Hill-ariously late

When: 11/05/16

QIC: Babyface (with a little hot sauce thrown in for flavor)

PAX (): Crack, Hot Sauce, Cookie, Do-Si-Do, Mufasa, Moonshine, DC2, Swiper, Kisses(FNG)

So Hot sauce texts me at 6:30 asking what time we start, I tell him 7, but I show up late, so together we make it on time (That’s how that works right?).  Completely disappointed in myself and truly apologize to the PAX for my tardiness.  Thank you again to Hot Sauce for getting the guys moving this morning.  I was not present for the warm-up but I met up with the pax at the top of the hill and that was exactly where the fun began.

The Thang:

At the bottom of the hill we partnered up and broke up into 3 groups.

Group A: Catch me if you can up the hill, Partner A does 5 burpees then runs to catch partner B.  Partner B is running BACKWARDS up the hill until caught , at which time he will do 5 burpees and then try to catch Partner A.  Continue until the top of the hill is reached.  At the top both men do 20 plank jacks, then plank for the 6.

Group B: Catch me if you can but with 10 monkey humpers in the place of burpees.  Everything else remains the same.

Group C:  Catch me if you can but with 20 LBC and the Partner running up the hill will be carrying a bucket with 4 gallons of water.  Yep it is buckets of fun.

We did 3 rounds, rotating to a new group each time we returned down the hill.  After each group went through all 3 groups we dumped the water out of the buckets feeding at least 1 tree some much needed water then moseyed down the hill to deposit the buckets back into my car.  Next we did a backwards Indian run back up the hill.  Once at the top a well deserved 10 count, before we moseyed to the playground.

At the playground me moseyed up to the swings to do pyramid Swerkins with our partners.  The first set of pax did 2 swerkins & 10 squats (both men) next swing did 4 & 12, then 6 & 14, 8 & 16, and finally 10 & 18.  Once all groups were done we all moved down 1 swing (group on the end moved back to the front) and repeat. Continue until all groups have been at all swings.  Now move to the benches in the pavilion to do 5 or 6 or somthing awkward in counting for step ups.  Honestly I will never attempt to do that again, so we move to bench jumps instead.  We alternated between bench jumps and dips, bench jumps OYO YOLO starting at 25 and descending by 5 each round and 10 dips in cadence between each set of bench jumps.

Finally mosey back to the flag for some marry including big boy sit ups, Long slow flutter, Roach killers, & box cutters with a set of 10 OYO merkins in between.


Namorama – Welcome Kisses, an FNG brought by Do-si.  Awesome job this morning

Prayers for both my friend David, dealing with a cancerous mass on his kidney and swipers friend who has a daughter dealing with Luekemia.

AO Launches happening in Chattanooga in the next few weekends: 11/19 – Boomer & Foghorn leading a group up there.  11/26 – Crack, Hot Sauce, & Babyface heading up (we are taking Hot Sauces new car).  contact any or all of us if you are interested in coming along.

CSAUP Spartan race happening on March 18th, contact babyface (@babyface_f3) if interest, and spread the word.  Ms & 2.0s welcome to come along.

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  1. I need to change my mind about joining in the Chattanooga trip. I would have never agreed had I known that we were riding with hot sauce.


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