Return of the Tabata

    When: 11/15/2018

    Where: Firehouse

    The Pax: Reuben, Skynyrd, Fudd

    QIC: Fudd

With rain falling down hard and a cool 39 degree morning upon us 3 brave PAX showed up to put some work in at the Firehouse.  Given the conditions we holed up under the Pavilion once again and YHC broke out a repeat of a Summer beatdown for the occasion.


Quick 1 lap mosey around parking lot and up the hill to pavilion


The Thang

Return of the Tabata

8 – 4 minute rounds of pain 20 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest until the 4 minutes is up. 10 seconds of rest in between each round.

YHC found an actual Tabata Timer app which while very practical and kept a true clock for us has also scarred us with the repetitive countdowns of 3,2,1….Reuben might still be mocking it as I type this.

Exercises were as follows:


Reverse LBC’s





Mountain Climbers

American Hammers


Freddy Mercuries


Swimmers (to close out our week of working out in the water)


Prayers for good results from Reuben’s scan

Continued health for our fellow PAX and families

yeah we’re bear, bear crawlin’

    When: 11/15/2018

    Where: The Galaxy

    The Pax: Percy, Yahtzee, Wide Right, Sparky, Babyface, Boggle, Thumper, Turbine, Secret, Tweaker

    QIC: Chelsea

The night before brought on some unnecessary anxiety as YHC was prepping for an alternate beat down in case numbers dropped due to the floods of Cobb county and colder temps. Fears were instantly gone as I pulled into an East Cobb Park lot and saw the Galaxy presence in full force.

5:30 – We started a mosey around the lower lot and into the upper lot for a warm-up cadence to prep for the main event.
– Hill-Billy x 20
– Weed picker x 15
– Windmill x 15
– SSH x 20

Moving to the lower side of the lot, we formed two lines for a round of sprints. Created two lines and ordered the winner to 10 squats while the 2nd place winner got to do 5 burpees. Shoutout to @Percy for running a 2nd sprint as YHC needed a competitor, and winning both sprint challenges… The loss of @Secret mid sprint, and a few mumbles of displeasure at the call by YHC for sprints gave quite a sense of pleasure to move on early to ->


We moseyed back to the lower side to situate ourselves near the flag. Partnered up and assigned partner 1 to a long lap around the park. Partner 2 was to begin a bear crawl in the same direction. Once P1 caught P2, the team was to complete 10 burpees and switch roles. Kudos to @Thumper and @Yahtzee for completing the bear crawl loop.

With about 8 minutes to the end YHC called an audible and got everyone back on their feet for another mosey. Ran the long loop again and headed up to the top parking lot where YHC called for 10 burpees. Continued mosey back to the flag and wrapped with 5 burpees and time was called.

– Wide-right – Docs reached diagnosis for daughter as Epilepsy.
– Sparky – Son has scar tissue buildup causing muscle problem in leg – prayers for doc visit next week
– Several needs for jobs
**ping me for anything I may have forgotten prior to posting

– Hogwallow – check slack for absolute destination – OXBO trail head at time of posting
– Be on the lookout for Q school – coming to an East Cobb Park near you

A pleasure to Q –

F3 Isn’t Funny

    When: 11/14/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Foley, Zima, Aflac, swamp DONKEY, Sparky, Blue, Queen (FNG), Doogie, Bronco, Goat, Grease Monkey, Haggis, Thumper, Radar, Polaroid, Squeegee, El Matador, Grass Hopper, Bear, Deadbeat, DD

    QIC: DD

Why do you never play poker in the jungle?

-Too many Cheetahs

Why did the teller get fired from the bank?

-Every time an old person would ask to have their balance checked, he would push them over

Why didn’t the astronaut come home to his wife?

-He needed his space

Is it morally wrong to tell a knock-knock joke to a homeless person?

These weren’t jokes told at F3 on Wednesday 11/14, but if they had been, they would have been so much better than the ones that were.  Myself, being a talker and jokester (jokes include things I say that turn out not to be funny), was surprised to find our group in a circle with one of our youngest members telling jokes to the group while we exercised.  Not 100% how the F3 4 fathers would feel about this, so I figured let’s see where this goes.  Maybe it starts a new tradition. There were two problems with this.  1, he wasn’t actually doing the exercise while telling the joke (imagine that fake run you do when hurrying in front of a car that is letting you walk in front of them vs the running you would do if a bear was chasing you) and 2, the jokes were…..ummmm….hmmmm…..let’s just say maybe the audience wasn’t awake enough to appreciate them.

The Thang:

Warm Up

  • 12 Weed Pickers
  • 12 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to football field parking lot with 3 rounds of 20 Merkins on the way to there.

Everyone chose a rock for the exercises and we formed a circle.  This was actually the first sign that it was going to be a funny workout. The original circle lacked a certain circle quality.

We performed 100 of the following exercises.  After each 100, we ran to the back of the farthest football field, touched the fence and ran back (Estimate about 250 yards each way).

  • 100 curls – Haggis told a joke
  • 100 shoulder presses – Haggis told a joke
  • 100 Skull crushers – Haggis forced to play quiet game rest of BD
  • 100 Kettle Bells

Upon returning from each run and waiting for the 6 we did LBCs, Lunge Walk in place, and Squats

We moseyed to the wall by the baseball field and jump squats for the 6.

Pax did 50 dips and jump squats for the 6

Pad did another 50 dips and squats for the 6

Moseyed to the playground for 20 more Merkins

Moseyed to the scoreboard for 20 more Merkins

Moseyed back to the start for 20 more Merkins.


20 Flutter Kicks

12 Burpees


  • FNG Steve Carroll joined us and was named Queen. This was somehow derived from his love of guitars.
  • Hog wallow will be led by swamp DONKEY this Saturday. Monitor the Slack channel for details as I think he has something new in store.
  • Crazy Love Coffee followed BD


@Uno still MIA

@Haggis thanks for the entertainment and being a good sport.

Rain falling on Jericho

    When: 11/13/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: Fudd, Skynyrd, Reuben

    QIC: Reuben

Rain or shine ,The Firehouse is open for business and a free beatdown to those willing to participate.  3 PAX were determined to attack the day head on.  Lets mosey!!!

Quick stroll around the parking lot and back under the pavilion for warm up as the rain came back with a vengeance.

  • SSH
  • Weed pickers
  • Imperial walkers
  • Annie
  • sun gods(forward/back)

The Thang

With the bottom following out of the sky and raining cats and dogs, YHC made the pavilion our home for a Walls of Jericho routine( 7 excercise routine- 7 x’s to make the walls come down). Here was the routine (YHC added a little Jacobs ladder to the mix for our rep count).

  • Burpees x 5
  • Lunges x 10
  • Merkins x 15
  • Box jumps x 15
  • Derkins x 10
  • leg lifts on picnic tables x 5
  • V-ups x 5

2nd round reps were 10, 15, 20, 20, 15, 10, 10 and 3rd round was increased by 5 more with max reps of 25.  Rounds 4-6 reps were reduced by 5 after each set.  Great job PAX!

At the end of round 7 Fudd expressed that he was close to spilling the merlot, but luckily he was kind enough to hold it in. Thanks Fudd!

Mary consisted of some flutters and box cutters and then we put a bow on the morning.


Prayers for growth as we sharpen each other spiritually and physically.

Fudds son and his growth changes. Prayers that doctors will know the proper treatment for him

Prayers for Reuben and scan results and for father in law and his Parkinson’s disease.



0.0ish Girlfriend Beatdown

    When: 11/13/2018

    Where: The Norseman

    The Pax: Nacho Libre, FNG Halo, Mayhem and Ha-ha

    QIC: Ha-ha

With threats of temps in the mid forties and potential monsoon rains, YHC decided to take our Tuesday morning beatdown under cover but used some creativity to keep the heart rates pumping.

After seeing Bohemian Rhapsody last weekend Queen was on the mind so we had a playlist of Queen songs loaded to keep us pumping. The songs were released between 1975 and 1979 which happens to be the years YHC was in high school.

0520 rolls around and as I pull up to the AO the rain has stopped and an FNG is in the parking lot (Nacho can bring them in!) and Mayhem pulls in from the Rube.

Disclaimer and we did a quick loop around the parking lot back to the truck and the waiting girlfriends.


  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Windmills

That’s enough. We go to the truck and get a GF each. For this morning we pair up and partner one does a count of an exercise while partner two does another exercise. When partner one finishes flapjack. Continue on until the song ends and go on to the next exercises. The exercises were chosen so that one would be more cardio intensive and the other would let you recover a little. That was the theory anyhow!

The Thang

We Will Rock You 2:02 5 Bagpees (Burpees with the bags)/SSH
We are the Champions 2:59
Killer Queen 2:59 20 Press/Bonnie Blair
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:43 20 L/R Mt. Climber/Skull Crusher
Another One Bits The Dust 3:35 10 L/R Lunge with Twist/LBC
Bicycle Race 3:02 10 Press/Bonnie Blair
Fat Bottomed Girls 4:15 5 PCMB/Skull Crushers
Somebody To Love 4:55 20 Curls/Squats
Bohemian Rhapsody 5:54 20 Merkins/SSH
Under Pressure 4:04 Oh My Abs

The “Oh My Abs” routine was picked up from the guys from NLB at Caney Creek. 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. We only had time for the following:


  • Flutter kicks
  • American hammer
  • Leg lift
  • LBC
  • J-lo
  • Jane Fonda left
  • Jane Fonda right

Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama. Welcome FNG Halo!

Fun fact: in the Queen song “Bicycle Race” is where we get “Freddie Mercuries” from and in the lyrics he sings “Jaws was never my scene and I don’t like Star Wars”. Jaws was released in 1975 and Star Wars in 1977. Bicycle Race was released in 1978.


The BD of Wanderers

    When: 11/13/2018

    Where: Atlas

    The Pax: Aflac, Circus, Grease Monkey, Sprocket, Thumper

    QIC: I-Beam

YHC put the word out about running from CLC to Atlas and back.  Passed out early and only realized there were commitments when Aflac and Circus were trailblazing Woodstock Road.  Whoops…

5 pax were on hand at 0530. So we moseyed to the stash of coupons.  On the way, a clothesline about took YHC out. Not sure where that came from.

Cinders for the warm-up exercise.
YHC started with SSH since we had one in attendance that felt Cinder Swings first did not constitute a warm-up.
Merkins 15 IC
Imperial Walkers 15 IC
Cindy Swings 10 IC
Curls for the Girsl 10 IC
Cindy Press 10 IC
Return Cinders in exchange for a 35# stone.

The Thang
Co-Q Aflac called an audible route to avoid a puddle or two and the clothesline so YHC just decided we would use the stadium. Thumper appears from the gloom who said he showed at 0531… Either way, he runs to grab a stone to join.

Cleans, Squats, Presses
In ascending  fashion we started with 1 clean at the bottom of the stadium
Halfway up, 1 squat, and at the top 1 press.
Then 2 cleans, 2 squats, 3 presses.  Zig Zagging our way up and down the stadium right to left.
After making it through once, halfway through the second set, the maintenance man shows up (not to take part in the BD) and tells us that the administration doesn’t want anyone on the track or the stadium.  We kindly oblige and call another audible and relocate to the original set of stairs. A lot of mumble chatter, a loud audible is called and all but Aflac hears the call… Hmmm, must be that respect creeping up to him.

Continuing our counts from where we left off, a couple rounds down and still no Aflac.  Thumper sees him wandering around and he finally finds his way to the group.
We finish to round 10 and Grease Monkey thought it was a good idea to perform American Hammers with the stones waiting for the six…
We returned our stones in exchange for a cinder again.

MOM with cinders
Skull Crushers 15 IC
Toe Crushers 10 IC
Curls for the Girls 20 IC
Overhead Presses 10 IC
Romanian Deadlifts 10 IC

With Cinders returned, we mosey back to the flag for some actual Minutes of Mary.
Kobe 20 IC
Dying Cockroach 20? IC
LBCs 20? IC

Count, Names, Announcements and Prayer requests…

Have really enjoyed the groups showing up to Atlas.
I need to expand on my variety of BDs, but I think that will come with more time (or more Qs??).  I have a few things brewing in my mind for some fun coupons.

Until next time…  I-Beam

Caesar’s Head Revisited

    When: 11/13/2018

    Where: Shadow

    The Pax: Fizz, Manhole, GreenBean

    QIC: GreenBean

Manhole and Fizz reminded me that we are close to 1 year out from our F3 trip up to Leon’s in-law’s place in Caesar’s Head, SC. Last year, we posted on Saturday AM, and a smaller group of elite (CORE :-), manly men, posted again on Sunday. The PAX that day included YHC, Manhole and Fizz, the same PAX we had today, as many scaredy blue-pill popping girls decided to fart in their beds this AM.

The rain was light and we proceeded with warm-ups:
Follow me out Vermack entrance to Womack, back up to shovel flag area.
SSH’s IC x 12
Toy Soldiers IC x 12
MC’s IC x 12
Imperial Squalkers IC x 12
Rinse and repeat (switched out squalkers with Low Slow Squats in Rd. 2)

The Thang: (copied from The Wreck workout I did on 11/5)
11’s: Donkey Kicks (high) starting at south facing wall of DHS facing Womack, run down for Stone Mountain Pushups at second median
Then follow me to track for Mary:
Kobe Bryant’s IC x 12
J-Lo’s IC x 12
Manhole: “Why did you choose the hard track for those?!”
Follow me over to bleachers for SUPER 21’s:
1 Squat/1 Dip, 2 Squats/2 Dips, up to 21. Solid work by Manhole! Fizz had to leave at 6 to catch a flight to Djibouti.

Follow me up steps to parking lot for:
LBC’s IC x 20? Then called exercises:
1 man stays doing called exercise, while other sprints down to 2nd median and back.
-Heels to Heaven?

Circle up under light pole for : Mason-Twist IC x 20.

Thanks to Fizz and Manhole for your loyalty. May you go forward in life with the force, and may the force be with you. Remember to always start slow and taper. Semper Fi.


Make Momma Proud

    When: 11/13/2018

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Jackelope, Pit Stop, Waffles, Devito, Cookie, Miller Time, Zima, Bo Knows, (FNG) Terminator.

    QIC: Pellets

What rain?  After a washout yesterday in Greater Atlanta the skies parted and provided the 10 Pax in attendance today a glorious morning to put in some work.  Here we go.


Being a fan of the mighty?? Miami Dolphins was excited to come across Ray Finkle’s in the Exicon last night.  We started with 10x each leg of Ray Finkle’s and we found out quickly the Pax in large could use some stabilizing drills in the future as balance was off most notably YHC’s.  Next exercise brought out old faithful SSH for another old faithful 15 count.

The Thang:

Quick mosey post warmup to the Field of Dreams.  We started with suicides starting at home plate sprint to the P mound and back then to 2B and back and finally call was made to make your momma proud and sprint to CF fence and back.

After a 10 count we partnered up for the following:

15 Bonnie Blair’s (left leg+right leg=1) at each base for a total of 60 Bonnie Blair’s.  In between the bases we took turns with a wheelbarrow to the next base.  The Mumble Chatter started by the time we reached 1B with a few Pax asking what’s the exercise again?

Since we were all grouped back at home we did another suicide round to P, 2B, and CF fence.  The leg turnover rate was a little slower than our 1st suicide round thanks to beautiful Aunt Bonnie.

The next gig led us to the Pitcher mound where we circled up for a round of Jack Webb’s.  This was done with a 1X4 count Merkins to Air Presses.  Nothing quite like the burn of JW by the time 8 Merkins roll around and never disappoints with a grind to the finish.

Back to home plate for our 3rd and final set of suicides.

Having the time management skills of a 5 year old this was all that was on the original winkie.  Time to improvise, which I’m a raving fan of and a founding member of ADD nation.

We moseyed to the planters for a round of 11’s.  The Pax were instructed to find an aggressive part of the planters and we began with 1 Derkin and 10 Box Jumps.  Max heart rate was achieved again.

With even more time to spare we moseyed to the rock pile and back to the hill by the FOD for a round of Dizzy 50’s:

  • 50 Curls
  • 50 Bent Over Rows
  • 50 Skull Crushers
  • 50 Overhead Presses

Each set was broken up by a backwards run up the hill.

With 6 minutes to go we convened back at flag for several rounds of Mary.  The Pax must have all enjoyed their workout since during a round of Mary led by Miller Time he looked up and the Pax was mulling around and stated “I didn’t know we were quitting at a 15 count fellas.”


  • Prayers for Pitstop’s cycling buddy who remains in a coma after being struck by a car while on a ride.
  • Prayers for Special K’s hammy and speedy recovery.
  • We welcomed Cookie’s brother from JAX (FNG) Terminator to F3 today.  Terminator is planning to start an F3 group in his area and felt right to send him off with a beast mode name as he mad recruits Sad Clowns and connects with fellow HIM’s.  Great to meet you today and best of luck with upcoming launch.


Early Birthday Beatdown

    When: 11/13/2018

    Where: Gladiator

    The Pax: Brownie, Scar, Viking, Spandex, Zohan, Kegger, Floppy, Postal, Sox, Moonshine, DC2, Stroller

    QIC: Stroller

12 PAX eagerly departed the fartsack this morning despite the threat of rain.  We were blessed with 45 minutes of no rain, although Viking wore his poncho the whole time anyway (he practices safe F3).  YHC can’t cast too much shade as I left my watch at home to protect it from the rain.  Viking helped YHC track the time so I didn’t have to use a sundial.

YHC’s birthday is Thursday, but I took the Q today due to a prior commitment (now cancelled) for Thursday morning.  Sox is such a kind friend that he agreed to do the work of planning a BD for my actual birthday.  Smart-sacking new dad Puddle Jumper’s birthday is also Thursday, so YHC planned a couple shoutouts in his honor.  Here goes…


17x Side-Straddle Hops

16x Weed Pickers

15x Imperial Walkers

14x Mountain Climbers

17+16=33 (Puddle Jumper will turn 33); 15+14=29 (Stroller will turn 29).  YHC realized after planning these exercises that they spell out SWIM, which seemed appropriate for today.

The Thang:

Mosey to the hill at the back of the parking lot for 11s- Set 1, Monkey Humpers and Burpees; Set 2, Squats and LBCs.  Mumblechatter during LBCs regarding the recovery of the PAX’s…backsides…from Kegger’s Q on Thursday.  The plan was 3 sets of 11s to hit 33 for Puddle Jumper, but with time passing quickly we took it to the field for part 2.

Complete 29 of each then move to the next line:

Red Line 1- Makhtar N’diayes

Midfield- American Hammers

Red Line 2-  Lunges (Bonnie Blairs for extra credit)

End line- T-bombs

Run back to the start for 29 Plank Jacks (PJs), then to the flag for a full 6 Minutes of Mary.  Mary included Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercurys, Alternating Side Planks, American Hammers, LBC Flutters, and Buzzsaws.  Moonshine really brought the pain with those LBC Flutters.


  • Prayers for Sox’s sister-in law, and positive report for his brother
  • Prayers for Spandex’s wife having surgery on Thursday
  • Prayers for Skid and family on losing his grandmother
  • Several possible service initiatives for the holidays, look for more detail soon
  • Check out the Exicon and Lexicon for a deep dive into F3

The H in YHC is real this morning, as it is truly humbling to have 11 HIM come out on a dreary morning to follow my lead.  Thankful for this group and the constant opportunity to improve.

Feel the Burns!

    When: 11/08/2018

    Where: Norseman

    The Pax: Burns, Nacho Libre, Haha, Callahan, and Beaker

    QIC: Burns

My first Q!
Warmup: Side Straddle Hop, Weed Picker, Sungods
The Thang: we ran to a nearby parking lot where some cones had been placed.
Each Pax was partnered up and the fun began:
Partner, Run, Routine
100 Side Straddle Hop
200 Mericans
300 LBC
400 Squats
Plank when you are done
We then ran back to the first parking lot. Setup some more cones to run to. At each cone we alternated exercises.
Smurf Jacks
Copperhead Squat
Copperhead Merkins
Copperhead LBC
After that, we ran over to a nearby field where we did some pullups followed by wallsits. We stayed in the wallsit position while each pax ran to the center of the field, did some mericans and then ran back.
Mosey back to the flag for a few minutes of mary.
Burns out