When Charles Bronson showed up again

    When: 01/27/2018


    The Pax: Boomer, Devito, DoSido, Foghorn, Ha-Ha, Miller Time, Moonshine, Special K, Saint20, Saban, Fudd (FNG), Zima, Zohan

    QIC: Mufasa

48 Degrees and 14 Alpha Men showed up at the Widow-Maker to meet with Charles Bronson and do some other spectacular things. We ultimately got caught by the clock, but put up a brave effort to beat it – it was not meant to be. You’ll see how we got caught.

No time for a warm up, there would be plenty of time to warm up as we got to work. We would remain on the newly covered soccer field for the entire duration – no time to waste moving around.

First evolution: The Charles Bronson – a brutal and epic start. Here’s how it goes:

The starting point was the goal line, 2nd point at the opposite end of the field in line with a light pole, 3rd point the other side goal line.

At the starting point perform 50 SSHs, sprint the 2nd point, then army crawl to 3rd point. Mosey back to start, 50 Merkins then rinse/repeat. 50 burpees, rinse/repeat. 100 LBCs, rinse/repeat. Finish with 50 Jump Squats rinse/repeat.

Second Evolution: Bearway to Heaven.

A Bear Crawl suicide of seven increasing lengths with decreasing burpees at the end of each length. Each cone place at intervals of 5-6 yards. Burpees and bear crawls – good way to build core strength and get the blood pumping.

Third Evolution: Hindenberg BLIMPS using the corners of the one half of the field and where the Halfway line and Touchlines meet. The rabbits were able to make it through most of the 4th corner for the Merkins (around 140 – 150 total) before there was one minute left to circle up and YHC had to call “time!”

A valiant effort, but the clock got the better of us. Next time!


  • lots of mumble-chatter – topics ranged from movie quotes (Zima being the SME) to cars and everything in between. MT and Devito the source of much of the interesting banter.
  • good work by all – sprinting across the field in the CB turned into races between some of the PAX.
  • FNG Fudd introduced by Foghorn – great having him join. A good addition as he has a track and cross-country background and also is intimately familiar with the AO having trained there while at school.
  • Ha-Ha (Respect!) with 6 beatdowns this week – this HIM’s consistency is highly commendable and a fine example to follow. Get after it!
  • Foghorn always smiling when you get the chance to glance over at him! It’s infectious and encouraging.
  • 118 burpees was the total count and the Merkins count varied – 210 total if you could’ve made it through the last corner.
  • Boomer closed us out.


  • Keep in prayers the family of co-worker of Saban who lost 10 yr-old to the flu.
  • Remember our friend from the Hooch who is battling cancer
  • Thankful to our Heavenly Father for His grace, our health and all the goodness we have because we belong to Him.

On the eve of New Year’s Eve

    When: 12/30/2017


    The Pax: Devito, Dosido, El Matador, Gingivitis, Special K, Cookie, Zima, Foghorn.

    QIC: Mufasa

9 HIM gathered for the last beatdown of 2017. What a year it’s been! Getting together with and meeting other PAX from different regions inspired YHC to do more to push to find what changes need to be made for the new year.

The assignment this morning was to pick a battle buddy, a partner who you’d stay with for the duration of the workout and learn what they accomplished this year and want to commit to changing for next year. When you see him during the year, you’d be held accountable and ask them how they’re doing.

This is an account of what happened and how we got stronger in the gloom.

Mozy counter clockwise on the loop to the first pain station where we’d gather for a Lazy Dora of 100 Merkins, 200 2-count LBCs and 300 squats for the team, each doing a tenth of the count while the other planked in a rotating fashion until the counts were reached.

When done, mozy to the tennis courts for Hindenberg BLIMPS in the 4 corners. Transitions between the stations were as follows: wheel barrows, bear crawls, sideways bear crawls (both directions), broad jumps, lunges and crab walks.

Out of time, we run back to the flag for COT.


  • Special K took an extensive tour of the Widowmaker as he tried to find us this morning. Heard something about a truck in the way – being on time at an AO is late. Don’t be late! Early is on time.
  • lots of mumble chatter as we were transitioning between the pain stations
  • good to hear what the commitments are to change. We hold each other accountable as Iron sharpens Iron.
  • Just pick one thing you want to do more of and reach. This could be Q more, visit other AOs, post one more time per week, or anything that will help propel you to a new level while you discover more ways to serve and help others and be 3rd. Credit for this is Law Dog’s BB from this week.
  • good seeing Foghorn out again – we miss this HIM when he’s not able to post.
  • Miss our PAX who are traveling, see you in the New Year!


  • Don’t forget to look at the Q rosters and put your name down for when you can lead.
  • Next Saturday, 1/6/18 is the convergence for all AOs in the Atlanta Area.

Special Task Force for Forest to the Sea

    When: 12/26/2017


    The Pax: Ha Ha, Knozit

    QIC: Mufasa

A Special Task Force of 3 formed up this morning, ready to go from the Forest to the Sea. Visiting Knozit from Lexington, SC, was the guest of Honor. This is an after action report of what happened this fine day after Christmas:

In the parking lot:

  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • SSHs
  • Merkins
  • Windmills

Mozy to dog park track for the Forest to the Sea evolution:

Bear crawl 25 yards, 10 burpees, crab walk 25 yards. Turn around and repeat, decreasing burpees by 1 each time the center line was crossed, until 5 burpees were completed. Plank for the Six when done.

Mozy to FOD for Lazy Dora:

  • Since there were 3 PAX, 2 would be on team, 1 on the other. The two teams would complete 100 merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 squats between them.

Out of time, we mozied back to the flag for the COT.


  • good having Knozit there – gave YHC some nice ideas for future beatdowns.
  • Missed the AO flag, but Ha-Ha, ever prepared, presented the Hoppy Like flag.
  • Nothing better than coming out at 0530 in 29 degrees to start the day! #F3Counts!

Who’s on First?

    When: 12/12/2017


    The Pax: Miller Time, Krueger, Mayhem, Spandex, Special K, Goat, Ha ha, Jackalope, Zima, Saban, Nacho Libre, Radar, Gridlock, South West

    QIC: Mufasa

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ” Jer 29:11

YHC too had plans to help this fine group prosper, the future bright as 15 HIM met in 37 degrees with snow still on the ground. This is the after action report for the event.

Time to get going, ever watchful for ice on the road, this group launched towards the first action area, stopping briefly on the run for SSHs, Merkins and Imperial Walkers.

Four Corners Escalator:

  • 1st Corner – 10 8CT Body Builders
  • 2nd Corner – 10 +  20 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 3rd Corner – 10 + 20 +  30 Merkins
  • 4th Corner – 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 4ct Flutter kicks.

Quick run to field of Dreams, interrupted by walking lunges along the way.

At Field of Dreams:


Start out by counting off by fours. 1s start at First Base do AMRAP LBCs until relieved. 2s at Second Base do AMRAP Merkins until relieved. 3s at Third Base do AMRAP Squats until relieved. 4s at Home Plate performed 15 Burpees then run to First, relieving the Pax there. Continue until all Pax have done the Burpees.


Back to where the flag should have been. No flag – the cost is 13 burpees for an AWOL flag held by one of our own Devito who might have an explanation for the happening.


  • Freddy Mercuries
  • T-Bombs in honor of Nacho
  • American Hammers
  • Flutter kicks
  • Box cutters


  • Thursday, 12/14, 2nd F at Truck and Tap, Alpharetta – around 6:30 or 7.


  • Prayers continue for Mother of family diagnosed with cancer.
  • Peace and Joy should be ours at this time of year.

Naked-man moleskin

  • Gridlock, no longer an FNG, back for more!
  • Good to see Goat again.
  • MT and Nacho are accelerating men – no keeping them down!
  • YHC struggles with baseball terminology, but getting it. Who’s on First?

Strava view – credit to Ha ha


In the beginning

    When: 12/06/2017


    The Pax: Flo, BRD, Simba, Scrooge

    QIC: Mufasa

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” – John 1:1,4

YHC was over at the Hooch Monday, and a few PAX was asked to Q (won’t mention names here) who all gave  some excuse, and then YHC was asked to guest Q. Glad they did – was wondering how to get on the Q rotation, and happy to oblige, as this is my home away from home – The Hooch men know how to get things going!

The conditions were perfect – Low 40s with about 10-12  mph wind. We weren’t hanging around and wanted to get warm. Off we go, YHC looking for the track.

A quick mozey towards the track, stopping every now and then for SSHs, Merkins and Mountain Climbers until we got there.

The thang:

The Cooper – a brutal 10 laps starting each lap with 10 each of Burpees, Squats and Merkins, decreasing each round  by 1 until a final count of 1, with a lap in between.

When done, form up into an Indian Run and do The Bataan death march with 5 merkins, sprinting up to catch the group while tapping the last man and sprinting to the front.

Interrupting this evolution by 10 merkins each time in the fashion of mucho chesto – 10 each : normal, wide, diamond, left and right staggered.

Back to the flag with all you got – Flo proving to have the stamina to go all the way and finish first.


  • Flutters
  • High dolly
  • American Hammers
  • Box cutters


  • Slow is not in this group’s vocabulary – constantly moving.
  • Hooch men are solid to the core. Moving as one, they get it done – no man left behind, and no man left where they find him. This is how they live.


  • Prayers for work situations and family illnesses.
  • Knowing Christ is our light, we focus on Him and His Kingdom, and not on ourselves – #IamThird



Thanksgiving Day Recon

    When: 11/23/2017


    The Pax: Miller Time, Do Si Do, Saint 2.0

    QIC: Mufasa

A Fantastic 4 post at The Rubicon for The Thanksgiving Day Recon. Each man driving over there wondering whether he’d be the only one, and as Qs are, each had a plan if there was no one else there. Funny how it takes individuals to make a group.

YHC pulled the short card, which was preceded by a quick 1.5 mile run around the outer loop.

For those not familiar, here is the MARSOC Short Card (sometimes: Recon Short Card):

1. 30 Push-ups
2. 30 Air squats
3. 30 Crunches
4. 10 Burpees
5. 10 Windmills
6. 30 Push-ups
7. 30 Mountain climbers
8. 30 Flutter kicks (4-count)
9. 10 Burpees
10. 10 Cherry pickers (4-count)
11. 30 Push-ups
12. 30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks)
13. 30 Back Extensions (“supermans”)
14. 10 Burpees
15. 10 Chain breakers (sub 30 monkey humpers)
16. 30 Push-ups
17. 30 Lunges (2-count)
18. 30 Hello dollies
19. 10 Burpees
20. 10 Trunk twists (sub Makhtar N’Diayes)
21. 3 Max sets of dead-hang pull-ups or flexed-arm hangs
We did the first 20 in the parking lot and moved over to the pull up bar area for the the last routine.
  • MT not fading here – the Man is still as quick as he’s always been.
  • Nice working alongside Do Si Do again – been too long for YHC – injuries keeping me from posting at regular scheduled workouts.
  • Saint2.0 posting first time at Rubicon! Breath of fresh air having him there, just as good as working alongside him at the GoRuck.
  • More stories from the epic CSAUP event that 11 PAX from The Alpha attended this weekend. All seems just a distant memory now.
Pre-Ruck Saturday 0530 at Webb Bridge Park.
  • Prayers for Do Si Do’s grandfather.
  • Prayers for safe travels this Holiday.
  • Thanks and praise for this Great Country, Family and F3.

GrowRuck05 – The Ultimate CSAUP AAR (After Action Report)

    When: 11/18/2017


    The Pax: Baby Face, West Side, Banjo, Boomer, Flo, Ha-Ha, I-Beam, Sunshine, Mufasa, Sneakers, Saint 2.0

    QIC: Cadre Danny, Cadre Flash

It would not get any better than this. 11 Alpha PAX were bound for GrowRuck05 in Chattanooga, TN. This is a brief summary of what happened. There was more, but after 14 1/2 hours, details have been inadvertently neglected.

Friday night 3 vehicles containing this select group of HIM would depart the Alpha region bound for Chattanooga, TN. First stop is the location of where the 2nd F is scheduled to be held – 2 Sons Kitchen. We meet the rest of the GrowRuck05 PAX, Dredd and OBT, the founders of F3. F3 TN was represented by Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville, Johnson City and Nashville. After a brief discussion and talk by Dredd and OBT, we depart for our respective hotels, to get some much needed rest for the next day, knowing we would not sleep for another 33 hours or so.


Preblast page:


Up at 6 am, we depart and  drive 20 minutes or so to RiverMont park. On time, at 7 am, true to F3 culture, Dredd and OBT are ready to lead the workout, and depart some wisdom on leadership as was promised the night before.


There is footage from the COT, which YHC will attempt to locate and make a late edit.


Following this was a breakfast of Biscuits and coffee, and more of 2nd F. This would morph into the outdoor classroom where Dredd and OBT would give some of the best Leadership talk YHC has heard – all first hand experience and relevant and real world application. This is treasure! YHC took notes, and at the time of this writing had not located the notes. YHC is committed to finding them and will upload as an attachment.


After arriving back at the hotel, some attempted to get some sleep and others watched football to while away the time. Closer the time, the PAX was agonizing over what to pack and wear for the event. We knew it would rain, and be cold at some point, but how many layers to start with, change of clothes to carry and how much food to take took hours of deliberation. At the end of day, make a decision and stick with it. We were set, and ready to depart for the awesomeness of a GoRuck Tough Challenge.


We would meet at the aquarium at 1730, for an 1800 start. When we arrived, there were PAX unsure of where to be. This is when The Alpha steps up – Sneakers had learned earlier in the day the man with the Star is in charge, because he took charge, and moved the group down the hill to the correct meetup place.


No time pieces were allowed so we don’t know the exact time (around 6 pm), but out of nowhere our Cadre, Cadre Danny and Cadre Flash show up. Impressive resume of over 40 years of Special Operations and Special Forces of US Army and Marine Recon between them.  A few orders were barked, we performed an evolution of box jumps to top, bear crawls, crawl bears, derkins and more.  Anyone was invited to leave if they so desired, but we all stayed put. This was not the Alamo where one was leaving – we were all in it. Boomer reported that one had tried to leave, but thought better of it.


Schooled in Army Structure – leadership, drills and marching. Company, Squads, Fireteams. Squad leaders and Fireteam leaders would remain the same, with Platoon Leaders, Company Commander, 1st Sergeant and Platoon Sergeants rotating. Count was important. Every man had to know how many was in the Company, totaling 68.


At some point, while being schooled in US Army Infantry structure and drill, repeating falling in, marching and countless PT sessions, the rain came in. A cold, downpour, which dropped the temperature by what felt around 20 degrees, hit us while being made to stand attention, almost taking away your breath. At that point you couldn’t ground your ruck to get your rain gear, so we were soaked. This is how we started.


When in motion, we were always in the same formation. 1st Platoon in the lead, 1st and 2 nd Squads  forming the heads of the 2 columns. 3rd and  4th  Squads behind them. 2nd Platoon would then form up after that in the same fashion.


Double time it out of there, and for the next many hours we would see  Chattanooga as no one had seen it before – from under a Ruck with 67 other of the best of the F3 nation. Carrying coupons, bear crawls, box jumps, crab walks were the order – for how long or how many, no-one knows. We followed orders. We had to know the count of the PAX and would learn a hard lesson for not knowing it. The wind was relentless,and we continued on.


At some point we had arrived at an open field – more infantry tactics.Two man team work: fireman’s carry, buddy drag, Burpee Broadjump, cover and move, squadron movement, squadron wedge.


Once we left there, more forced march, with bridge PT. Our next mission was to the log extraction point.


We were then told we were off the find the “delicate pieces of equipment we were to retrieve and deliver”. After a while, we came to some docks and would  have to do recon to discover where and what they were (we surmised we would find the logs we were expecting). 1st Platoon found theirs – a huge monster of a log, The Beast from the Depths. 2 nd Platoon were able to find 2 logs, that were not quite that noteworthy. After what seemed like many hours  the 2 were dumped, not worthy of keeping, just thrown from a bridge into a river, far below. But not “the Beast” – it had a special place to be delivered to. On and on we went, 30 paces, rotating “Team Shorty” with “Team TallBoys”. On and on, unkown distance, unkown time. Go until you get there, the good news being that it would not be a foot further.  We were finally able to deliver it to the side of a road to what looked like an abandoned area of town. Someone would be waking up with a monster log in their yard that was delivered overnight!


Picture of the monster from the depths log (extracted from the Tennessee River). The picture does not do justice to sheer monstrosity this was.


 From there to a school track – some more teaching and instruction, and then the Army PFT test. Push ups, sit-ups and 2 mile run (there was time for 1.5 mile). Still cold and shivering, the run help helped warm us up a little, but after Rucking for 11 hours, you were not able to muster your best times and counts, but we did it.


Double time it to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, where we would assembled for the Sunrise Service, and what a Sunrise it was! Dredd talked about the importance of believing in someone greater than ourselves, and how we’re to think of ourselves last. White Shoe gave a powerful testimony and Cadre Flash also had some words of encouragement – powerful stuff. We also completed evaluations of our squad buddies.


Double time it back to the Aquarium.


Once formed up, again, Flash told us we were getting an hour of PT named for what was done in the submarines in WW2 – the short card (look at it here – http://officercandidatesschool.com/blog/2014/08/11/challenge-marsoc-short-long-cards/). About face, and there Cadre Danny, with some more talk and lessons, and we couldn’t ground our packs fast enough, so repeated it a few times until he was satisfied. Fatigue is no reason not to move or think sharply. We were finally patched.
The graduates of GRT 2505, GrowRuck05 :
The Alpha PAX:
Route of Ruck, without the 1.5 mile run (thanks to Ha-Ha who had his GPS in his Ruck) – https://www.strava.com/activities/1281968587

8 mile coupon Ruck

    When: 10/20/2017


    The Pax: Dosido, Banjo, Mufasa, Simba, Sneakers

    QIC: Dosido

40# Sandbag and a couple of 35+# was the order of the night. 8 miles to go, do your best! Temps in the low 60s, clear skies with a breeze – perfect weather for this. This is the ARR (after action report) for what happened.

At 9 pm the 5 assembled at an obscure location, maybe part of the exercise was some land nav and see how you follow directions to get there. But there we were. The group ready to go. Banjo’s first Ruck over an hour, Simba joining the regular monthly night Ruckers for the first time. This was a good crew, and we were going to have fun.

We headed out, good pace, and getting used to these coupons. The mood was good, the conversation and jokes flowed, all the PAX in high spirits. First stop YHC was looking for a submersion, but gave up on that after thinking about it for a bit. A little while later, Simba took a heavy fall while carrying the 40#, but knows how to roll with it, undeterred , he got up and kept going.

The miles went by, good rhythm and conversation helping. The PAX was always eager to get a coupon and the six stayed close. While on North Main street, Banjo was recognized by one of his Wrestlers while driving by. “Coach! what are you doing? We didn’t think you’d ACTUALLY do it!” “I ALWAYS do what I say I’m going to do” was Coach’s reply, good role model setting. YHC is looking forward to having Banjo on the GrowRuck05 team headed to TN next month.

Last hill – make that left turn and power it up. Simba, powerful in his stride has the 40# and pushes his HR to over 185 bpm. The six is close, and impressive effort by all.

The event was capped by replacing the lost calories at the local Steak’n’Shake – milkshakes and burgers the reward for a job well done!

the PBRc

    When: 10/10/2017


    The Pax: Miller Time, Devito, Nacho Libre, Dosido, Special K, Locksmith, Legos, Fondue, South West, Moonshine, Cookie, Law Dog

    QIC: Mufasa

A baker’s dozen for the 10/10 beatdown. Humid, wet from the rain were the conditions underfoot when this fine group assembled, ready to work this morning.

“I asked God for strength, and he gave me difficulties to make me stronger”.
We were about to learn the literal meaning of this quote which YHC saw on twitter this week. This is what happened:
Warm-up in the parking lot:
     Cotton pickers
     8-count body builder
Mosy to rock-pile to pick up coupons. Pick a partner in the mean time.
One of the fields right next to rock pile was going to be perfect for this. YHC, not able to trust the calf I’ve been having trouble with on runs (not Rucks for some reason), capitalized on this location.
This is a Ruck workout, adapted to be without Rucks, we had rocks – which worked.
Inspired by the PBRC who seem to be getting after it for PATHFINDER.
“P” is for Push Ups and Plank
Partner A: 25 Merkins
Partner B: Plank for duration…when A quits then switch
Go through 4 Rounds
“B” is for Burpees and Broad Jumps
Partner A: Burpees with rock x 20
Partner B: Broad Jumps x 20
When both are done, switch.
Go through 2 Rounds
“R” is for Rock Ups, Rock Curls, and Runs
Partner A: Rock Ups x 20
Partner B: Rock Curls x 20
100 yard run x 2
Go through 2 Rounds
“C” is for Cool Down
Partner A: 100 Jumping Jacks
Partner B: 100 Flutter Kicks
Switch…Go through 1 round
Lock legs and perform 50 Sit Ups
Out of time, retire our rocks, and head back to the parking lot for some Mary in 3 corners of the parking lot:
   Freddie Mercuries
   Box cutters
   Mason twists
Back to flag for Count off, Name-o-rama and COT.
Law Dog, from the Kodiak,  graced us with his presence today  when he heard there was going to be PBR. He wasn’t disappointed!
It was discovered there was already a Nomad at the Wreck, so a rename to South West was proposed and accepted.
   Mumble chatter before the PBRc started, but it got quiet as the PAX were focussed on getting the counts right. YHC missed some of the rock ups, and had to go back to finish.
Devito, good at communicating, helped translate the routine which some of the PAX had difficulty in understanding (might be the accent).
Prayers for PAX who are going through a tough time generally – we lift you up.
We want to be focussed on the Sovereignty of God,  not on our own circumstances  and put others before us.
Golf game Wednesday – contact Law Dog and Crack for details.
Getting close the number we need to make  Growruck05 happen. Good group of Alpha men had already signed up:
Mufasa, HaHa, Boomer, Flo ,Babyface, Sneakers, Foghorn, I-Beam, Saint 2.0, Banjo
HC – Bloodhound, Sunshine


A new route

    When: 05/27/17


    The Pax: Mufasa

    QIC: Mufasa

Alpharetta had planned a 2.0 Beatdown at Widow Maker this morning for a while now, but the Ruck had to go on as advertised. Maybe there’d be another soul who would post. This was also going to be an opportunity for scouting out a new Route for the AlphaRuck Men.

This was going to be YHC’s 6th post of the week, and wasn’t sure how my body would be handling it. It all started with The Kodiak’s post Monday for an F3 featured article in the local newspaper which set the stage for 6 or 7 posts this week. Alpharetta has a good selection of workouts with good variety, so fatigue would not be a problem. 6 – 7  hours of sleep a night is optimal for me, and rising early would not be an issue.

No headlamp would be required at the start, as there’s sufficient light 30 minutes before the sun rises. YHC is a firm believer in the mantra “Never let the sun catch you sleeping” – Art of manliness article.

The new route is a 3.74 mile loop from the cul-de-sac, and would be 4 miles if starting inside the park. For those hoping to catch the WindowMaker workout at 0700, this is perfect timing for a transition for gear change or getting some fuel to continue on.

Here is the Map My Run Link – route


  • An AlphaRuck challenge incorporating 3 AOs is in the cards, inspired by Law Dog and Baby Face from The Kodiak and sanctioned by our Nantan will be good prep for the GrowRuck in November.
  • Keep testing and trying out new things – socks, inners, nutrition when going more than 2 – 3 hrs. Think about hydration, night time movement as we’ll probably be acclimating to the GrowRuck event which takes place at night.