420 + 0.0 = smoked.

    When: 04/20/2018

    Where: The H0.0.ch

    The Pax: The Dab, Jimbo, Sneakers, Boomer, Saint20, Sneakers, Scrooge, Sunshine

    QIC: Flo

I love Fridays, and love that I get one every single week!  There is no better way to start the weekend than getting smoked (in a positive way) on 4/20.  That’s what YHC set out to do with 8 other PAX this a.m.

In full disclosure, YHC was about 30 seconds late and had 7 PAX waiting on my arrival.  One PAX was later than I was.   What is ironic, is that the guys that hung out over suds last night all beat me in.  TClaps to UncleScrooge for organizing a 2nd F.

Coming in hot with a shovel plant, disclaimer, and warm-up. SSHs, Arm Circles, and Squats to begin to silence the mumblechatter.  It would get serious soon.

The thang:


Basically, this was as descending ladder set up starting at 20 and decreasing by two each round of Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins, with two auxiliary exercises tossed in for fun.

Here’s what went down:

  • Round 1- 20 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 20 SSHs and twenty bear crawl steps away from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and plank for the six.
  • Round 2- 18 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 18 SSHs and eighteen walking lunges away from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and hollow body hold for the six.
  • Round 3- 16 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 16 SSHs and sixteen backward lunge steps away from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and iron cross hold for the six.
  • Round 4- 14 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins the 14 SSHs and fourteen lunge steps away from the starting point.  Other side lung back to the starting point and iron cross hold for the six.
  • Round 5- 12 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 12 SSHs and twelve broad jumps from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and air chair hold for the six.
  • Round 6- 10 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 10 SSHs and twelve crab walk steps from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and plank hold for the six.
  • Round 7- 8 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 8 SSHs and 8 power skips from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and “six inches” for the six.
  • Round 8- 6 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 6 SSHs and 6 power skips from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and “six inches” for the six.
  • Round 9- 4 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 4 SSHs and 4 lunge walk from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and quick step holds for the six.
  • Final Round-2 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 2 SSHs and Sprint to the end and back.  Active recovery for the six.
  • Note: somewhere in the middle I started playing music.  Also, that is 110 burpees off of the 475 debt.  Lastly, I realize that this was more of a 5-20 since we SSH hopped each time, but it didn’t work with my theme so I’m takin

Next: we did the “Bodies” song…merkins and donkey kicks and planks and fun!

Last: 3 MOM

COT: Circled up and prayed for wisdom, guidance,  and peace over the burdens we carry has husbands, fathers, sons, and life in general.

Moleskin:  2nd Annual Weenie Roast Birthday Extravaganza has been postponed to next Sunday!





Donkey Dans

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Boomer Zima Pit stop Transporter Mayhem Bronco Grease Monkey Aflac Double D Devito Isner Special K Cookie HaHa Scar Spandex DC2 Lowe’s Nacho Libre Miller Time Saban

    QIC: M.T.

It’s always great to arrive to over 20 pax fired up for some fitness.  No time to waste, the official Disclaimer Winkie was unfolded and read.  Our resident CoQ was happy that we finally got this thing right.

After a warm up lap around the lot with some butt kickers, high knees and karokee, we circled up for some SSH, Weed pickers and IW.  Off we went to the planters on the way to the Track.  Everyone grabbed a spot for two cycles of M.T’s X 20, incline merkins x 15 and Burpee’s x 5.  (miller times was the name designated by HaHa.  Place hands on the step and jump up with your feet landing on the outside of your hands and back down).

Mosey to the Community wall for Donkey Dans – 1:3 ratio of Mercan’s to donkey Kicks.  This one sucks at the end.  Next we all got in a wall sit while two at a time ran out to the track and demonstrated Monkey Humpers for the pax.  Finished up with a 1 Minute BTTW – impressive number made it a minute.

A mosey back to FOD where we circled up for our daily Burpee dosage.  While running in place we started with 10 burpee’s and worked our way all the way down to 1 for 55 total.  Next we lined up on the third base line and did some interval sprint training to the outfield fence and back a few times.

With that we shot back to the flag for some MARY where Boomer led the Buzzsaw, Nacho the T-Bombs and DC2 for his Hammers.

COT – Discussion about Sunday’s Picnic which has been moved a week due to rain.
Transporter discussed his need to hire a Sales Pro locally.  Hoping to get a good referral soon.  Position posted on Twitter and our LinkedInGroup
Nacho pitched the NLB Golf Tourney which was perfect timing as The Wreck Crew was there for a mini Invasion and latched on.  Thanks to Bronco for pushing the collection effort on their Slack channel – looks like they will fund a sign on their own and he will owe burpees.  A great group of HIM’s over there!

An honor to Q as always!  Disclaimer Winke available for borrowing!

Bells, Bells, Bells

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: Stoneclad

    The Pax: Cricket, Woody, Chitwood, Tardy, Hooch, Title 9, Law Dog

    QIC: Law Dog

Stoneclad’s second week saw 7 Pax attack kettlebells, dumbbells and a playground. (Apparently other AO’s have playgrounds too). Maintaining to one of the core principals, you don’t need to buy anything for this beatdown, just bring it if you got it. With that, YHC was not sure what to expect other than my own kettlebell and Crickets, YHC would have to wait to see what the Pax brought for fun.  45, 25, 15 kettlebells and 25, 10, and 8 lb dumbbells appeared with the Pax, so here’s what YHC came up with…

Warmup lap around the parking lot (never claimed 0.0, just limited running)with SSH, Cotton Pickers or is it weed pickers,  and sun gods.

the Thang

Kettlebell swings, goblet squats with shoulder press, curls, sidearm shoulder raises with dumbbells, Front arm raises with dumbbells, swerkins, and pull-ups.  the Pax performing the swerkins did 10 reps while everyone did AMRAP of the other exercises. When done with the swerkins relieve the Pax on pull-ups and so on rotating through all exercises twice.

Mosey through the dark to the pavilion for a lazy dora with partner. One partner does the excersise while other partner holds the position. 100 dips/hold dip position, 200 step ups/air chair, and 300 lbcs/six inches.

Mosey back to the flag with just enough time for American Hammers and Dolly

Name-0-Rama  and COT


Welcome back Title 9 a kotter on his second post.

Chitwood is not only one hell of a baker, he is becoming an every-dayer.

F3 in the Alpha region is  growing, but to do that we need to continue looking for new ways to grow and EH more sadclowns and Kotters. Stoneclad is only a country mile from the Paragon and between the two hit 30 men in the Hickory Flat area this morning.

The Alpha picnic was postponed to Sunday April 29 due to weather. Check twitter and F3alpha.com for updates.

Dosido is giving the devotional speech at a men’s breakfast at Antioch Christian Church on this Saturday at 9am. All are welcome to ensure Dosido’s proper form.

Glorified Route 66

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: Beans, Huggie Bear, Fudd, Skynyrd, Lego, Reuben, Dash, Dory

    QIC: Dash

8 brave souls ventured out into the gloom this morning not knowing what the day had in store. Little did they know that they were going to take a trip that they would soon not forget! Welcome back new PAX, Huggie Bear and Fudd! Now it’s time to get acquainted with the way we do things at The Firehouse!

Let’s Mosey

We headed out near the front of the park to visit a historic site we like to refer to as “Stone Henge”. The long run can be a breading ground for mumble chatter about what may or may not be happening so i decided to spice things up with a little Carioca(each side) and then do a little running backwards before finishing our trip to the aforementioned.


16 counts IC

Goof balls


Crab Humpers

Dancing Bears

Let’s head back to the flag to retrieve our little friends(girlfriends that is)

I had teased the PAX on the way to Stone Henge that we may actually do an entire workout without a Merkin or a Burpee(it was a friendly joke), however, we paused on the way back to do a quick set of Patty Cake Merkins and Bropees(10 each) before finally getting back to the flag!



Each PAX selected a girlfriend for the our next trip of a glorified version of Route 66.

We made a stop at each light pole around the PAX(and there are plenty of them, if you’ve ever been to the Firehouse you know exactly what i mean(The place is lit up like Christmas boys!!). We alternated exercises at each pole with a set of arms and then legs.

1st lap were sets of 10 each



Shoulder Presses

Upright Rows

Skull Crushers





I added a little catch to help intensify the burn.

Normal Yoke Walk after each arm exercise, and a Cusack Walk after each leg exercise so that the arms would be good and warm for the arm portion of the exercise.

We successfully finished one lap around the upper parking lot to get a quick 10 count and starting all over again with a hefty set of 20 reps each exercise. Unfortunately we only made it about 75% of the way before returning for a remarkable round of Howling Monkeys.

No time for Mary’s on this Route!!


Name O Rama


upcoming picnic

Saturday workout at the ZOO

Prayer Requests:

Dory’s Son’s health

continued growth

and praise for good results on our brother Howser’s MRI!!


Manning gets a Fun Run

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: The Paragon

    The Pax: Garfield, FNG Spanx, Drumstick, Smurfette, Good Hands, Ricky Bobby, FNG Serena, Papa John, Romo, Nomad, Westside, Homeboy, FND(og) Odie, Premo, Palin, Kiffin, Tebow, Cha Cha, Cuban, Yogi, Legionaire, Manning, Mickey, Spaceballs

    QIC: Spaceballs

Listening to 2 podcasts with Barkley Marathons competitors this week inspired me to try to bring a bit of that insanity to F3.  With apologies to Laszarus Lake and all the tough as nails athletes who have attempted the real thing, here goes-


I promise I blew a conch at precisely 4:30.  Apparently 23 pax heard it and were ready to go at exactly 5:30 AM

Mosey to an empty lot-SSH, Cotton Pickers, Windmill, Finkle swings

Mosey to the bus lanes

The Thang

The goal of Barkley is of course 5 laps.  in 32 years only 15 men have achieved that goal.  Our goal was also 5 laps.  After a quick explanation  of  Barkley to the PAX, we jumped into it_

3-windsprints of 10 bus lanes.

run around the school to the top of the parking lot-40 gorilla humpers

run down the hill and and back up 3 times

run through the parking lot to the base of the stairs-40 Lunges 20/leg

Run up the stairs 3 times

Run around the school and back to the start-40 wall jumps

Lap 1 complete

Rinse and repeat

It was a good showing by all today.  The whole PAX got 2 laps.  Everyone but Manning missed the cutoff and had to hear the bugle on lap 3.  Manning gets a Fun Run!  Nomad got close, but touched the gate after time.


Mosey to the flag for Mary and Name O Rama-


Welcome Spanx and Serena!


Prayers for Homeboys Dad and proof that F3 works from Papa John



The Hills are Alive

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: Big Creek

    The Pax: Snake, Whiz, Swiper, Body, Clyde

    QIC: Clyde

What an amazing morning!  57 degrees with a nice breeze to cool the PAX down once the beat-down began to take its toll.  The PAX came rolling into Big Creek around 5:25 proudly showing off the pale white legs of a long winter that has hopefully past, and complaining about the havoc spring pollen is wrecking, with dreams of the next complaint…. Summer heat.

YHC has recently set a goal of breaking the 2:00 mark on for a Memorial day Half marathon at our home AO of Big Creek:  http://www.dirtyspokes.com/georgia-peachjam-half-marathon/ feel free to join us.  With this goal the PAX is forced to train with me as I take the Q.


SSH  X 15
Imperial Walkers  X
Cotton Mills  X 15

Grab a healthy sized coupon en route to the first hill I can find.  I must thank the Forsyth County Parks and Rec. for mowing said hill just for us!

With Coupon in hand 11’s commence:

Round 1: Curls at bottom of hill Merkins at top
Round 2: Overhead Press bottom Squats at top
Round 3: Skull crusher at bottom Plank Jacks at top

Deposit coupons and mosey to the back up the hill one more time to soccer field for some Bruce Lee.

20 reps of 6 ab exercises in rapid succession:

20 Right LBC
20 Left LBC
20 Hill Raises
20 Froggie Crunch
20 American Hammer
20 Flutter kick

Quick lap around half soccer field and rinse and repeat X 3

Indian run back to the flag for Mary

Box cutter X 20
Rosalita X 20
Side Plank Dips each side X 10


Prayer for a coworkers 11 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Leukemia and prayers for all families dealing with a sick child.

Reminder about F3 Alpha 3rd anniversary cookout on Sunday at lake Windward:


Also check out our own Snakes new website with a perfect F3 Message:


Caney Creek Deck of Death

    When: 04/18/2018

    Where: Caney Creek

    The Pax: Ha Ha, Birdhouse, Mulligan, Stay Puft, JR, Ihop, Sunshine, Isotope, Greenhouse, Moonshine, Nacho Libre, TO,

    QIC: TO

Another full house at Caney Creek this morning.  12 Pax gathered to relieve some post tax day stress.   YHC came equipped with some motivational music from the greatest rock and roll band of all time, The Who, a deck of cards with corresponding exercise list.

Warm Up

Up the stairs and two laps two laps around the the hill top.  Sunshine (still around for a final CC beatdown) was hot on YHC’s heals every step of the way, making these 54 year old legs move a lot faster than planned.  Back down the steps and circle up.  SSH, Abe Vigoda, Weed Pickers and Hill Billies.

The Thang

In the middle of the circle YHC placed the speaker, iPhone, deck of cards and corresponding exercise list.  Press play to start the action with Magic Bus and flipped a card, Jack of Hearts for Merkins.  The pax knocked out 20 Merkins, ran up and down the stairs and repeated until the song finished.  Another card was then flipped and a new exercise started for that song’s duration.  The beat down included:

  • Merkins (a few times)
  • Burpees
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Squats
  • American Hammer
  • Side Straddle Hops

The playlist included:

  • Magic Bus
  • I Can’t Explain
  •  5:15
  • The Real Me
  • The Seeker
  • Pinball Wizard
  • Slip Kid
  • My Generation
  • Join Together
  • Baba O’Riley

8:33 long Won’t Get Fooled Again was left off the list, this time.  We barely got into Baba O’Riley when time was up and time for COT.

We welcomed an FNG this morning.  Atlanta’s own Brandon McGraw and Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket was dubbed Madoff.  After further consideration, YHC really does not like that name and believes we might need to go with Sony, as in Sony MIchel who torched the Jackets for 85 yards and a TD last November.

The choice of The Who was a tribute to YHC’s pal Resistor from F3 Dash in Winston-Salem.  Resistor EH’d YHC into F3 in January 2017 and back in the 80s  took in a few Who concerts together including a dinner with the late great John Entwistle.

Wishing Sunshine safe travels as he head back home to Jacksonville.  We look forward to seeing you again.  Thanks for helping make Caney Creek happen.


The Playground of Pain

    When: 04/18/2018

    Where: The Playground

    The Pax: Dosido, Smurfette, Yokel, Whamo, Dory, Nomad, Chitwood, Sunshine, Harp, The Mole

    QIC: The Mole

After much ballyhoo and EHing from Homeboy and Lawdog wanting to call this AO something else, YHC wanted create a workout that would emphatically say that our new AO is called “THE PLAYGROUND”.  So YHC used the good ol’ board of pain as inspiration for today’s beatdown.  Lawdog conveniently fartsacked (admitting so on the Cherokee Watercooler as I type this) and Homeboy is out of town.  How convenient for those two….  Rest assured, the Playground Board of Pain will make future appearances.  Today was a baseline run to see where we stack up.  Hopefully in the future someone will be able to complete the entire board.

Warm up:

Mosey to crosswalk and back
SSH IC (x20)
Weed Pickers IC (x10)
Monkey Humpers IC (x10)
Then grab a coupon….

The Thang:

The Playground of Pain (with coupon)

Pullups (x20) (only exercise without coupon)
Lunges (x50) (Kodiak Count)
Alternating Merkins on Coupon (x50) (Rubicon Count)
Your core wants some Kettle Swings (x50)  (couldn’t think of an exercise that begins with “y”)
Grip coupon with fingers and Curl (x50)
Rows (x100)
Overhead Press with Squat (x50)
Upright Rows (x50)
N’Diayes “bucket” lunge/squat (x50 each leg)
Deadlift (x100)

Once complete, the PAX signed the board for record keeping.  Assuming YHC can read correctly:
Yokel – got to “O”
Harp – got to “O”
Sunshine – got to “O”
Nomad – got to “O”
Dory – got through 40 reps of “O”
Whamo – got to “U”
The Mole – got to “U”
Smurffette – got to “D”
Chitwood went backwards and got through 10 reps of “A”.
Dosido went backwards and only lacked 20 pullups,  and 10 lunges.  Way to go Dosido!


  • Dosido speaking at men’s breakfast on Saturday at Antioch Christian Church
  • 2nd F cookout at Windward Subdivision Sunday afternoon

YHC thought it would be good to wrap things up with the PAX saying one thing they are grateful for about their M.  Ending prayer that we could spend the rest of our week looking for things to be grateful for the most important relationship in our sphere.

Grundlegender Fitnesstest (German Basic Fitness Test)

    When: 04/18/2018

    Where: The Kodiak

    The Pax: Bloodhound, Natty Light, Babyface, Legionnaire, Swisher, Titlemax, C4, Manning, Aquaman, Cricket, Whiz

    QIC: Westside

Jumping at the chance to Q, I quickly took over the beatdown from Yogi who had a work conflict. I had been saving this German inspired workout for just such an occasion. While stationed in Virginia I had the chance to train with some of the German military and they introduced me their version of the physical fitness test so I adapted it for our beatdown. After a little recon to open the stadium and set everything up, we moseyed to the far side of the track just outside of the pull-up bars. Time for the warm-up!

Sich Warm Laufen (Warm Ups)

SSH x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Die Sache (The Thang)

Remaining in the circle formation, the PAX counted off to be placed in 1 of 2 teams. Once divided, I gave out the instructions for the first 2 events.

Event 1 – Flexarm hängen (The Flex Arm Hang)

            Modified from the original German fitness test, group 1 would line up in front of pull-up bars. At the start of the exercise they would perform a chin-up (wrists toward the body) and then hold their chin above the bar while the PAX in line counted to 10. After completion, the PAX would then rotate. The PAX rinsed and repeated until group 2 finished performing the second event.

Event 2 – The 800m Sprint

            Also modified from the original German fitness test, group 2 would line up on the track outside of the pull-up bars and then on the command exercise they would sprint 800m. Once complete, the PAX would switch with group 1.

Once both groups had completed events 1 and 2, we did a quick 10-count before starting the next event. Both groups moseyed to the front-side of the football field for event 3.

Event 3 – The 5 x 10 Meter Sprint

            In the spirit of the event, I had previously set up 2 buckets (1 for each group) that were 10 meters (that’s 10.9361 in American yards) from the goal line. Modified a little for competitive purposes, I instructed the PAX that they would be racing each other to complete the exercise and the winner would get a card. The PAX were to begin by lying on their stomachs at the goal line with their hands behind their back. On the command ‘Go’ they would push off and start sprinting to the bucket on the 10 meter line and then circle back to the goal line where they would have to get back on their stomachs and clap their hands behind their back before taking off again. They would perform 5 full rotations of this and then on the final sprint, the PAX would sprint to the 25 yard line to another bucket I had set up for the finish. The winner was awarded a card.

The goal was to beat the other team and collect as many cards as you can because each card has a set of exercises on them. After all the PAX had competed, the cards were gathered and the groups switched the cards they had accumulated. Thus, the winning group had to perform less exercises than the losing group. The exercises were in standard Deck of Death format as follows:

Spades – Squats

Clubs – Freedie Mercurys

Hearts – Partner Rows

Diamonds – Door Pulls (Very unsuccessful using another PAX. Would recommend doing these against a fixed structure next time)

When the battle was over, group 1 came out victorious with 4-3. Next time, to simplify things I might have the losing team partner carry the winning team across the field as punishment.

Finishing the German physical fitness test, we still had plenty of time to burn. The PAX headed over to the bleachers to perform 11’s. Splitting the PAX between the bottom and the top to eliminate confusion we performed 1 Dip at the bottom and 10 Merkins at the top until completion. After another quick 10 count, we moseyed back to the flag for some last minute Mary.

Waiting on the 6, we performed LBC’s until we had everyone and then we wrapped up the morning with a modified Ring of Fire. The PAX held a Bicep Plank (plank with wrists turned out-ward) while 1 PAX performed 10 Carolina Drydocks. We made it through all 12 PAX right as 6:15 rolled in.

Kreis des Vertrauens (COT)

Amicalola remote beatdown TBD

Do-si-doh breakfast and speaking on Saturday at 9 am at Antioch church

Refer to the email Babyface sent out regarding all of the upcoming F3 events.

Prayers for healing those that are ailing: Cricket’s M as she is resting up from a recent scare from her pregnancy, Frenchie and his knee, Hombre with a calf injury, and any others with any physical or emotional ailments they are suffering at this time

Thank you all for the continued support and motivation. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be out there in the mornings alone. I’m happy to report that I’m making good on my birthday resolution for the month of April (32 beatdowns before April 28th!). At this point I am only 2 beatdowns behind so I’ll be looking for some afternoon beatdowns to catch up (either biking or trail running). For those traveling to the Paragon tomorrow, SYITG. For everyone else, see you Saturday at the Hurt Locker for the pre-ruck and the beatdown!




The information in this backblast is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. All translations are made without guarantee to their accuracy. They are merely for situational and humorous purposes. It would actually be funnier if they were wildly incorrect. The author disclaims any liability whatsoever. 🙂

Random Selection

    When: 04/18/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Zima, Turbine, Sprocket, Crablegs, Squeegee, Goat, Jackelope, Rusty, Mad Dog, Ariel, Circus, Polaroid, I-beam, Thumper, Aflac, Bear

    QIC: Bear

It was a beautiful morning at The Wreck. 16 Pax Strong. QIC created the workout by picking random exercises from F3 nation and grouping them in a way that hopefully made sense.

Warmup near the flag under the big top:

  • SSH IC
  • Imperial Walker IC
  • Mtn Climber IC

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire:

  • Bear crawl in a circle until Q says stop
  • Pax Hold Plank
  • Q does 10 Merkins then go around circle until everyone has done 10 Merkins
  • Repeat but with 5 Merkins the 2nd time around
  • Mosey to midway parking lot

Broad Jump Burpees from one side of lot to the other then mosey to football field


  • Cooler – IC – side plank – leg up 1 – down 2 – curl leg to chest 3 – back to start 4
  • JLos
  • Repeat 2x

Super 21

  • 1 Merkin / 1 Big Boy Situp
  • Increase by one each time until you do 21 Merkins and 21 BB Situps
  • 231 Merkins and Big Boy Situps in 15 minutes! Dang!
  • Some fast and strong Pax ran the field when done
  • Mosey to wall by baseball field

11’s – Derkins and Wall Jumps until time called then mosey back to flag.


  • Prayers Needed
  • I-beam’s son Hardin with multiple ear infections; may require tubes
  • Goat is traveling to China tomorrow for work; prayer for his family while he’s gone
  • Announcements
  • F3 Alpha cookout this Sunday at Lake Windward; let I-Beam know if you are coming so they can get a headcount.