First Thursday at BC with a Birthday Q!

When: 10/06/2016

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Reuben, Clyde, Checkmate (FNG), 410, Darth Visor, the Hammer, the Body, Flatball

With a birthday this week, YHC came to the stark realization that his time in the non-respect category is drawing ever closer to the end.  That being said, no reason to pursue the full RESPECT status before your time, so today’s beatdown stopped just a bit on the short side with RESPE’s…2 years short, 2 letters short!  Off we go…

Warm up’s, all IC:


Imperial Walkers



The Thang:  Head to the soccer fields, grabbing a coupon on the way

R- Ring of Fire- All PAX circle up with first PAX knocking out 10 merkins while others plank.  Then to the next PAX, all the way around.  Rinse and repeat.

E- Escalators- 10 Burpees, sprint to corner, 20 Star Jumps, sprint to next corner, 30 Squats, sprint to last corner, 40 LBC’s. Sprint back home.  Rinse and repeat in the opposite direction back down the escalator

S- Squat to overhead press with your rock- 3 rounds of 16 (48)

P- Peter Parkers- 3 rounds of 16, all IC

E- Elf on the Shelf with your rock- in the sitting position with rock by your side, lift rock up over your head to the other side = 1.  3 rounds of 16

Mosey back to the big field inside the kidney bean for some Noah’s ARK in honor of the million + people evacuating the coast.

Bear Crawl across the small field, reverse BC back

Crab Walk across, reverse crab walk back

Scorpion right across, scorpion left back

Back to the flag for Mary’s:






  • Welcome to FNG CheckMate!
  • Prayers for Clyde who had to break, not feeling well
  • Prayers for Reuben during transition while the build a new home
  • Prayers for all of the evacuees from the storm, including the 8 visitors from Charleston who have landed at casa de Swiper
  • 2nd F Chili Cook-off on 10/15 at Boomer’s House, more details forthcoming…

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