Our AO Needs a Counting Lesson

    When: 11/16/2017

    The Pax: Rambo, Leon, Scout, Mahi Mahi, Bum, Fizz, Seles, Fireballs

    QIC: Manhole

It wasn’t all 32 or even half that but I was grateful for the 8 souls who climbed out of their respective fartsacks to join YHC for a  short but sweet Thursday Q at DHS.

Warm-O-Rama: (All IC – 2 rounds – x20 and then x15)

SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Squats, and Merkins

Let’s Mosey to the Rock Garden for…

The Thang: (grab a stone and circle up)(all IC)

Curls (x20), Overhead Press (x15 – just b/c someone chose poorly), OverHead Triceps Ext. (x20), Squats (x20) and Chest Press (x20)  – Rinse and Repeat)

Mosey to the hidden corner for wall sits and balls to the wall (x2 each) – and a disclaimer, just b/c you don’t make it all the way through, or don’t know how to count, does not mean you should stop counting…..I won’t name names.

Mosey up the steps and around to the back of the school and down to the far side of the track for the next evolution…

Mary – (all IC and x20) LBC, Flutter Kicks, Mason Twist, Obliques (to each side), Freddie Mercury, Advanced Boat Canoe (x10), Low Dolly, Flutter Kicks

Run the straights and jog the curves (as a group) wait for the six before each straight

Stop at the bleachers for Dips (IC and x10) 3 times is the charm…and then mosey back out

2nd set of Run the straights and jog the curves (as a group) wait for the six before each straight

Jog up the stairs and back to the parking lot for

2 rounds – (IC and x10) hand release merkins and flutter kicks


Rambo took us out – well done lads


Dirty Special Spicy Sauce

    When: 11/18/2017

    The Pax: Wham-O and Cricket, Law Dog and Homeboy, Yogi and Hombre [Partners for life after this BD]

    QIC: Hombre

Arrived at 6:53 to find Yogi warming up wondering if anyone was going to show. Yours truly was happy to see that by 0700 we had even numbers – everyone would have a partner…..

WarmUp: Moseyed around the parking lot to circle up. 20 SSH and 20 Kodiak count Bird Dogs ensuring reaching proper stretch form that would make The Mole cry. [Editor’s Note: this in cadence bird dog warm up was the first sign that things were getting weird – although it is a good stretch.] Then mosey to the football bleachers for the spice!

1st Segment: Mixing it Up
A: Partner up for Partner Rows 10 Rows each partner. One partner stands over the other and grasp hands to perform an effective row. Homeboy and LAWDOG formed an incessant bond of non stop chatter that kept going and appears to continue on. [Editor’s Note: the partner on the ground was the one performing the row. To get an effective hold on said partner, the Pax standing over had to be positioned standing over the torso of the partner on the ground.  You can image were partner on the grounds head would go as he pulled himself up. I continued to tell Homeboy to look me in the eyes because the only other place to look just felt wrong}  After the Rows transition to 20 Mike Tyson’s OYO. Rinse and repeat for 3 sets.
B: No partners for this portion, although I thought I caught a glimpse of H&L holding hands. [Editor’s note: after the inverted row to crotch move, you formed a special bond with your partner]  Pistol Squats 10L/10R mixed with 20 Dips for 3 sets.

2nd Segment: Back and Forth
-Taking the football field starting at the 0 yard line with 20 BigBoySitUps run to the 20 yard line for 20 Merkins and run BACKWARDS back to the goal line for another 20 BBSUS.
-Run to the 40 for 20 each leg Single Leg DeadLifts and run backwards back to the goal line for 20 BBSUS.
-Run to the 60 for 30 each leg Reverse Lunges and run backwards to the goal line for another 20 BBSUS.
-Run to 80 for 80 SUMO position Karate Punches to each side Rubicon count. Run backwards to goal line for 20 BBSUS.
-Run to the 100 and back to the 0 goalie. [Editor’s Note: I have no idea what a 0 goalie is]
->alternating planks and Superman’s led by Cricket for 30secs each (Crickets extended 30second count) for the 6 to get in. Homeboy and LawDog isolated themselves to the side to let the rest of us get accurate counts in.

3rd Segment: Dirty Hundreds
Starting at the goal line run to the opposite goal line. At every 10 yards perform a sprawl where your chest touches the ground. Run back to the goal line and Al Gore it for the 6.  [Editor’s Note: this was no joke. It slowed some of my mumble chatter]

Cool Down: Mosey back to the flag for a little round of fire starting with: [Editor’s Note: After reminding Homeboy we still had a few minutes in our beatdown, he can join FIA at 8am]
– LawDog’s J-Los
– Wham-O’s (not to be misunderstood by HomeBoy) Iron Cross – we missed you Legionaire
– Yogi’s favorite painful Gorrilla Humpers [Editor’s Note: He is ready to Q the way he called that cadence count]
– Cricket’s unforgettable ab blaster [Editor Note: Apparently unforgettable enough for Hombre to remember the exercise is called the Freddie Mercury]
– HomeBoy’s finisher Burpees

COT: thankful for each man who showed up this morning remembering…..
– the boys on the Ruck over night
– Bloodhound’s recovery so he can lead another 666
– Wham-O’s church project for families
– Brother’s who lost jobs/in need of work – Kilo
– Safety for all traveling

Thankful for all you all. Remember to always medicate with condiments. And some spice to your life!!!

“I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭16:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭ESV

Enter the Dragon

    When: 11/16/2017

    The Pax: Body, Crack, Snake, Wiz, Swiper, Olaf

    QIC: Reuben

The gloom and the climate could not have been more perfect for a beatdown.  As YHC pulled into the Big Creek parking lot, Body and Swiper were already set to reek havoc on the morning. With a total of 7 Pax present, we punched our time cards.


    Quick mosey to base of Kilimanjaro:
    SSH x 20 IC
    Copperhead squats x 15 IC
    Windmill x 12 IC
    The Hillbilly x 15

The Thang

    Quick side trip to rock pile for generous size coupon.
    Dora 1-2-3
    1- Partner 1- Backwards run up hill 2nd light poll, forward down  partner2- squat press w/ coupon. 100 total
    2- Partner 2- Backwards run up hill/down- partner 1 merkins x 100 total
    3- Partner 1-Repeat back run/Forward to 2nd light- partner 2- pelvic thrusts x 75 total.
    Re-deposit coupons
    Quick mosey towards pavilion for Bruce Lee:
    3 rounds- 20 reps each- 6 exercises.
    1) Hammers 2)leg lift 3)LBC’s 4) heel touches 5)crunchy frogs 6) 100’s
    Feeling the burn just like Bruce himself!
    Mosey down hill through Roman Columns with Pax in Indian run towards small pavilion.
    2 rounds-20 reps each IC
    Derkins and step-ups
    Grab coupons for Colt 45’s
    Mosey back to flag for Mary:
    Freddy Mercury x 15 IC compliments of Body.
    Upcoming Thanksgiving day flag football game at Webb Bridge
    Grow-Ruck coming soon
    Prayers for Darth and Mother’s heath
    Wiz’s M-prayers for her family and coping with cousins suicide
    Cracks family-uncle just passed away from cancer


Rockin with the Merpee Mile

    When: 11/16/2017

    The Pax: Nacho, Zima, Saban, Spandex, Special K, Radar, Mayham, Turbine, Devito

    QIC: Devito

We had 9 PAX out for a mildly cool morning, perfect for a beatdown. Warmup was so short it doesn’t deserve a section. IC SSH, imperial walkers and windmills … 90 seconds or less and on to beatdown.

The Thang

We started the morning off with the merpee mile. Gathered back together at each corner with flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury and LBCs for the 6. Next we ran to the rock pile, picked a medium-large coupon and lined up at one end of the parking lot. Partner up for a rock DORA. On partner runs the length of the lot while the other works on 100 skull crushers, 200 curls and 300 squats. LBCs for the 6.

Next up on your six for alternating sets of rock-ups and chest presses. OYO reps 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5. We dropped the rocks back to the pile and returned to the near corner of the lot. 4 corners with 25 reps of flutter kicks, American hammers, Freddy Mercury and big boy sit-ups. Gather the 6 and repeat once more with 15 reps at each corner. With that, time was up.

COT / Moleskin

Prayers for those in our crew needing healing and encouragement.

Widowmaker Q is open the Saturday if anyone wants to step up or split.

My hands are freezing

    When: 11/15/2017

    The Pax: Moonshine, HaHa, Nacho, Olaf, Roll Tide, Sunshine, Pot Hole, IHOP

    QIC: Cookie

9 PAX gathered at Caney Creek for an old Cookie favorite.  Mucho Chesto cycle, with a “cold hands” audible twist.  It went something like this…

-quick lap around the parking lot, scoop up Moonshine and we’re off
-mosey toward the trail, past the dog park and into the field
-Side Straddle Hop
-Cotton Picker
-Circle Burp

-short mosey to the middle of the field for a Mucho Chesto cycle
-10 regular merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st base
-10 wide merkins at 1st, crab walk to 2nd
-10 diamond merkins at 2nd, reverse crab to 3rd
-10 stagger at 3rd, cheetah crawl home
-10 reverse stagger
After completing the 1st round, YHC had two observations.  1) the wet grass was much more cold on our hands than I had expected. 2) not having an actual baseball diamond is really hard to figure out where to start and stop.  2nd Round was therefore postponed….more on that later.

-Mosey back over to the parking lot for Dora 1-2-3
-partner runs to the end and back while other partner does 100 Peter Parkers, 200 Squats & 300 LBC’s
-LBC’s and reverse LBC’s to wait on the six
-now that our hands had thawed out, we had unfinished business to attend to
-mosey over to the wide part of the parking lot for 2nd round of Mucho Chesto cycle
-10 regular merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st base
-10 wide merkins at 1st, crab walk to 2nd
-10 diamond merkins at 2nd, reverse crab to 3rd
-10 stagger at 3rd, cheetah crawl home
-10 reverse stagger
-Mosey over to the lighted bathroom area for balls to the wall
-no surprise, Nacho was last man standing
-short mosey over for 4 MOM led by various PAX

Humbled to lead this group.  5 regular Alpha PAX, 2 NLB PAX and 2 PAX from John’s Creek 1st Baptist Church.  Prayers for those injured or sick, including T.O. and Mufasa’s friend Crossbow.  Turkey Day Flag Football game next Thursday 7am at the Widowmaker.


It was 40ish!

    When: 11/11/17

    The Pax: Seles, Bibo, Leon, Sleeper and Scout

    QIC: Manhole

A solid beatdown was enjoined by 5 brave lads (well 3 brave lads and 2 tardy ones – but i digress) and YHC (Manhole)

Warm-O-Rama (Let’s mosey, it’s cold) – stopping at the bottom lot for some SSH (IC – 15). Oh look, here come Sleeper and Leon (double time into the woods). Imperial Walkers (IC-15). Squats (IC-15), Merkins (IC-15) Let’s mosey to the tree stumps for a set of 11s (In cadence?? – Step-Ups and Dips) Mosey to the lower DNC lot.

The Thang (Partner Up)

100 Sumo Squats while your partner runs back down the hill to the fence and back. Rinse and Repeat with 200 single count flutter kicks. And finally repeat-O with 100 hand release merkins.

Mosey to the starting line -and let’s lunge walk (all the way up) with occasional breaks for 7 sets of 20 single count squats of various flavors and then a mosey back down the hill

Grab some rail  for 3 sets (10) of partner cliff hanger merkins and 2 sets (10) partner assisted dips. (two was enough)

Circle up for some Mary. (all IC and x20)

LBC, Low flutter, low dolly, obliques (each side), low flutter

Jog up the hill and ring around the tree for one final set of squats

Mosey back over to the ball park and all the way down the hill to the lower lot for 50, 75, 100 (3x) from the lower lot to the ball house and mosey back down

Low flutter (x10 IC) and close it out.

(and for the life of me i have no idea who took us out)

Law Dog’s Q School Beatdown

    When: 11/15/2017

    The Pax: Swisher, Cricket, Manning, Westside, Babyface, Hombre, C4, Spaceballs, Legionnaire, Harp, The Proxy (FNG), Homeboy, Dori, The Mole, Woz, Woody, Natty Lite, Misty, Hasbro, and Law Dog

    QIC: Law Dog

One of the core principles states “F3 workouts are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.” The Kodiak Pax has been posting consistent numbers with regulars who have been around for a while. With Manning stepping up to for his VQ recently and immediately jumping back into it for his second Q, YHC decided it was time to get some of the “regulars” geared up to get their VQ on. By regulars, I mean everyone who posted today that has yet to experience the sweet joy of leading a bunch of sweaty men around a high school in the early hours of the Gloom. Just ask Manning how good it feels!!!  I also mean some of the more experienced men who just needed to reminisce on the first time.  So time for Law Dog’s first semi annual Q school beatdown.  Here is what went down.

5:30 sharp mosey around the parking lot picking up Spaceballs and Hombre along the way. Cricket was actually here 3 minutes early. Line up near the start of Route 66 for a Circle of Pain Suicide Routine. Apparently the Pax was confused about what the suicide entailed, I will just remind them, YHC called a COP Suicide, not to be confused with the traditional suicide or a Hombre suicide where you always face southwest. (Ok. Maybe a little Honeypotting from YHC during intitial instructions). YHC gave a disclaimer to the FNG and told the Pax to be ready to call out an exercise when put on the spot. After a few exercises in the COP run to the last light pole of Route 66 and back. Continued in this fashion until the end of the beatdown working back a couple of light poles at a time.  We had some ring of fire and global warming to add some flair to the traditional COP.  Some of the exercises included, merkins, burpees, plank jacks, mountain climbers, lbc’s, squats, split leg jumps,  Happy Jacks, Hill Billy’s, cotton pickers, SSHs, American Hammers, flutter kicks and I am sure a lot more I am forgetting.

Back to the flag for Name O Rama – Welcome The Proxy.

Naked Moleskins:

YHC did mess up one cadence count because apparently something crawled up The Mole and died. Based on the fumes he probably should have pulled an Elvis, but claims to have made it back to the house for a Dumb and Dumber. The lesson learned – a solid Pre-Game routine is there for a reason.

Of Course C4 calls out Happy Jacks. Not as sexy as the J-Lo but clearly his cup of tea.

Woody is ready for his VQ not only does he call out Burpee’s for the first shout out exercise of the morning, but he finished the BD with jumping leg squats in cadence and nailed the count. You are ready!! How about November 29?  After all it took Homeboy a solid month to finally figure out how to call a proper Imperial Walker.

Speaking of cadence Count, everyone nailed it and some (Natty Lite) not naming names, even demanded perfect form. Clearly Homeboy has provided a great example of what not to do.

Props to Spaceballs.  YHC called mountain climbers and then called out Spaceballs who of course called out more mountain climbers because apparently YHC did not get us to the top of the mountain. Way to pick up the Q and/or he just really likes mumble chatter from the rest of the Pax.

The Proxy posted even though some guy from church who doesn’t post told him about F3. What a great F3 Name.

After the beatdown this week, please stick around to volunteer to help put up lights. See Homeboy’s email. This would be a great way to give back to the community and Veteran’s Park.

Don’t worry about Homeboy’s count. He has it down. Practice makes perfect!!


I pressured the region to move to a Q sheet for signups, so I have felt obligated to put my name down a few times here and there.  My date came up and I decided to bring a little Wreck beatdown that is becoming a regular to the Rubicon. A sweet little girl named Cindy.
17 Pax showed up, some without gloves, but extras were on hand.  Thanks GOAT.  With one minute prior to start I dropped my tailgate and revealed the party favors, 28 pound lovely’s.  Party favors were passed out and it was time to mosey Cusak style. (Reference “Say Something…” most iconic scene)

Slow mosey to the pool parking lot for the Warmup

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Cindy Swings 10 IC
  • SSH 15 IC
  • Cindy Swings 10 IC
  • SSH 15 IC
  • Romanian Deadlift 10 maybe 15 IC
  • SSH 15 IC
  • Romanian Deadlift 10 maybe 15 IC (I should really write these things down)

I knew it was getting good when some guys were already feeling it.
Moving on Cusak style to the other end of the parking lot where we broke in the new black top.

The Thang

  • 5 Blockees (burpees with the block), sled push halfway, 5 blockees, sled push to the other end, finishing with 5 more blockees.
  • Flutter kicks with blocks overhead for the 6
  • 10 merkins, sled push halfway, 10 merkins, sled push to the other end, finishing with 10 more merkins
  • Low dolly with blocks overhead for the 6

Had one more sequence in mind, but I wanted to get to the next circuit.

  • Slow mosey Cusak style further from the truck, which was noticed by some and outwardly expressed. At the stopping point Cookie made a party foul and dropped his party favor a little too hard.  One down.

    Pair up. #1 farmer carrys two blocks up and around the flag and back.  Every time you drop the blocks performs 20 merkins.
    While #1 is on the route, #2 will begin DORA 1,2,3

  • 100 BBSUs
  • 200 single count American Hammers
  • 300 LBCs
    When #1 gets back #2 picks up the cinder blocks and #1 takes over on the DORA count.
    Everyone got at least one farmer carry in and most guys finished DORA.

Cusak back towards the flag with one stop for a long sled push.

We made it back with very little time for Mary
Could have been some LBCs (for those that didn’t finish) then some Flutters and 6 inches to finish it off.


  • GrowRuck this weekend for about 11-12 Alpha Pax
  • Annual flag football coming up Thanksgiving week @ Widowmaker – Get w/Cookie – older 2.0s welcome
  • Saturday trail run group in Roswell – probably becoming F3 Hog Wallow
  • Be on the lookout for some PBJ workouts that have apparently been a good time in Roswell, as well as some one off, every now and then, more intense WOs pushing the pace (F3Pacers?.. not sure)

Rain or Sunshine?

    When: 11/02/2017

    The Pax: Flo, Saint2.0, Cookie, Zazu, Ralphie, Boomer, Sneakers,Scrooge

    QIC: Sunshine

Pinch writing for Q Sunshine, Ralphie here as YHC. 9 PAX left the comfort of shelter and warmth to experience a Sunshine beatdown in the rain…

Mosey around the parking lot while a sprinting and late Ralphie met the PAX mid mosey. Circled up for

21 SSHs

10 Imperial Walkers

10 Windmills

10 Annie’s – Plank, circle right hand, circle left hand, merkin

Mosey to behind Hurricanes for a little rodent inspection with our backs against the wall. While air chairing,  2 Pax ran to the fence to perform 10 star jumps, then relay back and 2 more perform.

Mosey through church parking lot for some Indian runs to the firepit.

Q challenged us with 3 sets of 10 Dips, 10 Durkins, 10 Step Ups and Crunchy Frogs. While waiting on the six, Air chair.

Mosey to the “playground” running backward around the lake.

Partner up for alternating a run while performing  50 pull ups 100 push-ups and 200 squats.  ( cut short as time ran low.)

Mosey around the church under the portico for some Captain Thor.  1 BBSit-ups 4 american hammers, all the way to 10.  You get the idea. Groaning, check.

Mosey back to the flag.  A little Lt. Dan on the way.  Back right on time!


Prayers for Sneakers and his interview.

TCLAPs for Zazu, 2 in a row!

Off to Starbucks to a awesome F2.


Every DAWG has his Day!

    When: 11/13/2017

    The Pax: Sunshine, El Matador, Tightrope, Piggie, Scrooge, Zazu, Chip (FNG), Saint20

    QIC: Flo

With the fog rolling in the #gloom seemed extra gloomy this a.m.  However, it could have just been some left over gloominess from the disaster of Saturday’s loss at Auburn.  (I’m thinking Sunshine and Saint20 likely disagree).  Nevertheless, YHC grabbed the Q in an effort to share the misery/love.

9 strong PAX started and finished a #beatdown that kept us in our home parking lot, here’s what happened:

Warm-up: Big mosey lap with some side shuffles and butt-kickers.  Circle up for some SSHs, Squats, and Mountain Climbers.  Disclaimer given.

The thang:

Thing 1: Mosey to the side of the building for some merkin and bear crawl fun.

1 derkin on one side…bear crawl over to the other side for 1 Irkin…crawl bear back for 2 derkins on the original side…bear crawl back for 2 Irkins.  Back and forth we went until we hit 10 derkins and 10 Irkins.  Good times.  Wall sit exercises and 10 second recovery.

Things 2:

Mosey over near the flag for a 60 second Burpee challenge with SSHs, High Knees, Boxer Shuffles as our auxiliary exercises.  Once you bow out, you mosey back and forth to Regal.

Round 1- 1 burpee then auxiliary exercise until 60 seconds…easy enough

Round 2- 2 burpees then auxiliary exercise until 60 seconds… piece of cake

Round 3- 3 burpees then auxiliary exercise until 60 seconds… very manageable

Round 4- same, 5-same, 6- painful, but doable, 7- PAX starting to take the optional mosey instead, 8- ouch, 9- more PAX exit, 10- Oh dear Lord, 11- oxygen tank needed, 12- most gone, 13- YHC gone, 14- Scrooge and El Matador almost make it and then throw in the towel.  Well done fellas.

Thing 3:

Mosey behind the tribe’s homebase for some wall-sit action.  First round, Two PAX would mosey out and show the group their best StarJump.  Second round, two PAX would show how not to befriend a monkey.

Thing 4: Extended round robin of Mary with all the older PAX calling out their favorite exercise, then calling out a buddy for his favorite.  Scrooge got creative and just about killed us.

Glad to have an FNG with us today…Welcome “Chip”!

Prayers up for the group at large, for our Churches represented, and for our upcoming GrowRuck.

Honored to lead and be encouraged by you!