Thunder in the distance

9 PAX avoided having to Defy Cantore by a few miles this morning as some of the Forsyth PAX avoided the excuses of sleeping in due to quite a storm.

Out into the gloom
SSH X 30 Windmills X 20 Plank Jacks X 20

The Lucky Horseshoe around the turf ball field:
Lap 1
Lap 2
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20
Lap 3
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20
Lap 4
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20
Lap 5
MerkinsX20, SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 6
SquatsX20, Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 7
Dry DocksX20, LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 8
LBCsX20, Star JumpsX20
Lap 9
Star JumpsX20
Lap 10

(Credit F3 Kato for this workout idea as found in old BB, with some modification. Good read too:



Keep fellow PAX members not there in your prayers this week.
Pray for Boots who is leading VBS this week.
Praise from Darth “Grand Daddy” Visor on the granddaughter.

Great workout today, rough morning and the PAX stayed close together. Starjumps were a favorite it seemed, so we’ll see those more often. . .
Awesome having an FNG (Nacho Libre) and an out of towner (Soprano) as part of the group.
Told group to pace themselves today, either Trojan doesn’t listen or he actually was pacing.
Workout was a little quiet at first, Darth Visor wasn’t going to let it stay that way.
Glad that GRITS has an accountability partner in No-see-um. Strong showing by both today.
Today’s workout was right up Mufasa’s alley, solid work today.
Warmup in a new location, behind a building, glad Peanut was able to fake out the fartsack and find us.

Ball Players in the Making

    When: 06/06/15


    The Pax: Mufasa, Boomer, Trojan, FNG Max: Squirt, No-See-Um, Foghorn, DefCon 2, GRITS, Crack

    QIC: GRITS, Crack

We had to work to find available ball fields.  Those youngin’s are out early to get that batting practice!

Warm up between fields while we scout options.  All IC:
Mountain Climberx15

Mosey to the little league field
Ring of Fire (Bear Crawl/Merkins) x1 round

Ball players show up so mosey to teeball field
On 6 with Flutters in line as others bunny jumped over
Tunnel of Love

Mosey on over to the softball field for 3 corners: home plate, LF foul pole, RF foul pole. Split into groups of three. Two men run while one may stays home for squats. One man makes it to RF for Carolina Dry Docks, while the other continues to LF for LBCRs. Men sprint between stations pushing his teammate to the next station. Q needs to learn that 3 corners requires 4 teams, but the PAX showed fortitude and covered his mistake!

Mosey to the rock quarry and find something nice. All IC:
-Curls x18
-Skull Crushers x15
-Shoulder press x12
Move right
-Upright row x10
-Deep squats x10
Move Left
-Curls x10

Mosey to play tennis. Plenty of balls but no rackets. Back to groups of 3. One man does suicides, while the other 2 members do 10 squerkins apiece along with a few partner plank/LBCs. Rinse and repeat for all team members.

Mosey back for COT

-The Rubicon was a happening place this morning. About 8 fields of young tykes preparing for the majors.
-Youngest FNG yet! Mufasa’s formal Eagle Scout, the 21 YO Maximillian (Squirt) showed what it’s like to be young again. Way to spend your summer break.
-Foghorn had to pull the flag out of the fartsack. It may have been a minute or two late, but it was there… They were probably discussing their new future plans as the future is now for Foghorn!
-How do we keep seeing No-See-Um?
-DC2 should be upgraded to #1
-Perfect attendance for Hickory Stick finally got broken. He was missed, but sometimes the Ole Lady needs to see the world.
-Thanks to Boomer and Trojan for making some things happen with the shirts… can’t wait to be able to get our own Rubicon gear!

Weekday record lasted 48 hours

17 Pax posted in the gloom for @F3Alpha!

The Thang:



Mtn Climbersx15


Mosey to Picnic area:

Step Upsx15


Jump Upsx10




Mosey to Hill

Caterpillar (Tunnel of Love: up/down hill)


Mosey to Ball Field

Homeruns Single x1

Homeruns Group o’ 4 x1

Jack Webbs up to 10 (Thanks Trojan for taking over count for Grits!)

Mosey to Parking Lot


Dolly x15

Rosalita x15


Side Plank Dips x7 ea side


Reminder on 6/20 F3 Booth at Alpharetta Beer Festival/5k—thanks to STANG; need men to ‘man the booth’



A record for turnout today for @F3Alpha. StoneCold visits from CLT, glad to have a F3 traveler. GreenBean visits from downtown ATL to check us out. Talk about a convergence on 7/11 for ATL area. DarthVisor still waiting on grand-daughter; leaves for CLT today! 2 new FNGs (Temp/Gypsy) both work together and darn glad to have em’. Good to see Defcon2 back, but not attending next 2 weeks?? Some chatter about needing some more QICs….Grits to setup short training session soon for those who want/need to QIC…step up guys!

mascot stays with us

    When: 06/02/15


    The Pax: Grits, Crack, No-See-Um (FNG), Si, South Tex, Boots, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor(WD), Light Bulb, Trojan, Boomer, Pitch Perfect

    QIC: Mufasa

13 faithful PAX of Alpharetta, committed to the cause, posted to start at the regular time of 05:30 in the gloom, a humid morning, following rain of the previous night. They showed up, did their work, and then disappeared, as quickly as they came, all before the sun came up. This is their story of that morning.

Warm up:

Cotton pickers
Plank jacks
Mountain climbers
Rinse & repeat

The Thang – all while share carrying the mascot:

Mozy to turf ball field
4 corners with 10 merkins, 20 flutters, 30 squats, 40 LBCs
plak while waiting for the 6.
take it back down the ladder going in reverse.

Mozy to parking lot
Blimps across parking lot
Plank while waiting for the 6.
Rinse & repeat

Around Parking Lot – partner up.
One partner plank, other run 1/4 mile, flap jack
One partner flutter kicks, other run 1/8 mile , flap jack
One partner merkins, other sprint 110 yards, flap jack.

mason twist


Hickory Stick – prayers for accident victims.
Grits – prayers for friend’s situation.

Boomer announced the #CSAUP event later in June. Looks as if we have an Alpha contingent to send to Summerville. Look out for details.

Naked Moleskin

Grits had the flag and had to post.
FNGs from last week back for another down painment – they just keep coming back to embrace the suck. Si and Pitch Perfect – nice work!
Missed Foghorn. everytime you look at him he has a smile on his face.
Never say “are we doing this again?” Q listens for ideas.
Lots of chirping and mumble-chatter when we started – less chatter and more grunting and silence the deeper in we went. Q likes that.
Darth Visor, however, never stops talking!
Crack asked about why we have to be engineers – talk to Hickory Stick and Si about that – it’s a civil matter.
Q wanted to see who was paying attention at the end by calling dolly and then doing flutters.
Boots and some others are volunteering to get shot at. Looking forward to hearing about that Thursday (if they make it out).
The mascot was an awkward sandbag that had to be carried by one person wherever the Pax went. This theme will be expanded as Alpha prepares for the 2nd F.




Mustang Mimicked

    When: 05/30/15


    The Pax: Tool Man, GRITS, Peanut, Emeril, Crossbow, Pitch Perfect (FNG), Mufasa (WD), Si (FNG/WB), Hickory Stick,

    QIC: Crack

What went down:

Mosey over to the showcase field so the faithful can be witnessed by all.
Mountain Climbers
Left LBCs
Right LBCs
Reverse LBCs
Mountain Climbers

Begin the MerkinMile
Merkins x10 at each turn, side street, and speed humpers + one transformer box until we reach the old school. Post planks a couple times to wait on 6.

@ “la estadio”
Partner up and with your partner:
Run 400 M
Flutters x20
Run the stadium stairs
Partner claps x20
Run 400 M
LBCs x20
Stadium stairs
Dips x20

In the old ball field, play a few games of Whamo Lunge Walks

Indian run headed back to the Rubicon.

At entry of Wills Drive, complete MerkinMile for a total of 190 merkins

Dora 1-2-3 with partners
100 squats
200 Freddie Mercs
300 (or ’til the bell rings) flutters

-Big Prayers to Mufasa’s S African crew fighting those Dumptys in Nigeria.
-Darth V was MIA today, but hopefully will be a grandpappy by tomorrow.

-We came close to having our first week with Zero FNGs, but just in the nick of time, 2 showed up for a downPAINment. Welcome Si and Pitch Perfect… great first post!
-Crossbow keeps the #PressOn and its already showing.
-Good to see Emeril and ToolMan back on the scene, though I’m not sure Emeril even hit a sweat. YHC will do better on the next one
-Peanut showed some HD and Bubblegum on that MerkinMile
-Why does Hickory Stick like to run so much?
-GRITS has the flag!

Thanks to Waco and the real Mustang for the inspiration!

Turf Spiders

    When: 05/28/15


    The Pax: Light Bulb, Foghorn, Mufasa, Darth Visor, Peanut, Boomer, Hickory Stick, Crack

    QIC: Trojan

9 PAX in the misty gloom for a Thursday morning workout.

Warm Up IC:

  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Squats

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the planters and pull up some bed
    • Dips
    • Step Ups
    • Derkins
    • Bridge
    • Rinse and Repeat
  • Mosey to the Turf Diamond for a modified 4 corners
    • Spider Crawl (crawl in Plank position with a Merkin every 2 to 3 steps) to first base and run to the foul pole – LBC
    • Run to third baseline foul pole – Squat
    • Run to third base and Spider Crawl home – flutter kicks
    • Rinse and Repeat with Rosalitas, Peter Parkers, and Reverse LBC
  • Short mosey to the hill and grab a partner
    • While partner at the bottom of the hill is working on deconstructed burpees while the other partner is backpedaling up the hill and running back down
    • 50 deconstructed burpees per team
  • Mosey up the hill for some 6MOM
    • LBC
    • Rosalita
    • Flutter Kick
    • Peter Pakrer
    • High Slow Flutter
    • Reverse LBC
  • Cool down with a slow mosey back to the flag


  • Darth Visor still not a grandpa – prayers for the mamma and baby
  • Loose Nut’s daughter sleeping much better


  • Started making bets early as to who would show up.  No luck on the EHs quite yet.
  • Movement to nominate Grits as the official flag bearer of the Rubicon.  Do I have a second?
  • Lots of growling and groaning turf spiders this morning.
  • The PAX wanted nothing to do with the suggested break on the deconstructed burpees.  Gluttons for punishment.
  • Keep the FNGs coming this Saturday.  Gotta keep the trend of at least one FNG a week going.
  • Some more chatter on the second and third Fs.

For Those About To Rock … We Salute You!

8 PAX rolled out of the fart sack after celebrating Memorial Day and jumped into a love affair with a rock.

WarmUp: all IC

– Cotton Pickers
– Squats
– Merkins
– Imperial Walker

The Thang:

Mosey to the creek bed and partner up.  One partner grabs a rock and size matters.  Mosey to the horse lot.  One partner performs exercises and other partner stumbles along in various fashions to fence roughly 40 yards away and sprints back.  Then switch.

Partner 1  Partner 2
Curls     Bear Crawl/Sprint Back
Skullcrushers  Crab Walk /Sprint Back
Shoulder Press Backwards run/ Spring Back
Merkins  With Rock- Sprint to Fence and Back
Carolina Drydocks With Rock- Sprint to Fence and Back
Seal Jacks  With Rock- Sprint to Fence and Back

Mosey with rocks to the Wall

Peoples’ Chair while each Pax sprints to the playground with his rock.

Mosey to the Hill.
Partner at base of hill squats with rock, Partner backpedals up hill, sprint down, and monkeyhumpers x 20.  Switch.
Lunges with rock, Partner backpedals up and sprints down, merkins x 20.  Switch
Air Squared with or without rock, partner backpedals up, sprints down, burpees x 8.  Switch.

Mosey to field for Mary and Plank-o-rama
Pax make a big circle, one Pax sprints around circle while remaining Pax perform an exercise IC, once he is back to starting spot, next PAX circles until everyone has circled.  Exercises include LBC, flutter kicks, Rosalitas, Dollys, Freddy Mercury, Slow flutter kicks.

Same but plank-o-rama.

– Prayers for Darth Visor’s future grandbaby.
– For Mufasa’s family friend who passed away back in South Africa


– I thought an old woman was going to sic her dogs on the PAX, but I think the sight of Crack running through the park in the gloom would just about frighten anyone.
– Grits needs the shovel flag or he’s not coming.
– Great work by Trojan posting on his 15th birthday.  He’s still the War Baby and it’s not even close.
– Missed Darth Visor’s mumble chatter on this humid morning.
– It’s amazing how hard it is to run with a rock.  Makes me realize what it’s like to gain an extra 10,15, or 40 pounds.  This is the Rubicon though, and there’s no going back to the Pogo 40!

Alpha PAX Pledge Allegience

    When: 05/23/15


    The Pax: Boomer, Darth Visor(WD), Stang, Foghorn, Blackbeard, Gnarly Goat, Trojan (WB)

    QIC: Mufasa, Hickory Stick

9 PAX gathered before sunrise on a glorious day in Alpharetta at Wills park, in nervous anticipation of the beat down that was going to occur. Starting with the Pledge of Allegiance, the PAX got moving, and this is the report.
WarmUp – IC:
  • SSH
  • Windmils
  • Cotton Pickers
  • plankjacks
  • rinse & repeat
The Thang:
Mozy to baseball field
  • 4 corners edge of in field –  15 count each –
  • squats, run to first
  • plankjacks, bear crawl to 2nd
  • burpees, backwards run to 3rd
  • high knee jumps, crab walk to home
  • plank while waiting for 6.
  • rinse & repeat
Mozy to big field – stopping for ssh waiting for 6.
  • partner up  –
    • one partner  mountain climbers while waiting for the other hopping one leg 40 yards, sprint back.
    • switch
    • other leg, sprint back.
    • wheel barrow to 40 yard marker, switch, come back.
    • plank up while waiting for 6
Mozy to rocks
  • skull crushers
  • curls
  • rock squats
  • merkins on the rock
  • 2 to the left & repeat
stop for Donkey Kicks, 60 seconds of People’s Chair
  •     Jacob’s ladder – squats at bottom, merkins at top. 1 count squat counting up to 10, 10 count merkin down to 1.
Mozy to planters – all IC
  • Derkins
  • Bridge turned air humpers?
  • Dips


  • LBCs
  • Rosalitas
  • Freddy Mercurys


  • Prayers for brothers with cancer (mentioned by Stang and Gnarly Goat)
  • Remember those who have fallen this weekend (Foghorn)
  • Darth Visor still on edge for arrival of Grand child


  • Infield was longer than Q thought – he obviously didn’t play baseball!
  • Lots of mumble chatter – love the energy brought by Isotope’s Gnarly Goat and Blackbeard!
  • Missed those PAX who are traveling this weekend – make sure you’re getting a workout wherever you are!
  • bridges turning into air humpers was not a pretty sight at the planter boxes. will have to modify
  • some straining on the rock curls causing Q’s voice to crack – puberty again?
  • Coffeeteria discussion around the CSAUP ruck event and other 2nd F we will be planning, maybe targeting the event in October.


Exploring the Castle

Nice morning, gentle breeze, legs were sore.

The thang:

SSH x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10
Merkins x 10
Squats x 10

Mosey to Wooden Castle
3 Sets of:
Pull ups x 10
Dips x 10
Merkins x 10

Grabbed Shovel Flag and took a lil’ 1.5 mile jog outside of park. (Stops for merkins, SSHs, etc.)
Thanks Boomer for grabbing the flag as Grits was running in jello
Mufasa kept us honest on “keeping the flag in front!”
Boots led us back to the Rubicon

Circled up for:
SSH x10
Squats x 10
Leg Kicks x15
100 Yard Dash to COT

Rounded out with 6MOM

COT/Prayer for Foghorn (Career Transition)
Visor still waitin’ on his new granddaughter to be born!

Maybe that wasn’t a good idea

10 PAX got moving on a very humid gloomy morning.  As DV stated at the end, “that’s the last time I wear a cotton shirt”

The Thang
Start in the parking area, GO! @ 5:30 on the dot
Run to the grass area by the road, let’s let others see us work.

Circle up for Warmup
Side Straddle Hops
Slow Mountain Climbers
Cotton Pickers

Mosey up to the planter beds
In cadence
Bridges or “Air Humpers” is more fun.
Single leg Bridges (Left leg up)
Single leg Bridges (Right leg up)

Triple Nickel on the Hill
Backwards bear crawl up, 5 Dry Docks, BC down, 5DDs
Lose the bear crawl down, Repeat

Mosey out to home plate

Dirty Mac Deuce with run around the bases in between.
12 High Knee Hops
12 Peter Parkers
12 Werkins

Mosey to stream to grab a rock
Straight Leg Dead Lifts
Shoulder Presses

Lieutenant Dans
1 Squat, 4 Lunges, 2 Squats, 8 Lunges,….. up to 10 Squats, 40 Lunges


Keep the Darth Visor family in your prayers, specifically DV’s daughter Alex and the baby.
Keep praying for Loose Nut’s daughter.
Remember the Tappen family this morning as their daughter has surgery.


Good thing Grits had the flag for some accountability this morning.  Also, good job leading 6MoM.  25 in cadence LBCs to end it tho….?

Crack had to leave before COT, caught some grief but he’s just too much of a #HIM in Alpharetta for some of us to comprehend I guess.

Countdown is on for Darth Visor to be a Grandpa!!  #RESPECT

Mufasa returned and made it all look easy . . .  again.

Whenever you feel the need to modify or audible mid workout, just look over at Trojan going strong and you just keep going.

Peanut returned for some weekday action this morning.

Light Bulb almost went Chippendale on us I think.  Humid in the gloom.

Too busy keeping count, but did I hear someone say that Foghorn actually crowed during a workout?

FNG Boots was an #HC last night but at 5:30 we gotta move.  Found us after looking through the parking lot for a bit like he was at Roanoke Colony.