Hey Stripper….Grab a Pole!

    When: 02/13/2018

    Where: Shadow - DHS

    The Pax: Scout, Stripper, Fireballs, Moses

    QIC: Manhole

F3 Dunwoody was happy to welcome back Moses after his winter hiatus, along with 3 other brave lads, for a very different sort of a Manhole beat down. (unless you were there the last time that i did this)

Warm-O-Rama : Lean and stretch to the left, lean and stretch to the right, lean and stretch to the middle.

The Thang: Let’s Mosey…to Dunwoody Elementary School. Circle up (all IC and x15). SSH, Imp. Walkers, Windmills, Low Slow Squats, and Stone Mountains.  and Plank (60 seconds) And Mosey to the back lot of GPC. Circle up (all IC and x15). SSH, Imp. Walkers, Windmills, Low Slow Squats, and Stone Mountains. (60 seconds)

Next, 3 Part Harmony – Jog to the 1st light pole, 10 Merkins, jog to the 2nd light pole, 20 squats, jog to the stop sign, 30 single count flutter kicks, jog back to the beginning and plank. (x2)

Mosey back to Dunwoody Elementary and grab a pole (or a column) – 60 second wall sit and 60 second plank (x2)

Mosey back towards DHS (60 second plank). Mosey to WynterGate (gate)

Mary: (all IC and x15): LBC, Low Dolly, Obliques (left and right) Rosalita

60 second plank. Mosey back to DHS, lower lot. 20 Sumo Squats (IC). 60 second plank. 15 werkins (OYO). Recover. 10 Sumo Squats (IC)

COT –  Moses took us out. Continued prayers for Scout’s neighbors daughter, and for Rubber Cheese’ family and for those that could not make it today.

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  1. it was good to be out in the gloom with my brothers today…it always beats the FS. Thanks for your leadership, Manhole.

    Looking forward to a beer tonight at the Moondog Growler. 7pm

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