Widow-Maker 10/22 PB

They think they can beat me. Newsletter comes out today and says “COME TO THE NORCROSS LAUNCH!!!!!! and oh yeah, there’s an existing workout tomorrow, but whatever….” Well, I am going to whatever them in their teeth. ‘Cause that’s the way it’s done. The newly minted Widow-Maker will not roll over to a bunch of scallys down in Norcross. No sir.

So how will it happen? Appeal that’s how. And its not appeal of the known. I will not provide the workings of a Charlie Tremendous Jones type beatdown that excites your nerves and rattles about in your head until tomorrow.

Nope. This will be the appeal of the unknown. You are going to dream up a cool beatdown and then share it tomorrow. Yeah… YOU. And then this ole boy will call on you to lead 5, 10 or 15 minutes of your dreams. Dreams will become reality.

If you didn’t read the preblast, you will be unprepared, nervous and will probably receive swift heckling. Hopefully you recover quickly. If you are one of those guys yet to demonstrate your VQ, get ready. No more hiding beneath your headphones or back with the 6. You’ve been called.

Will PAX show interested in practicing for a full length Q? Will experienced Q’s desire to lead their fellow PAX through a relatively untouched AO? Will everyone just want to wear short shorts on a cool morning and not feel out of place? Will we hit the soccer fields, the big hill, or the playground? Read your answer above comrade. That story has already been told. Of course if its just little ole me out there, you can read all about on the backblast… either way, I plan to have a swell time.


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