Mucho Chesto de Milo

When: 11/15/16

QIC: Darth

PAX (): Swiper, The Body, CheckMate........and yes Big Dipper too!

5 brave souls gathered at the flag this bright moonlight morning nearing the 32 degree mark. Oh, the moon was so bright Big Dipper lost his way and joined the PAX at the midway point. He owes the PAX a #downpainment of 100 Merkins that he missed. Tarzan hit a tree and remained in the fartsack against this Qs EH.

Here’s what flowed at the CREEK.

Short mosey to Warm Up. Cotton Mills – SSH – Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the OVAL for a MUCHO CHESTO de MILO

10 x merk – 10 x wide merk – 10 x diamond merk – 10 x stagger R then 10 x Stagger L each performed at the corners and midpoint of the OVAL. Fun had by most of the PAX.

Some LBCs to break up the fun…then with moonlight blazing the PAX explored uncharted territory in the Skate Board Park. Future pain shall be dispensed at this location for sure but for today…

CAPTAIN THORs – 1:4 Ratio – Big Boy Sit Ups : Hammers   –   5 : 20 this week.

While in the PIT we ran some strange exercise YHC forgot the name – Bear Crawls to Derkins for 13 count.

Mosey to Parking Lot on Way Back to Flag

10-20-30’s (Dora’s) 10 Merks – 20 LBCs – 30 Plank Jacks

Mosey to Rock Pile (neatly stacked and ready for our destruction)

Colt 45s / Presses / Pendant exchange etc

Mosey to flag for final MOMs stop at curb for 25 flutters 6 on curb feet out arms up and down rapidly for 25.

Reverse LBCs – Cruchy Frog – Climb your Leg


Jobs for Big Dipper / Hammer (in absencia) health of the PAX, growth of the PAX –

Great post post at the Buckeroos for some 3rd F with Body/Darth/Dipper


The Body did not disappoint sporting the nylons in cognito under sweats with a thermal shirt, sweat shirt and jacket…add the gloves and this dude was smoking during the #beatdown. Swiper continues his form improvement on Merkins with the mucho chesto training, his pendant was coveted by many during colt 45s. Never lost during the trex through the dark was CheckMate in his moombeam yellow britches! Big Dipper needs alarm clock…12 Gauge may be 10 Gauge after a few absences but alas he did notify YHC as to illness. Too cold for “shoeless” Joe – Sweeper !


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