LBCs x?? followed
by reverse LBC’s x??, then Recover.

Great work by all – it was an honor to lead such dedicated men.

Group prayer requests were lifted by Tom Jones, but His brother is in need of all our prayers; he is a non-believer and has potential life threatening injuries – please ask that he can be both enlightened and healed.

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