Substitute requested, challenge accepted

When: 10/18/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Clyde, Ruben, Flatball, Sweeper, Chief

Last night while watching Monday night football (ok in reality it was Big Bang Theory with the M), YHC decided to check the water cooler to see what was going on in the world of F3Alpha.  It was at this time Darth requested a substitute Q for the BC.  Swiper couldn’t as he was still battling illness, so YHC was happy to jump in as the BC was calling for some law and order.  Excited and ready for the beat-down, YHC showed up in the parking lot early (5:27 as the Rubicon regulars know, that is early for the Law Dog), to see 3 Pax waiting. 5:30 sharp and the Pax was immediately joined by Sweeper and Flatball, so 5 Pax and the Sub Q set off into the gloom.

Warm up in front of the soccer fields included side straddle hops, imperial walkers, cotton pickers, squats and merkins.  During this impressive show of cadence work, YHC could tell the Pax of Big Creek were excited to be led in perfect harmony.  Someone said, “be sure to tell Darth that Law Dog calls and performs exercises in perfect cadence.” (Of course, that someone was none other than YHC).

On to the thang,

Mosey to the soccer turf for Red Barchetta followed by a Quarter Pounder.

The Red Barchetta – 100 yard sprint, 100 SSH, 100 sprint back, 75 yard sprint, 75 mountain climbers, 75 yard sprint back, 50 yard sprint, 50 LBCs, 50 yard sprint back, 25 yard sprint, 25 merkins, 25 yard sprint back, 10 yard sprint, 10 burpees, 10 yard sprint back with planks in between each interval until the Six was in.

Quarter Pounder – 25 yard sprint, 25 merkins, 25 yard backwards sprint back, 50 yard sprint, 50 LBCs, 50 yard backwards sprint back, 75 yard sprint, 75 squats, 75 yard backwards sprint back, 100 yard sprint, 100 SSH, 100 yard backwards sprint back with air chair in between intervals.

(It should be noted that since this was an original football field the distances were slightly longer, but it much easier to keep up with standard quarter distances)

At this time, YHC realized the Pax finished much quicker and stronger than anticipated so we moseyed to the parking lot for some lazy Dora. Partner up for 100 merkins with planks, 200 LBCs with 6 inches, 300 squats with air chair.  There was definitely mumble chatter at this point at how happy the Pax was for these extra merkins, LBCs and Squats, but the Pax has only themselves to thank as they crushed the beatdown this morning leaving a little time for extra work. All told, 242 SSH, 300 LBCs, 172 merkins, 397 squats, 75 mountain climbers, and a whole lot of running.

Mosey bag to the Flag (well there was no flag as I suspect DV has it, but the second guess is Swiper).


Prayers for Swiper who is recovering, Ruben for his upcoming move, and F3 to continue to reach men in a positive way.

Enjoyed the opportunity to Q at the BC and would encourage others to Q. The Pax of BC is ready.


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