It’s my party and I’ll bear crawl if I want to, bear crawl if I want to…

When: 10/19/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Piggy, Mckracken, Boomer, Squirrel, Mr. Drummond, Tom Jones, Nacho Libre

7 PAX stopped hitting snooze and joined YHC for a #beatdown fiesta celebrating one more trip (37 in total) around the sun.  3 PAX heeded the warning on Twitter and came prepared with headlamps for the THANG.

What had happened was…

Warm-up lap followed by the usual warm-up exercises, all IC Imperial Walkers, Merkins, and Squats.

Mosey towards PC then line up in to Indian Run formation.  Continue our trek in indian run fashion toward the hill.  I heard some #mumblechatter from some of the newer PAX once they saw what we were gong to conquer.  It seemed extra dark and extra hilly this a.m.  You are welcome.

Gathered at the bottom of the hill for some Birthday Blimps.  37 reps+1 to go on makes 38.  Sprint up the hill between exercises as follows:

  • 38 Burpos…sprint to the top return for…
  • 38 Lunges, Back Lunge + Front lunge =1 step through lunge.  Continued on the same leg, then switch at 19.  (Mr. Drummond commented that I wasn’t turning 76).  Sprint up the hill and return for…
  • 38 Imperial Squawkers- Squat imperial walker left, squat imperial walker right, up to 38 then sprint up the hill and return for…
  • 38 Merkins…sprint up the hill and return for…
  • 38 Plank Jacks…sprint up the hill and return for…
  • 38 Squats…sprint up the hill and return for Side Straddle Hops for the six

Recover…10 count.

Since we finished our BLIMPS at the bottom of the hill we had to get go back up someway.  YHC gave the PAX the option to go to the top of the hill any way they want as long as it was in animal fashion.  100% participation in bear crawling up the hill.

At the top of the hill everyone grabbed some bench for 20 dips and 20 derkins on YHC’s straight count.

Mosey towards the flag with sprints between every other light pole.

Gathered behind Hurricane grill for people’s chair and star jumps.  2 PAX run out and star jump while the others wall-sit.  Once time through the group, then back to the flag.

Circle up for a Merry-go-round of core work with multiple PAX getting the opportunity to call out an exercise of their choice and lead cadence.

Times up…circle up for COT:  Prayers up for those that couldn’t be with us, praise for a new lil’ piggy, praise for progress, praise for wise friends that help calm anxious hearts, prayer for comfort for sick uncles, and more that I likely forgot.

Don’t forget about Norcross this weekend!  Let’s gather up and give it away.

Honored to challenge and be challenged by you!



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