Record number for Hoppy Like

    When: 05/27/16


    The Pax: Defcon 2, The Dab, Mercury, Bronco

    QIC: Hickory Stick

5 PAX brought the humidity with them this morning.

YHC:  So how far are we running?  (the remainder of this conversation’s accuracy is questionable)
DC2:  How far do you want to run?
Mercury:  Can we run more than 3 and a half?
The Dab: Can we run more than that?
Bronco:  Can we keep it under six?

And with 5 questions, no answers, no set mileage the pax were off into the gloom.

After a quick turn onto HWY 9 the run almost ended as DC2 tripped and fell on the sidewalk.  Per my watch, his trip lasted about 0.03 miles at a 9:03 pace.

Right on Cumming Street.  A mile in, more questions on where are we going but one thing was answered, the downhill portion of the run was over.  Audible to Henderson, back to HWY 9, Right on canton (don’t blink), left on Hopewell, which turns into Canton toward downtown.  Turnaround, go back north on canton, to old canton, some wedding dress shopping, then back to the VSF (Virtual Shovel Flag).

Good run this morning. 4 even miles, 8:48 pace

Great communication between the PAX on pushing one another.


The Route:


Miyago + Flo + Miyagi = Worn out PAX

    When: 05/25/16


    The Pax: The Dab, Boomer, Sunshine, Simba, Wind Talker, Spurrier (Raleigh), and Tightrope (Starsky).

    QIC: Flo and Miyagi

8 PAX strong for the Workout and 1 Starksy for 2nd F Coffeeteria.  Good times had by all!  As always, it is an honor to encourage and be encouraged by you!

The Thang….

Tag to Miaygi…

Quick Mosey around the parking  lot and circled up for warm-ups:


SSH: x20

Cotton Pickers: x20

Merkins: 15

**waiting for late arrivals, Simba joined just in time!

Tag to flo…

Mosey to the “Chapel Hill”- see what I did there…

2 sets each exercise (45 seconds each on QIC’s watch)-AMRAP- Altogether at Location A, Pax can choose to do second set at location B or C.  All mosey back to A for the next exercise until each exercise has been completed twice.

Reverse lunge to air chair (alternating)

Dive Bomber merkins

High Knee Burpees (8 high knees + burpee)

Accordion Merkins

Fire feet Burpees (8 taps + burpee)

Crane Split Squats(left)

Crane Split Squats(right)

Mountain Climbers

Side Straddle Hops

Mosey Back to flag for some Merry- “Hey Boomer…Do you know why I love being Q?”  Before Boomer can answer, QIC gets a head start on the all-in sprint while yelling, “This is why!”.  Even with the head start QIC almost loses to Wind Talker.  That dude can scoot.

Tag to Miyagi…


35 LBCs

30 Flutters

10 Ninja Merkins

Mosey to the end of the parking lot and ended with Sally- Squats and Air Chair on the ups and downs.


Glad to have Spurrier in town even though it was due to unfortunate circumstances.  Big prayers up for them and come back any time.  We continued to pray for Boomer’s FIL and that the infection would move on.  Praise to God for the good report on Dab’s 2.0 Sam.  God is good.


2nd F event tomorrow night in downtown Alpharetta 5:30 start time.  Bring the families out for some fellowship, food truck grub, and libations. A little mumble chatter about the possibility of replicating in Cumming during Coffeeteria.  What says you south forsyth rubicon faithful?  You game?  TClaps to Miyagi on the great half Q!

Got word from “the Bear” that he showed up ready to post 24 hours too early and decided not to wait around!  See you Monday Bear.

See you when I see you!!!


Grab a Rock Any Rock

    When: 05/24/2016


    The Pax: Millertime, Law Dog, Animal, Grits, Hot Sauce, D'Berry, Big South, Hickory, Swiper, No-See-Um, Crack, DC2, Koukey, Flo, Swag, and Peanut.

    QIC: Nacho Libre

18 made it out to the Rubicon for this Tuesday morning beat down! You know the weather was perfect if Grits rolled out of the fart sack…

Warm up
In honor of Grits, YHC decided to start the warm up in the tall grass in between the mini field of dreams.

10 Side Straddle Hops
10 Windmills
10 Hillbillies
10 Merkins

The Thang

The pax moseyed over to the playground ready to do some pull-ups, merkins, and squats. With the large group we had a change of plans…
1 pull-up 1 Merkin, 1 pull-up 2 Merkins, 1 pull-up 3 Merkins….all the way to 10. Next set kept everything the same but we substituted Merkins for squats.

After completing we headed to the rock pile. “Grab a rock any rock” and mosey over to the parking lot.

Lieutenant Dan with your rock.
1 Squat – 4 overhead walking lunges
2 squats – 8 overhead walking lunges
3 squats – 12 overhead walking lunges
4 squats – 16 overhead walking lunges
Repeat all the way to eight. We also mixed in some curls, press, and skull crushers.

On to the Field of Dreams for 2 rounds of Berp and Merk. First round up to 10, second round down from 10.

Quick mosey back to the flag for a few minutes of Mery. Swag was a little behind for the Mery…he had to go drop the kids off at the pool.


The Q planned to have the the group go to 10 on the Lieutenant Dan’s by YHC was done at 8.
Prayers – Flo’s parents, Member of Law Dog’s Church (Praise), Grits Career.

Burpee/Pullup Ladder

    When: 05/23/16


    The Pax: Boomer, Flo, Simba, The Dab, Sunshine, Miyagi, Whopper, Mother Goose

    QIC: Boomer

8 Pax rolled out of the fartsack to start the week right. The moon was full, and the temperature was perfect. After a short warmup and disclaimer for our FNG, we moseyed to the soccer field. After one lap doing an Indian Run, we lost our FNG. His brain said keep going, but his body and last night’s meal said stop. His brain lost. It happens to the best of us.

Keeping our Indian Run formation, we did a reverse Indian Run where the front runs around the field and catches the back. Pax didn’t just run but performed different exercises as YHC called them out. Bear crawl, lunges, burpee broad jumps, inch worm, crawl bear, backpedal.

We next moseyed to the playground for the burpee/pullup ladder. If this thing isn’t named yet, it should be. 1 pullup then 1 burpee. 2 pullups then 2 burpees. Up until failure. Run to the sidewalk and back. 25 bench dips. Plank for the 6. Then repeat but start with the highest number and work down. Run and bench dips again.

Mosey back to the flag. Stop for a round of ATMs. Keep moseying. Couple MOM to put a bow on it.

Prayers for CAA, YHC’s in-laws, The Dab’s family.


  • Welcome Whopper who finished with Mary. Everyone starts from somewhere. It doesn’t get easier, but you get stronger.
  • Great having Mother Goose back. Thankful for your service!
  • Let’s do something special next Monday for Memorial Day. Honor those who gave their all.

From Billy Zane to Colonel

    When: 05/21/16


    The Pax: Miller Time, FNG- Lumbergh, FNG- Colonel, Hickory Stick, No-See-Um, GRITS, Boomer, Swiper, Mercury, Animal, Mufasa, Flo, Crack

    QIC: Mercury, King Crack

A beautiful morning for a beatdown. Not sure what the weather conditions were, but be assured that the weather was there. 12 solid began at the Rubicon this AM, including the ever-persistent Mufasa! It would not be long until a 13th joined up, but more on that later. We also got a little VQ action along our first taste of what Mercury has in store when he is the Q. Boooooooomer set his watch for 10 minute alarms. When the alarm hits, everyone will stop in place for 10 burpees. On to to the thang:

The faithful traversed to the Old Milton HS for some fun at the stadium stopping along way for warm-ups led by the man, the myth, the legend, MERCURY. All warm-ups in cadence: imperial walker, merkin, side straddle hop, and windmills.

GRITS was the first to the stadium by a long shot. He must be tired of you guys picking on him, because he blazed his way there. Those things are possible when you stop drinking at 4 like he did yesterday. He even had to do some SOLO exercising because no one else was even close. Once to said stadium, YHC takes over just in time for the first set of burpees.

Partner up. One partner runs the stadium steps while the other runs a lap. Converge and knock out partner derkins, 15 each man. Swap and repeato. Rinse and repeat. Somewhere in there, 10 more burpees when the alarm rings.

4 corners with 10 merkins, bear crawl, 20 CCDs shuffle left, 30 squats, crawl bear, 40 LBCs, shuffle right. Next set with 10 burpees as the alarm rings, run, 20 DDCs, bear crawl left, 30 squats, nur, 40 LBCs, bear crawl right.

Indian run back the flag. When each man hits the front, the PAX stop while he leads a cadenced exercise. There were some monkey humpers, SSHs, dying cockroaches, copperhead squats, toe touches, lunges, and more. It was during this, that Mercury called out diamond merkins and led what seemed to be 236 of them. And somewhere in there, the alarm buzzed and 10 burpees were had by all.

It was also during this indian run where we were joined by a 13th. There had already been 3 SCs at the stadium not wanting to join, a runner along Milton Ave not interested in turning off his walkman, and now a runner on Old Milton. As is normal, he was invited to stop and join… which he did! And he finished the workout, got a name and even put in a prayer request. That my friends, is what you refer to as a success Billy Zane. And now, welcome to F3 Colonel!

So now Colonel is one of the PAX, we finish with some wide arm merkins, the alarm rings for 10 fun burpees, and 13 strong mosey back to the flag. Everyone except Flo who showed his dead sprinting skills as he must think he can beat Usain Bolt… which may actually be true.

Crack starts 6 MOM, followed by Mercury, and then Animal. Animal, BTW, calls cadence as sweet as  a sparrow calls his lady sparrow. And he claims he only knows how to drum…

Lastly, end on 10-20 burpees and an alarm


  • Prayers for Mufasa’s friends experiencing the pain of a stillbirth
  • Our brothers from The Hooch involved in Camp All American and may the make lasting impact for so many this summer
  • And our newest brother, Colonel, who has just moved here from Kenya on 4/15/16 finally able to join his wife and 3 children. May he settle in, meet friends, find work, and enjoy his new home!


  • Very impressive first post today from our other FNG, Lumbergh. It may not be the best name, but that guy will thank me after all of his avatar and meme options are revealed. Prayers to him for his big activities on Monday. P.S. Lumbergh is fast!
  • Mercury and Animal are ready to take over. They have this F3 thing figured out. You guys should sign up for your own Q’s now:
  • Mufasa is a stud. Can barely walk, shows anyways, sets the pace through the stadium, runs on his hands back to the flag
  • 7 at coffeeteria including a rare and appreciated appearance by Boomer
  • No-See-Um got permission for at least one more Rubicon beatdown encouraged by Miller Time
  • Welcome back to Hickory Stick. When you post as often as him, you get a “welcome back” for missing one workout. He is once again nice and healthy, too!

Crack’s WNTY: Giselle (who’s known to run races in a speedo)

Pre-Blast: Rubicon Saturday 5/21

    When: 05/20/16


    The Pax: No one from The Hooch unless they have the gusto to prove me wrong, DC2 and Boomer because they're solid like that, probably Cookie, I bet Swiper and Flo show, if No-See-Um can get a pass he will be there, a few of the newest FNGs probably want to find out if YHC can talk as much as usual while he Q's. Be sure to warn Nacho "not-to-sho" after his birthday celebration, GRITS, it may be too much running for Mufasa, Darth ignores us anyways, and all of the guys from The Hooch.

    QIC: Crack & maybe a VQ

We have had a great number of new PAX joining F3Alpha recently. It has been excellent to meet these former sad clowns as you transition to a HIM. I would also like to introduce those individuals to a pre-blast. This PB can also serve as a great reason not to post tomorrow. Look at these options:

  1. This is a beatdown my frail little body (or knee) is just not yet prepared for, or
  2. This isn’t even close to a beatdown. Why waste my time? I will just power walk in the neighborhood with my M instead, or
  3. Cantore is a-comin!, or
  4. Even if Cantore stays home, his mark will still be left in on the Rubicon from today. Either way, I prefer the fartsack, or
  5. I only work out at The Hooch and I plan to keep it that way, or
  6. Momma told me to stay away from Crack. Now I understand what she means.

See! So many options, and nobody is even going to frown upon you. Just pick one and stay home. But if you find yourself tough enough to wake up on “sleep-in” Saturday, you may just happen to find another man or two just like yourself, ready to take on the day unlike the majority of other men out there in the world.  If that is you, here is what we may do:

We will take a mosey either to the old MHS football field, or to the equine arena. Decisions will be based on PAX, weather, or availability of the arena. (This is the season for arena occupancy, so the stadium is the highly likely destination in case you are late.) We may even have a VQ session! Bring your favorite exercise and plan at some point to do an Indian Run where new man in front stops to lead a cadenced exercise.  Bring a partner for partner plank merkins. We will either do some 11’s or 4 corners depending on the location. Expect to run at least 2.5 miles. Expect some lots of stairs.

Crack’s WNTY: Assless Chaps

Misty Mugs run to Avalon

    When: 05/20/16


    The Pax: Def Con II (also serving as the co-Q), Bronco

    QIC: Def Con II

Two strong this AM for a run: DC2 (who was the ACTUAL Q today!) and Bronco.

What went down

Friday at 5:30. Started in a light, light drizzle that simply cooled off the runners. Headed out of downtown at 5:30 on the nose down HWY9 to Old Milton. Old Milton East at a steady pace to Avalon. Weave through Avalon by the new construction to West Side Pkwy. Head back on Thompson St (site of future mixed use development), up Haynes Bridge to Academy and back to Mug’s. Great 3.37 mile run at a comfortable semi talking pace.


Bronco traveling over the weekend, safe travels! See more of you here next Friday. Runs vary on who shows up. Are you out of running shape? Show up, we’ll help get you there.

Crack’s WNTY: Lachey (I would never return with that name)

Can you post this for me?

    When: 05/19/16


    The Pax: DC2, Swiper, Do-Si-Do, 45, Boomer, Mercury, Nacho, Crack & Cookie

    QIC: Cookie

Editor’s answer: Sure… but at least two of us know this will be the last time. And that is too bad because I am really enjoying the new WNTY routine.  Now back to your originally written backblast:

9 PAX in attendance for today’s “19th of the month” beatdown. Rain threatened but never came

WARM-UP: Mosey to tennis court parking lot

  • 19 side straddle hops
  • 19 cotton pickers
  • 19 imperial walkers
  • Mosey up the street to the hill


  • Partner up – one partner runs up the hill, other partner does 19 lunges each leg & 19 squats. Rinse & repeat.
  • Mosey around to pull up bar & adjacent wall: Balls to the Wall – slow count to 19 Partner Pull-Ups – 19 total
  • Mosey to FOD Merkin Ladder – 19 down to 1, sprinting length of bases in between (YHC {not the editor!} struggled a bit)
  • Warmdown Excercise – 19 morning woods

Sprint to flag for some Mary -ring around the Rosy (19 LBC, JLO’s, Side Plank Dip, reverse LBC, Slow Flutter, etc)


  • good times were had by all
  • Crack had to dip after Mary
  • continued prayers for Boomer’s FIL
  • prayers for overseas plane crash victims & families

Crack’s WNTY: KY!


0.0 Part Deux

    When: 05/18/16


    The Pax: Peachy, The Dab, Boomer, Sunshine, Crack, Cheddar, and Flo

    QIC: Flo

7 PAX strong for a beautiful morning focusing on sweating as much as possible without covering much distance.  Mission completed on both fronts!

Honored to be with you men this morning.  High fives all around!

The Thang….

Quick Mosey around the parking  lot and circled up for warm-ups:


SSH: x15

Cotton Mills x15

Cotton Pickers: x15

**waiting for late arrivals, Cheddar joined just in time!

Mosey to the back lot for 14 different exercise stations of HIIT training.  Each PAX started at their own station  for 45 seconds of exercise doing AMRAP switching to the next station when they heard the bell ring.  2.75 rounds of Burp/Merks, Squat/Curl/Presses, Peter Parker/Parker Peters, Walk through lunges left, Walk through lunges right, speedskaters, frog hop merkins, Gorilla Squats, lat to front raises, break dancers, crab dips, Carolina Dry Docks, star jumps, and crunchy frogs.  Lots of mumble chatter keeping spirits high and it was quite educational too as Crack lectured about the indigenous tribes of Venezuela and how they use bullet ants to inflict pain on each other.  Good times!

This was all set to the smooth stylings of QICs playlist.  Which has been retooled since the last time he broke it out at which point he shared a playlist with his bride.  The PAX seemed more pleased with an overall more manly selection of songs except for that one which somehow remained on the re-tooled playlist post re-tooling.  The PAX bantered regarding the artist of such song and it would appear we were all wrong regarding song and artist.  The song in question was actually “Titanium” by David Guetta (feat Sia).  I know the PAX will rest easy tonight now this debate is settled!

Back to flag for some Mary:

IN CADENCE via Flo, Crack, Sunshine, and Cheddar

15 Gas Pumpers

15 J-Los

15 I can’t remember- I was too concerned about the growing ant population around me based on the Bullet Ant convo King Crack started (see above).

15 Leg lifts to Dollies


Big prayers up to an infinitely bigger God.  May we all be on mission serving others well and being salt and light to a world around us.  Boomers FIL still in Houston still recovering.  We prayed that pneumonia will not set in at this point and that the fluid would leave his lungs without more invasive removal measures.  Strength and calm hearts for the family in general.

QIC- shared his takeaway from the 3rd F event with Movers n’ Shakers.  While leaving, I was thanking John D. for allowing my 2.0 to participate and he told me, “If you don’t teach that little girl to love and serve others, then no one else will.  This world sure won’t”.  Amen to that!

See you when I see you!!!




    When: 05/17/16


    The Pax: Nacho Libre, Mercury, Defcon 2, Hickory, Animal, Doe See Doe, Big South, Crack, 45, Mongoose

    QIC: Nacho Libre

13 showed up for a rainy morning at the Rubicon. 13 got started under grits pavilion trying to stay out of the rain. After a quick warm up the Pax went for a quick mosey. The Pax looked back and 2 made a dash for their car. They decided this wasn’t their morning for F3.

Warm up

17 Side Straddle Hops, 17 Merkins, 17 Imperial Walkers and 14 Squats.

The Thang

Quick Mosey then the rain started to fall and the Pax headed back to Grits Pavilion.

Improvised on the workout. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 Step ups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Merkins and Squats in cadence. 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Step ups 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Derkins and Lunges in cadence.

One round of peoples chair and one round of balls to the wall.

5 minutes of mary.


Great work this weekend with Movers and Shakers. Great organization that helps build our community through Christ.