Bithday Beatdown

    When: 05/19/2018

    Where: The Widow-Maker

    The Pax: Nacho, Devito, Mayhem, Special K, Pellets, Springer, Saban, DoSiDo

    QIC: Nacho Libre

YHC only turns 36 once in his life.  So I was thinking about the significance of 36 I knew it was a perfect square buy I didn’t want to Q a beatdown with a bunch of sixes either.  So i decided to split the beatdown into three sets of 12s.   Now I was wondering to myself in three sets of 12’s would be tough enough?  Would I need to add anything on to the beatdown to make sure everyone go pushed?  Only time would tell.

The Warmup: Mosey over to the other side of the pitch for 12 SSH’s, Squats, and Merkins.

The thing:  Grab a rock and head back to the pitch for some twelve action.  Starting with Crack’s own Genuine and then run to the other side for merkins.  After finishing the first set of twelves YHC was wondering if we had enough time for the whole beatdown.  Or enough in the tank for three sets.

Mosey over to the widow-maker for our next set of twelves.  Lunges at the bottom and Burpees at the Man Hole cover.    This was brutal for everyone but Mayhem as he crushed it.   This definitely took some time so YHC had to improvise and finish our last set of 12’s at the top of the widow-maker (merkins and LBC’s)

As we were finishing up I noticed that we had run 3.6 miles and we had about 5 minuets left.  Could we get 4 miles in?  I don’t see why not.  So pax took the long way back to the flag stopped once for lunges and once for a few more merkins.  We arrived back to the flag one minute late but finished with 4.15 miles.

COT: Prayers for the families involved in the school shooting in Texas and Georgia.

Moleskin:  T-Claps for the guys that Rucked and then posted for the beatdown.  8+ miles with a bunch of work in between.  Enjoyed celebrating my birthday day with the pax!

Cherokee Pre-Blast for the week of 5/21

    When: 05/21/2018

    Where: Cherokee COunty

    The Pax: All - everyone from HIMs to Sadclowns

    QIC: Babyface

Great job by our guys this past weekend with multiple events.  From the Blue Ridge Adventure race to the 5/19 ruck event to raise awareness for Armed Forces Day.  Great work guys, we may not be leading in points for the month, but your impact is great nonetheless.

Run down of the Beatdowns:

  • Monday: 5:30 am 
    • The Kodiak  (Creekview HS)→ Q: Floppy
    • The Hurt Locker (Veterans Park)→ Q: Babyface
  • Tuesday: 5:30 am
    • The Paragon (Dean Rusk MS) → Q: Homeboy
    • Cheetah (Holly Springs ES)→ Ricky Bobby
  • Wednesday: 5:30 am
    • The Kodiak (Creekview HS)→ Q: Misty
    • The Playground (Avery ES) → Q: The Mole
  • Thursday: 5:30 am
    • The Paragon (Dean Rusk MS) → Q: Spaceballs
    • Stoneclad Sequoyah Park)→ Q: LawDawg
  • Friday: 5:30 am
    • The Playground (Avery ES) → Q: Nomad VQ
    • 3rd F @ the Barn →  Q: Homeboy → Men’s discussion group. 5:30-6:30 am
    • 2nd F → Lunch @ Chipotle @ Canton Marketplace (unless otherwise specified)
    • 3rd F Opportunity → looking for a few guys in the evening to help with some yard work for Bloodhounds M-in-law who is a 2 year cancer survivor.  Anyone able to help out starting around 7pm for a couple of hours to help her clean up the yard a little would be very awesome. She lives in Forest Creek, DM me for more info.
  • Saturday:
    • The Hurt Locker (Veterans Park):
      • PreRuck/Run: 6:00 am
      • Beatdown: 7:00 am → Q: Bloodhound


Other News and events:

  • F3/Fia/2.0 workout on June 2nd @ 7:30 am.  Bring your 2.0 &/or M to try out the fun. I need someone to step up and help to Q the workout( Please DM me if you would like to Q it).  We will have a Fia lady Q half & an F3 guy for the other.  We will also be looking to bring some refreshments. Juice, water, fruit, something fun to munch on after the workout.  Would love some help.
  • Staying with the 2.0 workout theme: The June 2nd beatdown will kick off our summer 2.0 beatdown series.  Every Saturday in June and July we will have a 2.0 mini beat down from 8:10 to 8:40 (30 minute beatdown for the kiddos for those of you that are not so good at math).  I’ve made a Q sheet (despite my reluctance) to better organize for this and would love to have some of your guys sign up to help out:
  • Amicalola Falls Road trip beatdown scheduled for June 16th
  • Launching @ Holly Springs Elementary on THIS (yes actually this Tuesday unlike last week, my bad)Tuesday May 22nd → Site Q: Ricky Bobby
  • Downtown Woodstock Launch is getting super close, if you know a sadclown in the area, hit up Manning so we can get in touch. June 4th will be here soon, and Manning has done some great prep work on The Clinic, with a great backstory and everything.

Upcoming F3 Dads events:


Final thoughts:


It is our nature to say “Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers” every time a tragedy like what happened in Texas this past week occurs.  And we absolutely should, yet again do this. But more than just this town with this immediate impact, we need to keep our younger generation as a whole in our prayers.  This problem is devaluation of human life is becoming an epidemic. Whether it is a young person not valuing another person’s life or their own, this is not just a Texas problem, or a Florida problem, but a problem for our younger generation as a whole.  

We as men and leaders in this community are charged with the task to ACCELERATE toward growing and cultivating a stronger crop of humans for the generation.  We can not be COAT HOLDERS and allow these problems to persist.  That is why I feel very strongly about F3, F3dads, and the 2.0 workouts.  Because it is not just for the immediate impact that it has on me personally, but the impact that I see it has on my own children and family.  We are the most important influencers in our children’s lives. If we demonstrate the way, more times than not, they will want to follow. The men in our area need this, because their children need this, to grow and become self confident and self reliant, and learn not to crumble at every tough situation. T

I realize this is a bit of a tangent and soapboxy, but as someone who is in the schools on a daily basis this week, and honestly this past year has made its mark on me.  I worry for this next generation as a whole, but I know we as ACCELERATING MEN can make a dent at least in our surrounding communities.


ACCELERATE: To increase the pace of Movement.

ACCELERATING MAN: A man committed to Acceleration.

COAT HOLDER: A man who tolerates the lack of Virtue among the Leaders in his Community.

You got questions, I’ll get answers.  Send them here:


A Royal Pain!

    When: 05/19/2018

    Where: The Hurt Locker

    The Pax: Harp, Banjo, FNG (Matador), The Mole, Fleetwood, Yogi, Misty, Kiffin, Floppy, Nomade, Frenchy (Megan for the day), Garfield, Legionnaire

    QIC: Légionnaire

It all started at the crack of dawn as Misty realized the sobering truth… We add more flags to plant than we had PAX posting at the Ruck! (You know you have a problem When…) YHC knew that we were fighting the odds, the DL was getting longer, the Adventure Race was on, YHC caught the “racers” fleeing the AO under cover of darkness to avoid sharing the morning pain, and of course, the dang Royal wedding was on. So our 3 lonely souls (YHC, Harp, Misty) rucked on till daybreak to see how many would answer the call of the gloom.

The Thang

13 PAX answered the call. YHC as any good leader knew to leverage every available asset at his disposal and enrolled the help of a true Proper-Form professional, The Mole, to lead Lunge training for the morning.

Indian Run to every other 1/4 mile marker and perform an increasing set of MARY’s.

Run 1/2 mile + 20 Lunges (to wait for the six)


Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC

Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC, 60 Squats

Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC, 60 Squats, 40 Crunchy Frogs

Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC, 60 Squats, 40 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Flutter Kicks

Run 1/2 mile back to the flag

Mo’ MARY to wait for the six and await the 07:00 hour…

Charly Oscar Tango

FIA + 2.0 Beatdown coming up June 2nd.

Amicalola Falls BeatDown Coming up 16 June.

Hire Heroes Awareness Ruck that afternoon:

Prayers for Homeboy’s dad who commenced treatment.


Frenchy jogged for the first time to the British national anthem, God Save The Queen, instead of standing at attention… Sorry, blame it on Harry and Megan for messing up our numbers.


What does not kill you – Kelly Clarkson / Walk this way – Aerosmith / Wake me up – Avicii  / I Love It – I Don’t Care / Highway to hell – AC/DC / Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee / Country Roads – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes / God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols / God Save The Queen – British National Anthem  / The British Grenadiers Fife and Drums.

Légionnaire, OUT!

Mucho Chesto Bruce Leeo

    When: 05/18/2018

    Where: The Playground - 2.0

    The Pax: Legionnaire, Whammo, Nomad, Chitwood, Harp, Aquaman, Misty

    QIC: Misty

It was another fine Friday morning beatdown with 7 PAX in attendance. By this point most are familiar with YHC’s affinity for core work. Add in a still recovering knee and you have a solid recipe for a Misty led Bruce Lee beatdown, only this time with a bunch of merkins included. As the clock hit 5:30 here’s what followed:

Quick mosey (3-5 yards) to circle it up for the warmup:


10 windmills IC

The Thang

Mosey to the corner of the school building where we started our bear crawl. Totaled roughly 75 yards, stopping twice at the lit doorways to do 5 burpees at each. Once we arrived to the other corner, grabbed the speaker and continued our mosey to the gate of what will now be called “rooster row” after the roosters at the end finally stirred from their slumber and became active after we got started.

From there we got started on the main course. First things first, got our soundtrack going, which given the Bruce Lee factor YHC decided to go with LostProphets (much to Whammo’s disappointment) and the first song to kick it off was Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja. Started with Mucho chesto, 10 reps each of merkin, wide merkin, diamond merkin, stagger right hand forward merkin, stagger left hand forward merkin then run to the end of rooster row and back. Back at the start it was time for Bruce Lee, 20 reps each of American Hammer (Kodiak count), reverse LBC, LBC, heel touches (Kodiak count), crunchy frogs, big boy sit ups and another trip down rooster row and back. We did this 4 times for a total of 200 merkins and 480 ab reps.

Just enough time to Indian Run it back to the flag and finish right on time!

After the week long mystery, intrigue and chatter around the naming of the beatdown, we discussed whether or not to disclose the full name to the public or if it should only be shared on a limited basis to those that attend. My new thought it is to let that remain an inside joke to those in attendance at the inaugural beatdown and instead change the beatdown name to The Playground – 2.0. Not only does it pay homage to what the Mole started, but also coincidentally is close to the average mileage we’ve gotten each of the first 2 weeks.


Prayers for Voodoo and quick healing from his injury. Also, continued prayers for Homeboy’s father and the rest of the family.


5.19 ruck event on Saturday with recognition and proceeds to honor the Hired Heroes group that Aquaman supports

2.0/FIA/F3 workout on 6/2

Road trip beatdown to Amicalola falls on 6/16

As always gentlemen, it was a pleasure to venture out into the gloom with you once again. Misty, out!

H0.0ch: 7 Strong

    When: 05/18/2018

    Where: The Hooch

    The Pax: Boomer, Flo, Sunshine, Piggy, Scrooge, Saint2.0

    QIC: Simba

What a wonderful morning for a beatdown. The sun was still sleeping and weather was playing nice for a change. 7 PAX woke up early and chose to challenge their will in the gloom. All the other fartsackers….you missed out.


The thang:


Jumped straight into the workout with no delay:

2 Rounds:

Stations: Once you are through all 7. Start again for a second round of pain.

  1. Stepups with coupon
  2. Merkins with a rucksack
  3. Mary Catherines
  4. 5 Diamond merkins, 5 Werkins, 5 Derkins …repeat
  5. Reverse superman with coupon
  6. Coupon lunges
  7. Burpee broad jumps

2 Rounds:

Stations: Once you are through all 7. Start again for a second round of pain.

  1. Stepups with coupon
  2. Plank with a rucksack
  3. Mary Catherines
  4. 5 rep Shoulder exercises with your own choice of exercise.
  5. Skull Crushers
  6. Coupon lunges
  7. Burpee broad jumps

Mucho Chesto: Using the 5 pillars in the Pavilion, we did 10 reps of a merkin at each pillar totaling 50. PAX chose their own style.

  • Merkin
  • Diamond Merkin
  • Werkin
  • Carolina Drydock
  • Dive Bomber
  • Air Chair for 6.

Using the 5 pillars in the Pavilion, we did 20 reps of a leg exercise at each pillar totaling 100. PAX chose their own style.

  • Lunge
  • Side Lunge
  • Star Jumps
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Plank for 6.


  • Dying Cockroach 
  • Frogger
  • Gas pumper


  • Flo- has a surgery coming up. Would love some prayer. 
  • Scrooge- work situation that requires wisdom and discipline.
  • Piggy- Kudos on a promotion! Woot!


    When: 05/19/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Patch, TP, Fun-run, Turbine, Squeegee, AFLAC, Goat, Jackalope, Switch, Cardinal, Cheesesteak, Hoosier, Elvis (FNG), Circus, Ibeam, Bronco

    QIC: Bronco

16 Pax (including 1 FNG) joined in the gloom for a humid Friday Beatdown with the only purpose of making sure Ibeam had the easiest beatdown possible with his rain-soaked weight vest.


It’s 5:30 and we mosey/side-mosey/backwards mosey/high-skip to the back parking lot  for a quick round of:

  • Side Straddle Hops x25
  • Cotton pickers x25
  • Toy soldiers x25

The Thang:

We take off and high-skip to the wall where the following ensued:

  • Sprint to the far end of the parking lot – touch the big rock and sprint back where the Pax do 5 donkey kicks and hold the last one on the wall for the six.
    • Sprint/10 Donkey kicks and hold
    • Sprint/15 Donkey kicks and hold
    • Sprint/20 Donkey kicks and hold
    • Sprint/25 Donkey kicks and hold

From there we run to the coupon pile and everyone grabs a medium(ish) rock and heads to the football field to circle up.

  • First order of business – pass your rock to the guy on your right to keep everyone honest.
    • American Hammers x25
    • Skull Crushers x25

YHC then instructs all Pax (and their coupons) to line up single file on the goal line where we run sideline to sideline every 5 yards. The intention was to hold coupons over head and straight out changing every sideline but it quickly turned into survival mode   (this is 0.6 miles when all said and done for anyone wondering).

From the field we take the long way via the Lake all the way home and finish with some quick Mary right at 6:16 the last Pax rolled in and we’re all drenched and about 3.5 miles clocked in.


Prayers for AFLAC’s friend who just passed.  Prayers for Bronco’s friend who just lost his brother.

Welcome to new FNG Elvis!  Here fresh from Memphis and hopefully not scared back there!

Bronco out

SweatFest 2018

    When: 05/17/2018

    Where: Shadow

    The Pax: GreenBean, Fireballs, Leon, Poison, CashBox, Abba, Phish, Switch, Billboard, Moonshine, Fizz, TenCount, SnakeOil

    QIC: GreenBean

13 unlucky men braved a GreenBean Q this AM on our most hot (68 according to Fireballs) and humid morning so far in ’18. YHC was pleased to see CashBox return for his 2nd posting, as well as one of our largest Dunwoody PAX this year.

Follow me around school, back to starting point.
SSH IC x 25
MC’s IC x 25, hold it for:
Plank, right arm up and right leg up, regular, flapjack
Low-Slow Squats IC x 25
Merkins IC x 25!

The Thang:
Super 11’s:
Starting at far parking lot sidewalk- run to second sidewalk for 10 LBC’s, back to starting sidewalk for 1 Burpee
Oh, by the way, stopping at middle sidewalk for 5 merkins (each way!)
Solid work by Abba!

Plank and flutter kick waiting on the six.

Follow me to the Seles Stop/Platform of Pain for:
American Hammers IC x 25
Freddie Mercuries IX x 25
Obliques: L over R x 25, flapjack

Follow me up stairs to upper lot for sprints:
Lying prone, then across. 10 merkins
Lying prone, karoake back, 10 American Hammers
Lying prone, Karoake back, 10 LBC’s?
Lying prone, backwards run back
solid work by Abba, Phish and Switch- Sugar Rays

Follow me to rock garden for dips:
IC x 20
IX x 5

out of time, hands up steps back to COT

Thanks to Abba for taking us out and praying over DHS, the students, teachers and staff! *Next Thursday is Abba’s last post before his family of 8 heads off to Thailand for mission work. Let’s give him a good sendoff next Thursday.


Revenge of the DARTH – Big Creek BB 05/17/18

    When: 05/17/2018

    Where: Big Creek

    The Pax: The Body, Snake

    QIC: Olaf

Warm Up:

Mosey down the baseball fields for the warm ups.

SSH x12, Copperhead Squats x12, SunGods x12

Mosey on to the baseball field for the Thang.

The Thang:

In anticipation of a return from our long-lost brother DARTH. We put together a special DARTH work out. After yet another no show following his HC, we pushed forward with our DARTH workout anyway. We started the routine at the baseball field, but relocated to the pavilion due to the rain delay on the baseball field.

D = Daft Punk Lunges

We partnered up; partner one did Daft Punk’s around the world lunges while the other ran the to and from the foul poles. Rinse and repeat x3.

A = ATM’s

We moseyed to the pavilion at this point due to a rain delay at this point. Then dropped the ATM’s.

X15 IC Shoulder Taps

X10 IC 4 Count Merkins

X10 Fast Merkins

R = Route 66

Route 66 went around a loop on this day. Couldn’t seem to find exit ramp to continue down the highway. We circled the building at the pavilion 11 times and stopped after each lap to do descending American Hammers, starting at 11 reps.

T = The Cycle

We hit for the cycle on the cup ball field since the real field was down for a rain delay. Here’s the play by play of each hit for the cycle.

Single = Bear crawl from home to first, do 3 burpees; bear crawl back to home plate.

Double = Bear crawl from home to first, do 3 burpees; bear crawl from first to second, do 3 burpees; bear crawl back to home plate.

Triple = Bear crawl from home to first, do 3 burpees; bear crawl from first to second, do 3 burpees; bear crawl from second to third, do 3 burpees; bear crawl back to home plate.

Home Run = Bear crawl from home to first, do 3 burpees; bear crawl from first to second, do 3 burpees; bear crawl from second to third, do 3 burpees; bear crawl from third to home plate, do 3 burpees. Done.

H = Happy Jacks

In true burnout fashion. I attempted to complete the Happy Jacks routine consisting of 5 IC SSH, then 2 IC jump squats. But my counting rhythm is as pitiful and my dancing rhythm. So rather than a burnout, we did more of a crash and burn.

Time was up so we moseyed back to the flag with one stop at the small pavilion for two super sets of incline merkins x10 and dips x10.


Mosey back to flag for Mary. X10 IC Box Cutters, x10 IC Flutter Kicks, x10 Freddy Mercury, x10 Reverse Freddy Mercury.


Prayers for my friend’s recovery from road rage accident. Reminder for all PAX to get a HC for the Zoo this weekend.

2 Years in the Gloom

    When: 05/17/2018

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Zima, Devito, Isner, Aflac, Squeegee, Bronco, Lowes, Pitstop, Cookie, Foghorn, Pellets, Scar, Spandex, Moonshine, Jackalope, Bayside, Lumberg, Swingline, Nacho, BoKnows, M.T.

    QIC: M.T.

Today marked two years being a  part of the F3 family for YHC.  It was pure coincidence of having Q.  In fact, someone may have fortuitously signed me up.  If so, that’s amazing.  In fact, this volunteering names on the Q sheet seems to be gaining steam.  Maybe we need to volunteer some names on the WidowMaker Q sheet.  We don’t back down from an assignment, we own it.  Just look at Jackalope if you don’t believe it.  He loves being volunteered and he owns it like the HIM that he is.  Back to two years, what an amazing run.  Amazing things have happened and it’s been an honor to be a part of it while getting stronger myself in so many ways.   Many great relationships have been developed across all AO’s and at the Rubicon.   How much did all this cost?  Free, well not really, it still sucks getting up early so it cost me my sleep but yet YHC get’s up at 5 AM, 4 days a week on average.  Anyway, many thanks to all of you!

What happened today – Well 20 PAX posted, the weinke disclaimer was read (CoQ would be proud except he didn’t post) and a warm up lap around the lot occured kicking butts and raising knees.  Typical Warm up Exercises then took place at our new flag (that old one was getting really beat up and nasty anyways).  SSH, weed pickers, wind mills, mountain climbers, etc.

The Thang:

On to the coupon pile where we found a friend and proceeded to the FOD to deposit said friend for later.  One tempo lap around the perimeter – Tempo – not sprint, not pace, somewhere in between.  Count off by 2’s.

One group lines up head to toe in plank position along first base line and second is 10 feet away.  A Indian Bear crawl race to the outfield fence where group 2 wins by a nose.   Keeping that same orientation,  we did the Crawl Bear race back to the infield.  Two observations – BoKnows flies in reverse and some others need practice getting their brain on board with the motion.  Group 1 wins this one.

After a tempo lap, group 1 and 2 each circled up for a Mercan Time Bomb.  The first man starts with 2 mercans and the next man begins when the first one starts his second rep.  On an on back to the original man who then does 3 mercans with a continuation until everyone has done 10.  If you aren’t doing Mercans, you are planking.

After another tempo lap, we retrieved our coupons for
25, 4-Count Hammers
25 BBS
20 Straight arm lifts (shoulders)
20 in cadence Curls

With Coupons we left FOD to the base of FOD hill.  7’s with coupon squats at the bottom, burpee’s at the top.  Back to the flag for some quick flutters and time was up

Prayers for the Gonzales Family
Need sign ups for Widowmaker
Great work by all today!  How about Pellets who I don’t think has missed a beat down yet including Saturdays!  It won’t be long until he is in the front

Race to the Flag

When: 5/17/18

Where: The Paragon

The Pax: Westside, Sweetheart (FNG), Tebow, Cuban, Kiffin, Titlemax, Nomad, Fleetwood, Papa John, Legionnaire, Garfield, Chief, Coach (FNG)

QIC: Smurfette

Pleasantly surprised by anything other than rain, YHC delivered a beatdown inspired by the upcoming Adventure Race in Blueridge, GA. 4 or 5 men from the Paragon are signed up for an !EIGHT HOUR! race taking place this Saturday. YHC has aspirations to do something similar one day, but considering that YHC has never been a part of any race lasting longer than 25 minutes……I thought it might be a good idea to take baby steps before YHC or any other eager Paragon Pax  attempt to run (…for 8 HOURS)! The overly obvious conclusion from this morning: significant training is required before embarking on any kind of race in the future. On another note, big time props to the two FNG’s who braved the gloom this morning and fought their best for 45 minutes to complete this morning’s beatdown.

– SSH x 15
– Windmills x 9
– Weed Pickers x 7
– Sundgods x OYO
– Finkle Swings x 10 each leg (…It’s become tradition)

The Thang
YHC divided the Pax up into 3 teams of 4-5 for an F3-inspired race and delivered instructions for the Beatdown. Each team received 1 Weinke to help them stay on course, and was told that each team member must complete each exercise before moving on to the next part of the race, which included the following:

– Each Pax performs 50 Merkins at the start
– Partner carry to “The Donut”
– Each Pax performs 50 BBS
– Mosey behind the HS to the HS bus lanes
– Each Pax runs suicides to and from each bus lane in descending order
– Mosey up the HS stairs and down to the bottom of the “Hill of Pain”
– Each Pax performs 30 Burpees
– Mosey through the HS baseball lot and turn left on Hickory Rd
– Mosey left on E Cherokee all the way back to the flag

Let the record show that the team of Cuban, Nomad, Fleetwood, and Titlemax absolutely smoked the rest of us. Whoever assigned the teams really screwed that up…


– Continued prayers for Kiffin’s M
– A reminder from Legionnaire about the ruck event taking place in Alpharetta this Saturday