Painstation at the Grindstone

AO: The Grindstone

When: 10/29/2018

PAX: Benny, Whiz, Cookie

QIC: Cookie

3 PAX fought off the fartsack to get stronger in the gloom on a perfect fall morning.  We followed the 1+ mile trail all around the park and stopped at 3 unique painstations along the way.  Here is what went down:

-Quick lap around the parking lot, circle up for SSH, Weedpicker & 1 more exercise that was clearly not memorable 🙂
-Trail run – buttkickers, arm circles, overhead press
-Deep into the woods we went and out we came to a perfect hill

Painstation 1
Hill 11’s – 10 Carolina Drydock at bottom, 1 American Hammer (4 count at top)
-plank for the six, and then off we went back onto the trail
-next stop was the big ass parking lot

Painstation 2
4 corners –
10 Monkey Humpers
15 Mhaktar Njyah (spelling incorrect!)
20 Copperhead Squats
25 LBC
-off we went back onto the trail and followed along to the football field

Painstation 3
BLIMPS – bear crawl in between
10 burpees at 10 yd line
20 lunges at 20 yd line & so on
30 imperial
40 merkins
50 plank jacks
40 squats
-with 6 minutes to spare, we headed back over to the big ass wall for some fun

Bonus Painstation
Good old fashioned Balls to Wall, holding as long as you can
-back to the flag for 
3 MOM – rotating fashion

Always an honor to lead.  Prayers were spoken to reach more SadClowns in the area, as we all know that F3 is much more than a workout.  SYITG


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