My Favorite Mistake

When: 11/5/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Shawshank, Sneakers, Chipper

4 Pax posted on a cool Saturday morning, and the Norcross Parks and Rec Department decided to keep the adult easy listening tunes playing throughout the park for us. Nothing gets us hyped like the Cranberries, Santana, and Sheryl Crow. It was appropriate though as we slogged our way through a round of blackjack to hear someone singing you’re my favorite mistake. YHC suspects several of the pax were thinking that about F3. It just gets in your blood and you can’t help want more.

Quick warmup of SSH, IW, Cottonpickers, Mountain Climbers, and squats

The Thang:

Blackjack with merkins and squats.

Couple of laps around the park with a short Indian Run. Mosey to the rock pile. Partner up, grab one rock per group, and mosey to the side stairs. Abbreviated Dora with 100 skullcrushers, 150 curls, 200 shoulder press. Partner runs up the stairs and back.

Return the rocks and mosey up to the fountain for 2 rounds of step ups and dips. Circle up for Mary. Done.

COT and BOM.


  • Sneakers and Chipper putting in work. Getting stronger. They are going to be pushing the pax soon at this pace.
  • Shawshank, our Norcross local, is loving the Saturday beatdowns. Just can’t quite make it out of the fartsack during the week.
  • Slow start to Norcross but the sadclowns will come. Biggest issue is backblasts not being posted on time.

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