Let’s Run

When: 10/27/16

QIC: dosido

PAX (): isner, moonshine, bluesteel, babyface, millertime, crack, hickory!, soso def, nacho, the hoff

11 PAX joined together this morning expecting to be worn out in typical F3 fashion; I did what I could to deliver just that. Here’s how it happened:

Warm up

Mosey down to Wills Rd heading toward the Equestrian Center where we circled in the lot
SSH x15
Copperhead Squats x15
Slow Cotton Pickers x10
SSH x15


Mosey up to Brokeback where it didn’t take long for the chosen starting point for running the hill to garner some commentary, and not in a loving way. It’s a long way up that hill from where we started.
-Grab a partner and take 3 laps each, PAX 1 runs it while PAX 2 waits for returning PAX doing Dolly first lap, then Flutter kicks, then LBCs for last lap.

Mosey to FOD for Blackjack: Line up on outfield foul line and perform 1 merkin then sprint to center field for 20 LBCs…then sprint back to line for 2 merkins, back to center for 19 LBCs, etc…until #s are flipped; once again YHC chose an exercise regimen we did not have time to finish – and I’m disappointed in myself for that because it just feels awkward to end an exercise before anyone has had a chance to finish it – I promise to do better in the future. So, due to time constraints we Mosey to the lot with a minute to spare for a set of Reverse LBCs. Recover.


Prayers – soso def’s friend David is struggling in his fight with cancer. He needs healing. And his family, including teenage children, need peace and understanding, please say a personal prayer for this family
Praise- Great job by all PAX. moonshine, soso def and the hoff are getting visibly faster and gaining endurance – keep it up!

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