An Astronutty Adventure

When: 07/09/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): Cookie, Boomer, Babyface, Defcon II, Crack

Today’s beatdown needs little introduction: 5 PAX – probably the toughest F3 Alpha has to offer though Saturday at the Rubicon expects no different – , beautiful conditions, astronomical conversation!

Crack: One minute to go! Is everyone ready for a space adventure?

The Faithful: (in unison) Ready, willing, and able!!

Crack: Onward, good fellows

As the PAX took off from the home base, the initial propulsion was magnificent. Even the turbulence of cotton-mills, merkins, and Freddie Mercs could barely slow the crew. Its a good thing Babyface brought along his astroid belt to keep his pants up!

As we approached our first landing, the terrain was filled with boulders. This must’ve been the moon! The best way to view the moon is from close range – obviously. We opted to get 100 close range views as we progressed through Mucho Chesto right off the bat. Those moon rocks were so worthy, each PAX grabbed 2 of them to take along, though its possible Boomer and Babyface actually pulled chunks from the moon… ’twas amazing, but don’t expect a “full” moon anytime soon.

After another blastoff, we hoped to feel the burn of Mars. The moon rocks started to burn first, followed by the by the core and the arms thanks to a couple sets of Derkin N’Diayes and dips. Finally we arrived at Saturn just to find a nice lady, 2 whippets, and a greyhound were already there. She said she had some snacks and asked if we were interested, but we just had a big launch so we passed. Apparently Cookie had no idea Saturn was so rich. He must’ve taken 7 or 8 trips around admiring her rings each time. Following his lead, the rest of us did almost as many laps, stopping on occasion to play with our moon rocks: curls, lat raises, shoulder presses, chest presses, and LBCs.

Heading back to the playground space station, we all improved our blasting gear with swerkins (IC x11) and pull-ups (OYO x10), repeato for 3 sets. Heading back to command, we stopped once to refuel with LBCRs and moon-rock back butterflies, then again to Al Gore as we disposed of our now used up moon rocks. Once at command: community Mary. DC2 has really taken to the American Hammer/Korean fan dance. Notice his impeccable body torque along with the obvious speed. Also found some Rosies, dying cockroaches, long-slow flutters, and side plank dips. That is all.


  • Prayers for families of recent civilian shooting victims
  • Prayers for families of Dallas police and the fallen officers
  • Big day this upcoming Tuesday!

Kwaheri, Crack!

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