Name the Q

When: 10/22/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Swiper, Dosido, Babyface, Crack

I could have predicted 2.5 of the 3 PAX that joined me this AM. That other 0.5 really threw me for a loop, but there he was, in the present. A cool 48°F to get us started this AM. Not sure if anyone of those read the PB, but we shared the Q regardless. So, we will allow you the reader to play a little game that we like to call “Name the Q” and see how well you know your leaders of the Gloom. If you can accurately identify the correct order of Q’s, you can have a beer on me. Not literally on me unless you are Wings and we are matched for another partner carry. Speaking of, I have made a commitment to only EH guys at least 20 lbs smaller than me. I love seeing Wings in the Gloom, but lesson learned. And me EH list just dropped by 95%. Back to the beer. Not the one in my hand, but the prize I just mentioned. The one on me. Its yours if you get the order correct. And you have to answer in the comment section of this BB. Twitter response doesn’t work. And I get the pick the beer, so no Michelob Ultra even if you are working on your figure. Let’s get started.

Q #1:

Mosey to some benches beside one of the fields, lets call it Field #3,728. Dips IC x10, Jump-ups OYO x10. It was at this time we notice these benches are actually bolted to the ground. Great security. Cotton-mills IC x8. Repeato with SSHs taking the place of the cotton-mills. Repeato once more without the warm-up. Mosey to the tennis courts for 4 corners. Facing the same direction, 15 J-Los, 30 LBCRs which Crack was not fond of considering his midriff, 45 LBCs, 60 Flutters. Repeato and then swap Qs.

Q #2

Mosey back to the baseball fields to the building center of them all, including Field #3,728. Three sets of BallZ to the WallZ. When only one man was left, the count began. That number told the other 3 how many Burpees they owed. DoSiDo won the first two sets leaving 4 and 5 Burps respectively. One runner-up to each BabyFace and Swipe-dang-diggity. Crack took care of the third set, bum shoulder and all, leaving 8 burps for them fools. Over to Field #674 (obviously adjacent to Field #3,728) for a 1/2 set of mucho chesto. Start at home with regular, bear crawl to first for wide, bear to second while going around the nicely groomed infield – apparently baseball players have a natural fear of bears and we felt like one of them might catch a grounder in the boys while peeking over his shoulder for bears – for diamonds, cheetah to 3rd for the first stagger and cheetah home for the final stagger. Good work Q, whoever you may be. On to the next guy.

Q #3.

This Q finds the playground. Partner up in 4s and then split into stations. The first station is pull-ups, second is tire swing merkins – there is a first! – and there were a bit tougher, third station is running up, down, and through the playground stuff and then swinging on six rings, and the fourth station had LBCs on a picnic table. One set is all we need. Mosey to the rock pile for a set of Colt 45. Look it up, so I don’t have to type it. Keep the coupon, change the Q.

Q #4

By this time, one had to drop due the day’s commitments. That leaves 3, so your chances of getting this Q right is now 1 out of 3. And that also assumes you were not very good with probabilities. Lazy dora. 100 squats with the coupon pressed the entire time, 200 should presses, 30 flutters with the coupon pressed out the entire time. The other 2 do merkins during the first 100, LBCs during the 200 and everyone takes 100 of the 300 due to time constraints. Mosey back to the flag and time is up.

So who was who?


  • Alpha is committed to launching Chattanooga on 11/19. Also trying to get a group for either 11/26 or 12/3. If interested and any of these work, speak to me, Boomer or Foghorn. Serving is the best way to grow self-confidence.
  • Prayers for guidance to get the AOs active. It starts with consistency in cadence calls, naming the exercises, changing the Q and telling your friends.

7 thoughts on “Name the Q”

  1. Alright, alright.. here goes.. Swiper, DoSiDo, Crack, Babyface. Right?? I already picked up my free beer, and good beer it was, so this better be right! Also.. though you PAX seemed to have a fine time at the Widowmaker, the Norcross AO included a georgeous unimpeded view of sunrise from a hilltop for the PAX. Good times for all of F3 Alpha this morn, and cheers to another Saturday option.

    • You do drink my beer and you’re also a good links player. But you definitely aren’t as sharp on your Qs as you only got one

    • That’s not even worth the watered down refreshment of a Miller Lite. You boys have Dosi figured out. The others 3 have you baffled.


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