Every Day I’m Shuffalin’

    When: 04/21/2018

    Where: The Zoo

    The Pax: Swiper, Snowden, The Body

    QIC: Swiper

YHC was glad to rejoin the Crew at the Zoo on Saturday AM, but seemed to lose track of time and beverage count on Friday night and showed up at 7:02 for a straight shot from the car into the Gloom!  Joined by Zoo anchors The Body and our solid new crew member, Snowden who extended his perfect attendance record yet another week!  Well done!  Here’s how she went…

Mosey down the track to the pavilion area between the baseball fields for warm up’s:


Abe Vigoda’s


Mosey to the Football field (Body and I have declared this to be the finest turf field in the Alpha Region…disagree?  we invite you to join us and see for yourself!).  YHC decided to throw a curve ball at the PAX and pulled out a rainy day go to..The Deck of Death!

Spades: Number cards = mercans; Face cards = Burpees

Clubs: Number cards= lap around the field to the corresponding yard line (3 = 30 yard line lap, 8 = 30 yard line on the long side of the field, etc.) Face cards = Full lap

Diamonds: Number cards = squats, Face Cards = copperhead squats

Hearts: Number cards = LBC’s, Face Cards = Bib Boy sit up’s

After flipping the deck, we headed to the Stairway to Heavin’ for some pain stations:

Top Pax doing Side Straddle Hops

Lower Pax doing Squats

Middleman sprints down, taps lower Pax who sprints up stairs and taps Top shelf Pax, rinse and repeat 3 X through the circuit.

Quick stop by the benches for some alternating Dips, Step Up’s and Incline Mercans and then back to the Flag for Mary:



Reverse LBC’s



Prayers for Sad Clowns to join our ranks

Prayers for families, health

F3 Picnic moved to Sunday, April 29th at Lake Windward


Counting Cards

    When: 04/23/2018

    Where: The Hooch

    The Pax: Flo, Boomer, Scrooge, Jimbo, Nacho, Moonshine, Simba, Sneakers

    QIC: Nacho Libre

The rain was coming down this morning as I rolled out of the fart sack.  On days like this it is always nice to have the Q so you don’t have any excuses why you aren’t at the beatdown.   Well I grabbed by special deck of cards and headed to the Hooch.

The warm up – the regular short lap around the parking lot.  11 SSH’s, 11 Hillbillies, and 11 Squats

The Thang: Flip a card.

Modified from the original – With my cards in hand it was time for a game of blackjack.  

Wild Cards – lap around the big parking lot

Spades – Imperial Squakers

Hearts – Hand Release Merkins

Clubs – CrabJacks

Diamonds – Dollies

*if an 10 or face cards falls after an ace 15 Burpees.  Believe it or not we had 10’s or face cards fall after all four aces.  

The Pax almost made it through the deck.  We got three laps around the parking lot.


The rain was coming down sideways.  YHC was trying to miss the puddles as we were running but that didn’t last long.  Towards the end I was looking for puddles to stomp in.

Tax season is over but after about 8 card flips Scrooge was ready to audit my deck.  

Flo though he was seeing double as the Queen of clubs was flipped back to back turns.  


Prayers for The Dab and for Flo’s family.

Praise for all the HIM’s as F3 Alpha has raised over $1100 for No Longer Bound.  


Floodfest 11s – #wormriver

    When: 04/23/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Thumper, Aflac, Green Bean, Bear, Squeegee, Mad Dog, Sprocket, Hat Trick

    QIC: Chelsea

The day started at 4:30am for YHC with the kiddos not keeping put through the night. Wasn’t going to deter the plans to get moving and lead a dedicated PAX into the swamp, aka The Wreck. Strong showing in such wild conditions with a posting from our fellow in Dunwoody @GreenBean. Kudos for the tweet and subsequent naming of the WO.

The Thang

5:30 – we mosey

  • Warm-up started with a light jog and burpee for the first 10(ish) light poles that we came to. We hit the first parking lot and our first round of 11s commenced.
    Push-ups on one side / Big Boy Sit-ups on the other. Continue the mosey around the pond and this spread the PAX out a bit. We fluttered for a 20ct at the high side of the Football Field lot to bring in the 6. This is where we experienced (BEAR CRAWLED the length of the lot) the river flowing through the park that was efficiently carrying a million worms from one side of the park to the other.  Again, we flutter for the 6. Being at the turf field brought to mind another opportunity for the second round of 11s. This time we flip the order, BBS on one side and P/U on the other; running the width of the field in between. We finish this round and mosey on. The rain picked up as we hit the last small parking lot before the flag and YHC just knew that to really drive the point home, we needed another round of 11s. No need to change it up now. You know what we did. Mosey to the flag where we American Hammered while each of the PAX did 5 pull ups to the tune of groans. Bear lead one last round of Peter Parkers and YHC Called it at 6:14:45am.

Thank you gents for allowing me the opportunity to lead through a real rain-fest. It was an honor and privilege to commiserate with you.

Bear’s neighborhood is experiencing some poor health. Prayers for these and their families.
Lebanon Pastor Hester is having pace maker trouble
Chelsea’s uncle is fighting cancer
Nagging injuries with our PAX

Not Quite Feeling my Age

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: Shadow - DHS

    The Pax: Moonshine, SnakeOil, Phish, Abba, Fizz, FNG (Ten Count)

    QIC: Manhole

A crew 7 strong completed a 45 minute evolution, that was as challenging as it was entertaining. It was part Manhole, part Fireballs, part Seles, and all F3 and it even included an FNG.

Warm-O-Rama: (all IC and x15)(2 rounds) SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Stone Mountain Push-ups into Planks,. Mosey to the curb, Lunge walk half way and high knees the rest of the way, and slowsy back. Set of curb dips for something different and Mosey down and around the track.

The Thang: (inspired by Fireballs) Each HIM takes a lap while the rest of us crank out some pain. (LBCs, Hand Release-Merkins, Squats, Plank, Fence sit, LBCs, Hand Release-Merkins).

Mosey to the back side of the school for a short but sweet crowd pleaser. Burpees (1 to 5) and (5 to 1) on both ends and merkins (2 sets x5 in the middle). Mosey to the light pole for some…

Mary: (IC and x20) LBCs, Low-Dollys, Low Flutter, Rosalita, Obliques, Adv. Boat Canoe(x10)

COT – Phish took us out.

Ragnar is Over…or is it?

    When: 04/21/2018

    Where: Shadow

    The Pax: Fizz, Leon, Scout, Green Bean

    QIC: Manhole

4 stout lads enjoined the fray with YHC, on one of the most perfect Saturday mornings that we have seen in Atlanta in some time. And with that, let’s begin:

Warm-O-Rama: (all IC and x15) SSH, Large Arm Circles (Front and Back), Windmills, Sumo Squats, and Mountain Climbers.

Round 2 (all IC and x15) SSH, Small Arm Circles (Front and Back), Windmills, Sumo Squats, and Mountain Climbers followed by a brief plank.

And mosey out to Roberts and to the old entrance to the ball parks and all the way back to the nature center trail and ultimately to the THOP for…

The Thang: 3 sets (IC and x10) of alternating dips and incline merkins. Mosey to the depths and then back out again, all the way up to the top of the park and then back down to the fireplace for some…

Mary: (all IC) LBCs (x30) Low Dolly (x30) Flutter (x30) Obliques (L/R) (x15)

Mosey up to the lower parking lot. In honor the missing Seles, A Crowd Pleaser. Squats up top and squats down low (5 and 30 and adjusting by 5s) with 3 sets of Merkins (x10) in the middle on the way up and on the way down, until the tables are turned. Extra credit in the form of a holding plank.

Mosey back towards and around the back side of Austin, and finished up with some curb flutter kicks, dips and calf raises.

COT – Leon took us out.

Q slots need to be taken for May and June. Prayers for those not back with us yet and for those that just can’t help fart sacking!

Lunge… Lunge me not…

    When: 04/21/2018

    Where: The Hurt Locker

    The Pax: Banjo, Serena, RickyBobby, BabyFace, Misty, Cricket, Kiffin, Westside, Thrasher, Dory, Nomade, The Mole, Garfield, Katniss, Legionnaire

    QIC: Légionnaire

And so YHC was now hearing it on a regular basis, “We’re not going to Indian run again for another hour on Saturday @ The Hurt Locker, are we…?”, it seems that inserting increasing amount of MARY’s between Indian Run rotations just was not enough, and truth be told the line was often stretching more than need be and since the Kodiaks are keen on finishing together what they start together… YHC introduced a 50 Lunges follow up to each Indian mosey segments.

YHC, patiently waited for the next day feedback on the WaterCooler to see if anyone was still complaining about running… and it worked! Not a word about running, the chatter was now all about lunges and not being able to walk! Although most of the gripe, grumble and grouse came from the Paragon WC, whose members, I am extremely happy to report, are now making strong showings at Veterans Park on a regular basis.

Warm Up


Cherry pickers X15

HillBillies X8 1/2 (mostly “fubared”, note to self, Stay away from that one!!)

Moon Gods, OYO 1 minute.

The Thang

The PAX started Indian-moseying around Veterans Park’s big loop, at each quarter-mile marker the formation would stop and perform a set of MARY, after each new marker a new set of exercise would be added. As stated above though each run was followed by 50 lunges to give the PAX a chance to regroup.

Indian Run 1 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10

Indian Run 2 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20

Indian Run 3 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20 + American Hammers X30

Indian Run 4 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20 + American Hammers X30 + Freddy Merks X40

Indian Run 5 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20 + American Hammers X30 + Freddy Merks X40 + Monkey Humpers X50

Indian Run 6 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20 + American Hammers X30 + Freddy Merks X40 + Monkey Humpers X50 + 3mn Plank (Reg, Left, Right)

Indian Run 7 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20 + American Hammers X30 + Freddy Merks X40

Indian Run 8 / 50 lunges / BBSU X10 + LBC X20

Head back to our beloved flag… for some PAX led MARY’s to wrap a bow on this one…

Charly Oscar Tango

Everyone was invited by YHC to share with the PAX something they were grateful and thankful for.

Homeboy’s dad who is still facing some tough treatment choices.

MoleSkin and Coffeeteria

The coffee war is now reaching new levels, after being outdone by the FireHouse picnic basket and ungracefully compared to Garfield’s fruity brew (which may or may not be legal in the state of Georgia) YHC upped the ante by hooking up his Espresso machine and after blowing a few fuses finally bewed some strong and awesome Arpeggio, Livanto and other Vivalto Lungo…


 (RIP Tim Berg)

Walk this way – Aerosmith / Who made Who – AC/DC / Wake me up – Avicii  / I Love It – I Don’t Care / Highway to hell – AC/DC / Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee / Sail – AWOLNATION / Final Song – Mo / Country Roads – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes / Early In the Morning – Peter, Paul & Mary.

Légionnaire, OUT!

Keep Getting Up Again

    When: 04/21/2018

    Where: Widowmaker

    The Pax: Jimbo, Saban, Boomer, Mayhem, Zohan, Moonshine, Cookie

    QIC: Boomer

The weather was perfect this morning, and 7 pax started the weekend right. And there’s no better way to start than with an annoying song to warm up. Not sure what the song is called, but it’s the “I get knocked down but I get up again,” song. So the pax did SSH until he sang he got knocked down, and then the pax did a burpee. Good start. All were warm.

The Thang:

Mosey to the old lady, the Widowmaker. Time for Jacob’s ladder. Modified Kraken Burpees. With each burpee, arms go out at the bottom like hands release merkins 4 times. 6 at the top, 5 at the bottom, 4 at the top, and so on. Also 5 BB setups facing the direction running every time passing the manhole.

ATMs and other exercises while waiting for the 6. Then Indian run with 10 merkins at the back over to the rock pile by the pavilion. Grab a rock and the following IC. Low curls, high curls, full curls, skull crushers, and shoulder press.

Mosey to the bottom of the stairs by the pavilion. 20 maktars at bottom. Jump up the rocks to the top. 10 monkey humpers at top. Bear crawl down. Then 15 maktars and 15 monkey humpers, etc.

Mosey to the turf for modified Dora. 100 squats, 100 v-ups, 100 gas pumpers. Parter runs to mid field and back. Finish with several fun run laps. Sprint half the field, mosey the side and half. Couple minutes of Mary.



  • Birthday party/weenie roast moved to next Sunday.
  • Welcome Jimbo for his first Widowmaker experience.
  • Honored to lead

420 + 0.0 = smoked.

    When: 04/20/2018

    Where: The H0.0.ch

    The Pax: The Dab, Jimbo, Sneakers, Boomer, Saint20, Sneakers, Scrooge, Sunshine

    QIC: Flo

I love Fridays, and love that I get one every single week!  There is no better way to start the weekend than getting smoked (in a positive way) on 4/20.  That’s what YHC set out to do with 8 other PAX this a.m.

In full disclosure, YHC was about 30 seconds late and had 7 PAX waiting on my arrival.  One PAX was later than I was.   What is ironic, is that the guys that hung out over suds last night all beat me in.  TClaps to UncleScrooge for organizing a 2nd F.

Coming in hot with a shovel plant, disclaimer, and warm-up. SSHs, Arm Circles, and Squats to begin to silence the mumblechatter.  It would get serious soon.

The thang:


Basically, this was as descending ladder set up starting at 20 and decreasing by two each round of Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins, with two auxiliary exercises tossed in for fun.

Here’s what went down:

  • Round 1- 20 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 20 SSHs and twenty bear crawl steps away from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and plank for the six.
  • Round 2- 18 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 18 SSHs and eighteen walking lunges away from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and hollow body hold for the six.
  • Round 3- 16 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 16 SSHs and sixteen backward lunge steps away from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and iron cross hold for the six.
  • Round 4- 14 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins the 14 SSHs and fourteen lunge steps away from the starting point.  Other side lung back to the starting point and iron cross hold for the six.
  • Round 5- 12 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 12 SSHs and twelve broad jumps from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and air chair hold for the six.
  • Round 6- 10 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 10 SSHs and twelve crab walk steps from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and plank hold for the six.
  • Round 7- 8 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 8 SSHs and 8 power skips from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and “six inches” for the six.
  • Round 8- 6 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 6 SSHs and 6 power skips from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and “six inches” for the six.
  • Round 9- 4 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 4 SSHs and 4 lunge walk from the starting point.  Mosey back to the starting point and quick step holds for the six.
  • Final Round-2 Burpees, Squats, C-Crunches, and Merkins then 2 SSHs and Sprint to the end and back.  Active recovery for the six.
  • Note: somewhere in the middle I started playing music.  Also, that is 110 burpees off of the 475 debt.  Lastly, I realize that this was more of a 5-20 since we SSH hopped each time, but it didn’t work with my theme so I’m takin

Next: we did the “Bodies” song…merkins and donkey kicks and planks and fun!

Last: 3 MOM

COT: Circled up and prayed for wisdom, guidance,  and peace over the burdens we carry has husbands, fathers, sons, and life in general.

Moleskin:  2nd Annual Weenie Roast Birthday Extravaganza has been postponed to next Sunday!





Donkey Dans

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: Rubicon

    The Pax: Boomer Zima Pit stop Transporter Mayhem Bronco Grease Monkey Aflac Double D Devito Isner Special K Cookie HaHa Scar Spandex DC2 Lowe’s Nacho Libre Miller Time Saban

    QIC: M.T.

It’s always great to arrive to over 20 pax fired up for some fitness.  No time to waste, the official Disclaimer Winkie was unfolded and read.  Our resident CoQ was happy that we finally got this thing right.

After a warm up lap around the lot with some butt kickers, high knees and karokee, we circled up for some SSH, Weed pickers and IW.  Off we went to the planters on the way to the Track.  Everyone grabbed a spot for two cycles of M.T’s X 20, incline merkins x 15 and Burpee’s x 5.  (miller times was the name designated by HaHa.  Place hands on the step and jump up with your feet landing on the outside of your hands and back down).

Mosey to the Community wall for Donkey Dans – 1:3 ratio of Mercan’s to donkey Kicks.  This one sucks at the end.  Next we all got in a wall sit while two at a time ran out to the track and demonstrated Monkey Humpers for the pax.  Finished up with a 1 Minute BTTW – impressive number made it a minute.

A mosey back to FOD where we circled up for our daily Burpee dosage.  While running in place we started with 10 burpee’s and worked our way all the way down to 1 for 55 total.  Next we lined up on the third base line and did some interval sprint training to the outfield fence and back a few times.

With that we shot back to the flag for some MARY where Boomer led the Buzzsaw, Nacho the T-Bombs and DC2 for his Hammers.

COT – Discussion about Sunday’s Picnic which has been moved a week due to rain.
Transporter discussed his need to hire a Sales Pro locally.  Hoping to get a good referral soon.  Position posted on Twitter and our LinkedInGroup
Nacho pitched the NLB Golf Tourney which was perfect timing as The Wreck Crew was there for a mini Invasion and latched on.  Thanks to Bronco for pushing the collection effort on their Slack channel – looks like they will fund a sign on their own and he will owe burpees.  A great group of HIM’s over there!

An honor to Q as always!  Disclaimer Winke available for borrowing!

Bells, Bells, Bells

    When: 04/19/2018

    Where: Stoneclad

    The Pax: Cricket, Woody, Chitwood, Tardy, Hooch, Title 9, Law Dog

    QIC: Law Dog

Stoneclad’s second week saw 7 Pax attack kettlebells, dumbbells and a playground. (Apparently other AO’s have playgrounds too). Maintaining to one of the core principals, you don’t need to buy anything for this beatdown, just bring it if you got it. With that, YHC was not sure what to expect other than my own kettlebell and Crickets, YHC would have to wait to see what the Pax brought for fun.  45, 25, 15 kettlebells and 25, 10, and 8 lb dumbbells appeared with the Pax, so here’s what YHC came up with…

Warmup lap around the parking lot (never claimed 0.0, just limited running)with SSH, Cotton Pickers or is it weed pickers,  and sun gods.

the Thang

Kettlebell swings, goblet squats with shoulder press, curls, sidearm shoulder raises with dumbbells, Front arm raises with dumbbells, swerkins, and pull-ups.  the Pax performing the swerkins did 10 reps while everyone did AMRAP of the other exercises. When done with the swerkins relieve the Pax on pull-ups and so on rotating through all exercises twice.

Mosey through the dark to the pavilion for a lazy dora with partner. One partner does the excersise while other partner holds the position. 100 dips/hold dip position, 200 step ups/air chair, and 300 lbcs/six inches.

Mosey back to the flag with just enough time for American Hammers and Dolly

Name-0-Rama  and COT


Welcome back Title 9 a kotter on his second post.

Chitwood is not only one hell of a baker, he is becoming an every-dayer.

F3 in the Alpha region is  growing, but to do that we need to continue looking for new ways to grow and EH more sadclowns and Kotters. Stoneclad is only a country mile from the Paragon and between the two hit 30 men in the Hickory Flat area this morning.

The Alpha picnic was postponed to Sunday April 29 due to weather. Check twitter and F3alpha.com for updates.

Dosido is giving the devotional speech at a men’s breakfast at Antioch Christian Church on this Saturday at 9am. All are welcome to ensure Dosido’s proper form.