Day 2 at the Gladiator and the Girlfriends Show Up

    When: 06/21/2018

    Where: The Gladiator

    The Pax: Miller Time, Scar, Spandex, Beauty, Postal, Kegger, Puddle Jumper, Def Con 2, Yogi, Ha-ha, Pellets, Moonshine, Socks

    QIC: Ha-ha

So after posting on Tuesday with some questionable attire, maybe the FNGs were not quite sure what to make out of this Dancing Idiot, it was time to put the hammer down and take The Gladiator PAX to the Dark Side.

I checked all the boxes Wednesday night:

  • Challenging workout routine?  Check.
  • Motivational music play list? Check.
  • Girlfriends loaded up? Always! You think I take those things out when I get home? Nope.
  • Recon the park via Google Maps satellite view? Check.

When I arrived at my chosen location at the park to stash the truck with the girlfriends it was time for audible number 1. That staircase I had spied on Google Maps? Yes it is there.  In a pitch black hole! Running on the steps in that dark is not going to work. I moved to location #2 at the opposite  end of the parking lot and ran over to meet the PAX.

After a quick disclaimer we mosied off to the trail behind the building and as we were disappearing a set of headlights pulled in as Puddle Jumper arrived at 5:31. We do start on time! We did some backward running toward Puddle Jumper as he jumped out of the car and joined up.

After a mosey behind the building we circled up by the truck and warmed up:


  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

Smells Like Teen What?

We partnered up with someone we did not know and I explained the next 38 minutes and 20 seconds. While partner one performs the listed exercise, partner two runs to the other side of the parking lot and back then switch. Perform the same exercise until the song ends and we go to the next song in the play list and the next exercise as listed below:


Song Time Exercise
Life in the Fast Lane 04:46 Kettlebell Swing
Reelin’ In The Years 04:37 Thrusters
Peace of Mind 05:03 Hammer Curls
Walk This Way 03:31 Squat w/ bag
Another One Bites The Dust 03:35 Skull Crusher
Black Magic Woman 03:15 Sumo Deadlift
Give it Away 04:42 Overhead Press
La Grange 03:50 Reverse Lunge and Press
Smells Like Teen Spirit 05:01 Merkins

The run provides some relief from the constant exercise and the exercise provides some relief from the run. The key is to keep the intensity level as high as possible. Although you mostly alternate between legs and arms with this routine your shoulders are smoked my the time you get to the 5 minutes of Merkins.

This group is not afraid of hard work! Hard work was done by all involved. The gazelles get to fly up the parking lot to hit the speed bumps of doing the exercises and the beach bodies get to pound out the exercises. But the beauty of this workout routine is that everyone stays together doing the exercises for all the songs with some great mubblechatter to build the 2nd F.  I think the Roswell PD cruiser that came through the parking lot this morning was curious as to what these crazy guys were doing in the parking lot at 5:45 this morning but Scar was not deported and he was not separated from his kids. I think he hid behind the PAX.

After “Teen Spirit” faded into the gloom and the Merkin fest was over we returned the girls to the truck and mosied back to the flag and time was up.

This group is getting after it and will surely get stronger and larger soon.


  • 3 spots to fill for Puerto Rico
  • Prayers for PAX in the IR

Coffeteria afterward with 5 in attendance

Heating up at the Firehouse

    When: 06/21/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: Snowden, Fud, Dash, Skynyrd, IKEA

    QIC: Beans

Hot and humid on this first day of summer.  We would have it no other way at The Firehouse.  Just in case that wasn’t enough, we brought along the 40lb bags (aka “the girlfriends”) for extra fun.  The PAX were ready for a good old fashion beatdown.  Let’s get it started.  Time to mosey.


  • SSH x 15
  • Copperhead Squat x 10
  • Hillbillies x 15
  • Moroccan Night Club x 10 (Front and Reverse)

Time to grab the girls


Mosey to the middle of the soccer field with the bags.
Around the world paying the toll in the middle of the field after each exercise.

Toll = Clean and Press with the bag x 10
Corner 1 = Merkin x 10
Toll = Clean and Press with the bag x 10
Corner 2 = Squat with bag x 20
Toll = Clean and Press with the bag x 10
Corner 3 = LBC x 30
Toll = Clean and Press with the bag x 10
Corner 4 = American Hammer x 40
Toll = Clean and Press with the bag x 10

Mosey back to the parking lot

11’s carrying the bag back and forth
Exercise 1 = Squat with bag
Exercise 2 = Bent rows with bag

Leave the bags behind and head to the pavilion.

Step ups on bench x 20
Dips x 20
Leg Raises x 20

Repeat adding 10 Derkins


Freddie Mercury
Gorilla Humpers
Big Boy Situps
Box Cutters
Crab Cakes


Reminder of F2 event next Thursday and continued prayers for those traveling.

Wreck 49’er

    When: 06/20/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Sprocket, Patch, Squeegee, Jackalope, Bayside, Zima, Grease Monkey, Doogie, Ariel, Bronco, Polaroid, Sellout, Crab Legs, Thumper, Double D, Booter, Cornhole, Circus, Bieber (FNG), Fondue Guy, I-Beam, Switch


YHC loves to play the instigator role when it comes to b-day Q’s, but too often forgets that what goes around, come around.  And come around it did, in the form of a 20# gut-check (20# my a$$).

With 0520 on the clock on and an antsy PAX anticipating what was coming, I-Beam and Sprocket appeared from the gloom with a hearty b-day welcome in the form of a 20# restrictor plate to level the playing field.  Let’s just state for the record that YHC has a good memory and appreciates a good game of one-upmanship.


With 0530 on the clock, time to mosey to the first parking lot for a quick warm-up consisting of:

  • 15 Windmills
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Toy Soldiers

Continue mosey to Malbec Mountain where the PAX would set up shop for the day.

The Thang:

YHC must admit having some (albeit fleeting) second thoughts at incurring the beat-down as planned with an additional 20# in tow and extra candle on the cake.  However, plans were made and he’d never hear the end of it if audibles were called.  Let’s roll.

Being only one divisor removed from prime, 49 isn’t the easiest to work with when devising a beat-down.  Rounds of 49 reps?  Been done before.  4900 yards of running?  Not enough of a challenge?  Simple 7’s?  Too short.  How about 7 trips up Malbec Mountain on to the gymnastics lot with 7 burpees at the bottom, 7 burpees at the top and 7 Stone Mountains sandwiched in the middle for good measure?  As we stopped at the hill and YHC floated the concept with the PAX, mumble-chatter was in abundance.  Now THAT’S a plan.

With YHC’s restrictor-plate doing the job that was intended, YHC wisely took a pace that he knew he could finish (eventually) by nipping at Bronco’s heels most of the way.  By round 7, it became abundantly clear that I-Beam didn’t pre-cool the vest as YHC was seriously overheated.  You know a good beat-down when the finishing PAX immediately hit LBC’s for Mary.  YHC wasn’t about to let them get off that easy – lunges for the 6 while waiting for remaining PAX to finish to finish their 7’s.

With 12 minutes remaining on the clock, it was time to mosey for a bit in an attempt to cool down the engine while sneaking in 4900 yds for the day.  YHC led the PAX on a vest-free mosey up the hill by the recreation center, around the pond, and back to the gymnastics center where we’d get in a few more burpees for the 6.  Our official score-keeper (Crab Legs) stated that we racked 126 burpees for the day.

Quick stop on our return mosey to grab some coupons for alternating sevens consisting of Romanian Deadlifts and Overhead Press.  One final round of IC Overhead Press before heading back to the flag (more than a few PAX thought YHC was going for 49).   No time for Mary today.


  • Hearty welcome to  our new FNG, Ray (Bieber).  Originating from Canada, Grease Monkey and YHC desperately wanted to name him Geddy, Alex, or Neil but saner heads prevailed.
  • Cornhole & Bayside to co-Q on Friday.  Be there!

AFLAC out.





    When: 06/20/2018

    Where: The Hooch

    The Pax: Jimbo, Sneakers, Sunshine

    QIC: Sneakers

Most of our Pax were MIA for our mid-week beatdown today.  Whether or not it was due to YHC posting a twitter message that gloves would be useful, well, you can just use your imagination and come to your own conclusion.

Nevertheless… we had 3 Pax in town and brave enough to come out for a CinderFella beatdown.

The Thang:

Warm up lap, SSH, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers IC.

Mosey to the pool house where the church facilities staff kindly store extra cinder blocks.  They are seemingly stored for the sole use of F3 beatdowns.  How wonderful!  There was a stop at a spot roughly halfway between the flag and the cinder blocks where LBC’s done in cadence for the enjoyment of all.

Once cinder blocks were in hand, the Pax Zamperini’d the blocks down the hill behind the pool house.  Proceed with sets of 20 of kettlebell swing (or cinderblock swing in this case), squat, and push press with a lap up the parking lot hill and back in between each set.

With a keen eye on the time, YHC had the Pax Zamperini back up the hill to do sets of Burried Face Merkins, Bent Over Rows, and Skull Crushers with cinder blocks.

After safely storing our blocks we mosey back to the flag for about 2 minutes of Mary.


  • Praise for God building us into better men daily
  • Prayers for wisdom in dealing with kids interaction with porn

And the Q Goes Down

    When: 06/19/2018

    Where: The Paragon

    The Pax: legionnaire, the butcher, the mole, spanx, FNG Beano (Chad Decker), FNG Aubie (John Rogers), goodhands, fleetwood, quagmire, hasbro, westside

    QIC: dosido

Well what can I say, YHC clearly stated in the disclaimer to not get hurt; actually the exact words were, “whatever you do, don’t get hurt today, modify as needed”.
There’s an old saying not to give advice you’re not willing to take yourself, so there’s gotta be a lesson in that somewhere I’m sure of it…more on that later.
What a beautiful morning we had to work up a decent sweat – and sweat we did. Here’s what went down at The Paragon today.


Mosey to an often overlooked section of the building’s surroundings where we had a nice echo going. Circle up for copper head merkins IC x10, SSH IC x15.
Mosey further around the back of the school and circle up for copperhead diamond merkins IC x10, mtn climbers IC x15
Mosey again all the way around to the front where we started and circle up for copperhead wide merkins IC x10, and something else i cant remember.

the thangy:

Having achieved a nice warmish feeling, we moseyed around the side of the school to another often overlooked section; an area I’ll refer to as the grassy knoll from here on out, because, well, it’s grassy.
Here we gathered in an air-chair circle to discuss the next event:
5 corners, one was hiding in the middle of the field, for an escalator; one of YHCs favorites.
burpees, merkins, squat jumps, dollies, LBCs. Total was 50 burpees, 80 merkins, 90 squat jumps, 80 dollies, and 50 LBCs.
Thanks to the gazelles who led MARY till the six finished up

Mosey to grab the speaker and the phone at the flag then head down to the rock pile to grab a nice workout “buddy”
For 10 minutes time, perform 1 goblet squat with your buddy and 1 burpee (no buddy). Then do 2 & 2, then 3 & 3, and so on…
PAX were encouraged to achieve 12 & 12 to at least have a goal to strive for

3,2,1 the “exercise!” command is given, and on YHCs FIRST squat my back gave out completely and it hasn’t let up an inch in over 13hrs now.
Thank you everyone for all the concerns & prayers, and thank you Hasbro and Legionnaire for getting me and my car back to the house and up the stairs.

It made for interesting COT around a Subaru though, i bet that hasn’t been done before
Welcome FNGs Beano and Aubie
The mole closed us out with an appreciated prayer


The Gladiator Launch @ ERP

    When: 06/19/2018

    Where: The Gladiator

    The Pax: Sunshine, Kyle Koonz (FNG-Viking), Will Holbrook (FNG-Peg Leg), Daren Koff (FNG-Kegger), Andrew Fambrough (FNG-Yogi), DC2, John Altier (FNG-Wolverine), Jeff McMichael (FNG-Postal), Crab Legs, Seth Deichman (FNG-Socks), Thumper, Shawn Stanish (FNG-Motown), Cookie, Flo, Roger Hargreaves (FNG-Puddle Jumper), Squeegee, Bronco, Scar, Haha, Moonshine, Zima, Greece Monkey, AFLAC, Tee Pee, Mad Dog, Jackalope, Double D, Beauty, Virginia Slim, Spanex

    QIC: Spandex

The Launch of The Gladiator FINALLY arrived!   It has seemed like forever since Scar and I began the planning, promotion, shovel flag construction, logo design, and all the other odds and ends that needed to get checked off the list.

Thank you Scar for working with me on this launch!  You were a big help!

Thank you to all that came out to support the launch!!!  Your presence and support really meant a lot and you helped create a great experience for the  9 FNGs.  They will be back!!!

A PAX of 30 with 9 FNGs!

YHC had no idea how many would arrive for this inaugural beatdown.  I was a bit nervous when the cars kept pulling in.  But overall, 30 was a fairly manageable number.

At 5:29 I read through the disclaimer and was pretty thorough as we had 9 FNGs that may or may not be physically ready for a beatdown.

Time to mosey…

Warm O Rama:

After a short mosey towards the park entrance, we circled up for a warm-up.

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Windmills
  • 15 Hillbillies

The Thang:

The PAX then had a short mosey up the hill to the park entrance parking lot for some 4 corners.

4 Corners:

PAX will run to corner 1 and perform 20 squats then run to corner 2 and perform 20 mekins, corner 3 perform 20 mountain climbers with a 4 count, and then finally back to where we started and perform 20 big boy sit-ups.

Mary for the 6

Rinse and Repeat

Short Mosey to the Planters at the Baseball Fields

Planter Exercises:

  • 20 Step ups with 4 count
  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Burpees

Rinse & Repeat

Mosey down the sidewalk between baseball fields to the main parking lot and head to soccer field 2.

Partner Suicide Relay:

  • Partner relay: 300 Squats, 200 Merkans, 100 LBCs
  • One partner runs one segment of a suicide while the other performs the prescribed exercises
  • When partner returns, you switch so the other partner performs the prescribed exercises and the other completes a suicide segment.
  • Keep switching until you’ve completed all Squats, Merkans, and LBCs.
  • Bear crawl out to the penalty box and when returning, crab walk back to baseline

Mary for the 6

Mosey back to the flag for Mary

Nantan Gladiator!
We’re all glad he wore underwear!


Time to name the FNGs!!!

  1. Kyle Koonz (FNG-Viking) I’m not sure the spelling of his name
  2. Will Holbrook (FNG-Peg Leg)
  3. Daren Koff (FNG-Kegger)
  4. Andrew Fambrough (FNG-Yogi)
  5. John Altier (FNG-Wolverine)
  6. Jeff McMichael (FNG-Postal)
  7. Seth Deichman (FNG-Socks)
  8. Shawn Stanish (FNG-Motown)
  9. Roger Hargreaves (FNG-Puddle Jumper)

The PAX chimed in with general questions about what F3 is.  The more seasoned “members” answered questions and made most of the FNGs comfortable.  I’m confident that most, if not all, FNGs will return.

Thank you again very much for your support with this launch and creating some excitement among the PAX!!!

A little “Around the World” summer vacation!

    When: 06/19/2018

    Where: The Firehouse

    The Pax: Dash, Skynyrd, Beans, Fudd

    QIC: Dash

YHC knew we would be a little short on particants today with all the PAX out on vacation. Not one to let the guys endure the envy of someone else’s pleasures, I immediately put together a summer trip they would not soon forget!

Time to mosey!

a short trip to the center of what would soon be considered “the world”

Warm O Rama

15 each IC


Copper Head Squats


Weed Pickers

Mosey back to the truck to retrieve a girlfriend for our mini summer vacation!


The Thang

with the GFs on our shoulders(rucking) we made our way to the lower parking lot (AKA: The World) we stopped at each bioretention extension for a variety of exercises.

First lap around the world we did the following exercises, alternating between legs and upper body with sets of 10.



Clean and Jerk


the second lap we did the following exercises in sets of 10.

Bent Upright Rows


Kettle Swings

Calf Raises

Back to the truck to deposit the GFs for a quick Mary, man did I feel like I was walking on air!


Mary-each PAX got to choose

Freddie Mercury (Dash)

LBC (Skynyrd)

Swimmers (Beans)

Box Cutters (Fudd)

Big Boy Sit-ups to run the time out!





-Upcoming event at Cheekys

Prayers requsts

-prayers for travelling PAX this summer

-prayers for summer football practices, that the players would not overheat



    When: 06/19/2018

    Where: The Rubicon

    The Pax: Lumberg, Special K, Kruger, Devito, Pit Stop, Waffles, Amoeba, Water Boy, Nacho Libre, Pellets, Zohan, and Lowe's

    QIC: Nacho Libre

YHC was so excited about the Launch of the Gladiator this morning he set his alarm early and was ready to head out of door at 5:05 to make his way down to ERP.  As I was getting ready I remembered a few weeks ago that I stole Devito’s Q and thought let me double check the Rubicon Q sheet to make sure I’m not Q’ing today.  Well as it turns out it was a good thing to check because I was on Q.  So heading over to the Rubicon I had plenty of time to come up with a beatdown.

As I get out of the car I noticed Carolina Panther Tag and I knew he must not be from around here in Falcons Country.  Luckily Cookie wasn’t there as we know he’s not a big fan of the Panthers.  The Pax welcomed Amoeba from Lake Norman and we we were off.

Warmup – Mosey towards the Children of the Corn.  The pax stopped twice waiting for the 6.  First stop Merkins for the 6, next stop Squats for the 6.  As we arrived at the children of the corn lunges for 6.  Circle up and 12 SSH’s, 12 Imperial Walkers.

The Thang – Mosey to the back side to the Rec Center as the Pax people’s chair for the 6.   Once the 6 was in 1.5 laps around the track for  an indian run.

After the Indian run a quick mosey to the little known play ground on the backside of two of the baseball fields.   As we got here partnered up for a DORA.  100 Swerkins, 200 Lunges, and 300 Flutter kicks.  Off partner runs to the 2nd foul pole.

Closing out we mosey back to the upper parking lot for a 1 to 5 Burpee/Merkin at each divider.  Think suicides but don’t go back to the start.  So 1 Burpee/5 Merkins at the first divider, 2 Burpees/10 Merkins at the second divider… and so on.  The pax made it to the 5th divider and ran out of time.  Expect Devito he was on his way to number 6.

COT: Welcome Pit Stops 2.0 Waffles! YHC was a little worried that we were going to leave him behind.  Then during the DORA he passed me and I knew he was going to be okay.  Praise for the launch at ERP!  30 Pax!  Praise for Stay Puff and his Baptism.  My M is in El Salvador prayers for her safety.  Prayers for Lowes and his neck injury.  Which didn’t keep him form posting this morning!

A case of the Mondays. Theme-Sharing is caring.

    When: 06/18/2018

    Where: The Hooch

    The Pax: Sunshine, Jimbo, Vic, Saint20, Piggy, Sneakers, Moonshine

    QIC: Flo


Sorry…report is a day late.

8 PAX decided to take the #drp and come out to the hooch for some hooch fun.  YHC was honored to lead this motley crew on a dash around the Johns Creek area.

Here’s what went down:

Mosey lap with high knees and buttkickers thrown in for “fun”.  Circled up, disclaimed, and warmed up with some SSHs and leg swings.

Long mosey over to the path that goes down Old Alabama.  Indian run.  Once the Indian gets to the front of the tribe he calls an exercise of his choosing.  Everyone got a chance to shine.

Then…we moseyed over to the Chapel hill for some Super 24s.

We started with 24 reps of Merkins, Squats and LBCs.  Collected the six and ran to the top of the hill for 21 Merkins, Squats, and LBCs.  We went back and forth decreasing our rep count by three all the way down.

Mosey back to the flag…taking breaks with lunge walks, side lunge walks, and other side lunge walks.

Finished with round robin of Mary.   Again, everyone got a turn.  Cockroaches died, gas got pumped, LBC got reversed, tomahawks got chopped…etc.

COT: Prayed for traveling PAX, for work situations, and some family stuff too.

Moleskin: Pick up soccer in Flo’s n’hood Wed night at 7pm.  Basically at the B0.0.shwood location.





Duped by @Chelsea // Deck of Death

    When: 06/18/2018

    Where: The Wreck

    The Pax: Aflac, Bear, Chelsea, Goat, Crablegs, Jackalope, Bayside, Cornhole, Virginia Slim, Switch, Zima, Booter, Circus, Ariel, Hattrick, Doogie.

    QIC: Thumper

Prelude – (for your enjoyment)

Last night Virginia Slim set his alarm and thought to himself “self, there is another strong PAX leading tomorrow. None of those scrawny but spry guys that think they run the place (pun intended). Chelsea is man’s man.”

5am rolled around and that great Celine Dion single rang through his alarm as usual. He just knew his day was off to a great start. He hopped into some other magnolia walker’s car (apparently they are only allowed to leave the neighborhood with chaperones) and headed to The Wreck.

He mentally noted Chelsea’s prompt arrival and all was well in the world. Chelsea mentioned something about a Thumper Q, but Slim assumed it was a reference to a future beatdown (one which he would cleverly avoid). He heard some other murmuring about Thumper and panic began to set in. Could it be? Did Slim really just get duped into posting to a Thumper Q?!

Just then, off in the distance, Slim spotted a flashing bicycle light. He knew there was only one Pax that rode in that much style. Slim wondered if he could feign injury or just slip away, but it was useless, run he must.

The Thang

16 pax showed unknowingly for a Thumper Q.
Started with a one mile warm up mosey the longish way to the field.
Deck of Death was the dish du jour. Hearts were burpees, spades were jump squats, clubs were big boy sit-ups, and diamonds were merkins. In the unfortunate event of a joker – we did five burpees, ran once around the field, and did another set of burpees. We ended three cards short of completing the whole deck (Q of diamonds, 2 of spades, and 8 of hearts). Grand totals for today were 117 burpees, 93 Merkins, 103 squat jumps, and 105 big boy sit-ups.

Mosey back to the flag for a bit of round robin Mary.

Announcement: Gladiator kick-off at East Roswell Park tomorrow at 0530.

Prayer for Goat’s rib and Chelsea’s home disasters
-Chelsea, I mean @Thumper