No Rain, Plenty of Pain

AO: Firehouse

When: 7/31/2018

PAX: IKEA, Reuben, Dash, Lego, Snowden, Fudd

QIC: Fudd

6 PAX came out in the gloom for a beatdown. Given the forecast YHC had planned the pain session with the intent of keeping us dry as possible and given that I rolled into the parking lot with 30 seconds to spare there was no time to improvise on the fly and we pushed forward under the pavilion for most of the morning.

Warm o Rama

Mosey 1/2 lap of parking lot then circle up for:


Cotton Pickers

Imperial Walkers

Arm Circles – both directions

Mosey into an Indian Run around the remainder of parking lot ending up at the flag. Enter the Picnic Pavilion of Pain.

The Thang

F3 Ciabatta -AMRAP of an exercise for 20 seconds / 10 seconds rest – 4 minute rounds. 8 rounds total.


2.Reverse LBC – thanks to Snowden for the suggestion of touching legs to ground off picnic tables. New muscles were found on that round.





7.Mountain Climbers

8.American Hammers

No changes in scenery today, just some hard work put in by each PAX.  The mumble chatter was loud today and there was more than one mention of hating the QIC.  I’ll take that as positive reinforcement of a good workout.


Prayers for continued growth for the Firehouse and for a safe school year ahead for all 2.0’s and their teachers.

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