FartSacker, where are you?

When: 06/20/15

QIC: Foghorn, Crack

PAX (): Weird Science (WB), Hickory Stick, Boomer (WD- Ha!), Foghorn, Crack

The SF found pay dirt bright and early on a fantastic day. Unfortunately not many PAX found the flag in return.  Oh well.  No baseball action, so maybe they lacked that 12 YO motivation.

What went down:

QIC: Foghorn

  • Warmups:
    Imperial SquWalker
    Mountain climber
  • Mosey to rock quarry and locate a tool:
    Curls from a seated position
    Chest press from the 6
    Shoulder lifts from the 6
    Back to standing:
    Low curls
    High curls
    Curls for girls
    Shoulder press
    Skull crushers

QIC: Crack

  • Mosey to the picnic grounds
    Box jumps
    Step ups X2
    Wheel of merkins with your favorite curb

Four corners @AgassiLand: Face the same direction during each bit of travel: shuffle right, run forward, shuffle left, run backwards

  • For two laps:
    – Corner 1: 10 hand release merkins
    – #2: 15 squats
    – #3: 20 LBCs
    – #4: 25 flutters
  • Two more laps:
    – #1: 10 CDDs
    – #2: 15 Peter parkers
    – #3: 20 plank jacks
    – #4: 25 LBCRs
  • Indian run while stopping for an exercise at each new leader:
    Mini suicides
    Air presses
    Seal jacks
    Mountain climbers
    Dying Cockroaches
    Few more that can’t be recalled
  • Zig zig the parking lot doing:
    Left kereoke
    Right kereoke
    Backwards run
  • 6MOM lead by Weird Science
    Toe touches
    Long slow flutters
    Toes to the sky
    A few more!



  • First off, and the thing on many minds, Prayers to the folks in Charleston.  The victims families have been models of Faith in spite of this terrible tragedy.  Its Faith like they are demonstrating that will do way more good than some chump can do bad.
  • After having 17 on Tuesday morning, we dribbled down to 5 real men. Is it because 7 am is too late? Is because we have ballroom dancing lessons in town? Is it because YHC was set to Q? Is it because all the local PAX are registered for the big race tonight? Let’s hope it’s the latter!  Either way, some of our men are dealing with some life challenges and our TAP be with them.  Come back soon
  • Three racers posted today including Hickory Stick.  YHC seems to remember some MumbleChatter about him #resting? in order to beat the #LOHL.  That is why he is a #LEADER
  • Nice work by Foghorn on the Q’tivity. We even tried a few new things that weren’t too weird.
  • Speaking of weird, Weird Science was blindsided and forced to lead the majority of 6MOM.  Not only did he make it happen, we actually went for 7MOM.
  • Slick work by Boomer being stuck with the SF so that he had to post!

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