13.. no.. 15 PAX on a Tuesday

When: 10/11/2016

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): DefCon2, SoSoDef, Murdoch, Crack, DoSiDo, Miller Time, Cookie, MASH, Nacho Libre, Blue Steel, Law Dog, Fondue, Pine Sol, The Hoff, Foghorn

13… er.. 15 PAX posted on this Tuesday morning, and got right to work. Mosey to hill along running trail!

The Warmup:

Bottom of hill, SSH x 15
Top of hill, Merkin x 10
Bottom of hill, Imperial Walker x 12
Top of hill, Peter Parker x 10

Mosey to wall of rec center..

The Thang:

Break into 3 groups of 4, and move to a station..

Wall: Balls to the Wall
Swings: Swerkin
Picnic Tables: Derkins
Tire Swing Pole/Monkey Bars: Pullups

Rotate every 60 seconds.. push your team and yourself! Two rounds..

Move to stairs leading up to parking lot, two rows of PAX on stairs, find a step.

Calf Raises x 25
Step Up x 25
Jump Up x 30
Squat x 20

Mosey to horse park field off street.. Used to be a regular spot for the PAX, now rarely used.

Plank Compass, rotate around your feet as Q calls the position and exercise:

North: Mountain Climbers x 10
South: Merkin x 10
East: Peter Parker x 10
West: Plank Jacks x 10

Mosey to top of parking lot of equestrian center..

DORA, with partner sprinting along trail to tree line and back.

Flutters x 100
LBC x 200

A F3Alpha favorite.. Quick mosey in the dark along the track circling Wills Park.. And by dark, YHC means absence of light in many places. All the way around and back to home.

No time for Mary!


Prayers for Law Dogs coworker who passed and is in God’s presence. Prayers for Pine Sol’s travels and family. Prayers for the folks hit by the recent hurricane, and gratitude for Murdoch’s work with those folks.


  • T-claps to DC2 for covering and motivating the 6 through the dark, as YHC called and hoped someone would volunteer.
  • Always fun to mosey through the dark, YHC enjoys that trip. Only thing better would be to do it in the rain.. speaking of.. haven’t had a rainy beatdown in some time. Looking forward to that day.
  • Didn’t catch Pine Sol’s home AO in Carolina..
  • Fondue found out what happens when you’re late for the beatdown. Didn’t catch the PAX until 45 minutes later.
  • Lots planned for this Saturday.. beatdown, then 3rd F with Crack, then 2nd F at Boomer’s. Hope to see the PAX there!


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