Brokeback Mucho Chesto

When: 12/29/16

PAX: Fondue, Nacho, Mufasa, RG3, DC2, So So Def, Do si Do, Babyface, Gingivitis (visiting from Clemson)

QIC: Cookie

Quick side straddle hop then mosey over to the side parking lot – line up along the curb like men (no circles today).  windmill, imperial walker, Mike Tysons.  Mosey to the base of Brokeback Mountain.

-Partner up for 3 runs up the mountain each.  Partner does plank jacks, squats, lunges
-plank for the six
-Mosey toward the FOD, quick pit stop for 5 pull-ups each
-And on we went to the FOD
-Mucho Chesto Cycle.  10 Merkins at home, bear crawl to 1st base, 10 wide, crab walk to 2nd, 10 diamond, reverse crab to 3rd, 10 stagger, cheetah crawl (AKA frog hop) home, 10 opposite stagger.  10 count….then rinse & repeat.
-Back to the flag for 3 MOM.
-LBC, Freddy Mercury

10 PAX out on an unusually warm winter morning.  Praise for Fondue’s daughter who had successful wisdom tooth surgery.  Bring an FNG Day this Saturday at Widowmaker.  90% posted at Coffeeteria for some great fellowship!

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