Getting up and getting after it in Alpharetta!

When: 01/14/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Flo, Mufasa, Hickory Stick, No-See-Um, Boomer, Do Si Do, TVA, Def Con 2, Crack, Law Dog

10 Pax in attendance for a 5:30 am, kick-butt, and take names free for all at the Rubicon.  Crack continues to reign supreme as the human jukebox and No-See-Um showed off those mad galloping skills.  We finished what Mufasa(RESPECT) started on Tuesday with some lunge work.  Boomer/TVA/Do-si-do= Solid, Law Dog= Hairy, and DC2= Shiny.  The latter two appear to be dealing with this brisk weather in different ways, and I say to each his own.  Hickory posted strong after a trip back to his homeland and provided much needed sound effects while galloping.  Good times were had by all.

What had happened was:

We started off with a quick mosey over to the plane for some warm-up exercises with varying degree of difficulty.  30ish second intervals of hillbillies, high knees, butt-kickers, side straddle hops, front kicks (let’s call these the Spartan Cheerleaders), cotton pickers, and possibly a few others.  Fast or slow options making it our own.

Back to Rubicon for what we will call “Lunge-icides”.  Lunge-icides consist of parking lot suicides as follows:

Regular run ‘cides with front lunges at the turns: 6-10-16 (plank for crew when finished)

Backwards run ‘cides with backward lunges at the turns 16 (plank for crew when finished)

Right side shuffle ‘cides with side lunges at the turns: 6-10-16 (plank for crew when finished)

Left side shuffle ‘cides with side lunges at the turns: 6-10-16 (plank for crew when finished finished)

***less complicated than it sounds, you had to be there fartsackers.


Next on the menu was a blast from my past called “Super 21s”:

21- push-ups, LBCs, and Squats (side straddle hopes while waiting for the crew)







1- Push up (down half way, hold for 15, and back up), LBC (down half way, hold for 15, and back up), and Squat (down half way, hold for 15, and back up)

Quick hustle to the blocks for 50-50-50 of Curls, Skull Crunchers, and Presses in no particular order.  Trading blocks with your buddy was in full effect.  Big ups to Crack for grabbing the solid block from me to finish out his sets.

Finished with some ab work…15ish cadence counts of flutters, Rosalitas, and Dollies.  The PAX had patience with the QIC who still working on the cadence skills.

Prayers up for Boomers FIL, DC2’s new job role, Foghorn, mama Foghorn, and baby Foghorn.

Words of encouragement: Luke 12: 22-34



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