Indian Marathon and Ole Sally

    When: 11/21/15

    The Pax: Mufasa, Boomer, Def Con II, No-See-Um, Grits, Do Si Do (North Carolina guy??......Guinness maybe??)

    QIC: Def Con 2 and No-See-Um

7 Pax met up on a beautiful morning at the Rubicon ready for a beatdown.
Def Con II starts us off with a Mosey:
20 ssh
20 cp
20 iw
20 merkins

Indian run down old mlton and back to diamond hill

10 sets:
Sprint up hill
5 merkins
Run down hill
Plank until last man in position and then repeat

Pass off to No-See-Um……
A little Sally action with Merkins!
-Recover with 10 count
More “Sally” action with Squats this time!
-Lots of burn and moaning from the Pax but a good burn!
Stations set up with some concrete bricks and sand bags (thanks to Wingman) with two per station except for the YHC who didn’t think his workout through very well……
– Station 1 – 20 bent over rows with concrete brick & then walking lunges for 30 yards
– Station 2 – Flutter Kicks until relieved and then Imperial Walkers to Station 3
– Station 3 – With Sand Bag over shoulder jogging approx. 50 yards to curb and back as many times as possible
Two times through this is enough so mosey to concession stand area
-20 total Step Ups (10 per leg) OYO
-10 Merkins in cadence
-20 total Step Ups OYO
-10 Dips in cadence
Wall Squats with some concrete brick passing/holding
Mosey back to Flag for 5 MOM
-Dying Cockroaches
-Freddie Mercurys
-Flutter Kicks
-Prayers for Foghorn and possible new addition here??
-Thinking of all the men not with us this morning.
-Praying for great Thanksgiving week and remember to be thankful to our creator for all of his blessings!

We will not lie down

    When: 11/19/15

    The Pax: GRITS, Crack, Law Dog, DefCon II, Foghorn, Boomer, Flo, TVA, Swiper, No-See-Um

    QIC: Mufasa

The Alpha PAX, the finest Men around, posted in the gloom after a heavy night of rain. We were formed in the rain, we train in the rain and we’re hungry to improve endurance, become stronger, faster. We work hard, never satisfied until we leave everything there, and go about our day, improving the lives of everyone we come into contact with. The world is a better place because of F3. But that’s another story – this is what happened this morning:

Warm Up

  • SSH
  • Windmills
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

Mozy to Planter near Field of Dreams

  • Planters IC
    • 20 dips, 15 inclined merkins, 10 merkins, 5 derkins
    • Repeato
  • Escalator OYO
    • 10 Jump Ups
    • Run to 2nd base of Field of Dreams, 20 Burpees
    • Run to 3rd base foul pole, 30 Merkins
    • Run back to 2nd base, 40 Squats
    • Run back to Planter Area, 50 alternating legs lunges.
    • Repeato
  • ATMs IC
    • 15 Merkin Alternating Touches
    • 15 Tempo Merkins (Down on 1 and hold count 2-3, up on 4)
    • 15 Fast merkins
    • Repeato

Mozy back to flag

  • 6 MOM
    • Dolly
    • American Hammer
    • Freddie Mercuries

Count off and Name-o-rama


  • Foghorn’s baby still overdue
  • TVA friends who were in Paris near terrorist attack
  • We lift up Flo
  • We lift up Hickory Stick
  • DC2 new job
  • Praises for F3 and being  surrounded by real Men


  • Beautiful morning – clear skies after the rain. Stars were out.
  • An honor to lead this fine group this morning, Energy abounded and the work rate was high,
  • Thanks to Grits for taking the count when YHC missed a beat!
  • We’re in a war with an evil minority, and we know who’s on our side. Faith encourages and we will never back down in the face of evil and are prepared to do what is takes to defeat it. Jesus beat satan and overcame for us.

A Frosty Morning and a Warm Sunrise

    When: 11/14/15

    The Pax: Mufasa, Weird Science, Def Con 2, No-See-Um, Boomer

    QIC: Boomer

5 Pax arrived on the frost-covered fields of the Rubicon to get better on a brisk Saturday morning. Here is what happened.

Warmup (IC):

  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Squats
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Pax went on a Merkin Mile run with 10 diamond merkins at every speed bump and 10 merkins at each cross road. We returned to the parking lot to shed extra layers and mosey down to the rec center. Pax prepared for series of pain stations.

  • Balls to the Walls for as long as possible
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 pullups
  • 15 swerkins
  • 20 donkey kicks
  • Repeato AMRAP

After 10 minutes and about 3 rounds, YHC was ready to die. But we pressed on.

Pax circled up and listened to Flower by Moby. Bring Sally up (plank)/Bring Sally down (low merkin position or elbow plank). This is no joke, and that song seems to last forever. We moseyed back to a nice warm spot and dealt the deck of pain.

  • Diamonds= box cutters
  • Spades= squats
  • Clover= mountain climbers
  • Hearts= monkey humpers

Go through the deck of cards and perform appropriate exercise and number on card. Jacks= 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 15. After about 3/4 of the deck, Pax moseyed back for 5 MOM. LBCs, flutter kicks, crunchy frogs, and Rosalita. COT and BOM. Off for coffee.


  • Weird Science jumped the gun and posted at 5:30. Then promptly went to Starbucks (closed) and fell asleep in the parking lot. He almost then missed the Pax because he overslept in his car outside the closed Starbucks because he was too eager to post this morning. That is spectacular.
  • Muscle confusion was the name of the game today.
  • Prayers for France and the state of this screwed up world we live in.
  • YHC watched the coverage last night, and a French survivor was talking to a French reporter. They both wished each other good luck, and I thought luck is a terrible and terrifying way to live life. Grateful this morning for a Creator who is both strong and good in the midst of a broken and painful world. May we trust Him more each day.

finally a planned Q

    When: 11/12/2015

    The Pax: Mufasa, Boomer, Law Dog, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Defcon 2, Darth Visor, T.V.A., Foghorn

    QIC: Hickory Stick

The Thang

Mosey out to the area between the grass ball fields.  Still soggy…

Do a little warm-up, no LBCs or anything on your six.

Quick Mosey over to The Hill of Dreams.  No real dreams, just proximity.

Partner Up.

Hill Doras
100 Dry Docks
200 Reverse LBCs
300 Lunges (Scratch that, it’s a 45 minute show)  250 Lunges.

Short transition over to the Field of Dreams. Take a jog around the bases to loosen up the legs.

Partner up with a new partner for Lazy Doras.
Merkins (100 by 10) with partner holding plank, LBCs (200 by 20) with partner holding 6″, Squats (300 by 25) with partner holding air chair.

While waiting on the six and their proper form, 2 laps around the bases to loosen up legs again.

Setup for Indian Run 2 laps around the length of the field, the perimerter, the outside (but inside the fence), whatever you want to call it.  Indain Run but with weaving in between from back to front.

Quick 10 Count at home plate, then all you got to the Shovel Flag


Where is Grits?  I even did Hip Dips today!
Hot Sauce’s socks he stole from the nanny on muppet babies didn’t help the shin splints.
We should probably really take a phone with us even when we don’t leave the park.  For emergencies, or the potential of an M going into labor.  Right Foghorn?
Darth Visor wins best dressed with his NOT RUNNING SUCKS shirt.  Where can I get that shirt?
T.V.A. back for workout #2, fighting the soreness.
The grief that Law Dog is taking for having Coffeteria prior to a 5:30 workout is hilarious.
Flo, get well but keep that stuff at home, we’ll see you in a few!
Mufasa seems to be back to his old self and looking 100%
A very “stout” performance by Nacho Libre and Boomer.

Here comes the Sun?!

    When: 11/10/15

    The Pax: Mufasa, Hot Sauce, Nacho Libre, Do-si-doh, Bomer, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, DC II, Law Dog, TVA (FNG)

    QIC: Swiper

11 PAX, including 1 FNG (TVA) made it out to the Gloom this morning for the beatdown.  Goes a little something like this:

Warm Up:  All x 15




Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to the FOD for 40’s:

Starting at home plate, sprint to 3rd base for 30 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Crab Cakes

Sprint to right field warning track, 25 CDD’s, 15 Crab cakes

Sprint to Center field, 20, 20

left field warning track, 15 CDD, 25 crab cakes

3rd base, 10 CDD, 30 crab cakes

run it back with Merkins and Monkey Humpers going opposite direction around the field

= 100 total of all 4 excercises

Mosey to the rock pile for partner exercises:

alternate wall taps x10 with rock excercises:

100 curls

100 OHP

100 skull crushers

Mosey to the parking lot behind the swimming pool for alternating sprints, all facing Old Milton Pkwy:


side steps

back pedals

6MOM: all x 20 = 100



Freddie Mercury

Dying Cockroach


Prayers for Spartanburg shooting victims, DC II’s daughter (broken bone)

Welcome to TVA, new FNG!

Praise for the 2nd F event at Boomer’s house and enjoyment had by all, including wives!




A Painful Improv Session

    When: 11/07/15

    The Pax: Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, Mufasa, No-See-Um, Boomer, Def Con 2, Peanut

    QIC: Boomer

7 men defied Cantorre this morning and took the DRP. The rain threw a wrench in the QIC’s plans so I made it up as we went along. Here is what happened.

Warmup in the Pavilion (IC)

  • SSH
  • Cotton Picker
  • Squat
  • Imperial Walker
  • Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey around the park to get acclimated to the wet stuff falling from the sky and pooling at our feet and in our shoes. End up at the Field of Dreams for an improv ladder. Pax partnered up. One partner ran to the foul pole while the other performed various exercises at home plate. Flip flop until required number reached.

  • 50 burpees
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 150 seal jacks
  • 200 squats
  • Indian Run around the field
  • 200 LBCs
  • 150 plank jacks
  • 100 boxcutters
  • 50 dive bomber merkins

Short mosey than Jack Webb up to 10 merkins. Short stint doing dips and some burpees with step ups, and Pax made it back to the shovel flag. 6 MOM with Pax taking turns for some extra sprints to finish the beatdown.

COT and BOM.


  • Great turnout considering the downpour that greeted us when we woke up.
  • Excited about hosting a 2nd F cookout/football watch party tonight. Will have to learn some real names.  Mrs. Hickory Stick, Mrs. Grits, Mrs. Firebird, Mrs. Crack, Mrs. Def Con 2, and Mrs. Foghorn probably won’t cut it.

Really? A Map??

    When: 11/03/15

    The Pax: Swiper, Peanut, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, NoSeeUm, Law Dog, DefCon 2, Huckleberry, DoSiDo, Nacho, Boomer, Crack, FNG (Flo)

    QIC: Foghorn

Nice showing of 13 PAX and 1 FNG for this Election Day beatdown!

The Thang

Mosey to American Legion down the road for a warmup under the airplane. (Love this place)

SSH X 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

Squats x 15

Found some open space.. in honor of our American Legion..

FreenDogger (‘mericans, Reverse ‘mericans) 5 across, 4 back, until arms go numb!

Add this to the local Lexicon:

The ‘Wills of Men’: A harrowing journey through the Rubicon and its many excellent features, with structured workouts at features of the Q’s choice. Must cover significant distance and many features, no lagging at a station for too long. Preferably with partner and OYO.

Partner up, journey from American Legion to Rec Center, with series of stations along the way. Keep up the pace! Do not leave your partner! Sharpen iron!

Basketball Court: 5 suicides

Playground Swings: 10 swerkins

Playground Pavilion: 15 stepups

Baseball field: Vault fence, Partner over planking partner from left to right field.

Concession Stand: Balls to the wall, hold it as long as possible

Turf Field: Circle the field, Ray Lewis style

Rock Creek: Curls, Shoulder Press, Skull Crushers x 20

Backwards run through parking lot to center of baseball fields

Flower Beds: Derkins x25, 2 sets, 10 sec interval

Rec Center track: Indian Run until six is in


People’s Chair on Rec Center wall, behold Crack’s clinic on proper form of the burpee! Georgeous!

PAX sprints to track one at a time, 5 burpees.

What do we appreciate about each PAX? A lot apparently.. (See below)

To the flag! An attempt at MOM, but short on time!


2nd F event at Boomer’s place on Saturday evening. BYOM for the grill, and BYOB. Bring the M and 2.0s! Let Boomer know you are coming, who will post his address this week.


Make sure you are on Twitter and follow @F3Alpha and your fellow PAX, really the only way to catch happenings and stay involved with group.


Crack sent out survey for feedback as we evaluate our impact and growth strategies. Take it! There are men out there who need F3 in their lives.


THANKS to our maker for the energy and opportunity to engage, and for using F3 as a tool for spiritual, physical, emotional growth in our lives. Prayers for our soldiers, police officers, please watch over. On this Election Day, provide strength and wisdom to our elected officials to make the tough and right decisions.


Some confusion on who was leading this group of men. YHC earned the Q due to the presence of a map of the Rubicon (Really?? A map??). Oh, and for the appropriate use of Sign Up Genius!

YHC quickly discovers the PAX know the Rubicon like the backs of their hands and are anxious to get going for the ‘Wills of Men’, map disappears, lesson is learned. We don’t need no stinking map!

Again, YHC taking credit for ‘Wills of Men’.. copyrighted, trademarked, added to Lexicon..


The PAX just missed the opportunity to #defycantorre. No worries, as it was still plenty wet, as we would discover at the baseball “court”/field. YHC absolutely ate grass-mud-water vaulting the right field fence, enjoyed the MudRun a little TOO much.. Anyone else?

Huckleberry is back! And he brought the #Merlot this time!

Welcome to FNG Flo! Anyone in need of insurance??

The PAX expressed heart warming love and support for each burpee’er (definitely not a word). A few below.. but so much more!

1. Darth’s shiny bald head

2. Nacho’s ability to pull tree stumps right outta the ground

3. Law Dog’s ability to put you in prison

4. NOT a Foghorn pushup, apparently

5. Huckleberry’s ability to burpee with a mouthful of Merlot. That guy can definitely dunk a basketball

6. DefCon 2 wins @F3Alpha’s “Best Dressed” award

Trick or Treat

    When: 10/31/15

    The Pax: Crack, Nacho Libre, Peanut, Mufasa, No See Um, Swiper, Sketchy, Boomer, Hickory, Weird Science,

    QIC: Nacho Libre - No-See-Um

Ten Pax showed up for the Halloween beatdown.  Nacho started the beat down then handed off to No-See-Um.

The warm up:

15 Side Straddle Hops

15 Hill Billies

15 Merkins

15 LBC’s

Next the Pax moseyed over to the field of dreams for a few sprints and Burpees.

10 X Sprint from Pole to Pole 10 second count then 10 Burpees.

After the 10 the Q was handed over to No-See-Em.

Rock Pile work:
– Curls x10
– Push Presses x 10
– Skull Crushers x10
– Genuines x 10
Partner up and with one rock do:
-Alpharetta Twisters x10
-Hardcore Helmey’s x 10
-Twice more with Third set x20
Mosey to hill and do some “Grits” Tunnel of Love up the hill and then a hard right turn down the hill with many of the Pax a moaning after the many, many, many Burpees that Nacho had us perform!
Mosey to Field of Dreams for some friendly F3 competition.
Two Teams:
  Team 1: Hickory Stick, Swiper, Crack, Mufasa, Boomer
  Team 2: No-See-Um, Weird Science, Peanut, Nacho Libre, Sketchy
Each Team chooses their order of 1st man to 5th man.  Each base has an exercise with the teams going in opposite directions (Team #1 Home – 3rd base – 2nd base – 1st base) (Team #2 Home – 1B – 2B – 3B)
Home plate – 5 Burpees
1B/3B – 10 Merkins
2B – 15 Squats
3B/1B – 20 Mountain Climbers
*When 1st man sprints through home plate after making his way around the bases, 2nd man begins and so on.  All other team members perform various ab exercises while waiting on their turn (LBC’s, Flutters, Freddie Mercurys, Reverse LBC’s, Six Inches).
Losing Team does 5 Burpees (and it was Team #2)!
Mosey back to Old Glory with 50 yard sprint at the finish!
-Prayers for Grits and his minor surgery, Sketchy and his wedding, and Boomer with his dad.


Comments on the Mud Run

As the comment function has been disabled on the actual Mud Run backblast, which is fine (author’s discretion), I just wanted to provide a separate venue for those that have further comments to be able to make them, if they are so inclined. I don’t have any comments because I wasn’t there, but I support (and occasionally instigate) discourse and the sharing of opinions. So away you go.

P.S. Please read the Ranger backblast. It’s mildly amusing.

Old Glory Returns to the Rubicon

    When: 10/29/15

    The Pax: Trojan, Hickory Stick, Darth Visor, Foghorn, Swiper, Hot Sauce, Nacho Libre, Def Con 2, Law Dog, Boomer,

    QIC: Boomer

Foggy and 55 degrees this morning, and 10 Pax posted for the standard beatdown. Here’s what went down.

The Thang:

We started with a mosey around the park stopping for some warmup exercises in cadence.  SSH, cotton pickers, imperial walkers, merkins, and mountain climbers.

We moseyed to the rock pile and grabbed a big rock. A short mosey to the top of the hill for 11s. Spiderman on your rock with a shoulder press at the top of the hill and star jumps at the bottom. We started with backpedaling up the hill but switched to regular running after YHC’s legs started to burn like Ted Cruz going after that moderator last night. We next partnered up and one partner ran down to the fence and back up the hill while the other partner did an exercise AMRAP. Curls, shoulder press, and Zamperini x 2. We took our rocks back home then moseyed to the field of dreams. Indian run but pax in the back had to snake in and out of the other pax as they made their way to the front. After 5 or 6 minutes, we stopped for 26 seal jacks in cadence, and then returned to the shovel flag for some Mary. 5 minutes of Mary while keeping our legs at 6 inches rather than recovering is a terrible way to end a workout, but that’s what we did. Dollys (or DC2s since DC2 is offended), flutter kicks, Rosalitas, and box cutters. Finished with COT and BOM. Prayers for Foghorn and the soon to arrive 2.0 and YHC’s father-in-law.


  • Good to have Old Glory back after her excursion to the Mud Run. Still deciding Foghorn’s penalty for not posting Tuesday and thus leaving us Gloryless.
  • Some mumble chatter about hooking up with a fern relationship during the winter months. Trojan and Sketchy, DON’T DO IT!!!
  • 2ndF at YHC’s house on 11/7. M’s/girlfriends and 2.0s all welcome. Let me know if you can come so we can get a headcount.
  • Love this group. Let’s push to all bring 2 FNGs before Thanksgiving.