What did Law Dog do to these guys?

When: 10/20/16

QIC: Swiper, DV

PAX (): DV, Swiper, the Body, Big Dipper

Much appreciation to Law Dog for jumping in as a sub Q for DV on Tuesday.  He apparently sentenced the crew to some hard labor as there were no return appearances from the Tuesday chain gang this morning!  Either that, or they were so blown away by his perfect cadence and exercises that actually matched the website descriptions, that they needed time to collect themselves.  Regardless, It was still a great morning in the gloom for 4 HIM’s who elected to kick things off right, so off we went…

Warm up’s:


Cotton Pickers



The Thang:

Headed up Mt. Culiminjaro with a merkin mile (metric system) up the hill and around the parking lot at the top, stopping at every light for 10 merkins.  Lined up in the upper parking lot for some BLIMPS

5 burpees

10 lunges each leg

15 Imperial Walkers each leg

20 Monkey Humpers

25 Plank Jacks

Rinse and repeat starting with Plank Jacks and heading back down.

Some very cool rock formations, so the Body led us in some step ups- Pitch the Q to Darth and back down we went to the soccer Pavilion.

Peoples Chair on the wall while each PAX sprints out to the lot and back and does 10 Star Jumps.

Mosey to the rock pile for some modified Colt 45’s – 45 curls, 30 skull crushers, 20 OHP’s.

Back to the flag, stopping at each light post for 20 LBC’s- Rosie’s and Reverse LBC’s back at the flag.


-Prayers for DV’s family for a blessed weekend at his granddaughter’s christening this weekend.

-Prayers for Big Dipper in the job search

-Prayers for strong return of some of our regulars next week.







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