Building the Plane While We Fly It!

    When: 08/16/16


    The Pax: Foghorn, Crack, MillerTime, The Dab, LawDog, Fondue, NachoLibre, M.A.S.H.

    QIC: Flo

YHC made the trek over to the #Rubicon to pick up what they have been laying down on Tuesdays and was pleased to pull up to a couple of PAX getting themselves ready to face the beatdown and the rest of their day.  The normal mumble chatter was flying about and questions were raised regarding the Q for the day.  Crack had invited the faithful out for a pre-15 and since Nacho’s ride was in the lot we figured he joined him.  Surely one of them had plans to lead.  Nope.  They show up at the bottom of the hour looking just as confused.  Who wants it?  YHC grabs it and begins to Build the Plane While We Fly It, but first had to confirm with the group that this is the no less running workout option.

Editor’s note: Saw some chatter on the Tweeter that Peanut is suffering from an unfortunate reaction to poison ivy. Prayers your way buddy, hope you heal up soon.

The Warm-up:

Mosey up to the parking lot near the pool, then SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Long-Slow-Cotton Pickers, and Merkins all in IC

Running the Block:

YHC lined the pax up as a group on a section of curb that stretched about 40 yards between two islands. Starting on one side, we quick stepped on the curb moving to our right as group to the other island and busted out 10 merkins, returned to the original island moving to our left in the same way for 9 merkins, rinsed and repeated back and forth until we finished that final merkin.  Yes LawDog, that is an old soccer drill.


Next up we gathered on one end of the lot to start some rounds of 45seconds. The QIC sets the timer and offers up an exercise that the group AMRAPs for 45s.  Once completed we mosey to the next spot for another round of 45 seconds of AMRAP OYO with a different exercise.  During this time we did some Dips, Cross-over merkins, Broad-Jump Burpees, Mike Tysons (thanks again Sharona), Inch Worm Merkins, LBCs, Gorilla Squats, etc, etc.

*we paused on the mosey halfway through because M.A.S.H.’s knee was acting up, but picked it back up once he confirmed he could go

*there was also some mumble chatter (CRACK) with YHCs tendency to go off script while calling the PAX to work which led us to the LEXICON LESSON OF THE DAY: EXERCISE MEANS START EXERCISE

Letting the Indians run the tribe:

Mosey down to the F.O.D. for a big indian run lap. Traditional Indian run, but with a slight twist.  The PAX that sprints from the back calls halt and an exercise when he gets to the front of the line.  All exercises performed I.C. and everyone got a turn.  LawDog introduced us to a new exercise called “Cat Raises”.  They are really calve raises, but LawDogs call sounded eerily close to “Cat Raises”.  I guess you had to be there, laughter ensued.  We learned that MASH has the best IC count and that slow Merkins are awful (thanks Nacho).

Note: No cats were raised and/or harmed during the filming of this broadcast

Mosey back for some Merry or Mary (I never know which): All in IC with perfect IC set-up (Crack would have been so proud if he hadn’t left early)- Freddie Mercs, Hindu Push-Ups, Crab Toe Touches, Break Dancers, Peter Parkers.  (Crack would have been disappointed b/c YHC likely called some exercises by something other than their F3 name)

MOLESKIN: Join the crew Thursday night @ Tarahumata on Winward 5:30

COT- Prayed for all of our marriages (specifically Nacho’s upcoming marriage) and all the roles we carry as men.  Honored to lead and be led by you.  Continue to encourage those in your circles to enter the gloom.  What would it look like if each one of us sponsored an FNG in the next month?

Thanks to Nacho for asking about my old man, and for the circle of guys who stood around and offered encouragement.  Thankful to call you brothers!


Note: All references to Crack are in good fun and in no way should be construed as an invite to a Twitter war and/or wrestling match.

We go to 11.

    When: 08/15/16


    The Pax: Boomer, Hickory Stick, Flo, Simba, Mr. Drummond, Happy, Foghorn, Sunshine, Swiss, 2%, Cookie, Piggie, The Bear, Mr. Belding, Chipper, Peachy, Callahan, El Matador, The Dab, Squirrel

    QIC: Boomer

20 pax set a new Hooch record on the first day of school for many 2.0s all over our great city. YHC wondered why so many former sadclowns (YHC included) are hooked on the gloom-filled beatdowns. Besides the obvious health benefits and fellowship, YHC has seen an impact by beginning the day with hard things. It seems to energize YHC to take on any challenge with the same mentality needed for each day’s beatdown. And YHC loves feeling ready to jump from the gloom to the light of day, regardless of what the SkyQ has planned. But enough of YHC’s musings. Here is what happened.

Quick warmup and disclaimer. SSH, squats, merkins. Short because Flo smelled like trash. Had to get away from that guy.

Mosey to new spot of Perimeter where there is a beautiful wall at the bottom of a short hill. 11s with burpees at the bottom and Makhtar N’Diayes. Oh, burpees included a jump to the top of the wall. Bear crawl up the hill as well.

Mosey to the playground and divide into 2 groups because we were too big. Great problem to have. Half the group did 11’s with swerkins and Carolina Dry Docks. Other group did 11’s with pullups and hand release merkins. Switch once finished with one 11.

Mosey back to the flag with a couple stops for the 6. Once for LBCs, and once for some squats and lunges. Circle up for 5 MOM. Flutterkicks (YHC promised nice gentle beatdown and thats why YHC called for flutters), Rosalita, Dolly, and Freddy Mercury made appearances.

COT and BOM.


  • Welcome Mr. Belding. Respect and glad you made it out.
  • Its time to grow again, but where? Email or tweet your home address to YHC or Hickory Stick so we can look for a new AO.
  • Speaking of growth, who is passionate about their neighborhood/community and all current AOs are a little too far away for the sadclowns in your life?
  • Honored to lead today. Still surprised that others will do the stupid crap YHC comes up with.

The Flag Returned

    When: 08/11/16


    The Pax: Crack, Do-Si-Do, Miller Time, Cookie, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Fondu, Grits, Hickory Stick

    QIC: Law Dog

YHC pulled up to the parking lot at the usual 5:27 glad to see the flag had returned.  It was a wonderful sight to see. Having watched the Olympics this week, there is nothing more inspirational and patriotic than Americans putting forth maximum effort as individuals and teammates. So what better way to honor the flag’s return than maximum effort as individuals and the Pax of F3 Alpharetta.

Thanks to a time assist by Boomer, On to the thang at 5:30 sharp.

After a short warm up with imperial walker, side straddle hop, and cotton pickers, the Pax moseyed to the start of the merkin mile. Instead of the usual merkins, YHC decided to add a little competition to the mix to see who was ready to push themselves to the front of the Pax. The first person to the speed bump or intersection called the exercise for a 10 count on your own. YHC called 10 merkins at the start and the pax was off. Do-Si-Do, Miller TIme, Nacho, Cookie and Hickory were among the first to blast form the starting gate. I believe Cookie claimed the gold with the first exercise. All together we performed squats, lunges, merkins, LBCs, burpees, box cutters and more with several of the Pax making the call.

On to the play ground for some pull-ups and merkins. Partner up and rotate between as many pull-up and merkins for 3 sets. Wall Chair until everyone was done.

Mosey to the rock pile. As always the Pax mumble chatters about size. All YHC could say is probably not as big as Nacho will chose. Mosey with the rock to the hill.  Again partner up for some more teamwork. One partner begins with curls while other partner runs up the hill for 5 genuines. Switch and continue until 200 curls as a team. Then 200 rows with shoulder press squats. From there we returned the rocks and moseyed back to the flag for some ring around Marys. LBCs, Reverse LBCs, Dollies, Freddie Mercuries, and box cutters. Boomer called it a 6:15.


Prayers for those who are sick.

2nd F events will be starting up soon now that school is under way. Hickory will be posting info on when and where.



Back at the Hoppy

    When: 08/12/16


    The Pax: Giordi, Foghorn

    QIC: Foghorn

With DC2 out of commission with a rib injury, YHC and Giordi held down the Hoppy-Like Friday run this week. Giordi is finding consistency with the Friday run, even if he’s been a recent no-show throughout the regular week. We took the true Hoppy-Like around downtown, only in reverse. A nice, easy run at a talking pace for those interested in getting in some extra cardio… probably a 9 minute pace.

See you in the gloom. Foghorn

Take that Russia

    When: 8/9/16


    The Pax: Peanut, Foghorn, Defcon 2, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Fondue, Mash, Lawdog, Do Si Do

    QIC: Peanut

Tuesday was great workout. Very good effort from the PAX. I think we all felt extra inspired after watching Team USA kick Russia’s ass in the pool.

Warmup: Side straddle hops, cotton pickers, squats, windmills, merkins, mountain climbers.

Mosey to the Hill for two sets of Tens. Tens  consist of executing 2 different exercises working your way down from 10 of each to 1 of each.

First set: Squats at top of hill, merkins at bottom of hill.

Second set: Star jumps at top of hill, Makhtar N’Diayes at the bottom.

Mosey to the rock pile for a Rapid Fire Rock Set. Curls x 20, shoulder press x 20, skull crusher x 20, row x 40, curls x 20, reverse lbc x 20, American hammer x 20.

Mosey to the Field of Dreams

1 set of burpee-cides: 2 burpees at each turnaround point in the field and 3 at the third base line.

1 set of regular suicides.

Mosey back to the parking lot. We had a hard time finding our way back because Cookie forgot to bring the flag.

Name-o-rama and COT.

The H.I.M. Factory or Bermuda Triangle?

    When: 08/10/2016


    The Pax: Simba, Boomer, El Matador, Piggy, Sunshine, 2%, Miyagi, Peachy, the Dab, Mr. Drummond, Happy, BIG SOUTH, Shawshank, Swiss

    QIC: Flo

Big showing at theHooch this A.M., 15  strong entered the assembly line at the HIM factory.  All entered and all made it out the other end.  The end of the beatdown was one of the strangest to date, but more on that later.  As always, honored to lead and be led by you this A.M.

YHC arrived at theHooch at around 6:25 and was surprised to see a large group of PAX awaiting his arrival.  There was a little mumble chatter regarding a “Weinke”, but YHC wasn’t phased.  6:30 hit and it was time to start.

Warm-up:  Mosey Lap with high knees, butt-kickers, and some side shuffles.  Circle up and say good morning to Swiss, 2%, and Mr. Drummond.  Circle up for SSHs, Alternating front kicks, and Hillbillies all in I.C.

The Main Event: Assembly line

Quick mosey to the rock pile where each PAX grabbed a rock and a partner.  YHC laid out papers creating stations with various exercises on the side walk and each pair filled a different station.  Some stations required the rock and some did not.  At the end of the sidewalk, there was a hill running station which required.  This pair would “run” up the hill to the gate toting the rock while the other stations did their exercise.  When they returned they would go to the back of the line while the other pax group moved one station the right with their rock.  Another group would run up the Hill, while the pax worked.  They returned, the PAX moved again and so on and so on.  Each paper at the stations had round 1, round 2, and round 3 exercises including but not limited to: Rockees, Alternating Lunges, Crossover Merkins, Windshield wipers, Rocket Squats, Crane Lunges, Pikes, American Hammers, Curls, Skull Crushers, Plank Hi-Fives, Alt. Side Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, and others.

The clock struck 6:10 so YHC called it about 2.5 rounds in.  Quick mosey back to the flag for some rapid flutters and gas pumpers.

Bermuda Triangle:

This is where it starts getting interesting.  Miyagi informed YHC that he is going to “take it easy” on the mosey back to the flag.  Remember, always modify if necessary.  Simba’s concerns for Miyagi grows as we circle up post gas pumpers.  He doubles back in to the gloom to find Miyagi.  A minute passes and Miyagi appears, but without Simba.  2%’s concern for Simba grows so he doubles back to find Simba.  Simba appears about 2 minutes later without 2%.  The group makes the decision to wait it out for 2% and send no more PAX to the gloom.  Sure enough 2% makes it back.  Fist bumps ensue.

COT: Circle of Trust

While all that is going down we go through the name-o-rama, take a picture, and enter a time of prayer.  Prayers for Sam as he starts back to school, Boomers house and FIL, and Swiss invites the PAX to learn more about the battle that is waging around us under our noses for the hearts of the those wrapped up in the DMST epidemic.  Perimeter Justice team luncheon on August 20th.  Dab mentioned that NP is doing a series on “Who Needs God”.  We prayed for that as well.

Coffeeteria: Well attended coffeeteria, including some EHs on a few potential FNGs ambushed at Starbucks.  Great conversations to end the beat down.

***Lexicon Lesson of the Day: EH means emotional headlock.

Are we ready to engage in a BIGGER STORY or continue to sit by?  What does that look like for each of us?  What is our legacy?  All good questions to ask ourselves along this journey of life.

Don’t forget the Twisted Taco get together on August 25th- 7:30pm.  It looks like we have a good contingent of hard commits already so don’t miss out.

Great work today, see you in the Gloom!


Where is everybody?

    When: 08/09/16


    The Pax: Crack, Boots, Ruben, Darth Visor

    QIC: Hickory Stick

YHC needed some motivation to get back in the groove of posting so YHC claimed the Q up in Big Creek.

A buddy of mine said the other day “anyone who says they’ve done something 1,000 times is lying”.

Challenge accepted.

So from the location of the should be Shovel Flag we were off.

5 PAX….wait, actually just 4. 4 PAX headed down the hill towards the soccer fields. What kind of Q did swiper do to run these guys off?

Wait, headlights. Nope. Keep moseying.

Wait, headlights. “Hey, we know that guy”…and he keeps on going.

Out to the soccer fields, when Ruben, the guy in car #2 finds us in the gloom. Ruben then says “I couldn’t find the flag.” (Bring the flag 🙂 )


On the end line for a broken ladder, 1:10 ratio, burpees/LBCs
1 Burpee / 10 LBCs / Run to the end
2 Burpees / 20 LBCs / Run to the end
3 Burpees / 30 LBCs / Run to the end
4 Burpees / 40 LBCs / Run to the end
5 Burpees / 50 LBCs / Run to the end
6 Burpees / 60 LBCs / Run to the end
7 Burpees / 70 LBCs / Run to the end
8 Burpees / 80 LBCs / Run to the end
9 Burpees / 90 LBCs / Run to the end
10 Burpees / 100 LBCs / Run to the end

The runs were pretty short, so to the short end of the field for a longer run across and take it back down.

9 Burpees / 90 LBCs / Run to the end
8 Burpees / 80 LBCs / Run to the end
7 Burpees / 70 LBCs / Run to the end
(Running out of time)
60 LBCs / Run to the end
50 LBCs / Run to the end
40 LBCs / Run to the end
30 LBCs / Run to the end
20 LBCs / Run to the end
10 LBCs / Run to the end

Mosey back to the VSF.

In cadence Dry Docks.
Merkins around the clock.

6MOM, w/ LBCs at the end in case anyone miscounted.


Great job by all the PAX. When you Q you want 50 guys to show up, but it was fun with just 5. Good conversation with everyone a part.

Soggy morning beatdown

    When: 08/08/2016


    The Pax: The Dab, Flow, Sunshine, Shawshank, Piggie, Matador, Simba, Mr. Drummand, Bear

    QIC: The Dab

After a heck of a rainstorm last night the soccer field, one of my favorite spots to work was waterlogged.  So we used the parking lot instead.  YHC was still feeling the Saturday beatdown Boomer put us through…but that was going to slow us down today either.

Here’s what went down.


  • Mosey lap
  • SSH
  • Cotton Picker
  • Imperial Walker
  • Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to soccer field…laughed at half the field being a puddle…then over to parking lot for Partner carry and Mucho Chesto.

Next Dora 1,2,3 with a Bear Crawl and then 50 Star Jumps, 100 Squats, and 200 Monkey Humpers

Finished out with another Dora – run and then 25 Brupees, 50  Makhtar N’Diayes, 100 Plankjacks didn’t have time for the full 100 Plankjacks.

Mosey back to flag….Mary: Dying Cockroach and Freddie Mercury



  • prayers for Simba’s parents traveling back home from long mission trip


Around Perimeter in One Hour

    When: 08/06/16


    The Pax: Boomer, Sunshine, the Hammer, the Dab, Miller Time, Swiper, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Shawshank

    QIC: Boomer

The preblast was short and simple. YHC promised running, sweat, and midwife noises. And YHC kept his promise. 9 pax posted at the Hooch for a special Saturday beatdown. Here is what happened.


  • Mosey lap
  • SSH
  • Cotton Picker
  • Imperial Walker
  • Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to the main entrance of Perimeter. Partner up. Partner carry up the stair. Partner who was carried sprints to the end of the parking lot and back. Partner who did the carrying does burpees until his partner returns. Mosey together around the lot until back at the start. Switch. That’s one set. Keep going for 3 sets.

Mosey around Perimeter to the playground. Switch partners. Dora 1, 2, 3. 100 pullups, 200 merkins, 300 squats while other partner runs to the second light and back. 6 inches and then plank for the 6.

Keep moseying around Perimeter until just past hill of shame. Tunnel of love in the grass at top of hill. Keep moseying back to the flag.

Back at the flag. Find a column. Peoples chair and then balls to the walls. 5 minutes of Mary. LBCs. Then series of Dolly, Rosalita, flutters, dying cockroaches, and boxcutters without putting feet down in between. J-lo and then 1 set of ATMs for good measure. 13 burpees because Old Glory fell.



  • prayers for the Hammer and family
  • praise for good progress of the Dab’s cousin’s daughter
  • impressive showing from Shawshank for his second beatdown
  • strong work today, 3.6 miles covered and lots in between


    When: 08/04/16


    The Pax: Do-Si-Do, Cookie, Hickory Stick, Boomer, the Hammer, Maximus, Fondue, Nacho Libre, Mercury, Grits, Miller Time, Harley (FNG),

    QIC: Law Dog

The Pax woke up to a typical humid morning in Georgia ready to work.  In all 13 showed up including one FNG from Plano, TX. As promised the theme of the day was BOYO which meant every time the Q yelled BOYO every one stopped where they were and did 10 burpees on your own.

5:30 sharp and YHC yelled BOYO. No better way to start the beat down than 10 burpees. From there we Moseyed to the children of the corn for warm ups.

Side Straddle Hops

Long Slow Deep Cotton Pickers (or something like that)

Imperial Walkers


And of Course, BOYO

The thang.

From the children of the corn, the Pax lined up for an Indian Run. We ran to the track behind the rec center. The Indian run lasted for about 1 1/2 laps with some BOYOs for good measure.

On to the FOD after a quick stop at the planters for two rounds of dips and step ups.

At the hill by the FOD, it was time for the Triple Nipple, I mean the Triple Nickle. At the bottom of the HIll the worst merkin ever (werkin, merkin, diamond merkin for 1 rep) for 5 reps, bear craw up the hill for the worst lunge ever (front, side and back each leg for 1 rep) for 5 reps. As the end of the Triple Nickle neared, YHC noticed that the Hammer was hopping from the werkin to the merkin to the diamond merkins. This was the fifth set no less.  I officially petition to name that the Hammer Merkin because it crushes the worst merkin. Respect.

On to the FOD for one lap around the bases. At home what else but BOYO, 1st base – pretzel crunch, 2nd base, reverse LBCs, 3rd Base pretzel crunch with the other leg up and back to home.

Time was almost up, so BOYO and back to the flag for 1 minute of LBCs.

All together, 70 burpees.


Welcome FNG Harley.

Prayers for Nacho’s soon to be father in law and Cookie’s brother in law for healing and recovery.

Saturday’s beat down same time as usual, but due to a race and parade at the Rubicon we will post at the Hooch.