Early V.O.T.E. for T.R.U.M.P. at Big Creek Today

When: 11/08/16

QIC: Darth

PAX (): Cylde, Swiper, Hammer, The Body, Big Dipper, Check Mate

7 PAX braved the sub 50 degree temperatures to arrive at the polls for early voting at Big Creek AO. The Body covered up with some nice silky nylons and Clyde dressed for success with complete warm ups. The rest of the PAX made it through with sporty jackets and such. Hammer showed up and had to answer some questions as to recent spell of absentee voting was allowed to vote today.

Voting booths opened at 5:30 AM with a mosey down hill for a little registration(warm-up)

Candidate Pickers IC – SSH IC – Trump Walkers IC

Early Voting begins as the PAX gets to choose between two bad options.

V     1) Vertigo’s (running up hill with rotating with each step
2) V-UP Rollups  (sit ups with v Up at end. got these at mary’s)
PAX Voted for dizzying Vertigo. THE BODY cruises up hill for the win.

O    1) Ollie Norths (partner carry)
2) One Calls (designed just for Swiper) Merks all the way to ground with
partner slap 5s at the up position. FULL EXTENSIONS Big Dipper kept
him honest and hung in there – getting stronger!
PAX voted for One Calls

T   1)Train Tracks (with a twist hoping over each PAX in plank 50 Yards)
2)Tunnel of Love
PAX said please no more tunnels. That’s OK we got them later!

E  1) Ehlo’s – basic jump shots…PAX NO LIKEY
2) Elf On a Shelf with Ballot(ROCK)
  PAX voted for the Elf

The results are in and the voting is over!

T – Tunnel of LOVE on the turf.
R – Rockees – 13 OYO
U – Up the HILL – very steep hill and this took a lot out of the PAX – QTY 13
M – Merks in a circle for 50 total
P – Plank Jacks for 75

Check Mate opened several new accounts on each trip up the hill, whew!

Mosey to Flag for a complete Q in training around the horn. All PAX took a turn note it is Call the Exercise ; Ready Position Move ; Exercise then 1 – 2- 3 – 1   repeat! great job.

COT – Job interviews, blessings, guidance to Big Dipper and Hammer.

Did not VOTE:
Sweeper, Tarzan, Rueben, Flat Ball, 12 Gauge(formerly known as 4/10), Other recent FNGs. We are missing you boys.

Let’s all HC for Thursday and go for 15 PAX!!!

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