Who got the Q?

When: 10/26/2016

QIC: The Dab

PAX (): Flo, Sneakers, Callahan, Capt Stubing, Sunshine, Simba, Squirrel, Piggy

Showed up for a humpday (more on that later) workout and Flo and YHC asked “Who’s got the Q”…so Flo volunteer YHC.  Here’s how it went:

  • Mosey around parking lot – picked a couple of late comers  (you know who you are)
  • In cadence:
    • Side straddle hop
    • Imperial walkers
    • Merkins

Mosey to rock pile (yes YHC did NOT go to soccer field) – break for Lt. Dans to 24 lunges (YHC couldn’t take much more)

Grab a rock – 21s – audible to 11s
Rocky’s and run to top of hill and Monkey humpers

During our first set – a man in truck watching us literally says “looks like you’re humpin’ a monkey!??” (gotta love it)

Return rock to pile (apparently it’s also called Riff Raff) and Indian run back to road then Mosey to flag (watched Squirrel dodge cars!!)

In cadence:

  • Dying Cockroach x30
  • Freddy Mercury x15


Praise for Flo wife being able to see good Dr(s) and getting closer to answers on racing heart rate…and prayers that more detailed answers/solutions to come.

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