Redemption Q

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/26/2018

PAX: MillerTime, Devito, Lowes, Catfish, Nacho, Cookie, Special K, Jackalope, Bayside, Tophat, Ha-Ha, Swingline, Lundbergh, Krueger, Tommyboy, Guppy, Saint 2.0, Mayhem, Frog, Zima

QIC: Zima

When I saw Devito was scheduled to Q at TheRubicon Thursday, it felt only right that I take the Q since I was supposed to Q Tuesday.  Only hope was that my Q would be worthy of Redemption.  20 Pax showed up to be ultimate judge.


SSH, Hillbilly, Weed-picker, copper-head squats

The Thang

After warm-up Mosey to Peanut Hill.  Partner 1 performs as many merkins as possible while parter 2 runs up hill and back.  Flapjack.  Round 2 parter 1 performs as many monkey humpers as possible while partner 2 runs up hill and back.  Flapjack. Round 3 partner 1 performs as many american hammers (NOT a Russian Twist) as possible while partner 2 runs up hill and back.  Flapjack.  Mary for the 6.

Next mosey to playground.   Partner 1 starts with Pull-ups.  While partner 1 does pull ups partner 2 does burpees by the wall.  When partner 1 finished pull-ups flapjack with parter 2.  Rinse and repeat until each partner completes rep count on pull ups of 10-8-6-4-2.

Once all pull-ups are complete, time to Mosey to F.O.D. and meet up at home plate for wheelbarrow fun.  Before arriving at FOD brief stop for some Mary for the 6.  Partner 1 wheelbarrow partner 2 to 1B for 20 Partner dry docks. Partner 2 wheelbarrow parter 1 to 2B for 30 Partner dry docks.  Parter 1 wheelbarrow’s partner 2 to 3B for 20 dry docks then partner 2 wheelbarrow ‘s parter 1 to Home plate for 30 dry docks.  Mosey back to flag for COT


Welcome back to Catfish.  The Fordmafia was represented well with a number of us wearing sleeveless shirts with MillerTime carrying the infamous Jackalope water bottle.

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