We have Wings!

When: 09/03/16

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Miller Time, Boomer, Dos-si-do, Wings, Cookie

Mosey over to the side parking lot.  Side straddle hop, Cotton picker, Plank jacks.

-Merkin Mile.  Squats at speed humps, merkins at cross streets.
-Mosey back to the FOD.
-2 sets of Morning Wood.  Start on your back with one arm raised up, stand-up without using arms.
-Mucho Chesto Cycle.  10 Merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st base, 10 diamond, crab walk to 2nd, 10 wide, reverse crab to 3rd, 10 stagger, cheetah crawl home, 10 opposite stagger.  Rinse & repeat.
-Mosey around to the meaty part of the hill.
-Hill-Dora 123.  Partner up, 100 Carolina dry docks while partner runs the hill, 200 squats, 300 LBCs
-Mosey to the pull-up bar.
-Pull-up challenge.  1st man gets 10, next man 11, next man 12, etc. (thanks Boomer for pushing YHC)
-Balls to the wall
-Mosey to the Grits pavilion.
-Step-ups and dips.  2 sets.
-Take it to the flag for 6 MOM.
-Freddy Mercury, Alphabet, Reverse LBC, Dolly, LBC, Dying cockroach

QIC challenged the PAX and the PAX responded in a big way.  TCLAPS to Wings for making it out, even though he was a bit late 🙂

Continued prayers for Flo’s father and Boomer’s FIL.  Also, please keep Boomer’s family in your thoughts and prayers as this is a tough anniversary weekend for them.  We appreciate his family’s sacrifice and no words can describe the debt we owe to them.  Also be with everyone traveling this holiday weekend, help keep them safe.  Now, on to college football….

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