5 PAX drop some BOMBS!

    When: 09/06/16


    The Pax: King Crack, Law Dog, Chief, Clyde

    QIC: Swiper

Slightly on the disheveled side at BC as YHC arrived back in town late on Monday evening after battling Hermeine on the SC Coast.  Both the Co-Q and the flag were MIA as well for one of (2) reasons:

  1.   The Co-Q was barefoot water skiing on Lake Hartwell
  2. The Co-Q fartsacked and photo shopped his image onto that of a barefoot waterskiier.

Either way, here’s what went down:

Mosey to the HIgh Side parking lot by the track for Warm ups, all IC:


Imperial Walkers


Head on to some new BC ground, the track!  Alpha PAX have crossed paths with a couple of tracks at other AO’s, so excited to see what this one had to offer.  Lesson one is that once a runner makes turn 2, he is outta sight until he rounds turn 4, which could be dangerous considering what these HIM’s aren’t afraid to do in broad daylight!  Regardless, it was time to partner up and hit the track for some B.O.M.B.S…

Partner one takes off for a run around the full track while the other partner works on the following:

50 Burpees

100 Overhead Claps

150 Merkins

200 Big Boy sit ups

250 Squats

Switch off whenever your partner returns from a full lap.

This exercise takes a while even with only a few participants, so afterwards, we were off to the bathroom complex by the track for:

Peoples Chair- Alternating legs, arm extensions

Balls 2 the wall.  YHC had a chance to grab the crown, but finally fell to the Kang in the waning seconds.  Even a bachelor party weekend didn’t take the edge off of his game!

Back to the Flag for some quick Mary:


Boxcutters (reverse)


  • Prayers for Chief’s wife who is going in for some tests tomorrow that all is well with her health
  • Continued prayers for Flo’s dad
  • Announcement of a Guest Q, King Crack, at BC next Tuesday!  Come on out and see him hoist the scepter at the Creek!  Not sure what is in store, but he is sure to separate the peasants from the Royal bloodline
  • Props to Chief and Clyde for the continued commitment.  I think I hear a VQ in the not so distant future??………..

“Let’s have a bachelor party with chicks and guns and fire trucks and…F3?”*

    When: 09/03/2016


    The Pax: The Guvnah, Roscoe, Gump, Vinny, Sonny Bono (and the War Daddy...at Base Camp and in our hearts), Metro, Melinda, Mad Cow, Cavalier, Floppy/Short Circuit, Joy, Backdraft (FNG), Psycho/Francis (FNG), Barker, (FNG), Pillsbury, Hot Sauce, Nacho Libre, Hot Cocoa, Buhner, Natty Daddy, Double Check, Crayola, The King of Beers, Pusher, Crack, Hello Kitty (?) (FNG)

    QIC: Crypt Keeper + Sweeper Boy

*paraphrased from the 1984 Tom Hanks classic “Bachelor Party.

28 men gathered around The Shovel Flag for a Labor Day weekend beatdown. We labored.

YHC was in The Land of the Sky for the weekend and offered up the BomBox. Understanding that YHC could easily self-smoke in the first 30, The Crypt Keeper graciously agreed to Q the back half.

The Thang:

It was 55 degrees. 7:00 am came and the BomBox exploded (see below for full mix):

  • Hold a plank while The Groove Armada gets warmed up.
  • Release for a quick mosey around the lot.
  • COP with SSHs, squats, Imperial Walkers.
  • Quick mosey to the football field (pick up a straggler on the way)
  • The 4 Corners: 10 reps of a Pax called exercise in each corner of the field
    • First up….Burpees (thank you, King o Beers…but apparently, I didn’t explain the whole “in EACH corner” thing)
    • Star jumps
    • LBCs
    • Merkins
  • (Pick up four new stragglers 15 mins in…more on this later)
  • 6MM at mid-field with LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, Squats and Solider-Jacks (set to The Killlers’ “All These Things I’ve Done” – hold the plank with merkins on every “Soldier.”)
  • Line-up on the sideline for AYG across, 75% back, Serge Zwikkers across, lunges back, Karaoke across and back.

The Crypt Keeper takes the conch…and things escalate quickly.

  • Mosey to the stadium stairs for a called three rounds of BACKWARDS BEARCRAWLS UP THE STAIRS (ALL CAPS TO SIGNIFY THE UTTER CRAZINESS OF THIS….LIKE I HAVE TO YELL AT YOU TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS). YHC taps out midway through the 2nd round…mercifully, CK looks over at his Co-Q with slight look of disappointment/disgust and calls an audible.
  • Mosey back to goal line:
    • Five merkins on goal line, sprint to the 10 for two burpees, backwards run back to goal line.
    • Rinse and repeat at 20, 30, 40, 50 yd lines.
  • Moroccan Dance Clubs x 50 (this was a new one to me….and almost made my arms fall off. Sneaky).
  • Mosey to the covered walkway for 11s (inboard pullups on the rail + dips on the benches).
  • Finish with a long-line Indian Run all the way around the school.

Annnnnnd scene.

The Garmin tells me we clocked in at almost 3 miles and 800 kCals (for those keeping score at home).


  • So the second group of stragglers rolled in at the 15 min mark. Seemed a little odd. All were FNGs (to Asheville at least). They dove right in and kept up but eventually a few fell back to the 6. But strong encouragement from the Pax kept everyone going and together.
  • During the final IR around the school, YHC dropped back to sweep the 6 (I am called Sweeper Boy….and I know the 6 well). I introduced myself to Psycho/Francis as we joggrd in. He explains that he is actually fine, just he had only gone to bed 90 mins ago. Wait? WTF? Why are you even here? Turns out that it was F3- Alpharetta’s own Hot Sauce’s bachelor party weekend in Asheville. After a loooong night out in Beer City, USA, the groom-to-be roused his groomsmen from a short, but deep slumber to join him in posting at Base Camp. Gentlemen, this is strong. And never heard of in the annals of F3 (as far as YHC knows). That’s some strong 2d F/Accountability there, fellas. And even stronger stomachs/heads because, despite a previous cryptic tweet, not a single drop of Merlot was spilled. Impressive. I sometimes fartsack after a few beers and a half-decent night’s sleep.These guys when went rafting after the workout.
  • Got some good FNG names out of the wedding crew, including Backdraft (for a hulk of firefighter – keep up the good work), Barker (who knows the Price is Right) and Psycho (with a last name “Bates”….but that also morphed into “Francis,” but careful….he might kill ya.).
  • We also had an FNG up from Anderson, SC. Big Clemson fan – so he become “Hello Kitty” (I think – please correct what other emasculating feline name it might have been otherwise).
  • Crayola and Vinny just quietly smoked the Pax on 4 Corners. YHC was just trying to keep up.
  • Joy completed the entire workout with his aviators on. Maverick and Ice Man would be impressed.
  • I’m still picking astroturf pellets out of my shoes, hair, and nooks and crannies.
  • F3 – Asheville continues to grow and impress. This is a very strong crew with Redwood Originals like Crypt Keeper, War Daddy (always), Buhner along with King of Beers, Natty Daddy, The Guvnuh, Pillsbury, and countless others continuing to EH and grow the Pax. Keep it up.

Shoutouts and Announcements:

  • Prayers for War Daddy’s friend who lost his wife and mother to their four children to suicide last week. Not sure what to even say other than we are praying for him and his kids. That is just rough.
  •  Best of luck and Godspeed to Cavalier on the BRR. Run hard.
  • Congrats to Hot Sauce on the impending nuptials. You’ve got a good crew who will always have your back.

On behalf of Crypt Keeper

I remain,

Sweeper Boy

BomBox MIx:

Purple Haze – Groove Armada

The House That Heaven Built – Japandroids

Everlong – Foo Fighters

Callin on Sunday – U2 vs. Lyrics Born

Your Love – The Outfield

Black Tahoe – Balsa Gliders

All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers

My Name is Jonas – Weezer

Panama – Van Halen

America Runs on Duncan – Dananananaykroid

Sunshine – Mike Doughty

She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult

Rent I Pay – Spoon

Rearviewmirror – Pearl Jam

Photograph – Def Leopard

Baba O’Riley (live) – Pearl Jam




Someone Stole the Deck of Pain!

    When: 09/05/16


    The Pax: Boomer, Babyface, the Dab, Mr. Drummond, Squirrel, Chipper, Foghorn, Sneakers

    QIC: Boomer

8 Pax decided to meet the gloom rather than sleep in on a Monday off. And YHC knew that pax this committed would be disappointed if the beatdown was not challenging. YHC is also bitter that the beloved Sooners crapped the bed Saturday. All were challenged, and then a curious thing happened. YHC put the deck of pain down right next to his car before moseying over for some people’s chair. When YHC returned to his car post-beatdown, the deck was gone. I need a law dawg to get to the bottom of this. Anyway, here is the rest of the story.


  • Mosey around the lot
  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Mosey to the church front entrance

The Thang:

Partner up with someone of similar weight. Partner carry up the stairs. Partner who was given the ride sprints to end of parking lot while mule Partner does burpees until his Partner returns. Upon return, they run a lap around the lot until back at the start. Flip flop and repeat. Each pax gets 3 trips as a mule and 3 trips as a rider.

Mosey around to the playground for the deck of pain. Hearts were pull-ups (or dips for space and difficulty purposes), diamonds were merkins, spades were big boy sit-ups, and clubs were monkeyhumpers. Face cards were 10, aces 11, and numbers were numbers. We took a couple of recovery laps to break up the deck.

Mosey back with some brief bear crawls, lunge walks, and zombie walks. Back to the flag and over to the pillars. Peoples chair, balls to the walls, and Mary. Finish with some slow tempo merkins. Done.

COT and BOM.

Prayers for Flo’s family and YHC’s father-in-law. T-claps to Chipper for his commitment and growth. He will be ready to Q before we know it.


  • Great seeing Babyface again. That whole work and getting 2.0s to school thing is overrated.
  • T-claps to the Dab and Babyface for sticking with pull-ups during the deck of pain.
  • Foghorn and YHC moseyed over to Sara Donuts for some delicious fried fat, and they were closed! So disappointing.
  • Bushwood Country Club (aka Iron Tribe) was also closed this morning. Meanwhile, the municipal course (aka the Hooch) was open for business and invigorating male leadership.
  • Still waiting for someone to fess up to stealing the deck of pain! YHC can always get more cards and just might out of principle.

We have Wings!

    When: 09/03/16


    The Pax: Miller Time, Boomer, Dos-si-do, Wings, Cookie

    QIC: Cookie

Mosey over to the side parking lot.  Side straddle hop, Cotton picker, Plank jacks.

-Merkin Mile.  Squats at speed humps, merkins at cross streets.
-Mosey back to the FOD.
-2 sets of Morning Wood.  Start on your back with one arm raised up, stand-up without using arms.
-Mucho Chesto Cycle.  10 Merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st base, 10 diamond, crab walk to 2nd, 10 wide, reverse crab to 3rd, 10 stagger, cheetah crawl home, 10 opposite stagger.  Rinse & repeat.
-Mosey around to the meaty part of the hill.
-Hill-Dora 123.  Partner up, 100 Carolina dry docks while partner runs the hill, 200 squats, 300 LBCs
-Mosey to the pull-up bar.
-Pull-up challenge.  1st man gets 10, next man 11, next man 12, etc. (thanks Boomer for pushing YHC)
-Balls to the wall
-Mosey to the Grits pavilion.
-Step-ups and dips.  2 sets.
-Take it to the flag for 6 MOM.
-Freddy Mercury, Alphabet, Reverse LBC, Dolly, LBC, Dying cockroach

QIC challenged the PAX and the PAX responded in a big way.  TCLAPS to Wings for making it out, even though he was a bit late 🙂

Continued prayers for Flo’s father and Boomer’s FIL.  Also, please keep Boomer’s family in your thoughts and prayers as this is a tough anniversary weekend for them.  We appreciate his family’s sacrifice and no words can describe the debt we owe to them.  Also be with everyone traveling this holiday weekend, help keep them safe.  Now, on to college football….

R.E.S.P.E.C.T at Rubicon



    The Pax: Murdock, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Cookie, DoSido, Hickory Stick, Wings, Law Dog, Big Mac, DAB, Flo, Fog Horn, DoDUDi? respect but Did not get that name! Boomer


What had happend was…

15 Faithful Pax showed up in the glorious gloom, and we have FLO to thank for those lovely shots in the gloom…ha ha i get it now – dark.  Boomer followed the “halo” about DARTH V’s head and we all enjoyed a rinse repeat of the RESPECT TOUR @crack proved a noshow again!! Foghorn, Cookie, Nacho, Dosido, Hickory Stick chose the pre 15 run to SPACE MOUNTAIN at sub 10min pace.

The PAX and the PRE 15 GANG arrived at the Shovel Flag to see a “restrictor plates” – a pile o tires! OH and Law Dog…true to his word in the PreBlast with NO CRACK to object relenquished his Q with much respect.

Let’s mosey…restrictor plates distributed to the faster pax…Cookie, FLO, Boomer, Foghorn, Hickory, and others commence running to upper parking

PIT STOP. We drop restrictor plates for some warm ups.

Over the Hill Climbers, Old School Windmills and Cotton Pickers

Mumble chatter as to ready position or IC high standards expected and RESPECT to PAX

Mosey to rock pile grab a coupon and head to the grass field for R.E.S.P.E.C.T


RROCKEE (Burpee with a ROCK) 5 reps x 5 times  “you should have seen the size of some of those rocks…shift on no make that two” these are fun with rocks. 

EElf on a Shelf (ROCK “size matters” from RT Foot to L Shoulder  x 27  Then Left for 54 Total

SSnapshot (two handed shove rock – long jump to rock 15 down 15 back

PPlankJacks 57 on your on…PAX starting to sweat. respecting oldest PAX BIG MAC.

E –  EHLO as in Craig EHLO scored 5130 points for Cleveland imfamously Micheal Jordan  scored on him to win NBA Final, later played for  Hawks.  Catch and Jump Shot. 27 right + 27 left = 54 maybe a new F3 exercise submition as well. @chief champion of this exercise like a PRO

CCircle Burp (In Circle High Knees – go around circle burpee to 57) nice to see the MURDOCK “respect” man thats along way down from up there.

TTIRES ON HILL teams of 3 ran up hill to 5 squat press while partners remained alternating squats and merkins waiting their turn to run up hill.

Tunnel of Love (sprint 10 Yards drop and create arch 50 yards /  Train Track coming back hurdling PAX in Elbo Plank back to starting point)  Team effort competition was strong determined in photo finish as DAB lay prostrate near the finish line reaching with his right hand to tie the young PAX team.

Checkered Flag “TIME’s OUT” RACE BACK TO FLAG with fastest PAX “restricted” ! Cookie blows out the competition sheding his restrictor plate with all out sprint to finish! HEY what’s up with the shouts of “don’t let Darth win” ???? mumblings from the PAX in the rear. No worries Cookie gets the checkered flag!

Law dog lays down the Marys and we circle up.


Mary at Law Dog’s office surgery went well still facing Chemo.

Darths for wife’s EYE

Big MAC’s neighbors son

Flo’s dad prostate cancer



To Tire or Not to Tire, that is the Question

    When: 09/01/16


    The Pax: Any and everyone who shows up

    QIC: Law Dog (?)

YHC was approached two weeks ago about a possible quest Qs for this Thursdays beatdowns. Do-Si-Do, a regular, has been stepping up excited to lead the Pax. It is always good to encourage and reinvigorate male leadership in the Q. About that same time, as if rising from the fart sack ashes, Darth wants to Q. To be sure, his motives are clear. RESPECT.  However, respect can not be given, it must be earned.  So with that, the Q for tomorrow is Law Dog.

However, a judge can always reconsider, so nothing would be more proud to see than when pulling into the Rubicon parking lot, behold in the distance is a man ready to claim his Q with a mountain of tires on display as a work of art in front of Ol’ Glory.  Such a sight, would be so inspirational, that YHC would have no choice but to overrule the previous Q judgement and allow Respect to be earned.

With that, we are going to either play Bombs with Cindy or Respect the Tires. Only those brave enough to stand in the gloom tomorrow will know for sure. Until then, Goodnight and rest up, tomorrow should be fun.

Angry Dora (or Dab)

    When: 08/31/2016


    The Pax: The Dab, Flo, El Matador, Piggy, Sneakers, Simba, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Happy, Sunshine, Tightrope, Mr Drummond, Squirrel,Chipper, Grits, Miller Time, Swiss

    QIC: The Dab

17 showed this am…  The temp is starting to cool off but YTC is heating up.  After posting yesterday at the Rubican and doing my share of Bear Crawls…a change was needed. Some said “The Dab is angry”.

Here’s what went down…you be the judge 🙂

Warm up:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Cotton pickers

Mosey to area below playground

Mucho Chesto – run to top of hill and do next set

  • 10 merkins
  • 10 diamond merkins
  • 10 wide merkins
  • 10 offset (left) merkins
  • 10 offset (right) merkins

Dora + (runner does exercise at top of the hill)

  • 50 Makhtar N’Diayes – (runner does 5 pull-ups)
  • 100 Squats – (runner does 10 Squarkins)
  • 200 Dying Cockroaches – (runner does 20 dips)

…a rapid 10 count (perhaps this is where “Angry” Dab came from?)


  • 50 modified pullups
  • 100 Star Jumps
  • 200 Plank Jacks

Mosey back to flag…quick Mary of Freddy Mercurys

COT: Safe travels for Swiss and others traveling this weekend, Sneakers starting new career, Chipper’s uncle in hospital after car accident, YHC’s brother looking at divorce.

Thanks to Sunny for returning my tumbler/cup 🙂

As always it’s great to be challenge by such fine gentlemen.

Someone old, someone new, someone borrowed from the Rube!

    When: 08/30/16


    The Pax: Chief, Reuben, Darth Visor, The Body, Wings. Clyde, Crack

    QIC: Swiper

Great morning at BC where we were almost without a Flag, but recovered due to the close proximity of this AO to the house of the keeper of said flag, who was able to circle back home to get it and still post with plenty of time to spare!  8 PAX joined the beatdown including a first BC post for Wings, the return of The Body, a guest visit from F3 Alpha’s exhalted ruler, KC, and a few of the Big Creek faithful.  Here’s what went down:

Mosey down the hill to the grassy area for warm up’s, all IC:



Imperial Walkers


Everyone grab a partner, each set of partners select a rock from the lower rock pile and mosey back up to the Kidney Bean:

Partner A runs around the Bean with the rock overhead, Zamporini style (from the movie “Unbroken” if you haven’t seen it!)  While partner A is running, partner B performs BLIMPS back at the starting point. (5 Burpees, 10 lunges each leg, 15 IW each leg, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats).  When Partner A’s arms give out, he drops the rock, performs 3 Rock-ee’s and then runs back to switch with partner B.  Partner B runs out to the rock and continues the Zamporini until the partners bring the rock all the way around.  Rinse and repeat.  3rd set, partners run together and deposit the rock at the creek bed at the halfway point.

Next, off to some new BC territory, the playground.  Partners take turns performing 25 Squerkins on the swings and performing 20 pull up’s on the playground.  2 sets.

Mosey to the “Sundial,” a circle with benches all around for 2 sets of dips and step up’s.  Since this location was so much more conducive to Mary than the parking lot, YHC kicked off some Mary exercises,  all IC:


Dying Cockroach


Box Cutters


Indian Run around the outside and back to the flag!


-Great to have the Body and Reuben back out after a couple of weeks off

-Cheers to Chief and Clyde, who continue to be strong in posting every week

-2nd F this Thursday at Taco Mac on Windward for the kickoff of college football!

We’re gonna need a smaller rock…

After a summer of record high temps and high humidity, Fall-like weather has never been more well-received by a group of men. YHC took the Q for Peanut, and excitedly so. Boomer’s right… inflicting pain on another person can be quite the thrill, and YHC had 13 such persons to mess with this morn.

As someone once said.. “Keep it simple, stupid.” Here’s what happened.

The Warmup:

Mosey to the FOD.. gather in center field for a few stretches.
SSH x 15
Cotton Mill x 15
Hillbilly x 15
Merkins x 12

The Thang:

Scout Run. Slow jog the perimeter of FOD in single file, lead man SPRINTS to next station, then report back to the group. Some run long, some run short, depending on chance.. Stations: Left Pole, Right Pole, Home Plate.

Realizing this exercise is not best with more than 7-8 PAX.. too much down time for PAX. Also realizing, this PAX either doesn’t know what SPRINT means or they just don’t like to do it.

Werewolves.. because this exercise will turn men to beasts and back again to man. Partner up, line up at right foul pole. 1st partner does 30 merkins while 2nd partner bear crawls around perimeter of FOD. When 1st partner is finished with merkins, sprint to catch up with 2nd partner, who begins 30 merkins while 1st partner begins bear crawl.

Complete full circle around FOD, rinse and repeat with LBCs in place of merkins.

Finish with 20 slow squats, 20 second air chair.

Mosey to rock pile… Grab a LARGE rock.. before I tell you what the exercise is.. MOVE AWAY FROM THE SMALLER ROCKS.

Mosey to Community Center with the rock! Some grumbling here.. and for good reason as we found out.. And is that Hickory going back to the rock pile for a smaller rock as soon as YHC turns his back??

Finish miserable mosey to CC field..

Variation of Jack Webb. 1 rock merkin, 5 rock plank jacks, 2 rock presses.. Continue 1/5/2 ratio up to 5/25/10.

We brought rock to CC, it must go back somehow. MOSEY!… (Some chatter of forming new rock pile at CC for convenience sake/outright laziness)

Hickory got the group going with Mary at the flag while YHC covered the six..



  • Mufasa back at Wills, good to be humbled once again by a HIM two decades your senior.
  • THREE #respects this morn. If all three return, we’ll have four on Thursday. WOW.
  • Good showing by Fondue, who has earned his own Cal Ripken award for consistency. As others have said.. Fon-“DO” is right. The guy never gripes, just does.
  • Good to see recent FNGs show consistency.. So So Def, Murdock.
  • Giordi was with us as well. That guy is suffering through a knee injury, still showing.. (ahem, DC2)
  • The Dab showed strength by winning this edition of Merkin Madness. Nacho grows tired of winning at all things F3, shows generosity??
  • No better way to humble a runner than to call the bear crawl.. lots and lots of bear crawl.. right, Hickory?
  • Big South shows he also can take on The Hooch and The Rubicon in a single bound. I think he’s swallowed the #DRP completely.
  • Do-si-do wins the YETI this morn.. That’s one expensive cooler, and worth the price of F3 involvement.
  • Cooky is fast, and a true HIM for not taking that cooler home himself. Temptation may have been too much for YHC!  #analysis


Prayers and gratitude! Thankful for MASH, who is no longer pre-diabetes!! #F3counts

They were going into labor

    When: 08/29/16


    The Pax: Swiss, Flo, El Matador, The Dab, FNG Sneakers, Simba, Peachy, Boomer, Happy, Sunshine, Big South, TIghtrope, Mr. Belding

    QIC: Swiss

13 guys went into labor with all the midwife noises heard. They came in not knowing what was in them. but walked away having birthed a new found strength that will keep them walking with their heads high all the day long. Good work out there, it makes YHC, and your temporary OB/GYN, very proud to run with you. We’re going into Labor Day Weekend so get it throughout this week best you can before getting fat over the weekend. We had an FNG, welcome to the PAX Sneakers.
This is how it went down…
Warm-Up: Mosey lap with some side shuffling. Circled up for some Cotton-pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Side straddle hops IC. Then brief jog with some high knees and butt kicks to get the blood flowing.
Man (or monkey) in the Middle: Mosey to the Chapel lot and in groups of 3’s (one of 4). Person 1 starts on one side with LBC, person on far end with Reverse LBC, and person 3 start next to person 1 and bear crawls to person 2. Takes his place in Reverse LBC and person 2 lunge walk to 1. and continued til person one gets back to their original position.
Suicides: Starting with 10 Monkey Humpers, then running to the first line for 20 Burpees, and back to 10 more MH. Second line 30 Star Jumps. Third line 40 Tricep Merkins (Elbows in and arm closer to waist then higher up at the chest/face area). Fourth line 50 Jump Lunges. Let the Midwife noises begin.
Clockwork: Plank position in a large circle. Starting with over & under, one man get up from the plank and goes over the person to his right, then under the next and continue till he gets back to his own spot, then the next man goes. Then ending with 10-4’s ten reps of one workout with four different variations of it, Regular Merkins, Diamond, Wide, and Tricep. I think this was where the birth happened, I saw new men moving from here back to the flag.
At the flag: Starting with the first person who made it back, led a workout IC then choosing someone else to lead afterwards.