The Punisher Returns to the Rubicon

    When: 04/12/2018

    Where: The Rubicon

    The Pax: Scar, Devito, Zima, Def Con 2, Do-si-do, Pit Stop, Mufasa, Legos, Nacho Libre, Spandex, Cookie, Ha-ha

    QIC: Ha-ha

Thursday morning started early like every F3 morning with me checking Twitter from the throne room. Peanut had a message out that he was up all night with a sick 2.0 and would not be able to make it to The Rubicon for his Q scheduled this morning. So I responded that I would take it.  Since we only had three PAX for the Punisher last Thursday it sounded like the perfect opportunity to bring it back!

12 PAX arrived at the AO with visitor Pit Stop joining us for the morning. After a quick disclaimer everyone grabbed a girlfriend from the extensive collection riding around in the back of my truck and we mosied down to the FOD.


  • SSH IC
  • Run with girlfriend to top of hill
  • Weed Pickers IC
  • Run to the bottom of the hill with girlfriends
  • Imperial Walkers IC
  • Run to home plate on the FOD

The Punisher

The Punisher consist of an exercise at home plate with your girlfriend, run out the outfield fence gate sans girlfriend to the planters to perform an exercise without your girlfriend then run back to home plate to continue to the next exercise.  There are 3 sets of 4 exercises at home plate and 4 exercises at the planters.  After each set we you return to home plate the Punishment sets in where you perform Thrusters until the 6 comes in (Thrusters = hold the girlfriend under your chin, perform a squat and when returning to upright press the girlfriend overhead then return to start).

Set 1

  • Curls x30
  • run to planters
  • Squats x30
  • Run to home plate
  • Overhead Press x30
  • Run to planters
  • Lunge x30
  • Run to home plate
  • Skull Crushers x30
  • Run to planters
  • Box jump on to planters x30
  • Run to home plate
  • Bent over rows x30
  • Run to planters
  • Squats x30

Punisher! Thrusters until the 6 comes in

Set 2

At home plate, the same:

  • Curls x30
  • Press x30
  • Skull Crushers x30
  • Bent Over Rows x30

At planters:

  • Merkins x30
  • Irkins x30
  • Derkins x30
  • Merkins x30

Punisher! Thrusters until the 6 comes in

Set 3

At home plate, the same but x20:

  • Curls x20
  • Press x20
  • Skull Crushers x20
  • Bent Over Rows x20

At planters:

  • LBC x30
  • American Hammers x30
  • Dollies x30
  • Freddie Mercury x30

Run back to the flag to return girlfriends with a little Mary for the 6.

Good work today on a hard routine!

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