Who Made Who?!

    When: 01/23/2018

    The Pax: Space Balls, Whigham, Thrasher, Fleetwood, Hightops, Hasbro, Do-Si-Do, Homeboy, Wham-O, Cuban, Cricket, Ricky Bobby, Hooch Good Hands, Smurfette, and the Q.

    QIC: Legionnaire

After breaking back above freezing temps the new AO is picking up steam again with 16 Pax posting this AM… Homeboy didn’t forget to bring the shovel of shame that he is now eagerly awaiting to pass on (beware… new qualifying offenses are coming up every day)


Mosey around under the warm glow of the Sequoyah HS parking lot lights. SSH 20, Sun God 1mn, Heap rotation, down to the track and Indian Run around lane 8.

THE THANG:  The Mountain of Pain

Line up on the goal line of the field. Partner up. One partner sprint to the 50-yard line and back while the other performs exercises. Running partner picks up the count when back to the goal line and other partner takes off. Rinse and repeat until end of exercise count then plank it up and wait for the six before Q calls the next exercise.

  1. 25 Burpees on Back in Black AC-DC
  2.      50 Merkins on Back in Black AC-DC
  3.           75 Imperial Walkers on Walk this way – Aerosmith
  4.                100 Freddy Mercurys  on Walk this way – Aerosmith
  5.                    125 Sumo Squats on Who Made Who – AC-DC
  6.                          150 Mountain Climbers on Who Made Who – AC-DC
  7.                   125 American Hammers on Wake me up – Avicii
  8.                100 Monkey Humpers on Wake me up – Avicii
  9.           75 LBC’s on Paradise City – Guns and Roses
  10.      50 Big Boy Sit-ups on Paradise City – Guns and Roses
  11. 25 Lunges on You shook me all night long – AC-DC

Back to the flag for some MARY and Q school:

Q: 15 Kodiak Crosses, Cricket 30 Fluter kicks, Ricky Bobby 30 LBC’s

Charly Oscar Tango:

Each of the Pax shared a personal thought, thank or prayer. Too many to recount but YHC was thankful for Babyface inspiration to share our experience and start this new AO, Homeboy for stepping up and leading it and all of the Kodiak for supporting it every day. Prayers for Gamecock and his two boys.

NB: No Splash of Merlot to report. Remember, it’s not getting easier, you are only getting stronger!

I got Big Balls!

    When: 01/22/2018

    The Pax: Ralphie, Boomer, El Matador, Simba, Flo, BRD, Jimbo, the Dab, Sneakers, Saint 20, Sunshine, Scrooge, Pony Boy, Piggie,

    QIC: Nacho Libre

So the new year started off right!  Flo posted on 12/31 that there was going to be a 7:00 AM workout at the Hooch on new years day.  YHC thought win/win to sleep in and get a workout in.  Well somehow later that week at the convergence through casual conversation with Flo I turned into a regular.  Now being a regular I want to pull my own weight so I offered to Q.  As a wrestling coach I have started to mix in some F3 workouts with the wrestling team and one of my favorites is a DORA with the medicine balls.  So I loaded up the truck and brought my balls to the Hooch.  

The warm up:

Quick mosey around the parking lot and a few Side Straddle Hops and Lunges.  Go over to the truck and grab the balls.  Sunshine almost took a fall catching the first medicine ball.  

The Thang:

Mosey over toward Perimeter Church.  First field on the right we partner up.  Dora with groups of three.  Two men work while one runs across the field.  

150 Ballees (Burpees with the Medicine Ball), 200 Ball Slams, 300 medicine ball sit ups.  Most groups almost finished the sit ups.  

Mosey back towards the flag when Simba had a great idea about each group carrying the med ball back in steps of three.  The Pax learned quick and they looked like a well oiled machine by they were back to the flag.  

COT: Praise for the group.  Nice to have men in your corner that want to live in community with you.

Climbin’, Jumpin’, Rollin’, and a Humpin’

    When: 01/22/2018

    The Pax: NETTI LITE, WestSide, The Mole, Misty, Chitwood, Wham-O, Yogi, BabyFace, BLOODHOUND, Woody, Harp, Manning, Swisher, Thumper, TitleMax, Cricket, Floopy, Dory, Buckeye, C-4, Mickey, LEGIONNAIRE, FNG “Captain Hook” and the Q

    QIC: Hombre

24 Kodiak strong posted in the gloom to enjoy the warm 46 degrees. The light was provided by all the skin from those able to Don shorts and short sleeves.

WARMUP: Mosey around for some SSH, WindMills, Alt Russian March Toe Touches and a little Yoga (down dog, plank, up dog.

THE THANG: 3 groups of exercises. AMRAP for 7 minutes starting with 10 reps per exercise and decreasing by 1 as you progress through the rounds.  For those able to get down to 1 rep before the time was up got to start back at 10 and repeat.

A. Partner Row + Gorilla Humpers
B. HeeHaws (aka Zebra High Kicks)+ Ab Tucks
C. Reverse Burpees + Superman 360 Rolls

FINISHER: Tabata Mountain Climbers

Lots of grunting was heard throughout the exercises. I was saddened that today’s group was not able to experience LawDog and HomeBoy performing their Partner Row Act. And The Mole must have been feeling sicker than normal as he didn’t make any of his usual racket while performing the humpers. It would have been amusing to have some video clips of the group performing some of these exercises. I believe we left the staff of the High School wondering what in the world these grown men were doing out in front of the school.

COT:  A.- continued prayer for GAMECOCK and his family as they mourn the loss of his wife.  B.- for Wham-O as he embarks on this new ministry to prisoners and especially for his M as she battles depression.  C.- for SHS and the folks there to bond and continue developing and growing.

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”
‭‭Micah‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬


With all Due Respect!

    When: 01/20/2018

    The Pax: BiBo, Mahi-Mahi (now Stripper), Bean, Fireballs, Scout, Madoff, Leon

    QIC: Leon

7 F3 Shadow warriors, knowing the warmer weather was on its way, but not here just yet, still braved a still chilly and icy SAT am.   That said, here ’tis–

The Thang:  After the requisite Q “am not a trained…” announcement we took to it as follows:

  • Mosey out back of Austin to Electric Car lot a the Nature Center
  • Circle up for the following:
  • SSH/Burpees (5 SSH IC then 2 Burpees oyo up to 15) Bibo rightly finished with 2 Burpees-well played sir!), Windmills IC x 15, Imperial walkers IC x 15, Staggered Hands Merkins IC x12 (switch hands at 6), Plank Jacks IC x 15

Rinse and Repeat

  • Line up a base of hill for a variation of She Hate Me: 10 Lunges, 10 Stone Mountains, 10 Spiderman Crawls, repeat circuit until you reach the gate at the top of the hill.
  • Q was going to keep this in the lot and following it with a Mosey down to trail head and follow it all the way back up to the top of the hill, but it was too dark and too icy-wanted to keep my Pax safe!
  • Circle up for Mary, etc. by the side of the Big Tree:
    • LBC’s IC x 20, roll to your right into Mountain Climbers IC x 15, roll to your left into Low Flutters IC x 20 roll to your left into Plank Jacks IC x 15 roll right into Box Cutters IC x 20 roll right into Stone Mountains IC x 15 roll left into Heels to Heaven IC x 20 roll right into 1 set of Grateful Dead.
  • Announcement: We have a new nickname for Mahi-Mahi — “Stripper.”  The man overdressed, got too hot, then stripped off his layers more than he wanted to and had to run with a handful of clothes in his hands.  We figured it was an appropriate new nickname for our resident minister! Wasn’t as sexy as the Cheetah ladies, though! #metoo! =:0
  • Cherokee Run Back to Austin (back sidewalk entrance finish a picnic tables)
  • 11’s Set up and Dips
  • Quick mosey to front wall for 2 sets of 60 Sec Wall Squats followed by 45 Sec B’s to W’s  (Paxs Counts off)
  • Split Pax up in to 3 groups for Stations (5 rotations):
    • Station 1: Plank position side crawl up stairs, forward three crawls then side crawl back down stairs, backwards crawl to start-3 x
    • Station 2:  Mosey to front bike rack for side shuffles- 5 rotations.
    • Station 3: 20 single count LBC’s

–Good team synchronicity-Scout and Madoff

  • Finish at front entrance with 5 Burpees oyo and a 10 sec chair squat (didn’t want to cheat the Pax with the time we had remaining)
  • COT:  Continued prayers and well wishes for our F3 Shadow brothers: Seles, Sleeper, and Montross.
  • Bean took us out.

Coffeeteria: Skiing/Bellchick and Brady were the topics of choice as-Fireballs is on his way to a boondoggle, plain in simple, in Beaver Creek, CO for the next few days!  Wear your helmet and actually show up to the 7am-9am meetings and limit the gummy bears to three/day-slacker!  And we all agreed Belichick and Brady are the debbil!

Morning Wood

    When: 01/20/2018

    The Pax: Homeboy, Misty, Titlemax, The Mole, Legionnaire, Bloodhound, Cricket, Whammo, Babyface, Spaceballs, Hombre, C4, Mickey, Yogi, Floppy

    QIC: Bloodhound

15 pax decided to show up this morning to see what I had in store for them with my newly acquired oak logs, it was nothing good, so lets get to it…..

Warm up

Short mosey across the parking lot for some

SSH – 20
Flutter kicks – 20
Windmills – 15
Cherry pickers – 10

Mosey back to the logs

Log orientation:

This is your log (There are many like it but this one is special)

  1. 1. Starting Position. 2. MOVE: squat down on the side of your log,
  2. 1. Left Hand Starting Position. 2. MOVE. back straight, Left hand under
  3. 1. Right Shoulder Position. 2. MOVE. pick up your log
  4. 1. Left Shoulder Position. 2. MOVE push log over head and place it on the left shoulder



(1) Push log overhead.
(2) Lower the log to opposite shoulder.
(3) Repeat count (1).
(4) Recover to starting position.

We did x10 then rotated clockwise to the next log for a total of 40


(1) Lower the body to a quarter squat position.
(2) Lower the body to a half squat position.
(3) Lower the body to full squat position.
(4) Recover to starting position.

We did x20 of these


4-man team
2 men flip the log (400 meters total)
2 men carry 1 sand-baby each to the end and back then the groups switch
Travel down and back. 200 meters each way.

50 Flutter kicks

And I’m Spent….


Some of our friends have had a tough time this week at The Kodiak.  With everything that’s been happening we need to keep those folks in out thoughts. We also need to be thankful for what each of us have and don’t ever take it for granite because it can be gone tomorrow.

May The Schwartz Be With You!

SHS AO 1/18/2018

On this ship, you are to refer to me as Idiot, not You Captain!”

Warm up:

Ludicrous Speed, Go!

  • Mosey to light pole #1 – 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • Mosey to light pole #2 – 14 Windmills
  • Mosey to light pole #3 – 16 Mountain climbers, in cadence
  • Mosey to Kodiak Mt. Partner work – 5 sets of hill climbs each while partner works through 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 monkey jumpers, 20 squats AMRAP

The Thang:

“So, Lone Starr (Manning), now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.”


50 Mt. Climbers

25 Big Boy Situps

TB12’s Sumo squats and back lunge kicks 50 LBC’s IC

Raccoon Mountain Suicides-25/50/75/100

Mosey back to the flag for Legionnaire’s French roasted black gold.


So, at last we meet for the first time for the last time”


Q- Manning

Pre-VQ Spaceballs




The Mole






Introduction to the 4×4

    When: 01/20/2018

    The Pax: Saint 20, haha, millertime, devito, saban, swiper, flo, FNG Dave Holland (warhead)

    QIC: dosido

With an hour pre-Ruck tucked firmly under our belts, 4 PAX including 1 FNG (welcome warhead!) were joined by 5 others for an introduction to the 4×4 beat down. A 4×4 is a burpee with 4 merkins and 4 IC mountain climbers; for the duration of the BD, PAX were instructed to perform 4x4s anytime they were waiting on the six. Needless to say, some viewed the 4×4 as a sort of punishment for finishing ahead of others…here’s what went down


Mosey into the upper lot, around and down into the lower lot, circle up near the flag.

YHC asked devito to lead the PAX in SSH IC (quietly) while the disclaimer was given to our FNG. YHC then led Body Builders x10 IC

Next we moseyed to the rock pile for a smallish coupon, unless you’re flo, then you grab the exact opposite of smallish, and we headed back to the trailhead next to the entrance lot:

Jacobs Ladder, “coupon” style. 7x up the hill, adding 3 burpees on the bridge at the top each time up, carrying your coupon to and fro. Total 84 burpees

Mosey back to the rock pile area for 11’s with your coupon. At the bottom perform 1 rock curls, at the top perform 10 rock overhead press, continue until it’s 1 at the top, and 10 at the bottom, total reps always = 11, deposit your coupon.

YHC called an audible at this point, forgoing a long trip to Kings Court and instead staying “local” at the awesome, amazing, super cool, incredibly well taylored and very well sponsored, impeccably painted top notch soccer field.

Standing on the vivid logo in the center of the field, we counted off by two’s. 1s mosey to one corner, the 2s headed to the opposite corner. 2s corner was to perform AMRAP merkins while 1s corner performed 15 burpees then sprinted across the field to relieve the 2s. swap rolls, 2s run to 1s station, 1s perform the merkins. Then the AMRAP station switched to squats until 1s returned from 10 burpee station. switch rolls. Last, AMRAP station switched to Leg Lifts while 5 burpees were performed. Corner to corner, it’s a very large field with a hefty sprint between stations.

…all the while, anytime waiting on the six, 4x4s too numerous to count have already been logged by some of the PAX

The last item of the morning was a suicide sprint using the white lines of the field. YHC motivated the PAX by offering a reward to the fastest HIM; we used the end line, penalty box, center line, far penalty box, then far end line. Flo and millertime were top two finishers, followed by devito, saint, YHC, and so on. Good work Men! – unfortunately the prize was, you guessed it, more 4x4s as they waited for the six

Circle up on the logo for 1.5 min of MARY, ~30 flutter kicks IC


Welcome FNG warhead! Dave has recently moved back to the area after 10+ yrs of being a floridian. His name is linked to his previous military life in the AF working in the missile silos…very cool stuff. I believe he attended SHS so we’ll be trying to get him there as well during the week. BTW, this FNG came for the pre-Ruck and stayed for the BD – do I have to mention he’s YHC’s FNG and he rode with me? I don’t want to diminish the accomplishment but he really didn’t have any choice in the matter…

Prayers are needed for two struggling marriages, swiper and warhead. Warhead said his has reached the stage of divorce, and there are children involved, so this group and what we can do for each other couldn’t have come at a better time in his life. We pray for them to have the wisdom to know what to say, and know what to do next – it was mentioned this morning a man’s marriage to his M is the most difficult human relationship we have to navigate. Forgive me, I’ve tried to remember the other items mentioned but I’m coming blank. It was an honor to lead today, and I look forward to the next opportunity







Around the Block

    When: 01/19/2018

    The Pax: Flo, Sunshine, Sneakers, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Saint 2O, Simba

    QIC: Boomer

YHC was pleased that 8 pax elected for a makeup beatdown rather than a ruck. Although it wasn’t as cold as the past couple days, YHC skipped the warmup to get moving and start the fun with enough time to finish. Here’s what happened.

The Thang:

Quick mosey to the coupon rallying point. Grab a cinder block and bring it to the pavilion. Picked up a young lion on the way. Here was the plan.

One lap around the track with the cinder block over your head. Back to the pavilion for 5 rounds of

  • 10 pullups
  • 10 hands-release merkins
  • 10 step-ups with block
  • 10 big boy situps

Then complete 2 laps around the track with the block over your head.

After dropping the block and wishing YHC could leave it there forever, all managed to lug the block back to the coupon station. Elizabeth Warren Run (aka Indian Run, renamed by YHC because we’re a bunch of white folks pretending to be Native Americans)  back to the flag. Still a few minutes for Mary. Flutter kicks, obliques, crunchy frogs, dying cockroach, and Rosalita.


Moleskin: Great work this morning. Challenging beatdown especially for frozen hands with no blood flow. Praises for Nacho’s recover, Cookie’s 2.0, and prayers for all of us to be parents that point our 2.0s to Jesus. More prayers needed for Father-Daughter Dance tonight.

Snow Crab 2.0

    When: 01/18/2018

    The Pax: Olaf, Clyde

    QIC: The Body

Snow Crab 2.0


Still a little snow on the ground so I chose to take the beat down under the pavilion, lets mosey around the trail.


Warm Up outside of the pavilion

  • 15 SSH
  • 10 Wind Mills
  • 50 OHP
  • 10 Sun Gods


The Thang

40 Mericans, Lunge around the pavilion

30 Mericans, Crab crawl around the pavilion

20 Mericans, Long Jump around the pavilion

10 Mericans, Bear crawl around the pavilion


40 Squats, Lunge around the pavilion

30 Squats, Crab crawl around the pavilion

20 Squats, Long Jump around the pavilion

10 Squats, Bear crawl around the pavilion



Balls to the wall for 5 seconds increasing every round to 5, then decreasing to 10.



Mosey to the Flag for MARY



Brief chat about starting Saturdays in North Forsyth Central Park


Planet Hoth

    When: 01/17/2018

    The Pax: Goat, I-Beam, Rooney, Bear, Squeegee, AFLAC


With an injured Chelsea facing a mid-week Q and a good chance of snow in the forecast, YHC was more than happy to pinch-hit in hopes that he might have a chance to lead the PAX through a nice winter beat-down.  Little did he know that game-time temps would be hovering around 14 degrees with a North wind that made it feel more like Planet Hoth than The Wreck.

Upon arriving, YHC noticed a wide-open parking lot which presented a perfect opportunity to dust off some old school Vermont driving skills.  After waiting for Goat to clear the runway, YHC flipped a sweet 270 right into a parking spot just in time to see I-Beam, Bear, and Rooney rolling into the Wreck.   Rooney was doing his best Luke-Skywalker-on-Planet-Hoth impression complete with winter boots and ski goggles.  Thankfully, crazy does have company.

Warm Up

Mosey off into the woods past the tennis courts and up the hill to the pond where we ran into Sqeegee heading the opposite way (and Rooney short-cutting it with his pack-boots).  With no signs of Sprocket doing the same (must be that thin Texas blood), continue mosey around the pond and circle up by the recreation building for the following:

  • 10 Burpees (waiting on Goat)
  • 20 One-legged Romanian Deadlifts
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Inverted Snow Angles (mid-back work)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

The Thang

Continue mosey down the hill to the playground for 3 rounds of the following:

  • 10 Pull-Ups
  • Run up stairs to road, then 10 Burpees
  • Run along road to path down to playground, then 20 Merkins
  • Run back to playground and repeat

LBC’s for the six, then 3 rounds of the following on the picnic tables:

  • 20 Step-Ups (10 each leg)
  • 15 Decline Diamond Merkins
  • 20 Incline Merkins

LBC’s for the six.  With a good 25 minutes of solid work done, it was time for a little fun in the snow.  Mosey back up the hill and partner up for the following:

  • Two-handed Wheelbarrow Skiing – Partner A “wheelbarrows” Partner B while Partner B places hands on plastic plates and “skis” 40-50 yards.
  • One-handed Wheelbarrow Skiing – Same as above, but both hands on a single plate (diamond-style).

This all seemed academic to YHC, but after making the turn it was pretty obvious that some of the Georgia & Louisiana boys didn’t have the form.  Excuses ranged from slippery gloves to sticking plates, but that didn’t square with the fact that the Texas boy (Rooney) sorted things out just fine.

Not about to give up, YHC directed the PAX to the recreation center entrance road for some more basic sledding, with a Bear Crawl-Ski from the base to the top of the hill.   Mosey back down toward the flag, with a quick stop for a 10 count round of sliding Merkins (hands close, hands wide, repeat).  With a minute left and realizing the PAX hadn’t spent any time on their six, YHC decided he was producing enough BTU’s to melt any snow/ice under him and he’d rather stay dry at this stage of the game.  Thus, a final round of Merkins until time was called.


  • VQ for Goat coming up next week.
  • It’s not often that we’re blessed with days like these, so take every opportunity to engage them.  Life is too short.

AFLAC out.