The New Turf is In!!

    When: 01/22/2019


    The Pax: Callahan, Nacho Libre, Ha-ha

    QIC: Ha-ha

The Norseman AO has been under construction for a month or so while the field turf was replaced on Field 1, our shovel flag location’s closest “Turf Field” (we can’t discriminate against La cross and Soccer and call it a Football field…). I made a mental note to make sure we broke it in properly today.

3 HIMs arrived to get better so…


We mosied to the big parking lot and did some standard issue SSH and Weed Pickers then mosied to the back of the lot to the playground.


11s at the playground. Pull ups and then run to the parking lot for Plank Jacks. After we collected everyone it was time for an extended mosey to generate some heat so we ran up to the clubhouse/concession stand building between softball fields 1, 2, 3 and 4, looped around and continued on back to the pavilion behind the miracle league field.


At the wall at the side of the pavilion we set up for a de-escalator of box jumps and derkins starting at 10 each and working our way down to 1 each. That got the blood flowing! Time to mosey again. Back to the flag and continue on to Turf Field 1 (the new turf).

Lt. Dan

What better way to bask in the glory of a brand new turf field than to inspect it end to end to end. We started in the southern goal line and 1 squat to 4 lunges from 1 to 10 squats and 4 to 40 lunges. That took us from the southern end zone to the northern end zone and back to the southern and then back to the 40 yard line. See you next time, Lt. Dan! Back to the flag…


  • LBC
  • Bicycle
  • Box Cutter
  • Dolly
  • Rosilita
  • Buzz Saw
  • Left and Right Obliques
  • Was that it? It was a lot!

Always fun to meet up with The Norsemen at North Park! 27 degrees was not keeping these guys down!


Layer up for Rubicon

    When: 01/22/2019

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Stifler, Pitstop, Miller Time, Devito, Jackalope, Cookie, Trebec

    QIC: Lumbergh

Yall remember when we had quarter Qs and you had to commit to three months of leading workouts? Jump in and grab a spot for the Rubicon. It’s the best remedy when you think about skipping for sub freezing temperatures.

8 PAX with an average of about 2.5 shirts each hit the Rubicon today. I went in with little planning and I think the pax could tell.

A jog to the bathrooms for 10X Weed Picker, 15X IW and 16 SSH
The pax lined the wall for balls to the wall. I feel like we haven’t done this since Nacho used to one-hand it. MT pulls out the win today although I suspect Devito let him have it. LBC’s for any pax that had to drop out.

The Thang
We made our way back to the FOD to go around the bases.
Start with 20X Merkins at 1st, 20X Hammers at 2nd, 20X Squats at 3rd and Burpees to the six
We bump to 25X on all including the burpees
Back to 15X, 10X, 5X with some backwards running and bear crawl mixed in.
One more sprint/run around the bases.

Mosey to the planters for Dips and Freddie Mercury IC. 20X, 15X, 10X, 5X

Back to the flag for mary

So many flutter kicks
Derkins on another pax back
Buzz Saw
Monkey Humpers
Seal Sit ups

Prayers for job search and family
Thoughts for Pellets who ran an insane distance and, I guess, won
Axe throwing Thursday. See MT to sign up

When The Gladiator meets Cooper

    When: 01/22/2019

    Where: Gladiator

    The Pax: Manchester, Scrum, Stud Finder, Scar, DC2, Spandex, Tebow, Delicious, Puddle Jumper, Postal, BlackBox, Stroller, Laces, Shrinkage

    QIC: Mufasa

An opportunity opened  up when Zohan wasn’t able to Q his morning as a result of an injury. Not one to take a back seat, YHC jumped at the opportunity when Scar asked if anyone other than him wanted to Q. Anyone else, YHC thought – Scar’s beatdowns suck!

Conditions: Clear, 30 degrees, 2 – 3  mi / hr wind. Perfect conditions for what was to come.

Disclaimer was given and we were off.

Truth for the day: “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Warm UP: SSH, body Builders, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers.

Parking Line Plank Indian Merkin Run: Each Pax on a parking line, planking while the first man does 5 merkins and then sprints to the front of the line. Continue until all the lines were consumed. PAX hungry for more and high on energy, looked forward to the next evolution.

Mosey on down to the Soccer field where the goal post had conveniently been moved from the line where the PAX would be running down.

The Cooper : A challenging 10 rounds of 3 movements each – Burpees, Squats and Merkins. Starting with 10, work your way down to 1 with running a lap of the soccer field in between.

PAX who completed started with Mary – Box Cutters, Flutter kicks, Buzz Saws, Reverse LBCs.

Time was almost up when we returned to the flag for a Manchester led 10 counts Supermans.

COT : Black Box starting Home schooling their 2.0 this week.

           Prayers for PAX not here – Brownie especially.

           Encouragement as men are to be a force for good in the world and lead well.



Axe throwing Thursday night.

Night Ruck : tonight 7:30 start at Rock Mill park – 6.1 mile planned.

Promise686 : Stroller looking to put a team together for Warrior Dash on April 13.


PAX in high spirits and wanted  to get after it this morning. 4.7 miles covered this morning including the 2 mile pre BD run. Tebow, Stroller and YHC were greeted by 3 or 4 other runners as they returned which included DC2 and BlackBox.

Laces is the rabbit this morning – another Wrestler with the same work ethic as the famed Nacho Libre.

Can’t wait to see what Laces has in store for us Thursday.

Thanks for allowing me to lead  this fine group this morning!

Bowl Cuts

    When: 01/23/2019

    Where: Big Creek

    The Pax: Hammer, Swipper, Spit Vale, McDuff, Fudd, Snake

    QIC: The Body

YHC baited the field on twitter the night before calling for 10 Hims needed for the beat down, only 6 plus YHC made the trip. Pleasure to have Fudd from Firehouse, great HIM!

Forecast of 30° and Windy, where can we go to stay out or these conditions? Skate Park!

Slow mosey down near the skate park to warm -up


15- Copperhead squats

Sun gods Forward/backwards

Let’s first shake the chill with two laps of catch me if you can around the large parking island. Partner A 10 Merkins, Partner B Backwards run.

Spit Valve took a backwards spill over Snake, but neither seemed to be phased. Into the the skate park we GO!

Everyone down into the shallow bowl for the first exercise.

Partner up:

Partner A – 10 Body presses on the edge of the bowl, Partner B – LBC.  Both partners complete 50 Body Presses. I was no longer cold at this point, it must be working.

Next: All do 10 IC leg raises on the edge of the bowl, and 25 reverse leg raises OMC.

Next: Bowl drops and Groines, increasing Groiner by two up to 10. OYO

Mosey back to the lot for Merkin centipede.  Hold Plank on Parking lines, first man does 10 Merkins and runs to the end through all 7 men.

Mosey to Track Building.

11 of Donkey Kicks and Carl Malones OYO

Balls to the Wall Challenge.  Snake comes away victorious and still had some in the tank. Grrrrrr he is on to my technique.

Mosey to the top of the Hill for two rounds of 50 Balboas

Mosy to the Pavillion for 100 parnter table shrugs and Squats.


LBC, Left crunch, Right crunch




– YHC jumped the Firehouse message boards and used Rick James as a temptresses to encourage Mutiny.

– Snake and Mcduff are coming after my Balls to the Wall crown!

– Praying for the Gibbs family and their loss.

– Praying for Reuben and his test today!

– YHC repping the same day backblast just like he was taught.

– Hammer has the comeback Q on Thursday, bring your running shoes.






Free at Last…

    When: 01/21/2019

    Where: Grindstone

    The Pax: Bell, Cookie, Scully, Whiz

    QIC: Whiz

YHC has been out of town for the last 2 weeks and dying to get back out into the gloom for some much needed discomfort and betterment.  I’m thankful that I’ve come to crave it after being away for a little while.  While I was ready to jump back on the painwagon, I didn’t exactly have a plan for the morning until the drive over when I decided we should find a way to honor and reflect on the legacy left by the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  3 other PAX decided to brave the cold so we moseyed right on time after waiting as long as possible in our warm cars.

Warmup – Standard issue SSH, Hillbilly, Windmill, Good Mornings IC

Thang 1 – Line up by the tax commissioner’s office for a modified Ascending Curb Crawl.  Do 1 Mike Tyson on curb 1 and bear crawl across lot to curb 2 for 2 Mike Tysons.  Bear crawl back to curb 1 for 3 Mike Tysons and so on up to 10.

Thang 2 – Mosey the long way to the football field for a routine called the D.R.E.A.M.  YHC shared some personal thoughts on Dr. King and why I regard him as a true hero worth every bit of recognition he gets from our society.

Line up on the sideline and sprint to the other sideline after each letter, escalating along the way, i.e. D, run, DR, run, DRE, run, DREA, run, DREAM, run

D – Dips x 5, R – Rockette Hillbilly x 10, E – e2K x 15, A – Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20, M – Merkins x 25

Thang 3 – Had a few minutes to kill so we circled up for some Bat Wings (20 forward arm circles, 20 reverse arm circles, 20 overhead claps, 20 seal claps – all IC, all without dropping your arms down).  One round of Bolt 45s.

MoM – few minutes of round-robin mary until time was up.

COT – we tried to make it quick since it was freezing and our sweat was making it worse.  Be on the lookout for Scully’s VQ coming soon.


I can’t help but see so many similarities between what MLK preached and how he lived his life and the principles of F3.  The man was the epitome of living 3rd and a true HIM who was taken far too soon.

“Free at last, free at last.  Thank God almighty we are free at last.” – MLK

Freed to LEAD.


– Whiz


BALLS, Lots of BALLS. No Viking Balls though…

    When: 01/17/2019

    Where: Gladiator

    The Pax: Sox, Tebow, DEFCON2, Delicious, StudFinder, Scrum, Renegade, Scar, Laces, Tigger, Mufasa, Moonshine, Spandex, Fabio (FNG), Manchester

    QIC: Manchester

As requested by Viking, I sat there the night before trying to a. think of a beatdown to include balls but that also didn’t risk a ton of broken ankles on a frosty, dark football pitch.


I arrived a little early, pumped up the balls, set up some cones and went to the car park where the PAX was gathering but seemed reluctant to leave their “mobile fart sacks” Spandex 2019. Mufasa arrived after his morning Ruck and the PAX mingled looking to the road to see if Puddle Jumper or Viking were going to show… A quick mosey around the car park and it was evident that they had remained in their not so mobile Fart Sack.

The warmup:

Adamant to refrain from SSH’s we moseyed to the pitch, proceeded to a dynamic warm-up including, side steps, butt-kickers, high knees, lunges and 4 laps of the newly erected steps at the Gladiator changing each time:

  • Fast feet (both feet on each step)
  • Left Foot Hopping up
  • Right Foot Hopping up
  • Hop up with both feet together
  • Sprint up with as long a stride as possible

The Thang:

We moseyed to the soccer pitch where we had just enough balls for the PAX, minus two… so Scar and I pretended we had balls… much like a certain Scandinavian named friend.


Exercise 1:

  • 25 Merkins on the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Al Gore for the Six
  • 25 Toe Taps on the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Tip Toes for the Six
  • 25 Merkins on the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Al Gore for the Six
  • 25 Side to Sides with the ball, sprint to the halfway line and back
    • Tip Toes for the Six


Exercise 2:

The Pax takes 10 and moseys to the Chelsea Square set up pre-beatdown, we split into the four corners- SOX couldn’t contain his excitement and we completed the Chelsea Square:

1 side of the square sprinting, 3 sides jogging

2 sides of the square sprinting, 2 sides jogging

3 sides of the square sprinting, 1 side jogging

4 sides of the square sprinting

We took another 10 and moseyed to an agility course of cones.

Exercise 3:

For this, as our memory while out of breath was struggling, Q modified this from a planned schedule to Mary and Agility. While one member of the PAX completed said Agility Sprint, the remainder of the PAX completed some Mary- changing after each person completed the sprint- until each member of the PAX had gone.

Exercise 4- Rinse and Repeat of Exercise 2

Exercise 5-

This was initially going to be the cherry on top with a shout out to Viking’s VQ and my beatdown as an FNG which was Crab/Bear Soccer- given Viking’s absence and co-q’s presence (DC2) I decided to switch it up a little. JackWebs, with the football! Due to the Q struggling with simple multipliers the PAX helped the count and once finished we moseyed back to the Car Park for a final few minutes of Mary.


Continued Prayers for Brownie and Jason.

Scar issued a reminder for the 3rd F outing this coming Thursday. Axe Throwing with close friends, what could be better?

As always, thanks for sharing the best part of your day with me!

Monkey Humper Walkin

    When: 01/21/2019

    Where: Wreck

    The Pax: Double D, Mad Dog, Aflac, Sprocket, Sellout, Goat, Matt Driggers (Duster - FNG), Switch, Bronco, Yankee, Smackdown, Rooney, Divot, Swamp Donkey, Bieber, Squeegee, Raider, Thumper, Foley, Grease Monkey, Bear

    QIC: Bear

21 Pax came out to brave the cold (22 degrees). My goal was to get and stay warm as fast as possible!

Duster (Matt Driggers), glad you could make it and welcome to the Wreck!

The thang:

Mosey to the top of the hill.

  • 20 SSH IC; run to the bottom of the hill,
  • 30 mountain climbers OYO
  • run to the top of the hill
  • 20 SSH OYO
  • Repeat until Q calls it

Mosey to the parking lot by football field

  • line up on the base line
  • Monkey Humper Walk to the 11th line; do 11 burpees
  • Jog back to base line
  • Monkey Humper Walk to the 10th line; do 10 burpees
  • All the way down to 1
  • Repeat with Big Boy Situps but instead of Monkey Humper Walk you pick the method of getting out to the line
  • Repeat again with Merkins but bear crawl out to each line then jog back
  • Mary for the Six

Mosey to the base of the hill

  • Plank position perpendicular to the hill
  • Plank Walk sideways up the hill to the top
  • 10 squat jumps at the top
  • Mosey back to the flag
  • Time’s up!

Great work men!


  • Thankful for MLK Jr and other leaders like him who stand up for what’s right and what they believe in no matter what opposition they face.
  • Thinking and praying for Sprocket’s sister
  • Welcome Duster

It’s a Trap

    When: 01/19/2019

    Where: The Widowmaker

    The Pax: Jackalope, Mayhem, Ball Boy, Zima, Scully, Devito

    QIC: Devito

We kicked off the morning with 3 PAX posting for Twisted Surprise, including Jackalope and Mayhem.  Gotta give big props to Jackalope as he is not a big runner so this was well outside his comfort zone.  He did well on his first attempt and hung on through the beatdown to follow.  Twisted Surprise was a Jackalope tribute with 5.3 miles and the pain stations being:

J umping jacks
A merican hammer
C arolina dry dock
K angaroo hops
A ngle grinder
L unge
O verhead clap
P lank jack
E 2K

P op jack
O utlaw
S quat
T -bomb
S umo squat

3 more joined us for the beatdown at 0700 for a crew of 6 total.  Disclaimer delivered and we were off for a mosey.  Zima had asked for a trap for the beatdown, and who is YHC to disappoint?  (He also asked for Bonnie Blairs, but those are so 2018 … request ignored).  We immediately headed over to the Widowmaker hill and down to the base.  Trap – no way back to your car except to run up the hill.  We circled up for a quick warm-up of IC SSH, hill billies and windmills.  With that, time to start the real work.  25 each of burpees, squats and flutter kicks at the base of the hill.  Run to the top and do 20 each of the same.  Back down for 15 each, up for 10 each, down for 5 each and back up to gather at the top.  Mayhem took this series by storm.

With everyone at the top, we took a short intermission with 20 each IC LBC’s and American hammers.  Then off to the playground picnic pavilion.  11’s with dips and pull-ups (felt great after Miller Time’s pull-ups to failure on Thursday at Rubicon).  Once all were complete, we took another intermission with 20 each IC freddy mercury and hello dolly’s.  Breath caught, we ran over to the rock pile by the soccer field and each grabbed a medium-large coupon.  25 each OYO curls, shoulder presses and bent over rows.  Then a lap around the field.  Repeat for sets of 20, 15, 10, 5 with laps around the field after each.  For the sets of 10 and 5 reps, we switched out front raises for the shoulder presses.  After the final lap around the field we gathered in the corner near the parking lot for a couple minutes of round robin MARY.  Done.


2nd F this Thursday at Bury the Hatchet

Thanks for our physical ability to get out and do this.  Not all are so blessed.

Future Twisted Surprise idea floated by Cookie is to do a 0630 pick up at the parking lot on selected weeks to open for more folks to try it out.  Watch Twitter/Slack for info on the weeks we will do this.

— Devito out

At Least We Didn’t do 21s!

    When: 01/17/2019

    Where: Shadow - DHS

    The Pax: Cash Box, Fizz, GreenBean, Leon, Madoff, Manhole, Seles, Snake Oil

    QIC: Manhole

7 Eager PAX joined YHC, on a colder than average Atlanta morning.

WarmORama: (all IC and x12 – 2 rounds) Imperial Walkers, SSH, Sumo Squats, Windmills, Large Arm Circles, and Stone Mountains. Mosey down to the track and around to the dark side for…

The Thang: 1 Lap Around the track, changing exercises every 50 yards. 1st a jog, next lunge walking, then jogging backwards, and finally 50% run (rinse and repeato). Then out to the stone benches for 3 sets of x10 and IC, Dips, StepUps and Incline Merkins (3 rounds). A 2nd Lap Around the track, changing exercises every 50 yards. 1st a jog, next lunge walking, then jogging backwards, and finally 50% run (rinse and repeato).  Over to the flag pole for some…

Mary: 1st a plank series (aka 1st 3rd of Greatful dead)

Next, (all IC and x20) LBCs, Rosalita, Low Dolly, Low Scissor, Low Flutter, Obliques (Left and Right), Heels to Heaven (x10) Freddy Mercury (x10) and 2nd 3rd of Greatful Dead. (did not have time for the 3rd round)

Up the stairs and to the parking lot – circle up


Prayers for Bean and his family

All This Just for Coffeeteria and the Tale of Helga the East German

    When: 01/19/2019

    Where: Shadow - Austin

    The Pax: B-Bo, Fireballs, Fizz, Madoff, Manhole, Scout

    QIC: Manhole

A cadre 5 strong joined YHC in the drizzle and gloom, as I attempted to fill in for GreenBean. I think we made out ok, but time will tell.

WarmORama: (All IC, x15 and then x10) SSH, Squats (LowSlow then Prisoner), Large Arm Circles/Small Arm Circles and Mountain Climbers.

Mosey over to DNC and down the hill to start…

The Thang: In honor my recent trip to South America, we decided to some exploring, Dora style, but without partners: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBCs, broken up into sets of 10, 20 and 30 with some light jogging in between. (Fireballs, Madoff, and Scout did some extra credit).

A quick mosey down the sidewalk, up the path to the rock pile so each man can choose a stone, for a little light rock work. (2 rounds, all IC and x10) Overhead Press, Curls, OTE (Overhead Triceps Extension), Squats, Pick and Place. Replace the rock and mosey over to the porch for some…

Mary: (all IC) Low-Slow Flutter, Rosalita, LowDolly, Low Scissors, Forearm Plank, Arm Plank, High Scissors, Low Flutter.

Mosey back to and up the hill for several rounds of lunge walking (x20) and Squats (x10), until you make it up the hill.  (I think it was 7 rounds)

Mosey back to Austin for COT. Fireballs took us out. Prayers for Bean’s family.

Naked Moleskin: B-Bo lead the Thang for at least one round of Dora, and the group collectively considered replacing the “F” in Fizz. (Or at least his son suggested it)