Circle up for a Beatdown!

Friday, February 8, 2019

PAX – Simba, Dawn, Pooh Bear, Homer, Metallark, Scrooge, Saint Jimbo, Popper, TeaParty, Tigger, Saint 2.0, Flo, Ball boy, Meat Ball, Feathers, Stickers, Splinter, Hamburgler and Sunshine

Q – Sunshine

Friday morning’s at the H0.0ch means no running and we achieved this today! Nineteen men took the challenge, circled up with some coupons for a breakdown. Not all business this morning as we enjoyed four decades of upbeat music selection from YHC and some good mumble chatter.


The Thing

Circle up for warmup of 10 squats, merkins, big boy sit-ups, imperial walkers, windmills and weed pickers. Lung walk around the circle following the man in front of you. This was new to the PAX so concentration was needed to stay in formation, this led to no counting. Q continued reps until counting resumed. This expanded the lung walk until everyone was feeling a little jelly legs.

Next, side stratle hops, 21 rep, silent count. Q starts off the count to 5, then silent until 21. PAX is responsible for counting in their head and stopping in unison. If we do not stop together, 5 burpies to encourage focus and try it again. Only took us 3 times, and 20 burpies, to get it right!

Half the PAX grabs a coupon of different sizes and back to the group. We stay in our circle, man across the circle does the same exercise. One man does 20 big boy sit ups as the timer, once he is done we rotate counter clock wise to the new exercise. As you look around the circle you will see squats with coupon, gas-pumpers, alternating arm inclined merkins, curls, rows, mountain climber, freddy mercury and scull crushers.

Finally, we formed two lines, sat on our six, locked arms and feet for 10 group big boy sit ups.


Mole skin

Prayers today were for job interviews, PAX not there, travels, the group and doctor’s appointment for Dawn on Monday. Truly an honor to lead you me this morning and be apart of such a health and vibrant group as we grow in numbers and impact.

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