12 Post for Widow Maker in a high pressure cell

When: 09/10/16

QIC: Mufasa & Crack

PAX (): Foghorn, Baby Face, Wings, DefCon II, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Do Si Do, Sunshine, Simba, Swiper

The conditions : 70 degrees – a perfect morning for the perfect number of PAX – the 12. A high pressure cell is stalled over the South East, giving us the clear skies. The finest from the surrounding AOs were gathering to take the DRP and make the world a better place for themselves and their neighbor. The men who believe in changing themselves to change their circle of influence. This is how it gets done.

YHC, gets it going – short, energetic run from the parking lot to one of the many soccer fields for the warmup of SSH, Cotton Pickers and Windmills – all in cadence. Indian run a couple of laps of the field and out to a steep hill where we’ll line up.

  • 11s on the Hill – Burpees at the bottom, squats at the top.
  • PAX on the end earn another round for the short hill and some another for back chatting the Q.

Short mosey to an area with rocks, select a decent, awkward size one for running with and partner up.

  • Total of 200 burpees – other partner carrying rock for about 150 yards around a barrier and back up the hill. Switch.

Crack takes over and while waiting for the Six, Nacho calls Mary with LBCs, Flutters and more that YHC can’t recall.

Still with the rocks, a Dora 1-2-3 partnered up is called by Crack. Here’s the routine:

  • 100 curls total, partner Zamperini at the same time, 25 reps and switch.
  • 200 Skull crushers – partner squatting with rock, 25 reps and switch
  • 300 bent over rows – partner squatting with rock, 50 reps and switch
  • End with rock in bench press position and reaching over to six inches from ground overhead – 6 reps and end with holding for count of 20.

Cool down involves a run while doing more Recce of the AO and back down the flag for MOM of American Hammer, Dolly – all in cadence.

Circle of Trust :

  • Prayers for many families with situations.
  • Foghorn closes us down.

Moleskin and announcements:

  • DC2 back! Injured rib kept him away, but he’s back in the fray.
  • YHC’s RQ, impressed by the gutsiness of the 12. Just got on with it. High energy.
  • The wrestlers, Nacho, Crack and Baby Face are strong, leaving it all out there.
  • Average of around 155 burpees for each of the PAX. Do Si Do hammered out another 10 ’cause he couldn’t remember what round he was on (integrity) – YHC followed, not wanting someone going it alone.
  • Honored to co lead the fine 12 this morning – COOP STRONG.
  • Oct 1 will be the Atlanta Area convergence at Riverside Park.
  • From Oct 8, Saturdays will be at 7 am with a 6:15 am? extra beat down for those who desire it. (YHC will confirm 6:15 or 6 am)

That’s all for now. You’ll need to post next time to get more.


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