35 is My Favorite Number

When: 11/12/2016

QIC: Miller Time & NoSeeUm

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Crack, Cookie, DC2, Foghorn, DoSiDo, Hot Sauce

Eight strong core Alpharetta regulars and one visiting alumni came together this morning at the Widow Maker for a beautiful November morning beat down (in the light for a change).  Since YHC hadn’t seen the rumored hill at this AO, there was no question where we would mosey too from the start.

Warm Up:  At the bottom of the hill:
cotton picker

The Thang –
BLIMPS – As the hill was much longer and more vertical than I expected, I was feeling generous and offered we only run half of it and do 25 reps of each exercise at the bottom.  However this PAX would have none of that short cut BS.  Nacho asked for us to about the whole hill and Crack scoffed at only doing 25 reps.  At this point NoSeeUm feeling strong said 35 was his favorite number and that was what we did.  35 x each of the following followed by run up and down the hill each time.
Burpees –
Lunges – forward and back = 1
Inch worms

Mosey back to the Soccer field and handed the Q to NoSeeUm.

Next was Catch me if you can.  Groups of 3.  Two do partner carry heading around the perimeter of the field while third does 10 Star Jumps (jacks) and sprints to catch the first two.  Rotate until each man carries twice.

Next we met in the middle for ring of fire.  Bear crawl in a circle until Q calls halt and initiates an exercise x10 while the rest of the pax planks.  Rotate around circle until each man completes the exercise and start over with bear crawl.
Mercan x 10
Shoulder Taps x 10
One more exercise I’m forgetting

After this our guest Q had a special treat planned with The Reverse Tunnel of Love.  The pax lays on their back shoulder to shoulder.  The man on the end positions himself perpendicular on his back and gets passed down the tunnel to the end.  This is very similar to what you have seen in a mosh pit with someone crowd surfing.  Needless to say it was hard not to drop the man as we were all laughing so hard the entire time.

Mary Go Round to finish and Mosey back to the Flag followed by Coffeteria…..

-Continued Prayers for Flo’s wife Liz and Foghorn’s Brother (Leghorn) and his wife as they move to Hawaii and plan to have their child there.
-Nice to have NoSeeUm back in the mix if only for a day – continued luck to him getting Tampa F3 going
-– 2nd F- Happy hour at Hop Alley brew pub in Alpharetta on 11/17:  5:30-8 PM
-Thanksgiving Morning Flag Football Game at 7 AM assuming we have enough. Discussions about 2.0’s coming as well
-Next two Saturdays we have groups going to Chattanooga to help them get off the ground

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  1. Solid work MT! From the Q to the BB to the NMM. I smell what you’re steppin’ in! I’m also looking forward to you partaking in Chat-town. Aye.


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