Get your Miley on….

    When: 08/20/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Zima, Switch, Sprocket, FNG - Raider, Jackelope, Ariel, Rooney, Caffeine, Divot, Blue, Sparky, DD, Grease Monkey, Rusty, Bieber, Swamp Donkey, Haggis, Squeegee, Crab Legs, AFLAC, Foley, Nacho, Turbine

    QIC: Turbine

YHC was conflicted on what to do for today’s beatdown. On one hand, BRR is around the corner and some North Coleman hills would make for good training. On the other hand, making sure that the 20+ PAX that have been showing at The Wreck could make it around Roswell together safely in the gloom could be tough. When 23 showed up this morning it was an easy decision….the fun would come in the form of dance moves and coupons today.



Circle up at the gazebo for:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Cotton Picker
  • Hillbilly


The Thang:

With everyone limbered up, it was time to do some Elevens in the Trees with Twerkins and V-Ups…


What is a Twerkin, you ask? Are we continuing a theme of introducing exercises inspired by DD? You’ll have to ask him to confirm or deny his twerking skills. A twerkin is also known as a dive bomb push up (kind of like a vinyasa – for yoga fans). You start in plank position, push your butt in the air (e.g. downward dog), sweep your head and chest forward and to the ground while keeping legs straight, keep going to raise your head and chest up (e.g. cobra pose) and reverse the path back to the original position.

Elevens in the Trees – Twerkins + V-ups at each light post along the trail to the pond; count down on Twerkins and up on V-ups: 10+1, 9+2,….


We reached the top of the hill by the rec center parking lot and got a bit of Mary in waiting for the Six. Next it was time for a mozy to the coupon pile near the turf fields. The PAX were instructed to get a “lifting” coupon that would challenge them. With coupons, the PAX lined up on the goal line and got instructions for their upper body work for the day.

  • 3 sets of 40 curls with run to the back of the opposite end zone after each set
  • 3 sets of 40 chest press with runs
  • 3 sets of 40 bent over rows with runs

In total 9 sets and almost 2,000 yards of running


Mary ensued as PAX finished up. We folloFollowed by a deposit of coupons in their pile and a mozy back to the flag. A couple of minutes of Mary was needed to finish out time.



New AO’s launching

  • North Park in Alpharetta on Sept 4th – see Nacho Libre for details
  • East Cobb Park on Sept 11 – see Turbine and Chelsea for details


Prayers for Beauty who is trying to fight off an illness


Great things happening at Caney Creek with Cosmic Bandito being baptized this past weekend.

Is that how an Alligator Walks?

    When: 08/20/2018

    Where: The Hooch

    The Pax: Boomer, Simba, Flo, Sneakers, Feathers, Jimbo, Scrooge, Sunshine, Saint 2.0, Catfish, Ready Mix?

    QIC: El Matador

12 PAX lined up for an El Matador-led beatdown.  There was a lot of chatter from a great group!  YHC wanted to stick with the soccer field.  Here’s the morning:

Warmup with a short mosey, side/sides, high knees and butt-kickers.  Followed by Weed Pickers, HillBillys, and SSH’s.

The PAX worked hard to plank across the field while the last guy hopped down the line.  Tons of chatter about planking high and low, stretching the line out, planking the other way.  YHC knew something needed to happen, the mumble chatter was out of hand.  Fortunately, the soccer field was nice and wet, perfect for some new exicon!  Alligator merkins weren’t such a hit – there was some debate about what this should really be called.  It started with Walrus or Snake, but ended with Terrible and Stupid.

Once that pain was over, we circled up for J-Lo’s, LBC’s, SSH’s, Burpees, Squats, BBSU’s, American Hammers, and 5 other exercises that YHC can’t remember.  Rested arms called for a mosey to a curb, Bear Crawls and Derkins.  No chatter left now, but great work!  The PAX really hung in there.  Mosey’d back to church for 4 minutes of Mary: Dolly’s, Reverse LBC’s, Dying Cockroach, and Dive Bombers.

Always an honor to lead!  Prayers for Allan, Sneaker’s first day, 25K books headed overseas, Simba’s Kenya trip.  Have a great week men!

IronPAX Hangover

    When: 08/18/2018

    Where: Widowmaker

    The Pax: FNG putty, FNG Milli Vanilli, Sox, Wingman, Turbine, Saint 2.o, Haha, Mayhem, Pellets, Nacho, Boomer, Milkbone (visitor from Columbia)

    QIC: Cookie

13 PAX including 2 FNGs took the DRP at the Widowmaker Saturday morning.  Here is what went down.

Mosey around  theTrail, taking the scenic route
-arm circles, air press, high knees, buttkickers
-top of hill, plank for 6
Head down hill for warmup
-side straddle
-weed pickers
-imperial walkers
Mosey to King Field

Partner Up- Dora
-partner runs to end and back –
-other partner does:
-100 merkins each
-200 LBC each
-300 squats each
Run up the hill backwards half way, drop for 25 BB sit-ups, then bear crawl rest of way up
Mosey to side parking lot
Lt Dan 1:4 squat/lunge all the way across long parking lot, and back, and back.  10/40
Stop for balls to wall partner style.  3 times each.  1st time was 1 minute, 2nd time was :45 seconds, 3rd time was :30 seconds.
Mosey back to soccer field for Lt Dan’s cousin
Jack Webb 1:4 Merkin/air press
Mary – Freddie, Reverse LBC

Great to see some new faces this morning.  2 FNGs, 1 out of town visitor and several RNGs.  Cheers to Boomer for bringing out the Name-O-Rama ball to help us with the FNG names.  3 for the Alpha pre-ruck.  TCLAPS to Nacho Libre, Lowes and Pellets for completing the Rubicon to Widowmaker CSAUP before and after the beatdown.  YHC asked for prayers for those of us traveling to Puerto Rico tomorrow to do God’s work.  SYITG

Palindrome Fun (8-18-18)

    When: 08/18/2018

    Where: Shadow

    The Pax: BiBo, Redbird, Fist Founder, Leon, Fireballs, Sleeper, Seles

    QIC: Seles

As YHC was contemplating the Q for today, the Palindrome date kept rolling around in my head.  The result was a workout celebrating the numbers of today’s date.  Unfortunately, only 7 PAX got out of the fartsack (instead of one more to make it 8) to indulge in the Palindrome Fun!

The Thang

13 Side Straddle Hops, 13 Sumo Squats, 13 Baryshnikovs (ea. leg), 13 Imperial Walkers i.c. Rinse & Repeat

Cherokee Run to Nature Center Stump area.

The normal arrangement of stumps had been moved for some purpose, so Scout had received a request from the nature center for some help restoring them to their rightful place.  In an act of community service, the PAX proceeded with the next exercise which was to put the stumps back where they were supposed to be.  The smaller ones were carried around the fire pit for a little extra work, but most had to be rolled because of their size.  Lots of mumblechatter ensued about Scout making the request and then not posting (some excuse about going to the lake with his son and a promise to do water aerobics there?!)

11″s: Jump Ups and Dips on the newly placed stumps

Mosey to Fireplace for some Mary: 26 LBC, 26 Low Dolly, 26 Low Leg Raise, 26 Box-cutters i.c.

Feature Exercise!  Palindrome Pyramid.  Start with 8-1-8-1-8 in sequence of arm circles, burpee, arm circles, 8-count body-builders, arm circles.  Repeat by adding another 8-1-8-1-8 to the first (e.g. 16-2-16-2-16) then repeat up to 40-5-40-5-40.  Those arm circles do add up!

Climb the Nature Center Hill with lunges.

Mosey to Fire Station parking lot for Mary: 26 LBCs, 26 High Dolly, 26 Heels-to-Heaven, 26 Dying Cockroaches i.c.

Cherokee Run back to start with 5 merkins off the back

Partner up: one wall sits while the other runs to Roberts Drive and back.  Repeat until time is up.

COT (Fist Founder took us out with an inspiring prayer on the basics of the 3rd F!  Need anyone who wants to come to the F2 cookout at 5 pm Labor Day at Seles house to RSVP (yes only!) by email to Seles with number of attendess before next Saturday’s post.  All spouses and children are welcome and come even if you haven’t posted in a while.  Great coffeeteria with wide-ranging topics of interest.

25 lbs???

    When: 08/16/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: IKEA, Snowden, Fudd, Skynyrd, Picker, Reuben

    QIC: Reuben

Today was Challenge Day! By now, it seems like the whole F3 Nation has caught on to the excitement of the ultimate beatdown promoted by F3 Greenwood.   I must say that the video promos for these beatdowns are deceiving as it doesn’t seem like those boys are breaking a sweat, well the 6 PAX who participated today pushed their limits and hit this challenge with confidence.  Let’s mosey!

Mosey about 150 yds up the parking lot and back to the flag for warm-up.

  • SSH
  • Imperial walkers
  • Windmill
  • Sun gods
  • Moroccan Nightclubs

The Thang

Iron PAX Challenge #2:

4 excercises with 50 lb cinder block- and no there is not a block that weighs 25 lbs as was recommended, but the PAX were made better for it-(Thrusters, kedel bell swings, curls, and Man-Makers) performed 8 min each AMRAP. 2 min rest between sets.  Perform 25 reps and run 25 yds to settle the pain!

Thanks to Snowden for realizing about a 1/4 through that a little music was in order to push us forward as we grunted our way towards the finish line. Aye!


6 PAX present today.  VQ’s from Snowden and IKEA to come soon! Can’t wait fellas!

  • Prayers for good health and continued growth.



Bears and Blocks

    When: 08/15/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Aflac, Sprocket, TeePee, Caffeine, Foley, GOAT, Jackelope, Zima, Bronco, Divot, Virginia Slim, Double D, Sparky, Polaroid, Crab Legs, Turbine, Circus, Blue, Squeegee, Swamp Donnkey, Haggis, Bieber, I-Beam, Grease Monkey

    QIC: Grease Monkey

Lots of talk about cinders making their way up to the #Wreckicon on Thursday, so since they were being loaded up might as well make a stop at the Wreck this morning. But only for a portion of the beatdown. At 0530 we were off mosey…err bear crawling – a whopping 20 feet to the warmup spot. A few quick exercises, including the new crowd fave (DD), and we were off moseying apparently into the darkest spot in the park.

We stopped at our first wall where despite DD’s pleas for some Tysons we did a set of 15 Crab Cakes followed by 15 Hip Slappers. R&R with 10 reps each.

Moseyed to the next wall for 15 Dirty Hookups followed by 15 Chicken Peckers. R&R.

Moseyed over to the picnic shelter and broke up into three groups. Group 1 performed Derkins, Group 2 Abyss Merkins, Group 3 Dips. 15 count in cadence; rotate through so all groups do each exercise.

From there moseyed back toward the football field with a quick stop at Slim’s ride to grab some coupons. From the goal line we did some Bears and Blocks – in bear crawl position with cinders between our feet, reach back and pull the cinder forward past your body. Bear crawl up and repeat until we reached the 50 yard line.

From there it was Bearpee time. 4:1 ratio (bear crawl steps to burpees) to 75 yd line. 4:2 ratio to goal line. 4:3 ratio back to 75. 4:4 back to 50. This sucked.

From there we grabbed our coupons and circled up for some Blocktanomo. PAX extends coupons out in front of body (yeah right) while one PAX drops the coupon and runs the interior of the circle pushing down on all the blocks. Time dint permit us to make it all the way around so we headed back to the flag. I believe one round of Mary was happening while waiting for the 6.

A few announcements made, none of which I can recall at this point. People are running Saturday night I believe. Others are drinking.



Big Boy Iron Pax Challenge

    When: 08/16/2018

    Where: Rubicon #wreckicon

    The Pax: Tommy Boy, Mahem, Swing line, Lumberg, Guppie, Zima, Honeymoon, Krueger, Lowes, Squeegee, BoKnows, Top Hat, Miller Time, Frog, Circus,Special K, Pellets, FNG Seminole, Ha-Ha, Aflac, Nacho Libre,

    QIC: Virginia Slim


The Wreckicon Takeover at Rubicon went Big today. We went straight after the BIG BOY 36LB Cinders except for a few that chose to go the route of the 8x8x8 21Lb.  With Virginia Slim in Charge of the Coupons ( Thats what I do) the night was restless with anticipation, to not be late  for the challenge. With thanks to Aflac and Circus for helping get the course laid out, bringing the Music box and Whiteboard


Warm Up

No time for warmup for this intense Iron Pax Challenge. As we arrived at the parking lot each Pax grabbed a cinder of their choosing and mosied to the baseball Feild of Dreams and waited for all to arrive.


The Instructions were as prescribed by the Iron Pax week 2 challenge.

As the Music was introduced we had a 10 second countdown to start this challenge,

  • 8 Minutes of Thrusters with Coupon and max rep at 25 then run 25 yards and back, Repeat as many times as you can for the full 8 minutes.  With a 2 minute break in between the sets we each took turns writing down our rep count as we tried to breath new air for the next exercise.
  • 8 Minutes of Curls with Coupon and  a max rep of 25 then run 25 yards and back, Repeat as many times as you can for the full 8 minutes.
  • 8 Minutes of KB Swings with Coupons and a max rep of 25 yards and back, Repeat as many times as you can for the full 8 minutes.
  • 8 minutes of ManMakers with Coupon max rep of 25 yards and back, Repeat as many times as you can for the full 8 minutes.

These 36Lb Cinders made mere Mortals of all the Pax that were challenged today. We carried and groaned our way back to the parking lot where time was called and relief was finally granted.

Welcome FNG, Seminole, great way to start F3, We have new AO’s starting next month, 2 in East Cobb and 1 at Roswell High school,

Prayers for the Pax traveling to Puerto Rico this Sunday for their mission.

Forgive me if I did not recognize all the announcements and prayers as was Delirious at the end of the workout.


Slim out


This is My Rock! Backblast – 7/26/18 – DHS (Getting this on here for posterity)

    When: 07/26/2018

    Where: Shadow-DHS

    The Pax: Snake Oil, Cash Box, Fizz, Leon, Madoff, Fireballs, Poison, Fist Founder, Sleeper, Bonus Montross appearance for COT

    QIC: Chopper (name change alert! - Now Chain Gang)

A substantial crew of nine PAX came out today for a maiden voyage VQ led by Chopper. Welcome back Sleeper, who substantially beat down Chopper when he was FNG.



Mosey around the parking lot

Two rounds of the following IC:

  • Merkins (10)
  • Side-Straddle Hops (20)
  • Monkey Humpers (10)

Thang 1 – Choose Wisely

Mosey to the Rock Garden

Bear Crawl down the steps into the garden, choose your rock wisely

Return to the top, push out 20 Merkins

Mosey with your rock to the track flagpole, all the while considering whether you chose your rock wisely


Thang 2 – Share Your Choice

Circle up at the track flagpole, drop your rock, rotate clockwise, thank your buddy for his choice

Watch Chopper mosey into the track fence full blast, instantly warranting a name change during his VQ

Line up on the track for the following OYO:

  • Run one lap with rock
  • 10 x Burpees
  • 15 x Squat Thrusts
  • 10 x Merkins
  • Rinse and Repeat


Thang 3 – More Sharing

Circle back up at flagpole, set down rock and rotate two spot counter-clockwise, just in case anyone was gaming whose rock they might want

Mosey to back parking lot for a gut-check set of Elevens:

  • Start with burpees (10)
  • Run to opposite end of parking lot
  • Execute  monkey humpers (1)
  • Carry rock on every other iteration

Mosey back to Rock Garden to say goodbye to return our friendly rocks



Many seconds to Fireballs’ motion to rename Chopper on his very own VQ. Chopper is no more….officially Chain Gang.  Many thanks.

Montross appeared from the mist to say hello, participate in COT.

Thanks to Manhole for the VQ insights.

Leon took us out.  Many thanks for F3 brothers, prayers for those not with us.


Pretty Sure I Led a BeatDown…I think!

    When: 08/09/2018

    Where: Shadow - DHS

    The Pax: Suffice to say, this list would be wrong. So i will adust after you tell me who was there.

    QIC: Manhole

So, there were some guys there, and I think know most of them and we did some stuff. Can I get away with that?

I am pretty sure that there 10, because I recall as all being paired up at some point. Man am I getting old.

Warm-O-Rama: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Squats, and Stone Mountains (all IC and x15 times 2)

The Thang: Mosey to the track. I am pretty confident this was the day that YHC decided we would perform alternating segments of jogging and lunge walking around the track. (Fireballs was not amused). We called it after one lap.

Mosey to the bleachers – partner dips and cliffhanger merkins (3 sets, x10 each).

Mosey to the flagpole – for some Mary. We did a lot of Mary. LBCs, High Dolly, Low Dolly, Low Flutter, Obliques, Mason Twist, ABCs. (all IC and x15)

Mosey to the sidewalk – 10 Hand Release Merkins (IC). Mosey around the back of the school, to the side to the front, to the side walk. Inchworm down the sidewalk.

(This is where it gets fuzzy). I think we went down to the POD and did some rock work, but we could have just done some more Mary at this point. (Yikes)

I do know that next we did a jail break up and down the hill and then mosey’d to the parking lot where we did 3 rounds of 50, 75, 100 and called it a day.

COT – total blank here.

Crazy 8 – Tour of ERP

    When: 08/16/2018

    Where: The Gladiator

    The Pax: Scar, Moonshine, Viking, Tebow, Sox, Puddle Jumper, Brownie, Spandex

    QIC: Spandex

Where is everybody?!!! My assumption is, that we had half our normal turnout because some of the pax was still recovering from the IronPax Challenge from Tuesday.  I understand I guess.

This workout was structured to avoid utilizing the muscle groups we destroyed during the IronPax Challenge.  In fact, this turned out to be a good recovery workout.

So, with the 8 pax that actually showed up, let’s get started!  We moseyed over to the parking lot towards the park entrance for a quick warmup.


  • SSH 15
  • Weed Pickers 15
  • Mountain Climbers 15

After the warmup, the Pax moseyed over to the pavilion to make use of the picnic tables.

The Thang:

Exercises at the Pavilion:

  • Step Ups – 20
  • Leg Raises off picnic bench – 20

Rinse and repeat

After the pavilion, the Pax moseyed over to the entrance of the park at Fouts Road.

A ¼ Mile of legs and abs:

  • Run to the first mailbox- perform 20 squats, 20 BBSU, and 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • Run to the third mailbox- perform 20 squats, 20 BBSU, and 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • Run to Twelve Stone Drive- perform 20 squats, 20 BBSU, and 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • Run to the next mailbox- perform 20 squats, 20 BBSU, and 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • Run to next street on right- perform 20 squats, 20 BBSU, and 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • Run to library entrance- perform 20 squats, 20 BBSU, and 20 Bonnie Blairs

When gazelles reach the library entrance, complete your exercises and then perform walking lunges back to the 6.  Once you reach the 6, jog to the library entrance and recover.

Partner Up:

  • Partner 1: Plank position- perform Peter Parkers
  • Partner 2: Performs 20 Bulgarian squats with foot on partners back (10 each leg)
  • Flapjack x2

More running:

Run to the corner of HB and Eves Rd.  Gazelles circle back and run in with the 6.  Run to the Corner of Eves Rd. and back entrance of the park.  Gazelles circle back and run in with the 6.

Bear Crawl from tennis courts to top of the hill.


It was mentioned that Beauty still has walking pneumonia and needs our prayers and support.  Beauty mentioned that he is at the hospital today undergoing more tests to see of the Drs can figure out exactly how to help him.

Fanie Mae is still out with an injured neck.

We discussed a shirt order and Sox volunteered to process an order to save the pax shipping costs.  Thanks, Sox!!!