Burpees for Days

When: 09/14/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Sunshine, Piggie, Mr. Drummond, The Bear, The Dab, Callahan, Chipper, Sneakers, FNG Stubing, Nacho Libre

YHC didn’t intend for today to be full of burpees. The thang wrote itself. 11 pax posted including 1 FNG, Stubing. That’s right, the Captain of the Love Boat. T-claps to the Dab for knowing that piece of worthless knowledge. Here is what happened.

The Thang:

Quick warmup. Skipped the lap and straight into SSH, squats, and merkins. Electric light mosey with first 5 pax doing 10 burpees at each big light pole and second 6 pax doing 10 merkins. Stop at the brick bench. Mosey back to the rock pile. Partner up. New guys with experienced guys. One big rock and one small rock for each set. Start at the bottom of the hill for partner 11s. Partner 1 does 10 rockees with big rock. Partner 2 runs to top of the hill and does 1 BB situp with small rock. If Partner 1 finishes before Partner 2 is back, Zamperini until Partner 2 returns. Partner 1 then runs up hill with small rock and does 2 BB situps while Partner 2 does 9 rockees with big rock. Repeato until 10 BB situps and 1 rockee.

Indian run back down the lighted path. Stop for 10 minutes of burpee suck. 100 burpees in 10 minutes. Once completed, YHC only left 3 minutes to get back to the flag. After a quick game of Frogger on State Bridge Road, everyone made it.



  • Lots of regulars out today. Not quite the same without Flo, Simba, Swiss, and Peachy. Peachy, where you been?
  • Sneakers and Chipper getting deceptively faster and stronger each week.
  • Great EH by Callahan and the Bear to get Stubing to post.
  • Don’t miss the Widow Maker this Saturday. 6:30-7:30 at Webb Bridge Park
  • Norcross AO coming soon. 10/22/16. Start getting the word out and talk to YHC (Boomer) if interested in helping with the launch.

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