Double Deuce

    When: 03/22/2016


    The Pax: Crack, Boomer, Flo, Cookie, Law Dog, Swag, Mufasa, Defcon 2, Pappy, Gears, and Toughskins

    QIC: Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre, Crack, Boomer, Flo, Cookie, Law Dog, Swag, Mufasa, Defcon 2, Pappy, Gears, and Toughskins

12 showed up this cold spring morning (I thought I heard somewhere it was spring?) For the Alpha version of the double deuce.  While we didn’t break any beer bottles, a la Roadhouse, The Pax got after it this morning.  In fact, I would take the Pax over the staff at the double deuce any day. 

Warm up

Mosey over to the upper parking lot for a little warm up.

15 Side Straddle Hops

15 Imperial Walkers

15 merkins  


The Thang


Mosey over to the side of the field of dreams for the Double Deuce…

Double Deuce – 22 (Just like 11’s but up to 22) Top of the hill merkins, bottom of the hill LBC’s

231 Merkins – 231 LBC’s

Following the 22’s we headed to the field of dreams for an escalator.  10 Burpees @ 1st, 20 Boxcutters @ 2nd, 30 Squats @ 3rd, 40 Mountain Climbers @ Home, and 50 walking lunges finish it off.  

The Pax headed back to the flag for a few rounds of Merry.


Community Service opportunity at North Fulton Community Charities 3/26.  North Fulton is one of my personal favorites!  

Thanks to Pappy, Gears, and Toughskins for dropping in!  It is so incredible to see how close knit the F3 community is.

Rubicon 3/24 PB

    When: 03/24/16


    The Pax: Alpharetta PAX #2, Alpharetta PAX #4, Alpharetta PAX #6, FNG #8, Weird dude #22, Traveler to our AO #93. Bruuuuuuu #1

    QIC: Crack, that's who

Crack: Hey Guys!  I need to go home and write my preblast.

Unnamed Alpharetta PAX #1: That’s whack, Crack… I don’t even write BACKblasts, much less preblasts!

Unnamed Alpharetta PAX #2: Don’t listen to him Crack.  He is whack.  Just write the preblast like I do my backblast… in 144 characters or less!


Boy am I glad I didn’t learn from Atlanta!  So come on out tomorrow and if you:

  1. Do something cool,
  2. Sing something fantastic,
  3. You’re MY bruuuuuu, or
  4. I just like you in general,

then you can see your name written in stone on my backblast.  And by “stone” I really mean that it will likely be on the same computerized device you are reviewing at this exact moment.  Talk about exciting pressure!

So, come out for 2 rocks and 4 corners which is an uneducated man’s way of knowing the date. Partners or groups will definitely be involved.  And by “2 rocks and 4 corners” I really mean to bring a friend, any friend, even your BEST friend.

We will change things up by FINISHING with a ‘Merkin Mile… and there aren’t any dang squats in a ‘Merkin Mile!


Back to the Deck of Death

    When: 03/21/16


    The Pax: Boomer, Simba, Flo, Miyagi, Sunshine, The Dab

    QIC: Boomer and Simba

6 Pax bundled up for a cold Monday beatdown. Its officially spring, but it felt like winter today. Thankfully, we broke a sweat. Here is what happened.

Warmup: Led by Simba (IC)

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Merkins

The Thang: Led by Boomer

Mosey to the soccer field for the Deck of Death. Aces = 14, Kings = 13, Queens = 12, Jacks = 11, Face card = number on the card.

  • Clovers = Monkey Humpers
  • Spades = Boxcutters
  • Diamond= Diamond merkins
  • Hearts = Burpees because we love them so much
  • Jokers = 50 squats

After about 5 or 6 cards, mosey around soccer field. Mosey on the long side, sprint the short sides.

Mosey back to flag. Had 5 cards left. Good work.


  • Prayers for Mother Goose as he ships out to boot camp today.
  • Prayers for Miyagi’s brother and the Dab’s son.
  • Getting some HCs for 2nd F on 4/16.
  • Working on some FNGs. Who are you talking to? Everyone knows a co-worker, neighbor, or old friend who needs F3.

Lucky Charms

    When: 03/17/16


    The Pax: Flo, Peanut, Trojan, Pappy (Fort Mill), Light Bulb, Nacho Libre, Boomer, Mufasa, Cookie, Swiper, Foghorn, Hickory Stick

    QIC: Def Con 2

Mosey to Upper Parking Lot


10 – SSH

10 – WM

10 – CP

10 – CDD

10 – Merkins

Indian Run to Gym wall

Wall sit and one person sprints to tree and back

Balls to Wall

Repeat 4 times –

Donkey Kicks 10x

Run to Tree

Balls to Wall

Indian Run to FOD

Four Leaf Clover

Pitchers Mound, Bear crawl to Home, 10 Burpees, sprint to Third Base, 10 Squats, Bear crawl to mound.

Pitchers Mound, Bear crawl to Third, 10 Burpees, sprint to Second Base, 10 Squats, Bear crawl to mound.

Pitchers Mound, Bear crawl to Second, 10 Burpees, sprint to First Base, 10 Squats, Bear crawl to mound.

Pitchers Mound, Solo Elephant Walk to First, 10 Deconstructed Burpees, sprint to Home Base, 10 Squats, Solo Elephant Walk to mound.

Indian Run – 2 Abreast, switch sides and then sprint to front trying to beat the other PAX.  Two times around FOD.

Mosey to Flag

Lucky Charms – 14 Merry Exercises (10 count) led by every PAX ending in the Leprechaun (HillBilly).

Mole Skin

Praise that DefConII’s 2.0 turned 10 today…hence all of the 10 counts and St. Patrick’s theme.  Quiet day on the AO with not too much mumble chatter though Mufassa did get nearly lost on the Indian Run.  Welcome Pappy to the Rubicon.  Hope to see you post regularly during your tour of duty down in Alpharetta.  Next Saturday is the volunteer event for the Y led by FogHorn, look for the signup.

We had a bear, but no bear crawls!

    When: 03/16/16


    The Pax: Crack, Boomer, Bear (from the ATL crew), MuchoMacho (FNG- Bear’s EH), Miyagi, Simba, Wind Talker, Peachy, & Sunshine

    QIC: Flo

10 were out getting stronger this A/M.  Always keep in mind that your aren’t just freed FROM something, but freed TO something.  As always honored to lead and thankful to call you guys brothers.

Galatians 5:13

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.


Quick warm-up lap to catch any late stragglers.  Enters Sunshine.

Mosey to the back lot for some quick work:


Squats x 20

***Pause for the disclaimer

Imperial Walkers x 16

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 20

The thang:

Mosey over to PC parking lot:

Partner up for…

P1 high planks while P2 runs to the far island 5 burpees, runs back and switch

P1 peter parker planks while P2 runs to the far island 4 burpees, runs back and switch

P1 plank jacks while P2 runs to the far island 3 burpees, runs back and switch

P1 low planks while P2 runs to the far island 2 burpees, runs back and switch

P1 low planks while P2 runs to the far island 1 burpee, runs back and switch

Mosey to the FirePit:

OYO (3 rounds)

10 Step ups with a knee (each leg) or jump ups

10 Dips

10 Derkins

**Air chair for the 6

45 Second Plyometric Intervals-10 second rest:

Walk the Block- to the left and back to the right

Side to sides

Broad jump front, three littles back

High Knees


Back to the flag for some box-cutters (Boomer), Dying cockroaches (Simba), and LBCs (Sunshine)


Prayers up for Miyagi’s friend feeling the aftermath of the bombing in Turkey.  Another cancer fighter needs prayers (Simba’s friend).  Big prayers up to a bigger God.

2nd F Opportunities (Fellowship): The Rubicon will be celebrating one year on 4/16.  It will likely be an outdoor picnic family friendly type set up.  More details to follow.

3rd F Opportunities (Serving):  Foghorn(a Rubicon faithful) is putting together a group to serve at the North Fulton Co-op on the 26th.  He would love the help if you are able and willing.  Great way to serve on Easter weekend.  Sunshine is still recruiting for his Tough Mudder team

See you in the gloom!

Brok-Back Mountain

    When: 03/15/2016


    The Pax: Crack, FogHorn, Flo, Swiper, Cookie, Do Si Do, Law Dog, Hot Sauce, Swag, Hickory Stick

    QIC: Nacho Libre

11 showed up this spring morning brok back beatdown.  Despite the pre-blast warnings Nacho couldn’t scare off all of the pax.

Warm up

Mosey down to the side of the basketball court.   

15 Side Straddle Hops

10 Long slow deep cotton pickers

15 merkins  

The Thang

Mosey over to Mustang Mountain for some brok-back

1st Round

With a partner 20 Burpees, 40 Ranger merkins, 60 One legged Burpee, 80 Knerkins, BACK planks, 100 MOUNTAIN climbers.

2nd Round

Cut everything in half.  10 Burpees, 20 Ranger merkins, 30 One legged Burpee, 40 Knerkins, 50 MOUNTAIN climbers.

Mosey back through Thoroughbred Trail to the Flag (wait I don’t remember seeing the flag) for a few rounds of merry.  


YMCA scholarship through Foghorn and Community Service opportunity at North Fulton Community Charities 3/26.  North Fulton is one of my personal favorites!  
Praise/Prayer for Boomers Father in law.  Jaw is being reconstructed with muscle!

Double Down Dorafest

    When: 03/14/16


    The Pax: Flo, The Dab, Miyagi, Swiss Army Knife, Sunshine, Simba, Mother Goose

    QIC: Boomer

In spite of the recent Daylight Savings Swindle that took place Saturday night, 8 pax faced the gloom and got after it. The weather was perfect this morning, and we better enjoy it while we got it. Here is what happened.

Warmup: IC

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Cotton Pickers

Short warmup so we could get to the fun stuff.

The Thang:

Partner up and grab one rock per couple. Mosey to the soccer field.

Dora 1, 2, 3 with 100 Carolina Drydock, 200 merkins, 300 seal jacks. Partner running half the length of soccer field and back with rock.

Rotate rocks for second round of Dora. Cut the distance in half. 100 squats with rock, 200 lunges with rock, and 300 LBCs with rock. Partner bear crawling to line and then back pedal back.

Mosey back to the flag. Made it there with 20 seconds to spare.

COT and BOM.

Prayers for Sunshine’s co-worker, YHC’s father-in-law, and The Dab’s friend.


  • I think we’re ready for some new Qs. Maybe Simba or The Dab is willing to give it a shot soon.
  • Thankful for Mother Goose as he prepares to join the Air Force full time next week. Hopefully we can help him prepare physically.
  • Let’s keep growing. I know we all know one neighbor, co-worker, or friend who needs F3. Offer to pick them up or text a reminder at 5 in the morning. Just get them there.

We’re not going to run today

    When: 03/12/16


    The Pax: Foghorn, Defcon 2, GRITS, Swag, Mufasa, Crack, Pink Panther, Swiper, Flo

    QIC: Hickory Stick

10 PAX in the Rubicon for an alternate parking location, same flag location kind of morning.

YHC gave an extra 2 min to let everyone get situated and we moseyed to the tennis court.

Very brief warmup and then on for a ‘Merican Hammer Mile. The Wills Road 1-mile loop with 10 ‘Merican Hammers at every cross street, turn, or speed hump.

Back to Wills Park and over to the field of Dreams.

10-1 with a lap around the bases.
10 Merkins, 10 Squats, 10 WWI Situps, lap
9 Merkins, 9 Squats, 9 WWI Situps, lap
8 Merkins, 8 Squats, 8 WWI Situps, lap

1 Merkin, 1 Squat, 1 WWI Situp, lap

Partner up. Partner 1 runs backwards around the length of the baseball field, Partner 2 does 8 Monkey Humpers and chases Partner 1. Switch when he catches him. 2 laps around the field total.

Squat Waves. Merkin Waves.

Partner up for Dora 1-2-3.
100 CDD, 200 Lunges (100 each leg), 300 Flutters. Partner runs to foul pole and back.

Over to the rock pile.
Low curls, move to the left.
High curls, move to the left.
Shoulder presses, move to the left.
Zamporini, move to the left.
Skull Crushers, move to the left.
Crack posted, we’ve got rocks, special guest excericse!! Genuwines.

Off to the parking field for 6MOM, gained by the 2 min we lost.

Great job by all the guys today. Humidity is back in the Rubicon!

7 Miler

    When: 03/11/16


    The Pax: Hickory Stick, Foghorn, Slapshot, Defcon 2


4 PAX rolled up to Mugs for a Friday morning stroll.

The range of how far we should run was from 5 to 8 miles, but the PAX settled on 7.

From Mugs the group went west on Milton Avenue, which turns into Mid Broadwell, Left onto a very brief stint on Mayfield Road, left onto Broadwell Road, Left on to Rucker Road which turned into Old Milton Parkway, left onto Haynes Bridge, Left onto Academy Stret which turns into Milton Avenue, Left onto Old Roswell to make it an even 7.

Great job by the group today. Really pushed one another.

Really appreciate Slapshot being there with the light.
Glad DC2 didn’t die. Alpharetta drivers barely understand driving straight, let alone what to do with pedestrians.
Foghorn pushed til the end. Hard to believe 8 months ago he ran his first 5k, now he’s pacing the group for a 7 miler.

Link to Route and other data:

Time to break out the short sleeves!

    When: 03/10/16


    The Pax: Lightbulb, Swag, Slapshot (FNG), Cookie, Swiper

    QIC: Swiper, Cookie

Great morning at the Rubicon as spring temps arrived, despite the old man winter fartsack refusing to release the strong grip on many of our PAX!  That being said, F3 Alpha came through as always with an impromptu beat down that almost came across like we had it planned the whole time!  Here’s what went down:

Mosey to the big parking lot by the pool for warm up’s:  All IC




Cotton Pickers

Headed out to Old Milton to get things started with a Sqerkin Mile, alternating Merkins and Squats at every intersection through the standard route, past the airplane, and all the way back around to the tennis courts.

Mosey over to the FOD:  Cookie fortunately had a couple of unused exercises from his VQ on Tuesday which were as follows:

Morning Wood- 2 sets of 10.  (For those not familiar with this one, it is so named because you have to start on your back and pop all the way up without using your hands)

11’s on the hill, starting with one burpee at the bottom and 10 Carolina Dry Docks at the Top, then 2 burpees and 9 CDD’s, all the way back to 10 burpees and 1 CDD.

Headed back to the Flag for some Mary:



Freddie Mercury’s


American Hammers


-Welcome to Lightbulb’s friend Slapshot (FNG)

-Lightbulb and Swag both with 2 straight posts!  Strong!

-Cookie showing strong Q skills right out of the gate with a solid VQ on Tuesday and willingness to jump back in today

-Great things happening with F3 Alpha!  Feeling an awesome spring season ahead!