Mt. Culiminjaro-nuff’ said…

As I mentioned last week, the BC PAX have made some big strides over the last month or so, so it was time for 7 of them to have some fun on BC’s most vertical…Here’s how she went…

Warm up:




Plank jacks

The Thang:

Partner up and swing by the coupon dispenser en route to the base of Mt. Culiminjaro for some Catch me if u can:

Round 1- Partner A does 10 burpees while partner B back pedals up the hill.  When A finishes, sprint to B and switch places when you catch them.

Round 2- Same drill, but replace burpees with 10 mercans

Round 3- Partner A runs forward with the team coupon and partner B does 15 Squats before chasing after him.

Hammer let it be known that he is not easy to catch regardless of the exercise!  Darth did attempt to challenge him on the last trip downhill in hopes that gravity would provide him with some extra speed,  but he and Mufasa seem to come from the same rabbit hole!  RESPECT to both nonetheless!

Mosey to the pavilion for some bench work:

3 sets of dips, jump ups, and step ups, all IC- 12 count descending

Back to the flag for Mary: Rosie’s, flutters, J-Lo’s and closed out with the alphabet


-2nd F tonight at Hop Alley Brew pub in Alpharetta

-DCII needs to know that his Co-Q skills are being challenged by Darth Visor on a regular basis.  DV even influenced Hammer to stick a toe in the Co-Q waters this am, but the good news is that it resulted in a HC for his VQ on 12/1!  Remember that this is the guy who outlasted Nacho in Balls to the Wall, so I expect this to be a VQ we won’t soon forget!

– Prayers for job searches and the right opportunities to open up for Hammer, Big Dipper- All of F3 Alpha- respond if you know of any hiring opportunities

-Prayers for spouse and kids sports teams in competition season

-Reminder that we all have much to be thankful for.  Help us to remember and pass along as we are able!


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  1. So I appreciate the respect and just to be clear I pulled up after exceeding recommended speed downhill…started getting that feeling you get on skate board downhill when you know your going too fast and jumping off will kill you…Good Q…thanks for putting up with the mumble chatter…all fun my friend!


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