Sabbativersary Backblast

When: 10/29/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Moonshine, Busey (RESPECT), Crack

So I didn’t post a backblast for last week’s Widow-Maker beatdown. I was thinking if nobody would accept my Q-vitation to handle this week, then I could just rinse and repeat, post one BB, and press the easy button. In the sophisticated words of Karl Childers, “I see’d it done that way, once.” Considering how I always have something to say about a missing backblast, surprisingly, no one gave me a hard time about the missing backblast. I learned this AM that no one said anything because no one thought anybody posted last week. Well, we did, and we are better for doing it. Babyface, increasingly becoming one of those guys that steps up and steps in when called upon, took the reigns for this week, so now I must reveal the fun from the past. We had a great turnout BTW. Only 100 fewer PAX than Greensboro had on the same day, but still a great turnout and we weren’t even celebrating any kind of anniversary.

It started with just me and Moonshine, so we modified by starting on the turf pitch until Busey could park, wipe the bug splatter off of his windshield, check his tire pressure, change clothes, work through the proper tightness on his shoes, and then slowly mosey over to join us as if he were reconsidering his options. By then, the other two were done with warm-ups to the appreciation of ‘Shine. It must have been awkward to have the Q staring directly at you throughout the warm-up. After suicides across the pitch with CCDs and squats, a brief mosey up to concessions for ascending testicles, to the playground for 11s with swerkins and squats, and on the big field.

Whilst at the big field, we opted for some friendly 4-corners competition. Crack runs the entire field while Busey and Shine take on one pitch. Each corner varied with Mary work in escalator fashion. Crack squeaked by a sprinting Busey in Round 1, but Shine took the crown in Round 2.

From there, we moseyed toward the stairs at the front of the park for Stairway to Seven and then back to the flag.


  • Prayers for Crack’s friend that broke his leg via his own truck backing over him
  • Inviting Alpha PAX to join the Chattanooga launch: Boomer and Foghorn (and likely DC2) heading up on 11/19. Crack, Babyface, and Hot Sauce on 11/26 to celebrate a Hot Sauce b-day in fashion.
  • Great to learn that Moonshine joined F3 Johnson City the previous week. I would be willing to bet that just a few short months ago, he would have never planned to exercise while out of town. Keep it up, brother! Too bad they don’t know how to add tags for a visiting region. He was also there when the flag got stolen! This is a good read:
  • More than half of this AM’s PAX made coffeeteria!
  • Movember is now upon us. Grow your ‘stache and spark conversation about men’s health. It may even allow you to EH some sad clown. Just don’t expect to have the badassness that I have on my own face.

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