Beat the dealer…

    When: 03/10/2018

    Where: The Hurt Locker

    The Pax: Babyface, Wham-O, Banjo, Dory, Hombre, Cricket, Misty, Primo, Yogy, The Mole, Westside, Homeboy, Crobar, Garfield, Harp

    QIC: Légionnaire

YHC is about to embark on his yearly week-long trip to Sin City and he is sure to miss his bros next Saturday in the gloom of the desert, so he decided to bring them a taste of Vegas right here in the heart of Cherokee County (where as far as your YHC gambling is still highly illegal, I’ll check with @Lawdog_F3…)

It all started early the previous evening with a Twitter storm of testosterone filled dares…

And then morning came…

6 PAX answered the 6:00 AM call of Old Glory to Ruck and enjoy Misty’s now weekly book review…

Then it started…

Warm up

SSH X 15, HillBillies X 15, Cotton Pickers X 15, Flutter Kicks X 30

The Thang

Beat the dealer… YHC was now the dealer and whipped out his iPhone Blackjack app. Each PAX, in turn, came to the center and had a hand dealt out to them. The house, of course, had to hit until 16 but PAX could stand at any time.

When the house (YHC) would win then a harder set of exercise would be performed and the repetition would match the counts of the 2 hands just dealt.

If the dealer won with BlackJack against a 17 for the PAX. Exercise would be 21 Burpees and 17 Big Boy Seat ups and (as the PAX unhappy with their loss wanted to switch tables) we would mosey on down to the next  quarter mile marker of Veterans Park big loop.

If the PAX won he got to select the milder exercise to match the count of the 2 hands just played. i.e. If PAX won with 2 kings over the house with 17 then the group would perform 20 Squats and 17 LBC’s and we would let the next PAX play without a quarter mile.

Finally, day broke…

All 15 were dealt a hand and 3 or 4 came back for more. At YHC’s amazement, some PAX would self-inflict harsher exercise than prescribed by the house…


While we had a lot of fun, YHC realizes that a Q is not a Cheerleader but a man responsible for an outcome and is always humbled to see men post in the gloom with him week after week, and is grateful to them for their trust.

YHC reminded every PAX that no matter how good this experience may feel to them personally the impact of F3 splashes around to every facet of their lives, from their own family to their work environment and to the community as a whole so we need to strive to make others benefit from it.

It is very fitting then that the next item be…

Expansion meeting at Homeboy’s barn this evening @ 20:30

Also keeping Homeboy’s dad in our thoughts as he awaits biopsy results.


Stronger – Kelly Clarkson / Final Song – Mo / Wake me up – Avicii / Paradise City – Guns & Roses / Highway to hell – AC/DC / Ex’s and Oh’s – Elle King / Sail – AWOLNATION / I wanna rock – Twisted Sisters /  Country roads – Me First & the Gimme Gimmes

 Légionnaire out…

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