Sliding around

    When: 07/17/2018

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Locksmith, Zohan, Catfish, Special K, M.T.

    QIC: M.T.

It can’t be 5:30?  There’s only 5 pax here and this is the Rubicon where we never have less than 10 but average closer to 15.  Was it because YHC has the Q or just a perfect storm of vacations, fartsacking and other AO pull?

Anyway, a good day to bring out the plastic saucers and try them out on the turf.  After a warm up at the pool parking lot, we headed to the FOD where each pax grabbed two plastic saucers and started at home plate.  After putting our feet on them we did the following.

25 – 2 count Mountain climber sliders
Plate drag to First Base (legs stay straight, arms do all the work)
25 -2 count left leg / right leg out and backs
Inch worm to Second Base
25 – on your back, heels on plates, drag towards hips and lift up hips
Plate drag to Third
25 – 2 count plank position, hands on plates, Right arm out, left arm out
Inch worm to Home Base

Warm up lap around the Perimeter

Repeat plate cycle except 20 reps of each and all movement between bases was hands on plates sliding them in bear crawl fashion.

Next we circled up for a Mercan Time Bomb to 10

Finished with a round of 7’s on the hill (Burpee’s and BBS) with backwards run.  No time for MARY

Catfish back in the house!
Locksmith turning back into a “regular” with consistent posting.  Always amazing to have past regulars resurface and commit again.
Zohan also posting regularly and manning the two flags (one fell so looking for those burpee’s still)
Special K always there putting in the effort to stay strong!

Bro-mancing the Stone

    When: 07/16/2018

    Where: the Wreck

    The Pax: Fun Run, Miller Time, Bronco, Switch, Doogie, Ariel, Blue, Hoosier, I-beam, Smack Down, Squeegee, Windex, Sell-Out, Goat, Turbine, Haggis, Rusty, Circus, Grease Monkey, Booter, Sparky, Sprocket, Aflac,

    QIC: DD

24 PAQs

With several Q’s lately requiring super sweaty dudes to get up brose and personal, I knew it was time from a complete bro-o-thon.  It turned out be a low mosey workout with only a little over 1 mile as the brow flies.  There is no better way to start a week off and shake off the broneliness than putting your sweaty legs on another guy’s sweaty back, holding another guys sweaty ankles, locking sweaty ankles, and high fiving each other during a workout.  Unfortunately, time ended before we could frog jump over each other for the ultimate bro fun.  This loss was as sad as Broatia’s loss to France in Football the day before.

The Thang


  • Weed pickers
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Dollies
  • American Hammer


  • Hill – partner up
    • One partner goes backwards up the hill
    • Top of hill do 7 burpees
    • Other partner remains at the bottom and does jump squats
    • Alternate partners decreasing burpees at top by one each time


  • 20 leg lifts Right Leg
  • 20 Leg Lifts Left leg
  • Dips while resting leg on planking partner


  • Grab one rock per partner
  • 20 Derkins off partner plank each
  • 20 Leg throws each
  • 20 bro-merkins
  • 20 leg lock big boy sit-ups
  • 25 LBC while partner bear crawls around field. Run and catch him and switch out until complete circumference of football field
  • 20 of each with one partner using the bolder (or in I-beam’s case pebble) while the other partner did squats
    • curls
    • arm presses
    • skull crushers
    • Rows
  • Return bolder/pebble

Mosey to flag


Buzz Saw

American Hammers




  • Great work by squeegee and team with the Saturday community project.
  • Prayer request for Bronco’s coworker whose daughter had an accident at the pool this weekend.

S Talk:

Have a brotastic week. Find a sad bro and give him a hug.

A Tale of Three Hills

    When: 07/14/2018

    Where: Shadow

    The Pax: BiBo, Manhole, Leon, Fireballs, Fist Founder, Fizz, Scout, Seles

    QIC: Seles

Eight hearty souls arrived in the sauna that is the Shadow in mid-July to receive another Seles beatdown – they were not disappointed.

The Thang

15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Mary Katherines, 15 Sumo Squats i.c.  Rinse & Repeat

Cherokee Run to the base of Scout’s Hill with 5 merkins off the back

Mary in the cul-de-sac: 20 Low Flutter i.c. 3X

Climb the Hill alternating Lunges, Bear Crawl, Broad Jumps and Crab Walks

Cherokee Run to the base of the tennis court hill with 5 merkins off the back

Mary at the base: 15 Dying cockroaches i.c. 3X

Jacobs Ladder: 5 hand release 8-count body builders at the bottom, run to the top for 1 hand release 8-count body builder.  Repeat decreasing by 1 at the bottom and increasing by 1 at the top.

Cherokee Run to the base of the Nature Center hill with 5 merkins off the back.

Mary at the base: 10 Advanced Boat Canoes i.c. 3X

Mini-crowd pleaser: 3 hand release Burpees at bottom. 3 stations with 5 merkins at each one up and down, 1 hand release Burpee at top (where construction fence stops).  Decrease by 1 at bottom and increase by 1 at top.

Cherokee Run to start with 5 merkins off the back.

Mary at the Platform of Pain: 20 LBCs i.c. 3X

COT (Leon took us out; continue to need weekday Qs – Choppers VQ coming soon)

The 1313

    When: 07/13/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Sellout, Maddog, Virginia Slim, Kegger, Bieber, Swamp Donkey, DD, Sprocket, Rusty, Thumper, 7-up, Circus, I-beam, TP, Cornhole, Aflac, Smackdown, Zima

    QIC: Bronco

A good group of 19 Pax showed up on the muggiest of Friday mornings to celebrate (?) Jason Voorhees, hockey masks and most importantly FRIDAY the 13th.

5:30 we mosey straight into the woods where our warm-up was running backwards up the steep hill and frontwards down the steep hill 13 times.

The Thang

From there the PAX were led to the football field where everyone chose a partner and the 1313 was awaiting.  13 different exercises at 101 reps each (yes that equals 1313).  Sprinting from one corner to another (which felt awkward after a few of the exercises) seemed to be the only break as here was the order:

  • Diamond Merkins x101
  • Wide Merkins x101
  • Stone Mountains x101
  • Merkins x101
  • Reverse Crunches x101
  • Dying Cockroaches x101
  • T-bombs x101
  • LBCs x101
  • Mountain Climbers x101
  • Monkey humpers x101
  • SSH x101 (EACH)
  • Squats x101
  • Dips x101

We mosey back to the flag for Mary (Dolly, Flutters, American Hammers) and the crowd was drenched (substituting one of DD’s favorite ways to describe).


  • Prayers with I-beam and Swamp Donkey for new and current jobs and positive thoughts coming your ways.
  • Reminder about Day of Service – please confirm you’ll be there if you haven’t already.

Coffeteria followed at Crazy Love where we got multiple history lessons from Slim about how he saw mountains literally form when he was younger (RESPECT) and continued our traditionof stinking up Roswell’s favorite coffee joint.

Bronco out.

Hills and Water

    When: 07/13/2018

    Where: The series

    The Pax: Ripken, Jimbo, Scrooge, Boomer, Saint20, Sneakers

    QIC: Flo

7 PAX piled on the Bushw0.0d bandwagon for a simple, but difficult 45 minutes.  The plan was to do interval training with rucks on the hill and then swim for 20 minutes, however, YHC sprinkled in some other stuff to keep it interesting.

We also had a special visitor, Ripken, from the Suncoast (Sarasota) region.  He came up here to escape the heat and humidity.   Kiddo is playing in a big baseball tournament here in the A.

Here’s what went down…

YHC put the word out to bring some weight, preferably a loaded Ruck.  Quick disclaimer then we rucked towards the big hill.  Up and down we went alternating between regular and double time at each street light.  Low mumblechatter here and there as to not wake sleeping sad clowns, but mostly b/c we couldn’t breathe.  This went on for about 20 minutes.  Mufasa would have been proud of our Ruck pace.  Saint 20 noticed that no cars passed.  For those that haven’t experienced it…this hill rivals the Widow Maker.

Collected the six and head back towards the pool, but stopped in the parking lot for some squats, split squats, tempo merkins, and weighted glute bridges.

At 6 we hit the pool for 12 minutes of pool interval work.  2 minute rounds to get in a 50 yard free, then active recovery.

5 MOM- round robin style.  More mumblechatter/laughter due to the sounds coming from our backs on weight pavement.  I’m surrounded by juveniles…that I love dearly…I was laughing too.

COT- prayers for sneakers, travel, health, and connecting with family.

There is a picture of the aftermath on someone’s phone.

Honored to lead…time for YHC to beach it.


And the walls came tumbling down!

    When: 07/12/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: Bandit, Skynyrd, Lego, Houser, Reuben

    QIC: Reuben

It was a cool 76 degrees at the Firehouse this am.  Not that it was humid or anything, but it felt like a big cloud of moisture was drenching you after completing each rep.  Here’s how it all went down with all 5 PAX present.

Mosey down towards lower soccer field for warm up:

  • SSH
  • Hillbilly
  • Sun gods(forward/reverse)
  • Moroccan night clubs (Forward/reverse)

Circle up for some plank excercises.  This Circle of fire consisted of 5 merkins IC (BC to the right), 5 crucible merkins IC (BC one spot to right), 5 ranger merkins IC (BC right), 5 crab cakes IC.

The Thang

Mosey up towards the playground for one of YHC’s favorite routines called Walls of Jericho.  Just like Joshua in the Old Testament, we were gonna make those walls come down.  Our walls represented the inside of the playground with a total of 7 excercises w/ 7 reps total while we ran around the upper 3rd of the oval parking lot 7 x’s.  A lot of pain to be squandered. Excercises included:

  • Burpees
  • Leg extensions w/ swing
  • Inverted rows w/ swing
  • LBC’s
  • crunchy frogs
  • monkey humpers
  • pull-ups(AMRAP)

Mosey back to flag for Mary:

  • Dolly
  • reverse LBC’s
  • J-Lo’s


-Reminder of the Spearhead challenge still in effect.

-Prayers for Dash and business.

-Baker and mother dealing with cancer.


Keys to the Gladiator

    When: 07/12/2018

    Where: The Gladiator

    The Pax: Boomer, Flo, Pellets, Laces, Spandex, Puddle Jumper, El Matador, Simba, FNG Swagger, FNG Rudy, Delicious, Beauty, Turbin, Brownie, Moonshine

    QIC: Boomer

Scar was kind enough to post at the Hooch on Monday, and he mentioned there were some open Q spots at the Gladiator. So YHC grabbed the keys and took the Alpha’s newest AO for a test drive. Judging by the salty discharge pouring from the pax, it was a successful test drive. Here’s what happened.


  • SSH
  • Weedpickers
  • Merkins
  • Imperial Walker

The Thang:

Lineup at one end of the soccer field for Charles Bronson. Sprint to other end, army crawl for 10 yards, mosey back. Perform 50 reps of various exercises with another sprint/crawl/mosey in between each exercise. SSH, merkins, burpees, LBCs, squat jumps. Some Mary while the 6 finished, but the pax weren’t finished. Mosey to the other end for wheelbarrow mucho chesto. Partner 1 wheelbarrows to 18 yard box and does 10 regular merkins. Switch with partner who wheelbarrows back and does 10 regular merkins. Repeat but 10 wide grip merkins. Complete mucho chesto rounds. Only Flo screwed this up.

Circle up in middle for bear crawl ring of fire. One pax runs around outside of circle while pax bear crawl in circle. Occasional stops were called for various exercises. More crying from Flo about the turf hurting his hands. To be fair, there were white stripes which is apparently softer. Mosey back for a little Mary. Done.



  • Honored to lead. Great AO. Strong pax forming. Just needs coffee on site like the Hooch.
  • YHC learns something new everytime Charles Bronson posts. First, Laces is fast. If he played soccer for Russia, he would definitely be accused of doping. Second, burpees still suck.
  • According to YHC’s infallible Apple watch, YHC’s heart rate hit 191 beats per minute (right when Turbin challenged YHC’s pride at the end of Bronson). This is apparently high. According to the internets (the only thing more infallible than an Apple watch), that feeling of imminent death might have just been YHC’s heart about to explode. Just like that poor sucker in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Thankful YHC didn’t go out like that.

Double the Crowd = Double the DORA

    When: 07/12/2018

    Where: Big Creek

    The Pax: Whiz, Clyde, The Body, Swiper, Dumpster, Baker, Saint 2.0, Benny, Bartman, Mickey, Bagger, McDuff, The Gap

    QIC: Olaf

Warm Up:

We moseyed down to the normal intersection for warm-ups. With all the extra PAX today, we caused quite traffic jam. Among the traffic passing through, we found our FNG. Welcome Bagger. Clyde took parking lot duty and guided Bagger to a parking spot and caught back up with the group.


The actual warmup went like this: SSH x10, Hillbillies x10, SunGods x11


The Thang:


We grabbed a medium sized coupon and moseyed up to the turf field for the Double DORA. We lined up on the long side of the field and partnered up. While one partner did the exercise, the other ran across the field and back. Here’s the details:


DORA Round 1:

X100 Curls w/coupon

X200 Lunges w/coupon

X300 Flutter Kicks

  • LBC’s while waiting on the 6


DORA Round 2:

X100 Overhead Press w/coupon

X200 Squats w/coupon

X300 LBC’s

  • Planks while waiting on the 6


Only because it is my favorite routine to do with visitors. We circled up for a round of Howling Monkeys. Generally, this is where we get to know our brother’s personality, and today was no exception. We had quiet monkeys with funny faces, aggressive monkeys trying to break things, and even a passionate monkey that really enjoyed humping.



We kept the Mary short and sweet today. After all, we had an FNG to name. Only a quick set of Box Cutters to cool down before time was up.


We counted off 14 PAX and named our new FNG Bagger. How did he get that name you ask? Good question. Bagger is a die-hard baseball fan. The term Rosin Bag came up and we liked it. From there we simplified it to Bagger.


Announcements consisted of:

  • A reminder about “The Zoo” workout at Central Park on Saturday, 7am; “The Widow Maker” at Webb Bridge Park on Saturday at 7am; and our neighboring region Cherokee now has Bike Riding workout on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. All are welcome to join all of these workouts.
  • Reminder of the day of service on Saturday July 14th. The event will be from 9-12 at 101 Millbrook Cir Roswell, GA 30075. Plan on arriving at 8:45 AM and park in the back of the complex. I’ll post a poll in a few to get a rough headcount. I’ll bring water and juice boxes to have during the event. If you have gloves you like you can bring them. If not they will provide some onsite.

I saw a Montross Ghost!

    When: 07/12/2018

    Where: DHS

    The Pax: Leon, Fireballs, Cash Box, Rambo, Switch, Madoff, Proton (F3 Knoxville), wait he wasn't there....fartsacker

    QIC: Leon

Ok, today was my “actual” day to Q and 7 men decided to see what Leon had in store.  The morning was especially muggy.  I felt the steamy heat trapped in the garage and upon opening it to leave, felt no relief from the outside air…..uh oh this is going to suck!

The Pax cars were scattered due to the modules, but we all converged at the lamppost and welcome our F3 brother from Knoxville, Proton, a Nuclear Oncologist in town for a intellectual conclave.  You could tell Proton was geared up and ready to go, almost as if he jolted himself with the Nuclear radioactivity beforehand to get himself up and ready.

…But wait, what’s this decending upon the Pax?  Is it a ghost or could it be the real thang…..Yes it is! A Montross sighting!  He came by to greet us all and then peeled off to begin a slow recovery run on the track to get back to where he wants and needs to be.  Take it slow brother, we want you back 100%!!

With that “el Thang:”

Line up on the curb:  30 yards up and back:  High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffles, Warrior Lunges (embrace the stretch), Toy Soldiers, Backwards run

Circle up around the Lot Lamp:

  • IC x 15: SSH, LS Squats, Run Stand Switch, Windmills, Mary Katherine’s
  • IC x 10: SSH, LQ Squats (quick), Run Stand Switch, Windmills, Mary Katherine’s

Mosey to SE corner of Lot, where YHC picked up is “weinke cards” and flashlight and followed the stone trail along the baseball field to the track.  Pax assembled on the rubber platform of pain for the following:

8 exercises “continuous,” while one of the PAX runs a lap around the track, switch exercise and next Pax takes off.  Here there are:

  • Bear Crawls (10 fwrd/10 back) (repeat);
  • Real Prisoner Squats (knees on ground)-we did this on the grass;
  • LBCs IC x 15 roll into Merkins 15 oyo then back to LBC’s, (repeat);
  • Superman/Banana 20 count each (repeat);
  • SSH IC x 15, then down for 15 Burpees (repeat);
  • Mason Twist IC x 20 down for Heels to Heaven IC x 20 (repeat);
  • Mtn Climbers IC x 20, then stay down for Carolina Dry Dock/Stone Mtns IC x20 (repeat);
  • Planks Jacks IC x 20 roll over into Low Flutter IC x 20.

Q saw fit to repeat this 1 more time…on the 2nd set we curbed the reps down a “just a wee bit.”

Mosey to Brick Garden for 3 set of Step Ups and Dips IC x 8

Run up stairs with hands held high and finsh at Lot Lamp.

COT.  Proton’s Pax is quite the spectacle. 3-4 AO’s in Knoxville with anywhere from 40-60 PAx per post.  Very impressive!

Rambo tooks us out.

Seles is back on Sat, so hydrate starting now if you know whats good for you……

PS:  Q forgot his Weinke cards and flashlight at DHS and returned an hour later to find the DHS Football team getting ready to workout….I did not envy them given the heat and sun not beating down on the pavement!


Pyramids of Pain and Introducing…. Partner Shrugs!

    When: 07/12/2018

    Where: The Rubicon

    The Pax: Cookie, Devito, Mayhem, Scar, Ha-Ha, Special K, Locksmith, Krueger, Zima, Pitstop, Jackalope

    QIC: Lowes

After a few nice low humidity mornings, it was back to reality at The Rubicon. However, still does not compare to the humidity I experienced last week at Hilton Head. Plus 80 degrees at 6AM with a heat index of 87 is no joke! Speaking of Hilton Head, I enjoyed spending some time ITG with our brothers at The Yacht Club there so much last week. Did you know that HHI has pyramids? That’s right, they do. And they were so awesome, I decided to bring them back to The Rubicon for all to enjoy!


Imperial Walker, Weedpicker, SSH, Windmill

The Thang:

After warmup it was to the rock pile to grab a coupon of your choice and then to FOD where the PAX lined up on the 3rd base line and partnered up for a pyramid of pain featuring:


Bicep Curls (with Coupon)

Squats (with Coupon)

Partner Shrugs (In HHI they used cinder blocks for Shoulder Shrugs so Ha-Ha helped me come up with an alternative and the Partner Shrug was born – partner one assumes the plank position while partner two shoulder shrugs using partner one’s legs as weight, then flapjack)

Merkins and Curls were done on the 3rd base line and Partner Shrugs and Squats were done somewhere about midfield (or whatever that part of the field would be called) running with your coupon back and forth between sets. A great time was had by all. Counts were as follows:

Merkins and Bicep Curls x 10

Partner Shrugs and Squats x 20

Merkins and Bicep Curls x 30

Partner Shrugs and Squats x 40

Merkins and Bicep Curls x 50

Partner Shrugs and Squats x 40

Merkins and Bicep Curls x 30

Partner Shrugs and Squats x 20

Merkins and Bicep Curls x 10

Next up was a couple of Indian run laps around FOD. Rapid fire ensued as we were rounding out the last lap.

After returning our coupons to the rock pile, we took the scenic route (YHC temporarily got lost) over to the Pavilion to visit another smaller pyramid. This time featuring Step-ups and Dips.

Step-ups x 10

Dips x 20

Step-ups x 30

Dips x 20

Step-ups x 10

Back to the flag for some quality time with Mary which included (but was not limited to):

Freddy Mercury, Mike Tyson (actually just Merkins because Cookie blanked on the movements), LBC’s, Boxcutters, Outlaws, Buzz saws, Bodybuilders, Obliques, Dolly


Prayers for Mayhem’s father who is having surgery next week.

3rd F opportunity this Saturday. See poll on Slack to sign-up or reach out to Ha-ha or Squeegee.

Such an honor to lead this awesome group of guys! YHC out!