A visit to the Northern Secessionist

    When: 02/20/2018

    Where: FireHouse

    The Pax: Reuben, Dash, Skynyrd, Houser, Buckeye, Chitwood, Beans, Lego, knob, Clyde

    QIC: Clyde

The gloom lived up to its name this morning.  YHC stepped out the door to a foggy but welcome 57 degrees.  Little did I know the new Firehouse AO is lit up like the Las Vegas strip, fog will never be a problem here.

Only a moment for quick reconnect with the ole Big Creek gang, and introduction to a few Kodiak visitor who have heard great tales of this park in the north, and had to come see for themselves before we head off to the gloom.  

The Thang:

A short Warm-up lap around the parking lot while last of PAX arrived.  Then circle up next to the playground for warm-ups

SSH X 15
Alabama Ass Kickers X 20
Annies X 10

Mosey to the first soccer field I could find for a full field Train Trax down and Tunnel of Love back.  I didn’t realize a soccer field is longer than a football field…. Huh, lesson learned.

Next mosey to a new soccer field at far end of the AO for B.O.M.B.S

Partner up.  Partner 1 runs length of goalie box.  Had to lean on Buckeye for the assist with the name, another soccer lesson learned.

Partner 2:
Burpees X 50
Overhead Clap X 100
Merkins X 150
Big Boy Sit-ups X 200

Running short on time we mosey back to the flag, but YHC had one more stop on the way.  Circle up for 2 Rounds of Howling Monkeys.  I think it was a crowd pleaser until everyone tried to finish the Mosey back to flag for COT.

Great spot for an AO in a location that is ready to explode.Everyone is eager to EH more Sad Clowns into this cult….group we fall F3

Mention of 2nd F opportunity at Avalon Thursday night for all AO’s and the launch of new SAT AO at Central Park in Cumming on 3/17

Continued Prayers for Truett 3 year old just having brain surgery and is on the mend

Thanks to the Big Creek Secession crew for letting me cross the lines and Q for the day.

One Ring to Smoke Them All

    When: 02/20/2018

    Where: Big Creek

    The Pax: Whiz, Olaf, Snake, The Body

    QIC: Whiz

4 PAX vacated the fart sack to enjoy some spring-like weather at the Big Creek.  YHC was going for some kind of Olympic ring inspired beat down that wound up feeling more like a carousel of pain on all fours.



Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

Circle up at the playground sundial for some Rings of Fire

Round 1 – Mucho Chesto

10 merkins

10 wide merkins

10 diamond merkins

10 right stagger merkins

10 left stagger merkins

PAX plank while waiting, bear crawl in between sets

Round 2 – Various Mary

20 – LBC

20 – reverse LBC

20 – flutter kicks (both legs count as one)

20 – american hammers (both sides count as one)

20 – rosalitas

20 – crunchy frogs

PAX plank while waiting, inchworm in between sets

Round 3 – Mucho Chesto Repeato

same as round 1 but backward plank and crab walk in between sets.

Indian Run back to the flag for some MoM:

Freddie Mercury



Box Cutters


Regional 2nd F reminder at Avalon on Thursday night.  Also, prayers for Clyde’s friend’s 4 yo son who just had brain surgery for seizures.

Kodiak’s can C.L.I.M.B

    When: 02/19/2018

    Where: The Kodiak

    The Pax: Legionairre, Babyface, Swisher, Buckeye, Dory, Harp, Woody, Homeboy, C4, The Mole, Banjo

    QIC: Westside

12 PAX showed up on this rainy Monday morning. We kicked things off with a Mosey over to the carpool lane. I had one goal in mind: stay out of the rain


SSH x10
Windmills x10
Cotton Pickers x10

THE THANG: Kodiak’s can C.L.I.M.B

Under cover of the school the goal was to perform 5 iterations of C.L.I.M.B increasing by the count by multiples of the iteration each time. After each iteration the PAX would all line up and run a lap around the carpool lane.

The exercises of C.L.I.M.B are as follows:

C – Crab Cakes

L – Lunges

I – Imperial Walkers

M – Merkins

B – Burpees

Round 1, the count was 1,2,3,4,5 reps and then we took a lap. Round 2, the count was 2,4,6,8,10 and then we took a lap. After 5 iterations we took one final lap and then did a quick 10 – count.

As if we didn’t have enough cardio already we all lined up for another lap around the carpool lane Indian Run style. After one lap we Indian Ran back to the flag for 2 rounds of Ring of Fire.

Although our shoulders were probably aching from all the Burpees and Merkins we successfully never touched the ground and remained sufficiently dry. Mission accomplished.


Shout out to the PAX about Ricky Bobby’s VQ tomorrow at the Paragon. Babyface mentioned an event this Saturday at Buffington Elementary for Georgia Premier Wrestling. Some of the PAX went to the last event and had a blast. 2.0’s are welcome.

2nd F event at the Avalon is happening this Thursday, 2/22. Location is The Beer Garden at 6:30pm.

Also, our 2nd F event at Reformation Brewery is scheduled for Saturday 3/3

HIMs Accelerate!

“F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. We plant, grow and serve these groups to invigorate male community leadership.” A HIM is a High IMPACT Man. He is a man who impacts his community for the better. Therefore, the mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve male workouts for the purpose of creating HIMs. A HIM has a impact on his community because he leads. To be a leader a HIM must be an accelerating man. Acceleration is a marginal increase in the pace of movement. While deceleration is the opposite of acceleration, leveling off just as effectively stops acceleration. How are we supposed to impact the men in our community if we accept leveling off? How are sadclowns in North Fulton, Forsyth, and Cherokee going to become HIMs if we accept anything but acceleration?

A problematic workout is one that routinely has Pax over 18. Its a problem because it interferes with the the First F and the second F. Its hard to lead a workout with that many men, but its even harder to create true fellowship when the numbers get to large. F3 does not know why it is 18, it is just a fact. A problematic workout means you search for growth by division. The Q identifies a HIM and passes the baton to start another Beatdown and AO. We should never wait for it to level off. How do you invigorate leadership in the community if a problematic workout’s solution is to wait for a leveling off? You might as well turn it to a closed group. If that was the solution to the problem, Dredd and OBT would have stayed at the campos and F3 would not be. So, when a workout becomes problematic acceleration is all the more vital.

We are all one Pax and impact each other every day. The great thing about impact is it works like compound interest. YHC has joked about the Firehouse being a secret AO, but without it I know of at least one FNG who only knows F3 because of it. I worked on him for a little while, but he lived to far from Big Creek. Turns out The Firehouse was right by his house and he goes to church with Reuben. Thanks to Reuben and Dash accelerating, one more man has discovered F3. Dash and Reuben can thank Swiper and Darth Visor for accelerating to Big Creek. Many more FNGs at the Paragon have also now discovered F3 thanks to acceleration from Homeboy and Homeboy can thank Babyface for accelerating to the Kodiak. And we can all thank the faithful HIMs who accelerated and brought F3 to North Atlanta almost 3 years ago. You know who you are. You many not know each Pax but your acceleration, accelerated all of us. The Pax is connected because HIMs step up and Impact other men who then Impact other men. That’s compound acceleration.

Therefore, we should Always Be Accelerating. To do that, we need to train to be come Qs. While the Q is responsible for making sure the Pax get a good beatdown, the Q’s primary job is to encourage Pax Acceleration. That includes not only encouraging men to step up and Q but also identifying men to step up and accelerate by expanding new AOs. That is how Dredd and OBT launched the second F3 AO. They called on a Pax they knew was a HIM and an Accelerating Man. If they had not done that, F3 would be just another campos.

A Q sheet makes it hard to do that. A Q sheet does not call a man and ask him to lead. A Q sheet is passive. That is no way to invest in the Pax and create HIMs. Lets continue to invest in the Pax by investing in Quarterly Qs. YHC was given Quarterly Q responsibilities 3rd Quarter of 2016 at the Rubicon. I say given because Crack looked me in the eyes and asked “Law Dog you can take the Q on Thursdays right?.” I was posting regularly but not dependably. I drove 25 minutes to the Rubicon and if I did not wake up by 5am I fartsacked. That changed with Quarterly Q responsibilities. Now I had to take accountability for planning a beatdown every Thursday or make sure a Pax stepped up to help. There is something much more personable to reaching out to a specific Pax and asking to Q. Everyone finally says yes. It also encourages Acceleration because leading a workout requires the Q to push himself harder to ensure the gazelles get a good workout but still keeping the Pax together. Qing every couple of months by signing a Q sheet will never provide the on the job training to develop the leadership skills required to lead a beatdown. That comes from Qing consistently.   If a man does not have the leadership skills to lead a series of beatdowns, he won’t have the skills to launch a new AO.

YHC writes this not because every AO and every beatdown need to operate the same way. That is why F3 is a Starfish not a spider. Q sheets do serve some good and may be working at different AOs. Maybe Monthly Qs work better than Quarterly. Regarldess the system, training men to be Qs is the most important guiding factor. F3 operates by having the Pax Q on a rotating basis because it teaches leadership. As long as men are being trained to lead and become HIMs, F3 will grow. I only point this out because I just know that the most explosive growth for the North Atlanta region has seen came after we switched to Quarterly Qs. During that time HIMs stepped up and started planting shovel flags from the mighty Hooch to the base of the Appalachian Mountains. A Pax can now get to multiple beatdowns Monday – Saturday in no more than about 25 minutes from home. YHC’s believes that happened because HIMs were training other men to become HIMs. Let’s keep that growth going. 2018 should be the year F3 North Atlanta shrinks that time to 15 minutes because our region is to dense a population not to have AOs at every park. But this is only going to happen if we Accelerate, Individually and as the Pax of North Atlanta by turning more and more sadclowns into HIMs. It is only going to happen if we accelerate problematic workouts by identifying new Pax to lead and become HIMs.  It will not happen with we settle for good enough. It will not happen if we get complacent and stick to the same old thing.

If any of this does not make sense, read Freed to Lead by Dredd and OBT and the QSource Blog. They explain things much more clearly than YHC ever could.

I leave you with one more thought. Where would you be if a HIM had not accelerated you through F3? Who can you accelerate by giving back to F3?

SYITG because its the best time of the day to begin accelerating.

I Got No Legs

    When: 02/17/2018

    Where: The Widowmaker

    The Pax: Boomer, Haha, Zima, Saban, Special K, Miller Time, Devito, Sneakers, FNG Big Blue

    QIC: Cookie

YHC worked an EH and got an HC from an FNG at the F3 WDM (see what I did there).  Total of 10 PAX hit the Saturday gloom, here is what went down.

-hit the trail, single file mosey doing arm circles, buttkickers, air press and high knees
-stop at the big hill and head down OYO
-circle up at the bottom for SSH, mountain climbers & Imperial Walkers

-mosey to King Field, partner up for modified Dora
-100 merkins (each), 200 LBCs (each) and 300 squats (each)
-for the sake of time, YHC pulled an audible and allowed partners to team up for the squat counts
-head back to the base of the big ass hill
-backwards run to the half way point, drop down and give 25 big boy situps
-run the rest of the way forward and plank for the six
-mosey over to the long parking lot for Lt Dan
-1 squat to 4 lunge ratio, all the way to 10/40
-lots of mumble chatter from the PAX about not feeling their legs (I wonder why this exercise was named Lt Dan???)
-mosey around to the wall at the concession building
-balls to the wall competition style.  TCLAPS for Miller Time for winning as usual
-mosey to the soccer field, circle up in the middle for Lt Dan’s cousin, Jack Webb
-1 merkin to 4 air press ratio, all the way to 10/40
-head back toward the flag, circle up again for 5 MOM, ring around the rosey style

-welcome FNG Big Blue (Jonathan).  Big Ohio State fan and works for Sherwin Williams corporate
-prayers for those recovering from illness or injury
-2nd F event next Thurs night at Avalon’s Beer Garden
-mention of a few CSAUP events upcoming, get with Haha for details

Fat Tuesday on Saturday

    When: 02/17/2018

    Where: The Hurt Locker

    The Pax: Babyface, Cricket, Homeboy, Legionnaire, Manning, Misty, Westside, Dory, Hombre, C4, Smurffette, FNG (Voodoo), Whammo, Floppy, Frenchie, Bloodhound

    QIC: Bloodhound

Winter is trying to hold out for a few more weeks but it looks like she is starting to waiver as I noticed more pax opting for shorts and t-shirts and leaving their winter coats at home. Today it was around 56 with impending rain but that did not stop us and never would. We had six join in for the morning Ruck as we raced around the Locker trying to avoid The Mole on his morning run. I would like to apologize to my fellow Rucker’s, apparently, I need to step up the Pre-Beat down Ruck because everyone has this newfound need to run at the end of our workout. I will take the hint people, I will step up my game and make sure you are all adequately challenged during the Ruck moving forward, this one is on me.

I would like to give a shout out to Smurfette from The Paragon who joined us this morning.

So On With the Show…

The Thang

Started off with a little mosey to the Football field with Sand babies in tow.

Warm Up:


Cherry pickers


Triple Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (At Legionnaires request)

First round-

  • Starting at the goal line do a proper low crawl pushing your sand bag in front of you to the 25-yard line, perform 25 Merkins, Run backwards to the goal line, and wait for the six.
  • Run to the 25-yard line then low crawl pushing you sand bag to the 50, perform 50 Mt. Climbers. Run backwards to the goal line and wait for the six.
  • Run to the 50-yard line then low crawl pushing you sand bag to the 75 then 75 Plank Jacks. Run backwards to the goal line and wait for the six.
  • Run to the 75-yard line then low crawl pushing you sand bag to the Goal line then 100 SSH. Run backwards to the goal line with your Sand Baby and wait for the six.


Second round-

  • Replacing the Low Crawl with a backwards Bear Crawl with sand babies in tow of course.


Third round-

  • The final round was a traditional Quarter Pounder with sprints and no cheese. Thanks you Legionnaire.


Bring Sally Up

Did a quick set of these while passing the sand baby’s around in the circle.

Circle of Pain

Each pax selects an exercise to do with the sand baby for 10 repetitions.


    • We want to welcome FNG “Voodoo” to Cherokee, Welcome.
    • We also want to keep our friends and families in out thoughts, especially the families in Florida who have had to endure recent tragic events.
  • Guns and Hoses 5K is next Saturday
  • Spartan Sprint in Ft. Benning 4/14/18
  • Spartan Super in Ashville 8/4/18
  • 2nd Annual Camel Hump 9/1/18



8 PAX in 2 Groups Run the Mean Streets of Alpharetta

    When: 02/16/2018

    Where: Hoppy Like

    The Pax: Devito, Transporter, Scar, Zima, Def Con 2, TO, Toughskins, Ha-ha

    QIC: Ha-ha

It was hopping at the Hoppy Like this morning.  With spring race season coming there are many folks (non-F3) out running at 0530 preparing for race season. For F3 it is just another DRP as we work to make ourselves better.

We had two out of town visitors this morning: Toughskins and Transporter.  Welcome!

The Route

After some initial discussions and breaking into two groups and an outline of routes to run, we left downtown on Academy St. Both groups took a left on Westside Pkwy.  The Clydesdales took the next left on Cumming street to return to N. Main St. while the Gazelles (with YHC in tow) took a left on Windward Pkwy to N Main St. We all ended up back at 35 Milton Ave. about the same time with the Gazelles putting in 5.3 miles in 45 minutes and the Clydesdales putting in around 4 miles.


Great to have 2 visitors in for the run this morning and great to see TO back after being on IR.  Def Con 2 is looking close to being back in top form and Zima and Scar have become regulars at the Hoppy Like. Devito is still blasting the hills while YHC is still nursing his legs back into full running shape after the 50K.  I guess I would heal faster if I slowed down but it’s not in my vocabulary.

Hope to see more out next week.  We really can accommodate multiple paces better with more folks out for the run.

AMRAP Confusion

    When: 02/15/2018

    Where: The Paragon

    The Pax: manning, fleetwood, chitwood, cuban, thrasher, wigham, papa john, hasbro, titlemax, pulte, woody, hooch, garfield, legionnaire, wham-o, cricket, good hands, swisher, ricky bobby, satellite, smurfette, spaceballs, kiffin, bushwood, wreck-it-ralph, dory, FNG Romo (Mark Gannon)

    QIC: dosido

YHC didn’t show it, but he was less than thrilled with how Tuesday’s BD unfolded – it may have been a little easier than expected because we didn’t have time to pull out the crown jewel of the morning plan. This was due to a miscalculation on how long it takes a legion of PAX to complete tasks compared to the more humble numbers of a rabble as I’m more accustomed to leading. Oh well, it was sweat-inducing anyhow, and a good eye-opener to tweak things for this morning. In an effort to work with more manageable numbers, we split up into five groups for the majority of the BD. Here’s how it went down:



Mosey 1 lap then circle up for the following:

Merkins IC

Weed Pickers IC

Hillbillys IC, followed by Mosey another 1 lap


The Thang:

PAX counted off by 5’s to create groups for a little AMRAP. Stations are as follows: 10 Burpees, AMRAP Pullups, AMRAP Squats w/coupons, AMRAP Merkins, and AMRAP Bigboy Situps. Now, the idea was to actually explain the format before letting everyone run off to their stations, but to my detriment, I don’t think that really happened. What was supposed to happen here is the burpees were going to control the pace; 10 of them to be precise. Then, after performing 10 burpees, the burpee group were to head to the pullups, they would head to the squats, those guys head to merkins, the merkins head to bigboys, and the bigboys headed over to do 10 burpees, and so on. Even the stations themselves were strategically placed in a clockwise pattern so as to reduce and/or eliminate any confusion, just go around the circle in order…

So, a coon’s age goes by while we’re killing ourselves on the pullup bar and no one has come to relieve us from the burpee station…YHC needed to investigate; some 30 burpees into a super-set, the burpee group was reminded only 10 were required to keep this thing alive, so let’s move it! It all panned out nicely in the end, and all PAX worked hard at each of the stations for two rotations through each.

Next, we gathered for an all-you-got 10 burpees, followed by a fast lap, then up to the flag for:

5 MOM:

Flutter kicks IC

Box Cutters IC

LBC’s IC (smurfette)

BBSU IC? (Ricky bobby)

Time’s up – recover!

Name-o-rama for our FNG (Mark Gannon) who’s a redskins fan. So naturally, he’s now known as Romo. Prayers for FL victims and families. This AO continues to be blessed – The Paragon is making an impact.



Secret AO’s not So Secret Anymore

    When: 02/15/2018

    Where: Firehouse

    The Pax: Lego, Skynyrd, Beans, Dash, Sherlock (FNG), Law Dog

    QIC: Law Dog

YHC had the Q at the Rubicon when the Summer Olympics where in Brazil.  Now I have the Q at the Firehouse.  The Olympics can be some of the most inspiring athletic events and stories of all time. Yes, even the winter Olympics. Remember Miracle on Ice (ok so I don’t because I was not alive but I saw the Kurt Russell movie).  So YHC was inspired to for an Olympic style beatdown (winter edition). Disclaimer to the FNG (YHC brought an FNG, that’s just how I roll).

Warm – Up

Run to Stonehenge for Side Stradle hops, IW and cotton pickers.

The Thang

Probably the best winter Olympic sport is short track speed skating. It is the only sport where Athletes directly race each other in such dramatic style.   Firehouse has Stonehenge. A circle drive at the front of the park. So here comes Firehouse short track burpees.  Run a lap – do one burpee. Run a second lap – 2 burpes. We continued until 5 laps and 5 burpees were finished.

Mosey back into the parking lot and plank for the six.

YHC asked Dash to lead us to a soccer field, but inspiration spoke to me on the way. There is a wonderful incline in the middle of the front parking lot, perfect for 11s.  Merkins at the top with Ice Skaters at the bottom (single leg squat jumps side to side). Right to left back to right was 1.

Another winter sport is cross country skiing. They have impressive endurance and leg strength.  So on to Lt. Dans. But instead of a squat, we did 180 squats in honor of ‘Merica’s 2 Gold medals in snow board half pipe. Made it to 8 and 32 by the time we reached the end of the parking lot.

Legs are shot so on to the pavilion for dips and derkins 3 rounds of 10 reps each.

Back to the flag for Captain Thor. After all American’s probably learned most winter sports from the people of Norway and Sweden who most definitely learned it from the god of Thunder.   9/36 is when time was up.

Name – O – Rama: Welcome Sherlock


Prayers for all Pax who could not post today.

Continued prayers for the victims of the school shooting if Florida.


  • It has been a couple weeks now and this place is ready to explode. Forsyth knows how to build a park.   Sadclowns have no excuse that Fowler Park is just too far away.
  • Welcome Sherlock (FNG). I tried to get him to post at Big Creek, but living in North Forsyth, it was a long drive.  Apparently his new house is right down the road from the Firehouse, so he was ready to take the DRP and get better. He’s an investigator in case you were wondering.
  • YHC lead the Q at the Rubicon in 2016 during the last summer Olympics. It amazes me at how much F3 Alpha has grown since then.  If I remember, we had the Hooch, Big Creek, Hoppy Like, Rubicon and WidowMaker.  We probably have more guys posting in one day now than all week back then.  That just goes to show the need for F3.  Numbers are solid and you can Find several AOs everyday of the week. This is the time to avoid complacency. As soon as we let our guard down and don’t look for new FNGs and ways to grow all 3 Fs, F3 will start to decline.  Its going to change our community for the better but only if we continue to shield lock.



Fan Appreciation Day

    When: 02/15/2018

    Where: Big Creek

    The Pax: Swiper, Body, Olaf, Wiz, Clyde

    QIC: Clyde

 It was like Christmas morning at the Clyde house last night when I arrived home to find an F3 box waiting by my door.  With a surprise the whole PAX could enjoy inside.

Only the 5 fartsack escapees will know what this surprise was….****UPDATE***  Cat is out of the bag, It was a Koozie and not all 30 where handed out…

The Thang:

Mosey down the road for warm-ups:

15 – SSH
10 – Abe Vigoda
20 – Alabama Ass  Kickers

To the top of Kilimanjaro for quick 2 rounds of howling monkeys.

Mosey to the far reaches of the Gloom for a modified Escalator. Hold with air chair for 6 at each stop.  Then Indian run to next pavilion with benches.

Stop 1  Tennis Pavilion:

5 – Burpees

Stop 2 By trail close to Tennis:

5- Burpees
10 – Derkins

Stop 3 Soccer Pavilion :

5 – Burpees
10 – Derkins
15 – Jump ups

Stop 4 Big pavilion:

5 – Burpees
10 – Derkins
15 – Jump ups
20 – Step-ups

Stop 5 Around the corner Pav:

5 – Burpees
10 – Derkins
15 – Jump-ups
20 – Step-ups
25 – Dips

Stop 6  F3 pavilion :

5 – Burpees
10 – Derkins
15 – Jump-ups
20 – Step-ups
25 – Dips
30 – LBC’s

Stop 7 Opposite side of field pav:

5 – Burpees
10 – Derkins
15 – Jump-ups
20 – Step-ups
25 – Dips
30 – LBC’s
35 – Squats


Prayers for a good friends little boy Truett.  Having major surgery this morning.

–   2nd F this Friday at noon Salsarita’s, and next Thurs. At Avalon beer garden for all F3Alpha PAX.

–      Continue to get word out about new Sat. AO at central park in Cumming on 3/17.