Heavy loaded Kodiak hunt

    When: 5/11/17


    The Pax: Babyface, Banjo, C-4, Cricket, Lawdog, Hombre, & Westside

    QIC: Cody (the dog in the picture) - he was out front so he lead

This is a day late, I will be better.  It was a perfect morning for  a ruck.  Weather was great, big moon lighting the, and 6 PAX with packs of various sizes and weights.  These guys did a great job improvising and coming up with ways to pack in some weight.  Just the 6 of us were heading at right at 5:30, we noticed a familiar looking car pull into Creekview frantically looking for a place to park.  When what to our wondering eyes did appear bring up the rear  ready to lay down the LAW for the 4th straight day, was Lawdog and his ruck full of law books.  Man is committed.  So we wandered down Owen store road, then through parts of Woodmont subdivision and looped all the way back to the cars.  It is a good 3.1 mile loop.  Our pace was a pretty steady 16:30.  Overall not a bad way to start a new workout.  Great job by all, we are growing some strong HIMs in this group and I am proud to be apart of it.

The Chronicles of Hand Basket’s VQ

    When: 05/11/17


    The Pax: Moses, Manhole, FNG &WB? (Braveheart), Five More (WB?), Seles (WD), Montross, Bear, Fizz, Sleeper

    QIC: Hand Basket

posted on behalf of Hand Basket:

10 PAX posted for my first go at being the Q. Moses took me through Q school the day before so I was prepared to deliver a detailed disclaimer for all to hear.

• 15 Squats
• 11 Turkish get ups each side
• 12 Windmills
• 11 Perkins (aka Tempo Merkin)
• 15 Side straddle hops
• 11 Peter Parkers and 11 Parker Peters
• High knees and butt kicks through the parking lot
• Mosey on down to the football field

The PAX started in the end zone and made their way down the football field. OYO – ran 20 yards down and do 20 Knee Ups, run backwards 10 yards and do 10 Burpees…then Repeato all the way down to the endzone.

Bear rewarded us with a 10 count.

Just in time to catch our breath the PAX partnered up.
Wheelbarrow for 25 yds switching off with partner until reaching the other endzone. He-could go…all…the….way!

Return to the opposite endzone with a friendly Partner Drag switching every 25 yds.

Thanks for another 10 count Madoff, it was needed.

Circle up for 10 Stone Mountains and then mosey up to the parking lot.

Hand Basket’s MOLESKIN:
• 1 FNG today, Adam who earned the name Braveheart for enduring the pain brought on by my first Q. Many thanks to Braveheart for leading us all in prayer.

Moses’ Moleskin:
– good thing the pax finally heard a real dislcaimer; F3 Nation thanks you, Hand Basket! That said, they may never show up for another workout given the combination punch of the disclaimer and the burpee suicides on the football field.
– I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was comforted having 2 Furman football players on the field with me. Fish out of water and all…
– Impressive that the pax endured the humid slog on the field; the ‘grumblechatter’ (coining a term from Jersey Boy in LKN) was spewing from the mouths of the pax. But they all kept their previous night’s Merlot down.
– T-claps to my friend Hand Basket for stepping up and leading. Leaders put themselves in a position to fail…and fail you did. You failed to yield to the grumblechatter all around you. You failed to falter from your plan when any normal man would have called an audible by the time we made it to the 50 yard line. You failed to let Sleeper’s late arrival throw you off balance. Pretty much an epic fail…
– I’m looking forward to your next Q. I can’t wait to see what you find on the InterWeb thingy. Try FaceTube and TwitterSpace. Great sources for workout ideas.

Let there be light

    When: 05/11/17


    The Pax: Radar(FNG), Mufasa, Devito, Locksmith, Dab, Nacho, Cookie, Murdoch, SoSoDef, Moonshine, Ha-Ha, I-Beam, Zima, DC2, Catfish, Lumberg, Foghorn, Fondue

    QIC: Miller Time

Bout’ that time of year when the beatdown starts in the gloom and ends in the light.  With that come the days when even those who don’t sweat heavy, can ring out their shirts.  Today was one of those days.

19 Strong posted this morning for a split Q with SoSoDef working his way up to a VQ real soon by taking the extended warmups.  After a mosey to a nice lighted lot by Horse Field, he led us in….
Cotton Pickers, Windmills, SSH, CopperHead Squats and a new one (for us) that I really like called Circle Berp – The pax runs in place and each man has a turn to call the down command for a burpee. We did two cycles of 19 burpees

From there YHC took over with a mosey to the wall, partner up.  Partner A wall sits, Partner B does Derkins off his Knees and then runs across the bridge and back.  Flap Jack.  3 cycles of 10, 15 and 20 Derkins.  Next came 8’s with 7 pull ups to 1 donkey kick all the way to 1 pull up 7 donkey kicks.

Mosey to Horse Field for Captain Thor’s.  1 to 3 ratio Big Boy to American Hammers up to 10 and 30.  We do two american hammer’s for each 1 count so in reality it’s 10 to 60 by the end.  Whatever, it’s good for our abs and it’s hard as sh*t at the end.  A quick mosey to the flag for count and name-o-rama.

3rd F today
Sat. Pre Ruck 5:30 AM Sat start announcement.  Mufasa is on a mission!
Prayers for Lumberg’s wife traveling on a mission trip to Central America
DONUT run tomorrow – Just a 5 K.  Ha-Ha will reward you with sugar!

Rubicon is kicking arse with FNG’s.  Welcome Radar
Great numbers this month – It’s getting hard to recall all names for a BB
Keep posting boys – try for minimum of 3 a week to really get stronger and faster.  You have 6 days and 7 options currently to hit a minimum of 3.

Ralphie’s VQ!

    When: 5/10/2017


    The Pax: The Dab, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Flo, El Matador, Ralphie, Catfish, Sunshine, Pony Boy, Freddie Mac (FNG), La Liga (FNG)

    QIC: Ralphie

11 strong posted for YHC’s VQ. After a quick but effective disclaimer for the 2 FNG’s, the PAX moseyed around the lot, working the karaoke like pros. A shaky warm-up of 15 SSHs(thanks Boomer for lifting me up), 10 Imperial Walkers followed by 10 Mountain Climbers, we moseyed to the soccer field.

In prepping for the beatdown, YHC happened upon a routine called Red Barchetta. One of lesser known but solid songs on Rush’s 1980 album, Moving Pictures.

The Thang:

Red Barchetta –

At the soccer field, we ran/sprinted a 100 yd dash followed by 100 SSH, run back to start

75 yard run, 75 Mountain climbers and back to start

50 yard run,  50 Merkins – Back to start

25 yard run, 25 Burpees Back to start

Word to the wise for anyone googling the term “Merkin”, not safe for work 😉

Mosey to through the church parking lot to meet a hill

Merk Back Mountain – Partner work out

PAX #1 backward run up the hill and forward back down; all the while, PAX #2 is cranking out Merkins. Repeat 4 times or until 100 Merkins reached

More Moseying through the beautiful landscape to the “play”ground

Partner up by the swings for some real PE

#1 PAX performs AMAYC Swerkans while PAX #2 cranks out Squats Wash, Rinse, Repeat 4 times.

Indian Run back to the lot…Pony Boy led the charge while YHC brought up the rear to demonstrate to the FNG’s. Might have gotten carried away with speed, pace and distance.

While waiting for the Six, we Lt. Dan’d 1×4, 2×8, 3×12, 4×16, 5×20.



El Matador – LBCs IC

Flo- Gas Pumpers IC

Sunshine – Reverse LBCs IC

Nacho – Dying Cockroach IC

The Dab finished us off with Hammers – IC


Welcome La Liga and Freddie Mac our 2 new FNGs. Those 2 and our second VQ of the week ought to get us some points in the Alpha AO Challenge.

Prayers for Flo and his M on the loss of her Grandmother. We lift up The Dab and his M as her uncle faces medical testing and possible heart surgery. Prayers for Pony Boy for margin in life, marriage and family.

Bible verse on my app today was Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”

Amen brothers.


The walls will fall

    When: 5/10/17


    The Pax: Bajo, Bloodhound, C-4, Cricket, Dosido, Hombre, Lawdog, & Westside

    QIC: Babyface

YHC was hoping he could keep our weekday VQ streak going, but unfortunately we came to a halt this morning.  Don’t worry, we have a few more waiting in the weeds, they will be here soon.  On a good note we did have a surprise guest showing of Dosido, helping us just barely get over our average, thanks for the help today.  Also he wanted to test how fast our Pax was, lucky for us we had a few that were up to the challenge.

Warm up

We did a short mosey to the side of the school where we circled up for some SSH, Cotton Pickers, and Windmills.  YHC originally had a longer running warm up planned but once he saw the magnitude of the school this morning I decided to change things up, plus Lawdog was pulling in right at 5:30 so I didn’t want to leave him and let him miss out on any of the fun.

The Thang

Walls of Jericho –

Starting at the back of the school we preformed 7 rounds of:

  • 7 reps each of:
  1. Donkey Kicks
  2. Big Boy Sit ups
  3. Merkins
  4. Squats
  5. Imperial Walkers (both legs counts as 1)
  6. Makhtar N’Diayes
  7. Plank Jack
  • Followed by a run around the ENTIRE SCHOOL

The four fastest HIMs (C-4, Bajo, Hombre, & Dosi) finished a little before the rest of us so they had the opportunity to do a little bit of Mary.  YHC is not sure what they did or how many as I was not one of the fastest today, but I am sure it was fun.  Once the 6 was in we had a quick Kodiak 10 count then headed to the flag.

At the flag we all planked up for some ring of fire, with 10 merkins.  YHC started and we went all the way around to Lawdog.  As soon as Lawdog finish I surprised him, & the rest of the Pax with a call of Flap Jack, Rinse Repeat, which meant Lawdog got to start us off with 10 and we went back around in the opposite direction with merkins back to YHC.  Everyone really loved it, and a great time was had by all.



  • Ruck Tomorrow @ 5:30 Bring a sack we will bring the sand
  • Need some more VQ action.  Hombre is going to step up for Monday, can we get somebody to take the lead for Wednesday?
  • TClaps for the fast 4, all 4 of them killed it
  • Thanks to Dosido for coming up, he anyone else who wants to work are always welcome
  • TClaps to Bloodhound, way to finish strong today, great job man.

Always Dreaming…

    When: 05/09/17


    The Pax: Big Dipper, Darth Visor, Law Dog, the Body, Hero

    QIC: Swiper

Seeing the favorite leave the other horses in the dust on Saturday gave YHC an inspiration to hit the track out at Big Creek to see which jockey seemed to have the right combination of speed and stamina…but just when we thought the stable was full, a thoroughbred known as Law Dog out of the Cherokee region galloped up to the track!  Gentlemen, place your bets…

Warm up’s:


Cotton Mills


Off to the track for a BC Derby also known as The Dirty McDeuce:

3 15-count exercises followed by a lap around the track

Round 1- Burpees, Squats, Big Boy Sit up’s- lap

Round 2- Mercans, lunges, reverse LBC’s

Round 3- Wide Mercans, Monkey Humpers, J-Lo’s (Law Dog offered the inspiring thought that it was impossible to have a bad day when it started out with MH’s and J-Lo’s)

Round 4- Diamonds, Calf raises, LBC’s

Quick 10 counts and off to the creepy security guard shack for some 40’s:

Donkey Kicks/ Jump up’s

Start at 30/10, then shift +/- 5 on each round all the way to 10/30

3 rounds of IC exercises: 12-10-8


Copperhead Squats

Air Chair

Mosey back to the flag for some quick Mary:





-Prayers for Dipper’s job search and upcoming word on a pending opportunity

-Prayers for families and the strength to lead well

-Prayers for continued growth of F3



Fun and Games on Field of Dreams

    When: 05/09/2017


    The Pax: LEGOs (FNG), Locksmith (FNG), Junior, Devito, Cookie, Mufasa, Hot Sauce, Miller Time, Nacho Libre, Zima, I-beam, Bear, Foghorn, T.O., DefConII, DoSiDo, SoSoDef, Watson, Lumbergh (FNG from last week, 3rd post in week)

    QIC: DefConII

The #F3AlphaAOChallenge is invigorating all the PAX. Today was no exception as all arrived in the gloom to an unknown field day of fun.

Warm up

Mosey to the Field of Dreams (FOD) for Fun and Games in the Gloom!

Circle up at second base
Shoulder taps

The Thang
Four Bases
Cheetah run to third, 5 burpees
Elephant walk to home, 5 burpees
Crab Walk to First, 5 burpees
Reverse Crab walk to second, 5 burpees
Plank for six

Reverse Four Bases
Reverse Crab walk to First, 5 burpees
Crab walk to Home, 5 burpees
Elephant walk to third, 5 Burpees
Cheetah run to second, 5 burpees
Plank for six

Play time starts
Start as a gaggle of toddlers at second base, Out of nowhere appears a Frisbee Disk.

Throw the disk, sprint towards disk until it hits the ground, lunge walk to the disk, first one to arrive throws it again.
Pax went about 25 throws and someone called Bear crawls so…then alternate between Lunge walk and bear crawls. Reminds YHC of 5 year old soccer with all running as a giant mass.
Line up at home
Two abreast indian run around the field twice.

Merry at Home
Various call outs by Bear.

Mosey to Flag.
Various call outs by folks to finish out the time.

Welcome to FNG Locksmith and LEGOs

SoSoDef’s buddy is showing promising signs of cancer treatment

VQ and Cult 45 Salute



    The Pax: Boomer, El Matador, Nacho Libre, Ralphie, The Dab, Sneakers + Pony Boy

    QIC: Sneakers

Beautifully crisp was the air that greeted the 7 brave souls who rolled out of the fartsack for their Monday morning beatdown at the Hooch.


The Thang:

A quick mosey around the parking lot. In cadence: SSH, Windmil, Cotton Picker.

Mosey toward the local high school for a vocab lesson and a Coupon to bused for building bigger guns at the ARMory.

Along the way the PAX were grouped into 3’s for a some Catch Us If you Can.  Member 1 drops for 10 merkins then sprints to catch member 2 who is partner carrying member 3.

Continue toward the pile of Coupons conveniently deposited by the county for our betterment.  PAX select an appropriate Coupon for busting out some Big Guns and mosey to the bottom of the hill.  Colt45 x15 reps at the top of the hill and Deconstructed Burpees x10 reps at the bottom, decrementing by 1 each set.  Decrementing was the word of the day.  Several of the PAX grew in mind and body this morning.  It was glorious!

Back to the pain.

But wait!!  There’s more!!

Back up the hill for more of the Colt45.  Same count (modifying as needed).  I did say Big Guns, right?..

Back down the hill, decrement the reps of deconstructed burpees by 1 and … repeato the whole set.  Up the hill, Colt45, down the hill, deconstruct some burpees, up the hill… you get the picture.

Finish off the set and mosey back to the flag just in time for Ponyboy to come running up from the other direction asking where we had been.  Arriving just a moment too late, he had missed the PAX moseying out of the parking lot.  Maybe more Mustang than Pony, he proceeded to run his own course and provide his own beatdown.  Great work Ponyboy!


Boomer rounds out our time with a 20 count of the Rosalita in cadence.


Praise that God has blessed us with such rich and deep blessings, so numerous that we can’t even keep track of them.


Cricket’s VQ: 8s on the 8th

    When: 5/8/17


    The Pax: Aquaman, Babyface, Banjo, Bloodhouse, C4, Hombre, LawDawg, Westside, FNG: Buckeye, FNG: Egon

    QIC: Cricket

First things first, if someone has the Bat-phone for Mother Nature, please inform her that it’s May, not March.  The PAX exited their autos to a nice 47 degrees this morning, but that didn’t stop them from putting in some hard work.  It quickly warmed up as we moved to The Thang and sweatshirts began to litter the field.

Today was YHC’s VQ and I definitely felt the weight of responsibility to craft a beatdown deserving for a group of HIMs that attack each workout with vigor.  The PAX of The Kodiak did not disappoint.


A nice and quick mosey around the parking lot with some Carioca thrown in for good measure.  Circle up in front of the stadium for the following: 10 x IC SSH, 10 x IC Imperial Walkers, 10 x IC Cotton Pickers, 10 x IC Imperial Walkers, 10 x IC SSH

The Thang:

We headed out to the football field for Crazy 8s.  We focused on half the field with exercises in each corner.  The PAX were tasked with drawing the number 8 on the field.  From the center of the field, run to corner 1 (10 reps), run across the end zone to corner 2 (15 reps), run diagonally to the 50 yard line for corner 3 (20 reps), across the 50 to corner 4, and then complete the number 8 by running to the center of the field for 8 burpees.  We did 4 lap and planked for the 6, YHC did a quick change-up of the exercises and we were off for 4 more laps.

Round 1: 4 laps

  • 10 Lunges (R&L is 1)
  • 15 Merkins
  • 20 Squats
  • 25 LBCs
  • 8 burpees

Round 2: 4 laps

  • 10 Copperhead Squats
  • 15 Plank Jacks
  • 20 Shoulder taps (R&L is 1)
  • 25 American Hammers (R&L is 1)
  • 8 burpees


We had 5 minutes left and the PAX had already put in a good bit of core work, so YHC led the men to some benches for a quick 4 minute round of Chibatta.  Instead of the typical 8 rounds of the same workout on a 20 sec on/10 sec off rotation, YHC went with alternating upper and lower body.  After a nice long workout, the PAX pushed hard all the way though the final minutes.

  • Derkin
  • Bulgarian Split Squat (R)
  • Merkin
  • Bulgarian Split Squat (L)
  • Irkin
  • Squat
  • Plank
  • Al Gore

Name-O-Rama & COT:

  • Welcome FNGs Buckeye and Egon
  • Continued prayers for Bloodhouds mother-in-law and she battles cancer and is deal with chemo treatments.
  • Prayers for Aquaman’s family as his aunt passed away from cancer last week.


Well done HIMs, it was an honor!  It’s not exact, due to the variability of Chibatta, but a conservative estimate puts us around 760 reps.

The Alpha AO Challenge Week 1 Update

    When: 05/07/17


    The Pax: All Alpha PAX

    QIC: Boomer

Pax of the Alpha,

Week 1 is over, and here are our results. The Rubicon is off to a strong start thanks to Thursday’s beatdown (22 PAX strong), but there is a lot of time left in May. And the big picture is that every AO saw growth in FNGs, some old friends are posting again (Hot Sauce), and even Peanut wrote a same day backblast. The growth was evident this afternoon at the 2nd F hosted by Cookie. Sounds weird to say it, but I love that I don’t know everyone there anymore.

Rubicon: 23 points (2 FNGs, 1 Kotter, 5 bonus points- good work DCII with 5 posts this week)

The Kodiak: 14 points (1 FNG, 1 VQ)

The Hooch: 10 points (1 FNG, strong attendance over average)

Big Creek: 7 points (1 FNG, should get bonus points for letting Darth Visor post once a month)

Keep up the good work. I know the Hooch and the Kodiak have VQs tomorrow. The Rubicon held a Q school last week to set up some VQs. There’s talk about a Kodiak ruck. All great things. Aye!