Three man beatdown

    When: 3/25/17


    The Pax: Misty, & Westside

    QIC: Babyface

We were blessed to wake up to one of the nicest days 2017 had to offer for a beatdown, but were only able to pull 3 from the fartsack this morning.  Some had places to be and circumstances to tend to, which happens, but YHC was really hoping for a crowd as the weather had turned.  But as my father always told me you can wish in 1 hand and ….. you get the picture.  THe 3 of us had a great time in this morning and I am very happy to have had the other 2 hang out with me for this workout.

Warm up:

15 SSH

15 Cotton Pickers

10 Copper head Squats

The Thang:

We started the day with a nice mosey to over to the Middle School parking lot and decided that since Spring Break was just around the corner it was as good a time as any to start to redefine what a dad bod should be. Who better to model ourselves after than Bruce Lee.

6 ab exercises, 20 reps each.  3 sets, Each set was followed by 1 lap around the large center divider then 30 sec rest between rounds.

Exercises included:

  1. American Hammer
  2. Leg Raises
  3. LBC’s
  4. Heel Touches
  5. Crunchy Frogs
  6. Flutter Kicks

Next we moseyed back over to the stadium for some BOMBS

One partner started on the track with exercises while the other ran up the stadium stairs, across the top of the stadium, then back down the other side before making it back to his partner.  The partner who ran will pick up where the other partner left off with the exercises  The exercises & reps were as follows (I made slight modifications):

B: Burpees – 50

O: Overhead ball slams (20# ball) – 100

M: Merkins – 150

B: Big Boy Sit ups – 200

S: Squats – 250

Once completed the partners Planked until the 6 was in.  

Finally we mosey Back to the Flag for a quick round of Mary



Great job by both Misty and Westside this week. Its great to see the commitment of these 2, they are both going to be strong contributors in the future.

Cherokee Pre-Blast for 3/25

    When: 3/25/17


    The Pax: Any who want to join

    QIC: Babyface

With the temperature starting to rise, and the official start of spring past us, we all know what season it is…..Beach season.  Come out to help re-define what a dadbod (even if you are yet to be a dad) should be, and feel great before you head out for that spring break trip.  Also #Coffeteria to follow.

T.O. for the Win

    When: 3/24/17


    The Pax: T.O., Crack, Foghorn

    QIC: Foghorn

Man, the weather doesn’t get any better than this morning. T.O. originally mentioned he was a 10 minute miler kinda guy, but we ended up with a 9:40 pace, 4.9 miles in 43 minutes. YHC EH’d him at yesterday’s #3rdF after the #Rubicon, and he posted. Crack and YHC were also present. Also passed a small rabbit hanging in the grass. You don’t get to know the route since you weren’t there, but come on out next time and we’ll show you up close and personal.


  • Grateful for T.O.’s approach to some difficult relationships, we could all learn to better manage our feelings and actions in a way that honors our 2.0s, as T.O. has done.


  • Crack swaying on his feet a little.. I think it was the margaritas. No fartsack for that guy tho, posting to support T.O.’s first anticipated #HoppyLike post.
  • YHC felt good out there, might just now be a ‘runner.’ Only took YHC two years to get there…

B.O.M.B.S. over Kilimanjaro

    When: 03/23/17


    The Pax: Big Dipper, Crack, Gizmo, Clyde

    QIC: Clyde

A perfect morning to escape the fart sacking. Unless of course you are Swiper or The Body, and God only knows what Darth Visor is doing right now.  51 degrees with a clear view of the lesser known big Dipper.  YHC arrived a little early this morning to take a quick look for a better workout than what I came with, and sure enough I found one, but it is far to complicated to regurgitate in 2 minutes, so I stuck with what I came with.

Only 3 posting at the flag at 5:28, I had hoped for a nice even number so we could partner up… here comes Gizmo just in time to head off to the gloom.

The Thang:

Mosey down to the Roman columns for warm-ups.

15 x SSH

15 x Imperial Walkers

15 x Cotton Mills

We also received a history lesson about the creation of the cotton mill, where Crack takes full credit for them.

Mosey on to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro for some mountain B.O.M.B.S.  

Pair off

50 x Burpees @ 1st sign

Run up mountain to 6th sign

100 x Overhead claps @ 2nd sign

Run up mountain  to 6th sign

150 x Merkins @ 3rd sign

Run up mountain  to 6th sign

200 x Big boy sit-ups @ 4th sign

Run up mountain  to 6th sign

250 x Squats @ 5th sign

Run up mountain  to 6th sign

With a quick 10 count after YHC brought up the 6.  Are you supposed to be last on your own Q?

We mosey back to the flag with a quick stop at the coupon dispensary.

20 x Skull crushers

20 x OHP

Mosey on to small pavilion.

20 x Dips IC

20 x Step-ups. IC

Back to flag for Mary

15 x Weezer Jefferson IC

15 x Reverse LBC

20 x Crack hip Dips

End with ABC’S


  • Continued prayers for Big Dipper and job search
  • Prayers for my co-worker and her husband who has been progressing, but still has a long way to go.
  • Always good to hear Gizmos devotionals. This morning was to remain calm and let God work threw you.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to bite your tongue.

Animals and Army crawls

    When: 03/23/17


    The Pax: Peanut, Cookie, Foghorn, Fondue, Moonshine, Nacho, Millertime, T.O., SoSoDef, Murdoch

    QIC: MillerTime

Giving the nod to at least one anticipated late arrival, YHC started our Thursday with a few laps around the parking lot mixing in side shuffles and karaoke.  Back to the starting spot for Warm UPs consisting of:
Imperial Walkers
Copper Head squats

The Thang:  It’s been too long since we did any rock work so we moseyed over for a medium size coupon and on to the FOD Hill for some Animal themed elevation work.  Partnered up
Lap1 – Bear Crawl
Lap 2 – Cheetah
Lap 3 – Monkey Walk (A new one found on the intraweb)
Lap 4 – Backwards

While Partner A was going up the hill, Partner B had his choice of Rock assisted exercises (Press, Skull Crusher, Shoulder Press, Rows, Curls).  We completed this cycle three times.

Next was indian run x2 laps with Rock around FOD.  Line up on third base line for 30 rock assisted Big Boy Situps and then Rock American Hammers.

Line up on third base line again and run in sync towards the fence until YHC calls drop for army crawl the rest of the way to the fence and then sprint back to third base line.  X2

We dropped our Coupons off and back to the flag for some MARY
Rosalita, Dolly, LBC, Reverse LBC, OYO Alphabet

T.O led Third F to follow this morning

  • Volunteer Park cleanup this Saturday following the beatdown – M’s and 2.0’s encouraged to come
  • (Let’s give back to Alpharetta Parks Department who supports our groups)
  • Changing of the Quarterly Q’s announcement


  • Murdoch was a good sport in doing the army crawl today even though that’s not what aviators do!
  • Thanks to Peanut for volunteering to take the Rubicon Q for Second Quarter (Creating and insuring his own accountability) – Tuesday is still open.  I believe Saturday is taken already as well.
  • Thanks to Nacho for tracking down and recovering our AO Flag from the guy who didn’t bring it on Tuesday.
  • Amazing how much this pax resembled Bears, Cheetahs and Monkeys in the gloom
  • Great work by everyone!

Spartan inspired beatdown

    When: 3/22/17


    The Pax: Westside, Banjo, Cricket, Babyface, Lawdog, Misty, The Mole

    QIC: Bloodhound

8 PAX on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Cherokee
Warm up:
The Thang:
PAX lined up on the soccer field Endline and sprinted to the other Endline dropped for 10 Merkins then walked back to the start, Repeated for 20 Sprints and 200 Merkins
Bataan Death March
AKA: Burpee Catch Me If You Can Indian Run…A combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Indian Run. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax mosey in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues on to the front of the line. Continue until all Pax have performed a set of Burpees or until the Q calls it.
  • Prayers for Cricket and his mothers as he goes to a few doctor visits toward the end of the week with his mother.
  • Prayers for Babyface’s parents.  His dad is having knee replacement surgery on Monday and his mom is playing the role of nurse for him as he recovers.  He is usually less than receptive to help to prayers for patients are needed for his moms sake.
Moleskin:(Properly named today)
  • The Mole won everyone of the sprints today, the ma can run.  Great job.
  • Cricket and Lawdog weren’t far off him most times, #TCLAPS to them as well.

Extreme Couponing…

    When: 03/21/17


    The Pax: the Body, Clyde, Big Dipper, Chief, Gizmo

    QIC: Swiper

We’ve all seen the shows where the strategic SAHM walks out of a Wal Mart with $1,200 worth of non-complementary stacks of dry goods for less than a $1 investment?  Well, it was kind of like that at the Creek this morning for 6 HIM’s, except we invested heavily in bringing our coupons only to leave with nothing more than aches and pains!  Here’s how she went…

Warm up’s:


Cotton mills


The Thang:

Mosey to the coupon pile and choose wisely…off to the Field of Dreams II for one of YHC’s favorites- Black jacks with coupons! (As it was the 21st of March, only seemed fitting)

20 curls, 1 row- sprint 25 yards with your coupon and do

19 curls, 2 rows, sprint back for

18/3, etc.  all the way to 1/20..

Nice job by all of the PAX on this one with Gizmo leading the charge!

Next, celebrate the arrival of Spring with some field exercises at corners and mid field and alternating sprints, side shuffles, and back pedals between:

10 Star jumps

20 Plank jacks

30 Run in place (high knees with both legs counting as 1)

25 Iron Cross

20 Nolan Ryans

15 Goblet Squats (coupons left in this location.  Really starting to hate these things at this point).

Rinse and repeat with a -5 on each exercise.

Mosey to the sidewalk for a lunge walk back to the coupon pile.

Indian Run back to the track pavilion with a quick stop for dips and step ups on the benches, 4 rounds of 10 each

Back to the flag for Mary:





Reverse LBC’s


-Prayers for Darth for a blessed trip with his M and a safe return

-Prayers for Chief’s sister having surgery in London today.  Successful procedure and safe return in a few weeks for she and her family.

– Prayers for all men of F3 to overcome the sin nature of passivity and embrace our role as leaders of our families.  Ask and it shall be given to you.

-Continued prayers for job searches, growth of our AO


Double or Nothing

    When: 03/20/17


    The Pax: Flo, Callahan, Piggie, Sunshine, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Sneakers, The Dab, FNG Sparty

    QIC: Boomer

As YHC explained via the Twitterverse, the beatdown was inspired during a painful ordeal common to American Father of Girls, sitting through Beauty and the Beast instead of watching March Madness. YHC knew the movie was similar to one with talking drawings made many years ago so of course this one must be better. But this one was long. With more singing. YHC knew of some controversy (overblown IMHO), and YHC kept wondering what would happen if my 2.0 fell in love with a talking buffalo. It probably wouldn’t go well even if he had a heart of gold. So in the middle of a song about killing a beast, YHC dreamed of inflicting similar pain on as many pax as possible. 9 lucky pax including FNG Sparty were up for the challenge. Here is what happened.


  • Quick mosey lap.
  • SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins. That’s enough.

The Thang:

Mosey to the church parking lot for Lt. Dan. Once even with the sidewalk, mosey to the playground. Double or nothing. Start with 10 pullups, run to sidewalk and do 20 merkins. Run to 2nd lightpole and do 40 LBCs. Back to pullups for 9 pullups. Then 18 merkins and 36 LBCs and so on. While waiting for the 6, partner up. 1 partner does 5 burpees while other partner does overhead claps. Keep rotating until the 6 is end. Mosey back. Stop for bearcrawl up the hill, backwards run, and lunges to keep the 6 in sight. Circle up for Mary. Freddy Mercury, reverse LBC, flutter kicks.



  • T-claps to FNG Sparty. Kept moving and didn’t quit. Well done. Still think your name should be Winky (the terrier from Best in Show). Make a note for the next Wofford grad.
  • Lots of early mumblechatter out of Sunshine until the fun at the playground started. Seemed quiet from that point on for some reason.
  • As usual, Nacho crushed it. Would be nice to throw in an exercise that Nacho sucks at, but YHC hasn’t seen it yet.
  • Honored to lead the pax today. Let’s keep the intensity up. Beatdowns should beat you down, not just leave you a little winded. FNGs (even Crossfit/Iron Tribers) should have that post-beatdown lightheaded with nauseous stomach moment in their car. Don’t let up as leaders either at home, work, church, community. We all need each other.

See you in the gloom,


A group effort

    When: 3/20/17


    The Pax: Babyface, Banjo, C-4, Cricket, The Mole, Westside,Lawdog, Hombre (FNG),& Misty

    QIC: Babyface

Today was all about empowering others.  When I was trying to decided what the beatdown should include I really wanted to work on getting others more involved, and really have other s carry the load of the workout.  My original plan called for some partner workouts, but as seems to always be the case, when you plan for partner work, we ended up with odd numbers.  So I made a slight internal audible with the longest part of the thang, but it all worked out alright, even though addition proved to be more difficult than expected as blood began to move from brain to muscles.  With that here is a rundown of what occur this fine morning at Creekview.

Warm up:

My plan of empowerment included me calling out the first exercise, as a strong example of how to count in cadence, then calling on various PAX to lead a few more.  Apparently I didn’t inform my brain of said plan, because it decided to first show them how NOT to count in cadence, then with the second exercise show them proper technique.

10 each of:

Imperial Walker (Babyface- poor example)

Merkin (Babyface- good example)

SSH (Cricket)

Squat (The Mole)

Cotton Pickers (Misty)

Those may be backwards as to who did what but they they all led counts and did a great job.  Way to follow the Q’s 2nd example.

The Thang:

Moseyed over to the back of the parking lot and made groups of three, with men of similar size (Sort of).  Partner 1 (P1) ran down the row of parking spaces to the end, then began his 10 merkins. Partners 2 & 3 (P2&3) did 5 squats to give P1 a head start. When done P2 carried P3 to the end of the row of parking spaces, where P3 did 10 Merkins, while P2 ran to the end of the next row of spaces to do his merkins.  When P3 finished his Merkins he put P1 on his back and ran to meet P2, and this continued all the way down the parking lot.  We increased the Merkins by 2 at each stop.  The gist is we did a crap ton of Merkins, ran a decent amount, and had to carry our partners a good bit.  We got all the way to 32 or maybe 36 merkins, again math went out the window somewhere in the parking lot.

10 Count recovery

Next we moseyed to the small plot of grass near the tennis courts for a four corner escalator.  Facing the we started with 10 squat jumps, ran straight ahead and did 15 Monkey Humpers, Side shuffled left and did 20 Lunges, Backpedaled and did 25 Squats, then Right Shuffled and did 30 SSH.  We held Air chair for the 6.  5 Count Recovery.  Then Rinse and repeat, backwards. So everything in reverse.

10 Count Recovery.

Mosey indian Run to the front of the school.  

Sprint to the flag

Mary – Gave some more opportunity for different Pax to call some exercises, they may have not had a chance to do so yet, again doing a great job



  • Prayers for C-4 brother.  Seems to be lost and in need of some direction in his life.  C-4 has put on a strong eh for him to join f3 but he has yet to.  Either way C-4 just asks for prayers to help him find his way.
  • Prayers for naty lite (the man not the drink) who tweeted his calf this past Saturday.



  • Great job to all those who lead in the counts today.  The guys are learning the cadence and the terminology really well.
  • Great job by Lawdog & C-4 for carrying Westside today.
  • Remember March is FNG month, so if you haven’t brought anyone yet, there is still time to make it before you are doomed to 50 Burpees.  
  • Along the same track, we may rename FNG month to C-4 month.  Dude is killing it with the FNGs, brought another today.
    Lastly the CSAUP spartan race last weekend was great.  Would love to get some more guys out for the next leg of the trifecta (The Spartan Super 10/21 at Lake Lanier), or if we would like to get a group to go to one in a nearby location to do another sprint I would be down for that as well.  And no they did not beat us by an hour in a half, it took us an hour and a half to finish.

Rage of Cantore

    When: 03/18/17


    The Pax: Banjo, Natty Lite, Law Dog

    QIC: Law Dog

This was my first Saturday post in about a year and a half and YHC woke up to hear the rain beating against the windows and roof. Thinking to myself “why did I have to take the Q today?” The answer immediately came to me “because why not.” With that I was up and brewing my cup of coffee. Thanks to the new local AO, YHC enjoyed his morning brew in the comfort of my home and not the 25 minute ride I am use to. Left the house at 6:48 and 7 minutes later was glad to see Banjo and Natty Lite decided to defy cantore and post. 7 am sharp it was time for the thang.

Mosey to the back of the school for warm ups with SSH, Imperial Walkers and Cotton Pickers. Then it was time to “Load the Buses.” The bus parking spots have wonderful bright yellow road paint and YHC has been thinking what a great spot to keep track of reps. We started at the parking lot with the big bright 1 and ran to the end with a big bright 23. At 23 – 23 squats and run back to 1 for 1 burpee. Run to the 22 for 22 LBCs and back to the 1 for 1 burpee. Run to the 21 for 21 merkins and back to the 1 for 1 burpee. We worked our way back to the start cycling through these three exercises until we made it back to the 1.

Next we started at the front of the covered walkway and lunge walked back to the start stopping at every post for 4 shoulder taps. Lost count of how many posts there were but somewhere above 10.

On to Dora 1, 2, 3 with 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 American Hammers, and 300 squats. The Pax worked as a team with a run to the end of the bus parking lot and back to switch out on the reps.

Mosey back to the flag stopping along the way for Mary. Freddie Mercury, Rosalitas, flutters and LBCs.


prayers for friend finishing up with radiation

prayers for continued growth of F3


Natty Lite did a great job pushing through today with Banjo leading the way.

Enjoyed getting to Q on a wonderful morning. Anytime you push yourself even when things don’t seem to go your way and obstacles block your path, you can only get stronger.

I also enjoyed Crack’s devotion about F3 this morning at a men’s fellowship breakfast. Crack has encouraged me to read more backblasts as there are amazing and inspiring stories from our F3 brothers. What a great platform to extend the reach to men we call brothers but have never met. There is no way to count how many people are positively influenced by F3 men throughout the Nation. Invite an FNG to post this week, it may just be God working in that man’s life to forever change him when he needs it the most.