Dilly Dilly!

    When: 01/16/2018

    The Pax: Spaceballs, Hooch, Smurfette, High Tops, Cuban, Cricket, Pulte, Chitwood, The Mole, Legionnaire, Ricky Bobby, Dosido, Title Max, Hombre, Hasbro, Whiskey, Mickey

    QIC: Manning

YHC was getting a bit nervous sitting solo in the gloom waiting on the headlights to start to turn. Right on cue, Legionnaire sounded the alarm with a friendly reminder to exit the fart sack and to report to the flag. At approximately 5:29:30 a “rando” guy appears out of nowhere and starts peppering us with questions about the workout. Sorry dude, no time to chat, but see you next time. FNG in the making – Rando to be his name…

Ok, enough with the chit-chat – let’s get on with it…keeping it short and sweet…refer to the pic for more deets…

The Thang

Mosey to the end of the parking lot for some:

Sun Gods, Makhtar N’Daiyes (not plerkins), and some Happy Jacks (shout out to C4!)

Onto Bear Mt. for some:

Reverse run up, jog back down, and bear crawl back up. Welcome, Mickey – yes we noticed your tardiness! Commence mumble chatter!

Now for the main event!! Could you sense my excitement??

Welcome to “The Pit of Misery!” Let’s run down together to spot 18 for 5 Merkins, 17 for 10 squats, and 16 for 15 SSH – IN CADENCE!!  Back to space 1 after each, rinse & repeat until done with all.  Bonus lap for Spaceballs & Cricket for cadence and counting malfunctions.

Quick :08-minute abs-blast to get all jacked and pumped for beach season, and then up heartbreak hill to complete the lung destruction. Shout out to Dosido for keeping the love alive with some box cutters until the six came in.

Now that we’re finally starting to get warmed up, let’s get to know each other a little bit better…closer…together.  Partner up with someone your approximate size and build.  Apparently, I’m 6’4”215lbs.  High Tops and I are now closer than we’ve ever been. Cowboy up and carry your bro, to and fro stopping only for some bropees. Switch ‘er up and share the love.

Time’s a wastin, so let’s mosey back to the flag for a brief Mary and name-o-rama.


Mickey’s dad – Prayers for good news from what appears to be a mild heart attack. History of quadruple bypass a few years back, but all has been well since then.

Cricket’s mom – Prayers for patience and peace for her and for Cricket and his family. She has several oral-related issues and it is becoming very stressful and depressing for her.

Pulte’s neice? with pneumonia – Prayers for a quick and full recovery for this little girl.

The Mole – Prayers for patience and understanding in a very stressful work environment. For him to slow down and to enjoy the good things in his life. To rest and recover (wrist) and to know that God has his back. And for his boss to take a chill pill.

Prayers for all of us dealing with aging parents, for the spoken and unspoken burdens that we carry with us. For us MEN to continue to push and encourage each other and to sharpen and strengthen us.

SYITG Thursday for another surprise…or 10


TWxTW it is!

    When: 01/16/2018

    The Pax: Crack and LawDog

    QIC: LD

The last couple of weeks, YHC has been impressed with the men of F3 Alpha (North Atlanta Region).  In the Past 2 years, the region has expanded from just 1 AO to something like 11 AOs and I may being missing 1 or 2.  With growth comes opportunity and problems. The number one problem, the MagicH8Ball: “Where to post?” So, 4:55am with enough time to go to any AO, YHC shook the ball and The Witch and the Wardrobe it was…Some times the great F3 MagicH8ball knows what it is doing because 5:30 sharp, Crack and YHC were ready to go. Foghorn was a fartsackin and no man should go it alone (unless your the war daddy HaHa and goin it alone is what you do).  No Foghorn, no preplanned Q, so Crack made some chitter-chatter about YHC needing time to plan a beatdown, therefore he could just repeat one from a couple weeks back. Bait, hook, line and sinker swallowed.

The Thang:

Mosey to Avalon’s parking garage, wait there’s more than one, the one just past the movie theater with some stops for 5 Burpees at the top and bottom of the hills along the way.  At the parking garage a 4 corner Robert Plant Escalator, with 10 merkins, 20 AHs, 30 shoulder taps, 40 squats at the top of the deck. Ok use the 1st Robert Plant twice because there are only 3 corners with stairs. Since there’s more than one deck and more than enough time “Where’s the next deck Crack?” Turns, out its right next door. On the way up, lunge walk the sides run the length. Wait there are a lot more levels to this one than first meets the eye, switch to merkins. Run back down, help a damsel in distress who was stuck in the in the deck because that’s what F3Alpha’s do, and mosey back to the Flag (or where Foghorn would have planted the flag had he not fartsacked) stopping for 3 Burpees at the top and bottom of the hills. All told, somewhere between 3-4 miles.

Name O Rama


Prayers for Crack’s Uncle and a Friend of ours from Church. God knows how to provide.

Naked Man Moleskins

YHC discovered Crack’s little secret, its gloves he shoves down there giving those tights such a bulging look.

F3 is exploding everywhere.  Find the Sadclowns and encourage them to post. There are too many options to everyday of the week for them to have that many excuses.  Tell them the glove trick if they are ashamed to post with the Alpha’s of North Atlanta on these gloomy winter mornings.

Speaking of the winter weather, hopefully we get some heavenly dandruff to have more tunnel of love and bridge of hate at the Kodiak tomorrow.

Also, YHC will not leave HaHa hangin at the Fireswamp. You got one Pax coming with you next Monday. Who’s coming with me!


200 in 20 and some other stuff

    When: 01/16/2018

    The Pax: Sunshine, Radar, Haha, MillerTime, Moonshine, Bluesteel, Cookie, Devito, Southwest, Scar, Spandex, Turbine, Special K, Krueger

    QIC: Flo

15 PAX hit the #gloom with all they had this morning braving the 27 degree temp.  It was great to be back at the Rubicon where it all began for me over 2 years ago.  The faces are different, but the vibe is great.

Here’s what happened:

Warm-up mosey to the flag for some Side Straddle Hops, Mountain Climbers, and Arm Circles (All IC)

Indian Run over to Grits Pavilion for some 200 in 20 action.  This consisted of 20 one minute rounds.  Each PAX was responsible for 10 squats, 10 merkins, and 10 crunches for each round.  The PAX could “make it their own” and choose the type of squat, merkin, and crunch they did each rounds.  Dial it up or dial it back based on fitness level.  If you had time to spare, then you actively recovered (SSHs, boxer shuffle, etc.) until the next round started.  Sad to report that we had some technical difficulties with the timer app, but the music played.  Also, YHC’s timing is as good as a swiss watch anyway.

Mosey back to the starting lot for some Lungecides.  Round 1  regular run and regular lunge 6/8/10 at the turns.  Round 2 backwards run and backwards lunges 6/8/10 at the turns.  Round 3 side shuffle right and a right lateral lunge 6/8/10.  Round 4 side shuffle left and a left lateral lunge 6/8/10 at the turns.

Back to the flag for some round robin mary time.  This is where Haha tried to kill us.  Some other PAX did too.


  • The Milton LAX time has a fundraising run this weekend.  check out miltonlax.com
  • Haha and MillerTime are doing a trail run next month near Athens.  Hit them up for details.
  • F3 Alpha will be partnering with Promise686 again to be part of the annual TOUGH fundraiser.  Check out www.promise686.org to learn more about this organization and contact Sunshine for more information. Promise Tough Campaign: Race Day @ Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:30am 10 Monroe Jersey Road Southeast Covington, GA 30014)

COT: Prayers lifted for our group and our individual places of influence.  Specific prayer for Moonshine’s pastor’s MIL, Connie.  Cookie shared a praise for little Owen’s quick Flu recovery.

YHC learned today that it is perfectly legal for me to bow hunt off my back porch in Fulton.  #themoreyouknow

I personally invite any and all Rubicon faithful to come see us at #thehooch!  Aye!



On the fly

    When: 01/15/2018

    The Pax: Aflac, Sprocket, Bear, Polaroid, Bird Dog, Rooney, Doogie, Goat, Racket, Squeegee

    QIC: I-Beam

YHC didn’t have a plan for this morning, but those seem to be some of the most exhausting with a lot of movement.

0530 and we moseyed


Mosey on the trail around the pond to the parking lot North of the pool.

  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 25 IC
  • Squats – 20 IC

The start of the Thangs…

Parking lot bear-crawl 7s

  • 1 derkin off the curb, bear crawl across parking lot
  • 6 merkins, backwards bear crawl back to curb — You get the picture

LBCs and Flutters for the six and we moseyed again…

Furthest gridiron for Lt. Dan’s

  • 1:4 Squats to Lunges

We made it within 5 yards of 100, aboutface, (I’m sure at this point the pax thought we would return the same way) YHC needed to feel his legs again so we sprinted back to the goal line.

Short wait (3 seconds) for the six and we moseyed again….

Pavilion Park for a quick complex

  • 15,10,5 step-ups
  • 15,10,5 dips
  • 15,10,5 derkins

YHC hit the lights and we moseyed again….

The hill that makes all other hills knolls 

  • 5 quick sprints up the hill (should have done more, it was getting good)

Short wait for the six (maybe a 10 count here) and we moseyed again…..


  • Round robin for the remaining 5 mins –


  • Unspoken prayers for Sprocket
  • Thumper was nominated to take Chelsea’s Q spot on Wednesday which means Sprocket has the Q….   Someone will pick it up
  • On that topic, take a look at the Q sheet and grab a spot, don’t let the standard Qs burn out.  F3 will fail without rotating leadership.  Step out of your comfort zone and lead a group of strong men that will support you in your efforts.

The Wind Beneath my Wings

    When: 01/13/2018

    The Pax: Madoff, Bean, Manhole, Scout, BiBo, Fizz, Mahi-Mahi

    QIC: Leon

8 Dedicated souls took to the streets of Dunwoody, namely Austin Elementary, on a blustery cold Morning. Temps in the Upper 20’s, but the wind chill brought the “feels like” temp down to the mid-teens, yikes!.  The key for YHC/Q was to get off to a fast start and keep the pace sustained so as to get and keep everyone warm and loose through our “hour of power.”  With that, here we go!

The Thang:

SSH, Mary Catherine’s, Windmill, Mountain Climbers, Stone Mountains all IC x 15 reps, then right into 5 Burpees, 10 Run Stand Switch (single Count), 15 Merkins (single count), and 20 Toyota’s, Rinse and Repeat with SSH’s back through to Toyota’s.

Mosey to back sidewalk entrance of Austin, reassemble Pax and line up for a Cherokee Run to the entrance of Nature Center.  Assemble by the Big Tree.

Circle up for 30 secs Chulcutt Planks (Plank position resting on Forearms) then right into 15 secs of Downward Dawg.  Pax counted off 30 and 15 sec reps for each for 5 consecutive rounds.

Circle up around tree curb for Rocky Balboa’s IC x 20 and right into Mary:  LBC, Low Flutter, Heals to Heaven and ABC’s IC x 20, except for the ABCs, we/I petered out at 15 reps.

Mosey down the hill to to Stumps.  Stump carry up the hill to just outside of the “House of Pain.”  Deposit stumps then head inside for 11’s-Step ups & Dips, oyo.  When Pax finished, together we grabbed our stumps and carried them back to their rightful home.

Mosey to lower lot (by the Nature Center bathrooms) for an abbreviated Crowd Pleaser:  50-100-150.

10 Plank Jacks at the lower lot, 20 Box Cutters by Base of Hill, then 30 Squats by Gravel road.  Rinse and Repeat 5x.

When Pax all finished we assembled at gravel road, lined up and Cherokee Run’d up, out and back to Austin through the front entrance.  Good work by all!

We finished at the front entrance of Austin with a 60 Sec Wall Squat and 2 Burpees oyo.

COT.  Quick Prayers and well wishes for our fallen F3 Brothers:  Sleeper (wrist and ribs), Seles, (calf), Montross (sports hernia), Fireballs, (common cold).  Get well soon and Miss you guys!

Manhole eloquently and passionately took us out!

Need a Q for Tomorrow 1/16/18 at DHC. Don’t be shy!

Making Monday Bear-able

    When: 01/15/2018

    The Pax: Saint2o, Sneakers, Boomer, Flo, Nacho Libre, Jimbo (FNG), BRD, Piggy, Sunshine, Simba

    QIC: Saint2o

Great group of HIMs this morning, with an FNG! We were ready to face the week, grin and Bear it.

Run around the parking lot then circle for 15 each IC:
Side Straddle Hop
Imperial Walkers
Mountain Climbers

Some people didn’t have gloves, but there were extras in cars, and they were distributed, as they would be helpful in the nearly unbearable cold. Not to mention the upcoming bear crawls.

The Thang:
Mosey toward the Chapel, stopping for some Bear Crawl Inch Worm along the way. At the Chapel hill (see what I did there?), partner up for some Hill Bears, 3 Sets for each below – Bear Crawl up and Crawl Bear down with:
Chilcutt (elbow plank)
Back Plank
There was a lot of mumblechatter during this, something to do with the hill being a variable height and distance depending on the starting location of the bear. So, we switched around after the first two variations. I’ll admit there was some truth to this theory, but YHC didn’t intend that when I selected my starting location, I promise.

Indian Run back to the parking lot, stop for some lunge walks, and then Mary behind Waffle House, as we waited for the six.
Pickle Pounders (this was a crowd pleaser, I could tell!)
Gas Pumpers
Dying Cockroach
Freddie Mercury
Mosey back to the flag, and 6-inches for the six.


FNG Marcus is from Tallahassee, so we named him Jimbo. Welcome!
Great to have BRD back after his hiatus!
Sunshine and Flo put us on notice for the Warrior Dash fundraiser in mid-April, get ready, need folks to HC.
Prayers for the week.

Humbled to lead this group of HIMs today.

Be there for the 3rd F after the BD this Wednesday, Chapter 6 – Humility

Fitness Test

    When: 01/13/2018

    The Pax: Miller Time, Sneakers, Dosido, Boomer, Saint2.0, Moonshine, Foghorn, Ha-Ha, Nacho Libre, Devito

    QIC: Devito

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to find your baseline and set improvement goals for 2018.  10 PAX posted on a chilly morning for the standard Army fitness test … push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run.  As PAX arrived, they wrote in their name and age on a clipboard to track scores.  At 0700, we set off on an easy warm up run around the parking lot.  Follow that up with IC SSH, imperial walkers and arm circles.

Fitness Test

Move onto the turf field and partner up.  Gave a quick recap of push-up standards.  Partner A started the 2 minutes of push-ups … as many reps as possible before time expired.  Partner B watched form and counted correct reps.  After 2 minutes, flap jack and Partner B did as many push-ups as possible in 2 minutes.  Next up was situps.  Partner A did as many reps as possible in 2 minutes while Partner B held ankles and kept count of correct reps.  Flapjack with Partner B doing situps.  After completion we moved back to the parking lot and PAX quickly wrote down push-up and situp counts while 1 minute of stretching for the run.  We then jogged over to the start line.  2 mile run on your own as fast as possible.  Upon completion, each PAX wrote down their time, then ran back to pick up the six.  With that, the fitness test was complete.

Rest of Beatdown

With the test complete, we moseyed over to the rock pile and each grabbed a medium sized rock.  25 OYO reps each of curls, shoulder presses, standing rows, skull crushers and goblet squats.  Follow that with 3 more rounds of the same exercises – 20 reps, 15 reps and 10 reps.  We then moved back to the turf field and lined up on the goal line for LT Dan’s to the far goal line.  With that time was short so we moseyed to the corner of the field near the parking lot for IC dying cockroach, American hammers and mountain climbers.


  • Prayers for the families of family members lost this week.
  • Prayers of healing for Mufasa and other Alpha PAX who are battling injury or illness.


The goal of the fitness test today was to provide each man a baseline score to track fitness improvement over the year.  It’s not comprehensive by any means, but an indicator of fitness level.  The point wasn’t to beat the guy next to you.  The point is a spark of motivation to post regularly through 2018 so you can beat your own score later in the year.  A link to the scores is below.  Use this to set a personal goal leading up to the next fitness test. If you missed it, you can set a baseline yourself … just google “APFT” and you’ll find the instructions and standards.  The plan is to do this again at some point this summer and then toward the end of 2018.    Don’t let yourself regress.


Nothing Finer in the Land…

    When: 01/13/2018

    The Pax: Whammo, Spaceballs, Ricky Bobby, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Westside, Floppy, Cricket, Mickey, The Mole, Babyface, Manning, Yogi, Hombre, Shirley (FNG)

    QIC: Misty

While the inspiration and backdrop for this beatdown was centered around a football season, it can apply to our society in general these days. The “what have you done for me lately” or recency bias finds its way into our thinking and makes it that much easier to focus on the negatives and lose sight of the positive things in our lives. While a blown coverage on the final play of the National Championship game was a heart wrenching way to end the season I wanted to remind everyone of how the rest of the season played out to show how special it truly was. Not that it can even be compared to other trials and tribulations that people are dealing with on a daily basis, but if it can help provide even a small opening for a shift in perspective to look for the positive things that He is doing in our lives then I can consider this Q a success. Now that YHCs soapbox moment is over, here’s what went down:

Warm Up

SSH x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Grab a coupon from the rock pile and mosey to the turf field, carrying it high and tight, careful not to fumble it away

The Thang

A look back at each game by doing a rep for each point UGA scored and sprinting down the field for the longest play by a UGA player for that particular game. Here’s what it looked like and we’ll see if anyone picks up on the subliminal message that the PAX may have failed to pick up on during all the fun.

Upright rows x 31 (with coupon), vs App St 31-10, Michel run for 44 yds

Gas pumps x 20, vs ND 20-19, Swift run for 40 yds

Alternating shoulder taps x 42 (rubicon count), vs Samford 42-14, Fromm to Godwin for 51 yd TD

Gorilla Humpers x 31, vs Mississippi St 31-3, first play of the game Chubb to Fromm to Godwin for 59 yd TD

Outlaws x 41 (20 right, 21 left), vs Tennessee 41-0, Holyfield 32 run for 32 yds

Dips x 45, vs Vandy 45-14, Michel run for 50 yd TD

American hammers x 53 (rubicon count), vs Mizzou 53-28, Swift run for 71 yds (at this time QIC discovered we were on the wrong side of the field so we did the next spring before the reps)

We’re not worthies x 42 (with coupon), vs Florida 42-7, Michel run for 74 yd TD

Goofballs x 24 (Kodiak count), vs South Carolina 24-10, Chubb run for 27 yds

San Antonio shuffle x 17, vs Auburn pt 1 17-40, Fromm to Wims for 38 yds

Sleeping hillbillies x 42 (42 on each side), vs Kentucky 42-13, Chubb 55 yd run for TD

Imperial squat walkers x 38 (Kodiak count), vs GT 38-7, Fromm to Crumpton for 78 yd TD

Crab cakes x 28 (Kodiak count), vs Aubrn pt 2 28-7, Swift run for 64 yd TD

E2Ks x 54 (Kodiak count), vs Oklahoma 54-48, Michel run for 75 yd TD

Mike Tysons x 23 (for the knockout punch), vs Bama 23-26, Fromm to Hardman for 80 yd TD

531 reps, ~1/2 mile in sprints, and one heckuva season.

But wait there’s more,

Moseyed along the scenic route back to the flag, depositing our coupons on the way with a few minutes of Mary to close things out.

Flutter kicks x 40 IC (thanks, Bloodhound!)

Iron Cross x 10? IC (thanks, Legionniare!)

Dying cockroaches x 15? IC (thanks, Babyface!)


Presto Namo

Welcome to new FNG, Shirley, and T-claps for coming out in the brutal cold and wind to post


Praying for Floppy, Whammo and Bloodhound’s loved ones and for The Mole to make good decisions, especially as it relates to self-treatment. Also praying for those less fortunate that are fighting the elements in what has been a brutally cold winter so far.

Who Ordered Up a HoeDown?

    When: 01/11/2018

    The Pax: Leon, HoeDown (Myrtle Beach), Madoff, Poison, HVAC, Fizz

    QIC: Manhole

YHC, was joined by 6 Brave Lads, including a guest appearance from Myrtle Beach’s own HoeDown. We put him to work right away seeing as YHC remembered everything except a watch. Thanks HoeDown. We were blessed with an FNG to boot, courtesy of Mahi-Mahi who decided to Fart-sack. Welcome Chad.

Warm-O-Rama: (all x20 and all IC) – SSH, Windmills, Squats, Imperial Walkers, Merkins (x10 only)

The Thang: Partner Dora (100 hand-release merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks) keeping count between partners while the other does up and backs

Mosey over, out, up and back in to the “Pit of Despair” for a 3-pack of Dips (IC, x10), Step-Ups (IC, x16) and Incline Merkins (IC, x10) – 3 Sets

Mosey to the back corner – 1st set of wall sits followed by a quick lap around the lot, 2nd set of wall sits (a little longer) and another lap around the lot and all the way to the beginning for some…

Mary (Short but sweet) (all IC and all x20) – flutter kicks, obliques left, obliques right, and LBCs

SSH (IC and x10) and that’s all she wrote.

COT – Leon Took us Out

Naked Mole-skin – Chad Griffith officially became HVAC (despite Mahi-Mahi’s presence)

Leon has the Q on Saturday.

Shovel Flag Cover Up – Exposed!

    When: 01/11/2018

    The Pax: Dosido, Swisher, Cuban, Wiggum, Smurfette, Westside, Norm, Whiskey (FNG), Fleetwood (FNG), Law Dog, Manning, Legionnaire, Woody, Mr. Wizard, Good Hands, The Body, Tardy, Dori, Thrasher, Ricky Bobby, Cha-Cha, Titlemax, Chitwood, Cricket, and Whammo

    QIC: Homeboy

*Reader beware – long post*

YHC felt wordy and inspirational this morning. This was our 4th post at the new Hickory Flat (@F3alpha) AO.  Speaking of our new AO, we have not decided on a permanent name as of today. There was much debate and research for AO names yesterday on Twitter.  Here is a quick recap of the top nominations:

  • Stone Clad
  • Hot House
  • Pig’s Foot
  • Paragon

Much of the Pax (inlcuding YHC) was ready to make a final decision on the AO name yesterday, however, we were reminded by Dosido and Bloodhound this is a sacred decision and we should take it slowly.  So marinate we will. Think about the names we have nominated, do some research and speak up!  Let the PAX know what you are thinking and if you have more name suggestions. This is a big deal boys!  These are sacred grounds because we are making an impact on the life of men and families through out our community.  Good stuff!

Moving on.  YHC is a repeat offender for leaving the Shovel Flag behind. Well this week is no different. YHC left the Shovel Flag onsite after Tuesday’s beatdown. Thrasher (3rd time posting at F3, I might add) went back to SHS to save me. Upon his arrival, he found our sacred Shovel Flag. Once again, YHC was bailed out. Luckily some senior at SHS did not plant the Shovel Flag in the back of his truck and swap out the US flag with a Hank Williams Jr Confederate Flag.

Here is the back story. Wednesday night YHC started to panic and get paranoid that Thrasher may not post on Thursday and bring the Shovel Flag. Plus YHC wanted to do everything possible to cover up this incident and keep it in total secrecy from the PAX. I arrived at 5AM in the morning, with my shovel, a back up flag and a roll of duct tape. As the tape was being applied, The Body arrived to witness the entire situation. Yes, The Body took it upon himself to share what he witnessed as each PAX arrived. Then to top off the entire situation, Thrasher showed up as promised and planted the AO Shovel Flag beside my homemade (panic) Shovel Flag. YHC was completely outed and my cover up was exposed. You’re welcome. There is a strategy behind YHC’s leadership style. YHC makes people feel they are ready for leadership immediately by leading through example. Fail fast and fail forward boys.

“If Homeboy can do this, I can DEFINITELY do this.” You’re welcome again (Q School in progress for all of our new F3 brothers).

Warm Up

SSH x 10ish IC

Windmills x 10ish IC

5 Burpees OYO

Long Mosey to the front of Hickory Flat Elementary (there was a lot of questions from the PAX about the QIC’s decision to run along the road in the dark and rain). We planked and waited for the six at the coupon pile.

The Thang

The PAX partnered up and picked out a coupon (advice to the new guys – when partnering with Cricket you may want to take the lead and pick the coupon unless you are ready to man up).

Coupon Modified Dora (YHC totally made up that name)

Partner 1 – start 100 curls with the coupon. Partner 2 runs short bus loop and picks up where Partner 1 finished off on the curls. Rinse and repeat to 200 overhead presses, then 300 skull crushers.

Super 21

Circle up on the grass knoll. The PAX started with 1 merkin, 1 BBS and 1 Monkey Humper. The goal was to keep going up by 1 for each exercise until you hit a total of 21 reps for each exercise. When the PAX hit 12 we went for a quick mosey. At the top of the hill we knocked out 10 Dips IC (Kodiak count) on the bench. Moseyed back to the grass knoll and started back on the Super 21 Routine. The Pax made it to somewhere around 16 – 18 reps before we had to wrap up and head back to the Shovel Flag debacle.


Several of the PAX stepped up and led some Mary exercises to wait on the six. YHC brought in the SIX, so I have no idea what exercises were executed at the Shovel Flag. We start together and we finish together! Again, Q School in progress! Great work boys!


  • Welcome 2 FNG’s – Fleetwood and Whiskey
  • Whiskey is a Marine. The PAX would like to give major props to all men and women who have served our country! We are forever indebted to your service and sacrifice.
  • 26 total PAX posted on Thursday morning. 12 out of the 26 PAX who posted are all new guys (they posted for the first time in the past two weeks at the Hickory Flat launch). Since our launch 19 FNG’s have posted. I cannot express how proud I am of this AO. Thank you so much for everyone’s help to get the word out. Mr. Wizard posted for the first time on January 2nd. Since the 2nd, he has recruited 3 FNG’s! This is just one example of how we are pulling together.
  • Huge props to men from other @F3alpha AO’s who have been posting and supporting the launch. GOOD WORK!
  • If you meet a new guy in the gloom and you don’t see him at the next Beatdown, call him! It is important for us to make new men feel welcomed and for them to know they are part of the F3 Nation. If we never follow up, they will feel like no one ever knew they posted in the first place. This challenge is for each of us!
  • Notes for NEW F3 Guys
    • YHC would strongly recommend reading resources from the Q Source page on the F3 Nation site and read “Freed To Lead” by OBT and Dredd
    • If you travel for work or you are on vacation, go to the F3 Nation website and plug in your travel location. Post with a local AO. It is an awesome benefit of the F3 Nation.
    • Join Twitter. It is the best way to connect with fellow F3 brothers and stay in the loop on everything happening with our AO and @F3alpha.
    • We have a lot of races coming up this year. The Spartan and Blue Ridge to name a few. Ask around the PAX if you want to learn more.
  • Prayer Requests
    • Pray for Mr. Wizard’s foot
    • Family member of Whiskey found a mass on his pancreas. His name is Greg.
    • Please continue to pray for Floppy’s wife and her recovery from surgery
    • Titlemax has a friend in the Buffington area that had an aneurism. His name is Carlos. From Titlemax’s description, Carlos is a HIM. Here is a go fund me page, please consider supporting him and his family. https://www.gofundme.com/carlos-adams-medical-emergency-fund
    • See Whiskey if you are interested in a local 5K coming up. He has a friend that is organizing it for a local ministry. Sounds like a great opportunity for us to represent F3 in our local community.