Torture on the Turf

    When: 06/25/15


    The Pax: Darth Visor, Deaf Con 2, Gears, Hickory Stick, Crack, Foghorn, Nacho Libre, Grits, Peanut, Blueberry

    QIC: Trojan

A turf field, some cut up tennis balls, and a deck of cards made for a great time this morning for 11 PAX.  Got off to a little bit of a late start, but made the most of the time by keeping the heart rate up for as long as possible!

The Thang:

  • PAX pick some playing cards.  We’ll put those away for later.
  •  Warmup:
    • SSH
    • Cotton Picker
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
  • Mosey to the turf and because variety is the spice of life, we changed things up a little bit on the way
    • Walking Lunges
    • Jog backwards for a little while
  • Reverse Indian Run
    • Line up and set the pace for a light jog around the inside of the infield
    • PAX in front sprint to catch up to the back of the line
    • Everyone gets two turns!
  • Line up on the foul line – things are about to get real fun
    • 4 tennis balls about 10 yards apart from each other
    • Run to 1st – 5 Burpees
    • Run to 2nd – 10 Diamond Merkins
    • Run to 3rd – 15 Monkey Humpers
    • Run to 4th – 20 Peter Parkers
    • Back pedal back to the line
    • Too much fun to only do once!  Let’s do it again!  Rinse and repeat for another 7-8 minutes.
  • Quick 10 count to catch our breath
  • Mosey up and around the hill tor some Deck of Death!
    • Diamonds – Diamond Merkins
    • Hearts – Burpees
    • Clubs – Star Jumps
    • Spades – Squats
    • Jokers – 100 LBCs!
    • 18 Cards drawn – lots of squats, burpees, and diamond merkins!  Fortunately there weren’t too many clubs drawn!  Lucky for the PAX, we even drew both Jokers in the deck!  200 LBCs for everybody!
  • Mosey back to the flag with just enough time for a couple more exercises
    • Slow Flutter
    • Reverse LBCs

Naked Moleskin:

Was a beautiful morning in Alpharetta.  Warm air, clear skies, and and a humidity level just shy of 300%.  Lots of mumblechatter during the walking lunges as Grits and Darth Visor keep the form in check  Watch your step during the backwards jog out to the field.  Hickory Stick was wanting to quit early during our torture ladder.  PAX finished that one strong and was eager for more!  Lots of excitement when that first Joker came out of the deck during the Deck of Death!  And then. . . wait for it. . . the second joker comes out!  WHAT?! How lucky can you get?!  Next week, it’s Vegas!


  • Big Gulp coming at you on 7/11!
  • Missing Mufasa as he recovers
  • Some of the PAX is meeting up in the AM tomorrow for an early run


The Hurricane is coming!

F3 brothers the Hurricane is coming to North Charleston SC!

On Saturday, 27 June at 0700 F3 Summerville will kick out its first created #CSAUP! It will be a four hour event with lots of pain, suffering, and brotherhood. We have planned a great workout for you – challenging all parts of the body! To top it off we will hang out and drink some great beers brewed by the Low Country’s own Coast Brewing Company. You will also earn a Hurricane patch to boast of your exploits.

Since F3 Summerville first launched Faultline in January we have been blessed with tremendous growth. That first AO has spawned into so much more – Bootcamps – Faultline, Seismic, Aftershock and Magnitude. Running – Tremor. Biking – Oscillator. Swimming – Tsunami. Service – Landslide. Fellowship – Liquefaction. Faith – Epicenter. Even for all of us it is still incredible to see and feel the changes in ourselves and experience this as brothers. We have men who have never run a race prepping for the Blue Ridge Run. We have men who were in mediocre fitness levels training for a GoRuck in September. Men are challenging themselves and each other everyday and in doing so improving their lives all around – and serving the community!

F3 Summerville wants to thank all of our brothers that came down to get us started and show us the ropes. You have also offered guidance and direction in an ongoing manner! We are all appreciative of your support and this is a time to thank you! Please come out and join us – HC today and enjoy a great event with F3 Summerville.

Click here now for more details and to HC –

FartSacker, where are you?

    When: 06/20/15


    The Pax: Weird Science (WB), Hickory Stick, Boomer (WD- Ha!), Foghorn, Crack

    QIC: Foghorn, Crack

The SF found pay dirt bright and early on a fantastic day. Unfortunately not many PAX found the flag in return.  Oh well.  No baseball action, so maybe they lacked that 12 YO motivation.

What went down:

QIC: Foghorn

  • Warmups:
    Imperial SquWalker
    Mountain climber
  • Mosey to rock quarry and locate a tool:
    Curls from a seated position
    Chest press from the 6
    Shoulder lifts from the 6
    Back to standing:
    Low curls
    High curls
    Curls for girls
    Shoulder press
    Skull crushers

QIC: Crack

  • Mosey to the picnic grounds
    Box jumps
    Step ups X2
    Wheel of merkins with your favorite curb

Four corners @AgassiLand: Face the same direction during each bit of travel: shuffle right, run forward, shuffle left, run backwards

  • For two laps:
    – Corner 1: 10 hand release merkins
    – #2: 15 squats
    – #3: 20 LBCs
    – #4: 25 flutters
  • Two more laps:
    – #1: 10 CDDs
    – #2: 15 Peter parkers
    – #3: 20 plank jacks
    – #4: 25 LBCRs
  • Indian run while stopping for an exercise at each new leader:
    Mini suicides
    Air presses
    Seal jacks
    Mountain climbers
    Dying Cockroaches
    Few more that can’t be recalled
  • Zig zig the parking lot doing:
    Left kereoke
    Right kereoke
    Backwards run
  • 6MOM lead by Weird Science
    Toe touches
    Long slow flutters
    Toes to the sky
    A few more!



  • First off, and the thing on many minds, Prayers to the folks in Charleston.  The victims families have been models of Faith in spite of this terrible tragedy.  Its Faith like they are demonstrating that will do way more good than some chump can do bad.
  • After having 17 on Tuesday morning, we dribbled down to 5 real men. Is it because 7 am is too late? Is because we have ballroom dancing lessons in town? Is it because YHC was set to Q? Is it because all the local PAX are registered for the big race tonight? Let’s hope it’s the latter!  Either way, some of our men are dealing with some life challenges and our TAP be with them.  Come back soon
  • Three racers posted today including Hickory Stick.  YHC seems to remember some MumbleChatter about him #resting? in order to beat the #LOHL.  That is why he is a #LEADER
  • Nice work by Foghorn on the Q’tivity. We even tried a few new things that weren’t too weird.
  • Speaking of weird, Weird Science was blindsided and forced to lead the majority of 6MOM.  Not only did he make it happen, we actually went for 7MOM.
  • Slick work by Boomer being stuck with the SF so that he had to post!

Remember when we had a breeze?

8 PAX joined up in the Rubicon on yet another warm, humid morning.  Where is that breeze that used to come through in the gloom?

Warmup by Foghorn
Happy Jacks
Something Frogs
Up Downs

The Thang
Mosey out to the field by the horseys
Merkin Ladder
15 Merkins
50 yd sprint
14 Merkins
50 yd sprint
13 Merkins
50 yd sprint
12 Merkins
you get the point

Come back to the wall for some People’s chair with heel touches.
Balls to the Wall.
Broke into groups of 4.  One group did more People’s Chair, other 4 did 10 swerkins, and switch.

Mosey to the planters for some step-ups and dips.

Mosey to the hill by the Field of Dreams

Jacob’s Ladder to 11
Rosalita at the bottom, Star Jumps at the top

6 MOM to the bell.

Prayers for Mufasa taking some R&R to come back stronger.
Nacho Libre’s gf is going to Nicaragua for a mission trip Saturday.
Few Ms in the bunch are expecting.


Half the PAX today were from Booster.  These guys need to give EH school
This was a hard workout IMO.  I had been battling what I think was a sinus infection the past few days, almost bowed out of Qing to be honest.  It wore me out, good work by the PAX finishing strong. #Flonase
Great job by Foghorn on his first lead in the warmups.  Good energy and some solid new stuff for warmups.
Epic battle of Balls to the Wall between Nacho Libre and Trojan, so epic that I don’t exactly remember who won.
Good calls by Crack and Boomer to let everyone lead a Mary workout to get those that haven’t Qd yet up to speed.
Peanut’s version of Balls to the Wall would be way easier, needs to do Q school and work that in.
Welcome FNG Blueberry!


A Humid Field of Dreams Beatdown

    When: 06/16/15


    The Pax: Trojan, Darth Visor (WD), Hickory Stick, Mufasa, Foghorn, Lightbulb, Nacho, Crack, No-See-Um, Si, Peanut, Boots, Sketchy (FNG), Little Chicken (FNG), P.E.- Performance Eval (FNG), Boomer, Crotch Rocket

    QIC: Boomer

17 committed PAX including 3 FNGs and 1 visitor (Crotch Rocket) stormed the field of dreams for a humid and sweaty beatdown.


  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Merkins

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the Field of Dreams.  Indian Run for 2 laps.
  • 4 Corners (corners where the infield ends) with Escalator
    • Burpee Broad Jump down first base line
    • 10 Peter Parkers
    • Lunge, Lunge, Squat down second base line
    • 20 Monkeyhumpers
    • Bear Crawl down third base line
    • 30 Mountain Climbers
    • Crab Walk to home plate
    • 40 LBCs
  • Burpee Chaser (everyone partners up, one partner backpedals while other partner completes 5 burpees, after 5 burpees he chases down backpedaling partner, partners then switch, repeato around the field for 5 minutes)
  • Jail break to home plate
  • Mosey to the hill.  Partner on the ground does flutter kicks while other partner runs up the hill and completes different exercise.  Then down the hill and flip flop with partner.  First round 10 diamond merkins, second round 20 normal merkins, third round 30 werkins.
  • Mosey to nice, wet grass.  Slow merkins while PAX wait for the 6.
  • 5 MOM
    • LBCs
    • Dolly
    • Freddy Mercury


Boots- Praise for great VBS last week.

Nacho- gf going on mission trip next week

2 engaged PAX- prayers for future marriages

Naked Moleskin:

  • Weekday beatdowns continue to be a growing phenomenon in Alpharetta.  3 more FNGs today.  Great effort from Little Chicken, P.E., and Sketchy today.
  • Darth Visor barely made it, and his mouth stayed in the fart sack until the QIC taunted him to wake up.
  • Burpee chaser seems to be a PAX favorite.  No place to hide and rest on that one.
  • Great to have Crotch Rocket join us.  We’ve learned a lot in 2 months.  Thanks for giving it away to us.  We’re ready to do the same in Athens, Chattanooga, Birmingham, and beyond.
  • Looking forward to the Convergence on 7/11
  • Excited to expand the QICs.  So many great leaders in this group.

Grab a Rock, But Choose Wisely!

    When: 06/13/15


    The Pax: Toll Man, Weird Science, Uga (FNG), Foghorn, No See Um

    QIC: Trojan

6 PAX enjoy a Saturday morning beat down and the FNGs keep on coming.  The workout started out with some confusion and blank stares as Q tried to find a suitable hill to get things going.  Once we found the hill, things got real.

The Thang:

  • The warm up:
    • SSH
    • Windmills
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
  • Mosey to the rock pile and grab a rock
  • Mosey across the park
    • stop for some planks and merkins on the way
    • first hill isn’t quite satisfactory – mosey on to the next
  • Finally, a hill that is worthy
    • partner up
    • first partner runs up the hill while carrying his rock while the other partner is doing exercises with his rock
    • team must reach 100 reps of each exercise rock
    • Curls, Skull Crushers, Press, Rows, and Squats
  • Mosey with the rocks over to the wall for some people’s chair
    • pull up some air and pass the rock down the line and back – x5
    • everyone grabs a rock and back to the chair – everyone passes his rock to the right and dump the rocks at the end – x6
  • Mosey back to the rock quarry and drop off our rocks
    • stop for a quick break and some flutters along the way
  • Mosey to the turf field and find your partner again
    • first partner takes a lap around the bases – bear crawls to first and then run the rest
    • partner at home does Planks, LBCs, and Monkey Humpers
    • switch places after each lap
  • Mosey to the Pavilion for some slow cadence pain
    • Derkins
    • Step Ups
    • Dips
    • Flutters
    • Nice slow cadence so the PAX can feel the burn
    • rinse and repeat
  • Mosey back toward the parking lot and get in some 6MOM
    • LBC
    • Rosalita
    • J Lo
    • Dolly with some slow counts
    • Freddy Mercury


  • Prayers for Tool Man’s family, especially Kolten and Kora, during a tough time of transition
  • Prayers for Foghorn and family as they’re moving into a new house, transitioning to a new job, and have a baby on the way

Naked Moleskin:

  • The hill proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated.
  • Weird Science makes a return from his F3 sabbatical and brings an FNG.
  • FNG Uga pushed through the pain in a way that would make any F3AlphaMan proud.  He couldn’t be more disgusted with his nickname.  Welcome to the PAX.
  • Tool Man, Foghorn, No See Um, and Trojan met up for some Coffeeteria after the beat down to talk motorcycles, real estate, careers, and general manliness.

Who’s Q? Me? OK!

    When: 06/11/15


    The Pax: Lightbulb, Foghorn, Hickory Stick, Crack, Nacho, No-See-um, Trojan (WB), Peanut, Grits (WD)


What went down:

> SSHx15
> IWX15
> MerkinsX12
> LBCx18
> SSHx15

Mosey to concrete shelter
> Derkinsx8
> Merkinsx8
> Mtn Climbersx12
> Knee Kicksx17
> Knee Kicks Dblx10 OYO
> Rinse/Repeat

Mosey to Ballfield
> Sprints around bases x2
> While others plank/LBC

Mosey to Parking Lot
> Grabbed a white line
> Merkins Flapjacks feet together
> Jumps L to R in upright position

Mosey to Start
> Sprints x2 while partner does
> Merkins/LBC

> Russian Twists 12 x2 (Thanks Hickory!)High/Slow Fluttersx8 JayLos x8
> (Another Thank you Hickory!) Rosalitas x15

> Chatter about reaching out to those we haven’t seen lately.
> ATL Convergence on deck for 7/11: Location: TBD

> Lot’s o’ sweat this am
> Good Q by GRITS this AM though he didn’t realize he had the lead. His mind is already on vacation.
> Nacho loved the merkins! He said he is up to about 1,000 already this week
> Thank you Peanut for the ultra- slow 10 count.
> Trojan will Q on Sat and GRITS is glad he’ll miss that one
> Trojan couldn’t take Ole Glory on the motor-scooter, so No-See-um has the honor. He won’t let us down!
> The Craft Beer Fest Road Race is coming up in Alpha 6/20; Crack on deck to organize the booth via Stang.  Foghorn and Lightbulb need to get Sweeper out there as well. Sweeper!

Thunder in the distance

9 PAX avoided having to Defy Cantore by a few miles this morning as some of the Forsyth PAX avoided the excuses of sleeping in due to quite a storm.

Out into the gloom
SSH X 30 Windmills X 20 Plank Jacks X 20

The Lucky Horseshoe around the turf ball field:
Lap 1
Lap 2
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20
Lap 3
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20
Lap 4
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20
Lap 5
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 6
SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 7
Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 8
LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 9
Star JumpsX20
Lap 10

(Credit F3 Kato for this workout idea as found in old BB, with some modification. Good read too:



Keep fellow PAX members not there in your prayers this week.
Pray for Boots who is leading VBS this week.
Praise from Darth “Grand Daddy” Visor on the granddaughter.

Great workout today, rough morning and the PAX stayed close together. Starjumps were a favorite it seemed, so we’ll see those more often. . .
Awesome having an FNG (Nacho Libre) and an out of towner (Soprano) as part of the group.
Told group to pace themselves today, either Trojan doesn’t listen or he actually was pacing.
Workout was a little quiet at first, Darth Visor wasn’t going to let it stay that way.
Glad that GRITS has an accountability partner in No-see-um. Strong showing by both today.
Today’s workout was right up Mufasa’s alley, solid work today.
Warmup in a new location, behind a building, glad Peanut was able to fake out the fartsack and find us.

Ball Players in the Making

    When: 06/06/15


    The Pax: Mufasa, Boomer, Trojan, FNG Max: Squirt, No-See-Um, Foghorn, DefCon 2, GRITS, Crack

    QIC: GRITS, Crack

We had to work to find available ball fields.  Those youngin’s are out early to get that batting practice!

Warm up between fields while we scout options.  All IC:
Mountain Climberx15

Mosey to the little league field
Ring of Fire (Bear Crawl/Merkins) x1 round

Ball players show up so mosey to teeball field
On 6 with Flutters in line as others bunny jumped over
Tunnel of Love

Mosey on over to the softball field for 3 corners: home plate, LF foul pole, RF foul pole. Split into groups of three. Two men run while one may stays home for squats. One man makes it to RF for Carolina Dry Docks, while the other continues to LF for LBCRs. Men sprint between stations pushing his teammate to the next station. Q needs to learn that 3 corners requires 4 teams, but the PAX showed fortitude and covered his mistake!

Mosey to the rock quarry and find something nice. All IC:
-Curls x18
-Skull Crushers x15
-Shoulder press x12
Move right
-Upright row x10
-Deep squats x10
Move Left
-Curls x10

Mosey to play tennis. Plenty of balls but no rackets. Back to groups of 3. One man does suicides, while the other 2 members do 10 squerkins apiece along with a few partner plank/LBCs. Rinse and repeat for all team members.

Mosey back for COT

-The Rubicon was a happening place this morning. About 8 fields of young tykes preparing for the majors.
-Youngest FNG yet! Mufasa’s formal Eagle Scout, the 21 YO Maximillian (Squirt) showed what it’s like to be young again. Way to spend your summer break.
-Foghorn had to pull the flag out of the fartsack. It may have been a minute or two late, but it was there… They were probably discussing their new future plans as the future is now for Foghorn!
-How do we keep seeing No-See-Um?
-DC2 should be upgraded to #1
-Perfect attendance for Hickory Stick finally got broken. He was missed, but sometimes the Ole Lady needs to see the world.
-Thanks to Boomer and Trojan for making some things happen with the shirts… can’t wait to be able to get our own Rubicon gear!

Weekday record lasted 48 hours

17 Pax posted in the gloom for @F3Alpha!

The Thang:



Mtn Climbersx15


Mosey to Picnic area:

Step Upsx15


Jump Upsx10




Mosey to Hill

Caterpillar (Tunnel of Love: up/down hill)


Mosey to Ball Field

Homeruns Single x1

Homeruns Group o’ 4 x1

Jack Webbs up to 10 (Thanks Trojan for taking over count for Grits!)

Mosey to Parking Lot


Dolly x15

Rosalita x15


Side Plank Dips x7 ea side


Reminder on 6/20 F3 Booth at Alpharetta Beer Festival/5k—thanks to STANG; need men to ‘man the booth’



A record for turnout today for @F3Alpha. StoneCold visits from CLT, glad to have a F3 traveler. GreenBean visits from downtown ATL to check us out. Talk about a convergence on 7/11 for ATL area. DarthVisor still waiting on grand-daughter; leaves for CLT today! 2 new FNGs (Temp/Gypsy) both work together and darn glad to have em’. Good to see Defcon2 back, but not attending next 2 weeks?? Some chatter about needing some more QICs….Grits to setup short training session soon for those who want/need to QIC…step up guys!