PB for August 1 at the Hooch!

When: 8/1/2016

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): All the chicks.

I say, I say, YHC again calls downtown Alpharetta his home and thankful to have a runnable (word?) commute to the Rube, and 15 minutes to our men at The Hooch. I say, I say, this Looney Tune is ready for a beatin’! If you don’t get the reference.. well, if you feel today’s cartoons need a little (lot) more violence and subtle (outright) regional/racial caricatures, you should check out the classic Warner Brothers┬álineup. That opening jingle alone is worth the watch, and who doesn’t appreciate a good jingle!

Anywhoo.. bring your running shoes tomorrow for a variation on the Indian Run, some broken burpees, and lots of other craziness.

Side note: speaking in third person is weird.


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