Garfield Loses Q Virginity, but Gains a FUBAR Flag

    When: 04/17/2018

    Where: The Paragon

    The Pax: TARDY (should be mentioned first and in all CAPS since Garfield missed forgot him in Name-o-Rama) Wiggum, Tebow, Legionnaire, Papa John, Spaceballs, Prem-O, Westside, Nomad, Chitwood, Cuban, Smurfette, Ricky Bobby, Homeboy, Law Dog, Manning, Cricket, Kiffin, Good Hands, Hasbro, Dory, Hooch

    QIC: Garfield

Yet again, another near freezing morning still couldn’t keep 23 Pax from posting in the gloom for a little Paragon fun. The Pax of the Paragon witnessed Garfield lose his Q Virginity and turn from a sassy kitten to a real mature cat, right before their very eyes. Cricket brought the sand babies (although I think they are filled with kitty litter) for some added fun – thank you to Cricket. Some mumble chatter ensued about Garfield’s gardening/Driving Miss Daisy gloves, and Law Dog showed up late.

Mosey around the rosey to grass patch for some stretching and warmups.
– Cotton Pickers
– Sun gods
– Hillbillies
The Thang 
We Mosey’d to Cricket’s ride to pick up the sand/litter babies. 20 Pax got the pleasure of carrying these, and we mosey’d down to the coupon pile for rocks for the 3 Pax that didn’t have sand baby. Split into two lines for an Indian Run down to lower parking lot. Sweat started before the first exercise.
First exercise: Partner up. One man runs to top of hill, performs 10 burpees, 10 Big Boy Situps, 10 Merkins while other partner is at the bottom of the hill holding sand baby while repeating combos of lunge on each leg, squat, shoulder press, and curl with sand baby until relieved by partner returning down the hill
– Rinse and Repeat 4 times (audible was called since original call was for 10 – that wasn’t happening)

After Garfield received death threats from the Pax, we collected our litter babies/coupons and strolled back to return coupons and head back to the flag. A few minutes left so we bear crawled to the horizon, and then back.
6MoM – LBCs, Box Cutters, Flutter kicks
– Prayers for Cricket’s wife and child – healing, comfort
– Cuban teaching Ephesians at Latimer Hall on Wednesdays at 7 PM
– Praise to God for the ability to enjoy F3
– Info to come from Homeboy for volunteers to lead quarterly 2nd and 3rd F events

Reminder of the two new AO’s launched last week in Cherokee County. A new 0.0 workout meets at Avery elementary at 5:30 on Wednesdays. Stoneclad, at Sequoya Park, will meet every Thursday at 5:30. Let’s keep growing Cherokee F3.

I can’t feel my legs

    When: 04/17/2018

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Devito, Miller Time, HaHa, Zima, Krueger, Mayham, Turbine, Spandex, Scar, Bayside, Jackelope, Blue Steel, DC2, Cookie

    QIC: Cookie

14 PAX took the DRP and hit the gloom on an unseasonably cool morning.  Here is what went down.

-mosey toward the dog track, stopping at the flag for SSH, Windmill & Imperial Walker

-Reverse Indian Run around the track, everyone going twice.  Runners in front calling arm exercises
-head to the wall for a little Balls to Wall challenge – no surprise, Miller Time stays up the longest
-Next comes Lt. Dan across the field and back,  1:4 squat/lunge ratio, PAX achieved 10:40
-Mosey toward the FOD, stop at planters for a quick Mary exercise, LBC
-Head to the FOD, now for the crowd pleaser, Mucho chesto cycle
-merkins at home plate, bear crawl to 1st
-wide merkin at 1st, crab to 2nd
-diamond at 2nd, reverse crab to 3rd
-stagger at 3rd, cheetah crawl home
-opposite stagger at home
-quick 10 count, rinse & repeat
-head toward Grits Pavilion for step ups, extended leg lift & dips
-off to the flag for 5 MOM – Freddy Mercury, American Hammer, Dolly & more

YHC yet again honored to lead this group of fine HIM.  We had lots of praise this morning including Blue Steel’s daughter getting married this weekend, Bayside’s rugby team winning state, and Spandex’s 14 year wedding anniversary.  YHC was humbled this morning fumbling and bumbling the disclaimer, something I obviously need more practice on before the next FNG arrives!  Anyhow, I saw lots of mumble chatter online after the beatdown about the PAX not being able to feel their legs after the Lt. Dan exercise, and not being able to feel their arms after the mucho chesto….. so I guess I did something right.  ANNOUNCEMENT:  3 Year anniversary cookout this Sunday, 3:30p, weather permitting.  Details sent on Tweeter and more to come.

Leg Day at The Firehouse

    When: 04/17/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: Rueben, Dash, Skynyrd, Beans, Fud, Lego

    QIC: Beans

Stepping out this morning it was hard to tell if it was mid April or January.  No bother.  Near freezing temps didn’t stop 5 PAX from showing up for this VQ.  Pulling into The Firehouse we were greeted with a new face.  Wasn’t expecting an FNG this morning.  But the more the better.  Welcome FNG Fud.  5:30 on the dot, time to mosey around the parking lot.

Warm up

SSH x 15 IC

Cotton Picker x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 15 IC

Copperhead Squats x 15 IC


Time to grab a coupon to start warming up the wheels.

Bolt 45’s with coupon followed by Colt 45’s
By now the legs should be warm.


The Thang

11’s Bernie Sanders style:  Squat thrusters with coupon at the bottom of the hill.  Run backwards up the hill to be met with some berpees.  Didn’t take long to FEEL THE BERN!!

Mosey to the bottom soccer field.

Suicide runs to the near goalie box, mid-field, far goalie box, far sideline.
Runs on the first half of the field were……..backwards.
Oh and we paid the toll between each run.
10 Lt Dans
20 Merkins
30 LBC
40 Peter Parkers
50 Star bursts

Mosey back to the pavilion.

Dips x 15
Derkins x 15
Leg raises x 15



Box Cutters x 15

American Hammers x 15

Swimmers x 15


Welcome FNG Fud.  Looking forward to having you back.
Reminder of the 3 year anniversary cookout and continued success at The Zoo.
Prayer requests from Rueben, Skynyrd, and Lego

Spartan hangover…not if you’re a KODIAK!

    When: 04/16/2018

    Where: The Kodiak

    The Pax: Mickey, Natty Light, Westside, Banjo, Babyface, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Yogi, Swisher, Titlemax, Woody, Harp, Nomad, C4, Lawdog, Crowbar, Voodoo, Whammo, Thumper, Chitwood, Dory, The Mole, FNG Binks (Kris Moller)

    QIC: Misty

With the pain from my first completed Spartan race radiating throughout my body, my thoughts on Sunday centered around all the opportunities for improvement to focus on before the August Super rolls around (there’s still time for you to sign up!). That combined with the excitement of getting my first FNG to come out led to me hijacking the Q (thanks again Yogi!) to shake off the pain and atone for my last Q that went awry. After a brief scare that we may not have a key to access the playhouse, Swisher showed up just in the nick of time as we started our mosey right at 5:30 am.

Warm up

SSH x 15 IC

Weedpickers x 10 IC

Sungods OYO


The Thang

Started in a corner of the parking lot for a four corner escalator, always facing the road

Run to the next corner

10 merkins, karaoke to the next corner

10 merkins, 20 LBCs, run backward to next corner

10 merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 Imperial Walkers (Kodiak count always!), karaoke to the final corner

10 merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 Imperial Walkers, 40 squats, plank while waiting for the 6

Mosey into the stadium

1 full lap, then snake the stadium stairs en route to the pull up bars

5 cliff hanger pull ups (Kodiak count!) and if waiting on a bar then AMRAP squats

Snake the other side bleachers and complete 10  20 dips at the end

Bear crawl the final curve back to the start line to perform a mini-Bruce Lee (Kodiak count when applicable)

20 American Hammers

20 LBCs

20 Flutter kicks

20 Heel Touches

20 Crunchy Frogs

Apparently, everyone forgot to take their Gingko Biloba and after complaints about how they couldn’t remember the exercises I settled on allowing the PAX to do any combination of 5 ab exercises 20 reps apiece. Waiting for the 6 we did it all over again, this time without a full lap at the beginning, which I needed the additional few minutes for what came next…

It occurred to me that some of the PAX were unaware of a special birthday this past weekend in none other than our resident Punisher, Bloodhound. In his honor, I wanted to share one of the most memorable exercises I tie back to him for all this continually growing group to experience.

Chumbaburpee it is. Continuous SSH and dropping into a burpee whenever they say “I get knocked down”, which is a lot for those that are unfamiliar with this little ditty.

Back to the flag where Bloodhound took over for some extra credit flutter kicks, despite being out of time on the clock.

Presto Name-o

Welcome FNG Binks


Amicalola remote beatdown TBD

Do-si-doh breakfast and speaking on Saturday at 9 am at Antioch church

2nd F picnic for Alpha Region 3rd anniversary at Lake Windward

Prayers for healing those that are ailing: Mickey’s 2.0 as he is getting close to getting the cast taken off, Frenchie and his knee, Hombre with a calf injury, and any others with any physical or emotional ailments they are suffering at this time


It was awesome seeing all of you out there this morning, but especially all those fellow Spartan finishers that I know it was difficult for as I’m guessing you were feeling the same pain I was and showed up anyway despite the cold and wind. It’s all about us pushing each other to get better and to be able to achieve whatever goals we’ve got for ourselves whether it be weight loss, lap times, leadership, or race finishes. If you haven’t already, set a goal for the year and make it happen and if you want some accountability then just share with a fellow F3’er and you’ll have it. Thank you all for holding me accountable!

Reaching out in the Alpha

    When: 04/15/2018

    Where: F3 Alpha

    The Pax: F3 Alpha PAX

    QIC: Homeboy

Engaging the Sad Clowns

Any that have gotten to know Homeboy (Paragon/Kodiak), you would know this HIM truly gets pumped about reaching out to Sad Clowns.  We thought we’d share some of what he’s doing to hopefully inspire us all to think about those men around us each day that could benefit from F3 in their lives.

Let’s Grow F3Alpha in 2018!

Each of us who is part of F3 Nation know how much of a positive impact F3 has made on our life.  When a man starts taking care of himself physically, builds community with other men and starts seeking purpose greater than himself, something ignites! He gets to leave the life of a sad clown and become a HIM!  F3Alpha is located in one of the fastest growing and most popular places in the entire country! We have a huge opportunity to grow F3 in our region and end sad clown syndrome.  Remember, every time you EH a man, it is not just for a work out.  We have no idea what hangs in the balance.  When a FNG post for the first time, it could (literally) be the catalyst that changes the trajectory of his life and ultimately his family tree:

  • He may meet the first man ever that he feels comfortable talking and opening up about his drinking problem.
  • Starting a healthy lifestyle of exercise may prevent him from a heart attack that lies in his future. 
  • Maybe he starts giving back to his community for the first time. 
  • Maybe he prays for the first time.

The ways F3 can impact a man’s life are endless. All we have to do is spread the word!  Here is a list of ideas to promote F3 throughout our community and EH sad clowns. Please allow this list to get the creative ideas flowing. If you come up with more ideas, PLEASE share them on Twitter and with your AO. 

  1. Think about where your friends work.  Ask them if you can bring donuts to a weekly/monthly staff meeting and talk about F3 for 5-10 minutes. Companies are always looking for ways to encourage their employees to exercise! Since F3 is free, this a huge added benefit to the company!
  2. Set up a table top at your local elementary school or recreation park during events (baseball, festivals, soccer, football, etc).  Recruit a few PAX to work the table and pass out flyers. I contacted Mudgear and got approval to print a table top cover.  We could buy the table top cover and share it through the region.
  3. Look for men’s bible studies that meets in your area.  Again, drop off donuts and ask to speak for 5-10 minutes about F3. I did this 2 weeks ago and it resulted in 5 FNG’s!
  4. Ask to speak at local networking groups and civic organizations.  Examples include: your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, BNI, etc. These groups meet weekly and monthly. They are always looking for speakers. Especially for non-profit organizations that are giving back to the community.
  5. Post a flyer at your local Starbucks on the community board (or any restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store with a community bulletin board)
  6. If you go to church, ask if you can run a blurb in the bulletin or newsletter.
  7. We had a ton of success promoting The Paragon launch on Facebook.  Facebook can reach a TON of people that you will not be able to reach through Twitter. Set up an “event” for a Saturday beatdown on Facebook and invite all your friends. Get the Pax to share the event on there page and invite all there friends as well.  Between 10 PAX, you will easily invite at least 100 men. Share your personal experience with F3 and what it has meant in your life. I promise, it will get people talking. When I was promoting the Paragon launch, I even had wives EH’ing there husband to post for the first time at F3.  Facebook gives you a much larger audience for promotion.  

Good luck! Let’s grow the F3Alpha region like crazy in 2018 and end sad clown syndrome in our communities!


Fort Benning CSAUP Spartan Race

    When: 04/14/2018

    Where: CSAUP

    The Pax: Whamo, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Westside, Misty, Whiz, The Mole, Chocolate Chip (Fia), Wonder Woman (Fia), T-Rex (2.0), Doodle Bug (2.0), Gecko (2.0), Peanut (2.0), Gumball (2.0), and Puppeteer (2.0)

    QIC: Babyface

For some the journey started Friday night, for others the alarm went off early in the gloom to signal the start of the day that would have us all converge on Fort Benning.  The sun rose hig into the sky and the day was warm, a welcomed change to what we have all experienced this winter and early spring. With the shovel flags firmly planted by 10am and our crowd growing ever larger, the PAX prepared for the day.  The orange clad men, women, and children of the north laced their shoes tight. 2.0’s (and a few bald heads) were lathered with sunscreen to protect from the newly discovered bright orb in the sky. Then it was time for:


15 each of: SSH


Imperial walkers

Sun Gods OYO

-enough of that, adrenaline was high and we were ready.

After a last second toilet break it was time to hit the starting line.  Promptly at 10:45 we were set loose on the course. The course was great, as were the people along the way.  The men of the Kodiak & their respective Fia counterparts performed well. The mole finished fastest at 1:18 (17th for his age), Legionnaire was 6th for his age, and Bloodhound 11th for his.  Fia’s showed up strong with Chocolate Chip finishing 6th for her age group and Wonder Women at 13th. Overall the obstacles were conquered, burpees were performed, and new goals were established.

Once the adults all crossed the finish line, it was time for the 2.0s to have some fun.  Most ran the ½ mile, while 2 brave men ran the 2 mile. Their races ended with muddy smiles and happy faces.

F3dads Spartan Race on 10/27 should be another great oppourtunity to spend a great day with the family.  I hope you all can make it out, you will be amazed how much fun your kids will have being kids and jumping in the mud.  The earlier you sign up, the cheaper it is so Check it out here:   


Back from Helenback

    When: 04/16/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: AFLAC, Thumper, Rooney, Sprocket, GOAT, Grease Monkey

    QIC: Grease Monkey

It seems to me that YHC hasn’t had a Q above 40 degrees for at least 5 months, and today was no different. Sweat Wagon read 37 as we stepped into the gloom and for a few minutes it was looking like the lowest recorded numbers for The Wreck. But with a couple last minute arrivals and a late addition we found a solid half dozen.

Quick mosey up to the parking lot for some warmups. 12 each of: Side Straddle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers and Mountain Climbers. We continued our mosey over to everyone’s favorite locale.  With a previous threat of violence if any hill work were to surface YHC called some 7s on the The Hill with his guard up. LBCs at the top, Bobby Hurleys at the bottom. Those PAX coming off of Helenback were none too happy with our first routine.

From there we moseyed over to the football field to give the legs a break. We circled up for a Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – Much Chesto Edition: PAX bear crawled around the circle and then Q initiated 10 Merkins while the rest of the PAX planked. When done, the Merkin work continued around the circle one at a time with others planking until their turn. We did 5 rounds: Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Stagger Right Merkins, Stagger Left Merkins and Werkins. Then we threw in a set of 12 Merkins in cadence for good measure.

Form there we moseyed up to Goose Poop Island but muddy conditions had us settle over in the Litter Box for a round of Captain Thor: Four American Hammers for every Big Boy Situp – all the way to 10 BBSU / 40 AH.

Moseyed back around the pond to the flag with plenty of time for some musical burpees. Monkey = Burpee with SSHs in between. Shock the Monkey was the musical selection of the day. Finished up with about three rounds of Mary.

Prayer requests: Thumper traveling this week. A member of GMonkey’s church group has a niece that is dealing with a pretty terrible situation and in counseling.

Glad to be able to lead these men today. It’s funny how we’ve made a habit of something that sounds so absurd to so many: getting up long before we need to regardless of conditions outside to beat ourselves up for 45 minutes before heading off to our daily grind. I think we initially came for the exercise but we came back for the camaraderie. Honored to be part of the PAX.

GMonkey out.

Sunshine’s last Caney Q

    When: 04/11/2018

    Where: Caney Creek

    The Pax: Isotope, Nacho Libre, Cosmic Bandito, Sunshine, Scar, St2.0, Flo, TO, Ha Ha, Pothole, IHOP

    QIC: Sunshine

A yellow sliver of a moon hung low over north Fulton County (or is it south Forsyth) as the pax gathered last Wednesday in the gloom.  Just as the clock neared 0515 the familiar hum of the NLB van entered the lot delivering Sunshine and the Cosmic Bandito.  Gloves were donned and we moseyed.

Warm Up

The Pax followed Sunshine up four flights of stares for two laps around the top of the Caney Creek hill.  YHC had not chased Sunshine around for awhile, and forgot how fast he is.  Back down the stairs for SSH, Weedpickers and Hill Billies.

The Thang

The pax paired up for some Dora.  A short list with some big numbers.

  • 305 Merkins
  • 305 LBCs
  • 305 Squats

One pax hammered out the exercise while the other bounded up the four flights of stairs to the top of the hill, knocked out 10 SSH, back down and switch.  Diminishing returns were noticed as the stairs took their toll, particularly when we got to the squats.  Nacho and Sunshine led the pax in some Mary until the Six was in.

Next step was another round of Dora.  72 Burpees and the same routine with the stairs, but no SSH at the top.  With the Six in we were about at 0600.  Sunshine then revealed it was the last time he’d be Q-ing at Caney.  He was graduating NLB and had been away from his kids for 305 days, been in the program for 10 months and was going home in 72 hours.  This was probably one of the most emotional and inspirational closes to a beatdown for YHC and as well as most pax.

Sunshine will be missed at Caney.  He was an original and has been a great brother up there.  His presence has been very instrumental in the growth of this AO.


7 PAX Run around The WidowMaker and Meet the Girlfriends

    When: 04/14/2018

    Where: The WidowMaker

    The Pax: Scar, Zohan, Cookie, Mufasa, Ha-ha, Mayhem, Saban

    QIC: Ha-ha

The weather was beautiful at The WidowMaker for a Saturday morning beatdown. 7 PAX rolled in to take the Red Pill and meet their brothers for some work.

After a disclaimer we mosied up the parking lot to the concession stand between the baseball fields.  YHC swallowed a bug on the way so yeah, I had that going for me.


We mosied out to the parking lot on the other side of the baseball fields and

Weed Pickers IC

We mosied up the road toward the entrance with some backward running and side shuffle left and right and stopped at the stairs that go up to the bridge.


Merkins at the bottom of the stairs, squats at the top.  Hop up the steps and run down.  The squats were a lot of fun after all that hopping.

After completing the Elevens we ran back up the stairs and down the trail to the WidowMaker hill.We ran to the bottom.

Gridiron Madness

Starting at the bottom we ran up:

  • to 25 yards and 10 Merkins head up hill
  • to 50 yards and 10 Merkins head down hill
  • to 75 yards and 10 Merkins facing left
  • to top and 10 Merkins facing right
  • Run back to the bottom

Rinse and repeat for a second go.

On the third trip we did head downhill LBCs x20 at each stop and remain at the top.

We heard the girls calling us from The WidowMaker so we ran back to the parking lot and we each pick up our girl.

On to the turf soccer field we:

  • Curls with the girls on the sideline
  • Bear crawl with your girl (on your shoulders or dragging it on the field) to center field
  • Overhead Press
  • Run to the opposite sideline
  • Skull Crushers
  • Run back to start
  • Bent over Row

Rinse and repeat


  • American Hammers with the Girlfriends (this was hard!)
  • V-ups with the girls (start on your back with hands over head with girlfriend and lift girl and feet up together)
  • Mufasa took us out with Freddie Mercuries


Good hard work this morning with 2.9 miles thrown in with the smiles.

TAP for those sick and injured

F3 Anniversary picnic on 4/22 3:30 at Windward Sports Park

To Build A Base You Need Planks, Right?

    When: 04/14/2018

    Where: Shadow - Austin

    The Pax: Seles, Stripper, Fizz

    QIC: Manhole

3 unsuspecting HIMs joined YHC on this most excellent of Saturday mornings, for a different sort of a Manhole Q.

Warm-O-Rama: (all IC and x15)

SSH, Windmills, Moroccan Nightclub, Sumo-Squats, Mountain Climbers (x2)

Field-Trip: Mosey up Roberts to Witham to Whitewood Ct. (90 second plank). Mosey to the Austin path and up to the power lines and pause for some LBC. Mosey back to Austin playground. (60 second plank). Mosey to the front of the school.

The Thang: (all x10 and IC)(2 Rounds) Incline Merkins, Dips, Step-Ups. Mosey to the Nature Center driveway (90 second plank). Mosey all the way down the hill to the path. Incline Merkins, Dips, Step-Ups (x10 and IC) Mosey to the DNC lower lot.

Stop-Mary Time: (all IC) LBC(x20) Low-Dolly (x20) High Leg Raise (x20) Obliques (x20 L/R) Box Cutters (x10) Rosalita (x20) Low Flutters (x20)

(90 second plank)

Mosey to the base of the “new hill”.

Part II: (Think Quads) (all x10 and OYO) Lunge Walks, Squats, Broad Jumps. (60 second plank) Lunge Walks, Squats, Broad Jumps (60 second plank) Lunge Walks, Squats, Broad Jumps (60 second plank)

Mosey back to the school – a little more Mary and one more 60 second plank

COT – Seles took us out. Prayer for Fizz father-in law in hospice. Prayer for Stripper and his daughters teen age angst. Good thoughts for those not there either due to competition, work, injury, or even fart-sacking.