Big Creek Speedway with No knee bandaids!

When: 10/13/16

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Darth Visor, 410, The Hammer, Check Mate, Big Dipper, Flatball, Chief, Clyde (giving him credit since my co-Q's aging memory forgot him in the Tuesday BB)

Great morning in the Big Creek gloom as 8 PAX came out to start off a strong Thursday…here is how it went down…

Warm up’s:



Hill billies

cotton pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to the Big Creek Speedway (track) for some Dirty McDeuce.  3 sets of 12 exercises (1 chest, 1 leg, 1 core) followed by one lap around the track, rinse and repeat x 4.  Here were the sets:

round 1- merkins, copperhead squats, big boy sit ups

round 2- diamonds, lunges, reverse LBC’s

round 3- wide merkins, calf raises, LBC’s

round 4- stagger merkins right/left, squats, J-lo’s

Headed to the facilities building for a Monkey Humper relay while other PAX did people’s chair.  Strong form for some of these PAX on the MH’s- heard the sound of automatic door locks clicking for the grounds crew members sitting in their cars about half way through.

40’s with donkey kicks and jump up’s (pick-pocketed from KC’s Saturday workout- thanks bro!)

stopped by the playground for dips and step up’s and back to the flag for some Mary:


Box cutters



-Prayers for 410’s brother in preparation for upcoming brain surgery

-Praise for Darth’s wife for positive results from eye exam

-Prayers for Hammer for the job search and interview after the beatdown

– Great to see recent FNG’s Checkmate, Big Dipper, and Flatball (Tarzan, too, although not here today) staying with it and showing up strong!

– F3 Alpha Saturday 10/15 events:

Widowmaker work out: Webb bridge park @ 7am- Coffee and fellowship at Bagel Boys afterwards

Rock Mill Park Volunteer Clean up Event: 8:30- 11:30 am

Chili cook off- Boomer’s House, 7 PM





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