I Wanna Rock

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 06/04/2018

PAX: Harp & Whiz

QIC: Babyface

With The Clinic launching in Downtown Woodstock this morning, YHC was really nervous that I would be the only sitting in Veterans Park.  As luck would have it, as the time tickets closer to 5:30 a kinda familiar car came into the parking lot, but proceeded to park a good ways away. It was about this time the thought entered my head that I was going to be murdered for witnessing a drug deal or try to explain to an FNG that we really do have more guys show up but there’s this launch and yada yada.  YHC was starting to sweat.

As luck would have it Harp pulled in about that time and made me feel a lot better about the situation, especially as the other car started driving our way and parked by us.  Then out popped Whiz. Sigh of relief and happy to have him. So let’s get started.

Mosey to the rock pile, pick out a pretty little coupon, then mosey back just past the restrooms.  Drop the rock for a little


12 SSH

10 windmills

Sungods OYO

10 Copperhead Squats


Then straight into

The Thang:

With the rock each man preformed 100 Genuines, 200 Press, and 300 Skull Crushers.  When YHC was planning this in his head we were going to have even numbers and split the reps with partners, but since we were a single group of 3 each man did all of the reps.  But to make life a little better, or a little worse, every 50 reps we took a lap around the parking lot, roughly 400M, before picking up where we left off. All 3 men finished with just under 3 minutes to spare, so we redeposited our coupons and headed to the flag.  Nothing elaborate or fancy today boys, just some good old fashion work taking place in the gloom. Great job to my 2 counter parts today, thanks for pushing me.


Prayers for Whiz dealing with some water damage issues in his house


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