Peanut Hill

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/31/2018

PAX: MillerTime, Haha, Lowes, Pit Stop, Krueger, Frog, Special K, Nacho Libre, Locksmith, TopHat, Lumberg, Swingline, Zima, Pellets, Catfish, Bo Knows

QIC: Cookie

17 PAX commenced upon the hallowed grounds of the F3Alpha mothership on a pleasant summer morning to do hard things.  Here is what went down.

-mosey over to the west parking lot for SSH, Imperial Walker, Weedpickers & Mike Tysons (OYO)
-mosey toward Peanut Hill (not to be confused with Brokeback Mountain), stopping for burpees at the intersections waiting on the six

-head down Peanut Hill
-partner up with someone who is a different speed than you
-partner A runs to the top (not sure of the actual distance, but let’s say it was a long way up the hill)
-partner B does Plank Jacks at bottom
-next round partner B does American Hammers
-for the sake of time, YHC instructed the PAX at the bottom who had already ran twice to start making their way back up Peanut Hill, this time backwards
-once at the top, we made a beeline straight back to the FOD, stopping just a few times for the six
-we had unfinished business to attend to

-once at home plate at the FOD, YHC explained to the PAX that we had 6 minutes left and our goal was to complete the IRON PAX challenge pre-workout
-it consists of 25 hand release merkins, then 100 yard bear crawl, then 25 more hand release merkins, followed by another 100 yard bear crawl
-TCLAPS to MillerTime, Nacho Libre and Pit Stop for finishing before time was called (I believe the best time was just over 5 minutes)
-no time left, head back to the flag

-YHC learned that the pre-workout challenge would have been slightly easier had we done it on the front-end of the beatdown (no regrets however)
-prayers were spoken
-announcements included 2nd F this Thursday night at WhirlyBall in Roswell, 6:30p
-also mentioned was the idea of launching another AO in East Cobb
-YHC honored to lead

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