Let’s just relax and play some cards!

When: 11/10/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): The Body, Darth Visor, Clyde, Big Dipper, Hammer

6 HIM’s decided to come together as a nation and kicked off the morning in style!  We thought we had an FNG since The Body showed up with only his eyes uncovered,  but we recognized him when he started peeling the layers and off we went…

Warm up’s:


Cotton Mills


The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the Rec center building for some Iron Mike Suicides:

2 Mike Tysons- High Knees to first tree line, butt kick back

4 Mike Tysons- Side shuffle left to second tree line, SS right back

6 Mike Tysons- sprint to 3rd tree line, back pedal back

rinse and repeat

Next swing by and grab a coupon and head to the soccer pavilion for a fun F3 card game…that’s right…The Deck of Death!  This was a new one for the BC PAX who surely made the most of it!

Spades = Burpees

Clubs = Merkins

Hearts = Curls with the coupon

Diamonds = Reverse LBC’s

Only Darth could cut a deck so strategically that we would end up with 30 burpees in the first 4 cards!  He was also still glowing from the Trump victory, so YHC thanks him for keeping the form challenge in effect through the flipping of the cards!  Also, Well done to Hammer who reminded him that good Merkin form brought the chest, not the belly, to the ground!  The Body was quick to defend him, however, reminding us all that mouth weighs more than muscle!  Unfortunately, we were closing in on time to mosey with a few cards still standing, so YHC called last card and sure enough…the Ace of Burpees!  Out of time so quick mosey back to the flag…


-Great to see the increased speed, strength of these PAX- noticeable difference just one month after adding the second day at BC

-Prayers for job searches for Hammer, Big Dipper, and Darth’s daughter

-Prayers for The Body’s wife coaching her first basket ball game as a middle school coach!

– 2nd F- Happy hour at Hop Alley brew pub in Alpharetta on 11/17:  5:30-8 PM’ ‘ish

-be on the lookout for announcements on Thanksgiving activities for F3 Alpha

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